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Care to elaborate because there wasn’t a darn good reason given in any article I’ve read so far and the principal keeping him out is talking in circles.
The man gives your squad a compliment by saying you guys should be ranked at least 6th instead of 8th and that’s your response? Lol. Next week should be a good game tho, good luck to y’all.
Teams can’t key on the run as much this year (though of course that didn’t stop anything last year lol). If Holyfield and Cook are as good as they’ve been said to look in scrimmages, that’s three great backs. I think Murray moreso meant the unit is a little deeper and the offense will have more balance which will open up the run game even more when teams are worried about Robertson, Hardman, Godwin and the TEs who will probably be more involved since Chaney coaches them now. So not necessarily we’ll have two spectacular 1,000-plus yard backs, but at least one in Swift and maybe two around 800 and whatever Herrien contributes.
@BamaTime the game is at Auburn, which is why they’re slightly favored
Didn't mean to say way better, but Fournette definitely did not look better.
Lol. No he didn't. Fournette averaged 5.7 YPC, Chubb averaged almost 10, resulting in almost 40 more total rushing yards in way less carries. MSU's D is good, and probably better than Vandy's, but not significantly enough to account for that disparity in stats. Just because he didn't score a touchdown doesn't mean he didn't have a way better performance.
Yawn, joke isn't applicable anymore. Not a behavior incident all off-season. Small sample size of course but I believe those days are gone. How about just getting ready for the big showdown in Knoxville in a few weeks? Good luck to your team, should be a good one.
Hilarious comment, especially with context taken into account.
He was five yards away in 2012, lost one game all season in 2002 and had the bad luck of having two other teams go undefeated that year, and had an argument in 2007. Most reasonable fans have the sense to beleive Richt will breakthrough. Dooley did not win a chip until his 16th year and admittedly had a rather easy schedule. It's Mark's 15th year and nothing comes easy in this league these days. You should stick to talking about situations you're familiar with.
The scores represent averaged on the lower end of the admitted student spectrum (25th percentile) to the higher end (75th percentile). Have you ever been on the Princeton review website?
They are actually average ranges..
Actually goes Vanderbilt, Florida, Georgia, A&M, then Mizzou
Clearly you've never been. It's nothing like that. It's about the football programs anyway.
Don't let him get to you, he's clearly trolling
Mikeb, Prothro was pretty good pre injury but not all-world. Marquis Maze has never been mentioned in the same breath as Julio and shouldn't be, was pretty productive but not overly amazing. Same with Hall. He broke records but in terms of his TALENT he was not all-world as hadn't stuck in the NFL. None of those receivers sand Julio singularly dominated as a one man wrecking crew like Cooper. So those are two transcendent recievers in a 6 year span. That's anamalous considering the length of time Alabama has been a D1 program. Also, none of those guys were All Americans. You didn't even mention the greatest Alabama receiver before these two which is Ozzie Newsome. That was in the late 1970s.
Based on the stated criteria they should be sixth as they have nothing over the three coaching staffs preceding them except recruiting on the Mizzou staff, which isn't saying anything since Pinkel recruits to the system and develops.
The talent is definitely there going solely on recruiting rankings of your wide receivers. One things for sure, there won't be another Cooper anytime soon acting like black hole and just sucking in everything that comes his way. Y'all will need to spread the ball around a lot more and make use of O.J. Howard or the O will be very one dimensional.
I agree about star power being important but in the passing game a massive chunk of the team total amount of passing yards were accumulated by Cooper. Usually there is a star but also guys who are like Draymond Green (if you watch basketball you'll get it). Guys who aren't "stars" but aren't exactly "role players" either, great in their own right and can take over a game like a star if need be. You look at a great passing attack like Baylor who had a QB who was widely considered one of the best in the country AND undoubtedly talented WRs and you see how well the ball was spread around. Goodley was supposed to be their number one coming in to the season and he barely did anything but was still a threat each and every game and is in the league right now. You didn't know whether it was going to him, Coleman, or Cannon who are both on the Biletnikoff watch list this year. Baylor was 4th in passing offense last year. Bama was 28, which is pretty good when you have one receiver. What's even more amazing is Bama was 10th in passing efficiency, three spots behind Baylor. It's amazing they were so efficient when it was literally ONE guy you had to key on.
The CITY of Atlanta may have 400K but the Metro area is huge..
Truly amazing talent. Alabama leaned HEAVILY on him. Without him how good does Sims look and how far does Bama go? That passing attack is the most interesting storyline for me this season.
Predicting something similar with UGA this year. Hoping for 10-2 or better but 9-3 in the regular season is fine. Getting whoever starts at QB this year experience will be very important. We lose almost nothing and look to gain a top 5 recruiting class. Should be another classic game in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.
He has played actually.. played well against Arkansas. But his hype is overblown imo, will put up numbers because system but I'm not buying the Heisman hype.
Might be shooting a little too high there but Kentucky should be vastly improved and Towles is a good looking QB
If true then the backfield will undoubtedly be the best in the country. This also opens up so many wrinkles in the offense. Michel and Marshall both have good hands, they can line up in the slot, run some end arounds, short crossing routes, maybe even get vertical. Heck maybe we should just run some wildcat with Marshall at QB and Michel and Chubb on either side lol.
Ehh. Not averse to Richt being ranked 6th but be consistent. In his write up you talk about the loss to the OBC's inferior Gamecocks last year. In 2013 the roles were reversed but that wasn't used as a knock on Spurrier. If Mark Richt is going to be penalized for not "winning the big one" then don't put Malzahn in front of him and especially not Pinkel who hasn't even been nearly as close as Richt was in 2012 and hasn't even won a conference championship since the Toledo days.
Marshall had arguably THE strongest arm in the league and definitely one of the strongest in the nation so if he has a stronger arm than Marshall that's high praise, don't discount him because he initially played CB at UGA. All in all, hype is hype, it'll be there no matter what when a player has talent, especially with the circumstances of this particular situation. He was a 4 star recruit and tore up Arkansas for whatever that's worth. Gus is an offensive genius, enough said. No idea why you'd be so worked up over hype other than people (pretty much only SDS) putting him over Dak. I hate Auburn as much as anybody but have to admit the kid will probably put up numbers if only because of the system.
I second this. Eventually, you have to believe our luck with injuries will improve and those timely mental lapses (still scratching my head over that squib kick) will become a thing of the past. All of the recent recruiting momentum and beefing up of the football staff point to good things in the future. Also, let's rejoice in the fact this is one of the first off seasons in a while with no arrests or disciplinary issues. The culture is changing.