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Half-empty Sun Devil Stadium = packed Kyle Field? Yeah, whatever Josh.
I didn't think it was a cheap shot...just an unfortunate accident.
Lol, you and me both.
Butch. No doubt about it. Forget style points or "good efforts", we need quality W's at this point.
Were it not for the JJ performance, I'd definitely put Dobbs on this list. Been playing like a deer in headlights all season. Preseason hype sucks.
You are correct. I don't think the site was updated. This week CBS has UT playing Kansas State in the Liberty Bowl.
Ole Miss: 18-25 JJ: 2 picks Chubb: > 150
Sounds like a cool concept. Didn't see it last year. I'll tune in and check it out. Good luck Mizzou Nation.
Haven't heard the "Air Raid" offense reference to UK since the days of Hal Mumme. He had some good teams...and Tim Couch.
Way too early to make that determination on Tennessee. Haven't even played an SEC game yet. Consensus (not including quack pots that thought we would win the East) preseason predictions had UT at 2nd or 3rd in SEC East. We'll know more after next week. I'll be happy with 8-4.
Good point. I'm a little more concerned about the FG misses than I am the secondary. BG was not a slouch opponent. Big 12 coaching ties, spread offense. We could have done a better job in the backfield; but we shouldn't be missing fairly straightforward FG's. We'll need every point we can get this weekend.
Don't agree with you, but we'll wait and see how it plays out this weekend.
Agree. It's great to be in the SEC conversation again, but I think the excitement is a little premature. If we go 9-3, I'll be VERY happy.
Nah, if Oregon can't hang 60 on us, I don't think OU can. They managed 34 last year. Not saying we're going to win that game, but I look for a tighter contest than last year.
No cockiness, just a prediction based on my opinion.
I went to Arizona State for undergrad, and I'll say that road games in Pullman were interesting. That place is crazy, weather unpredictable, rowdy fans. Glad I wasn't a UW fan. Tuscon is bad enough for an ASU alum.
Every time I go to Athens fans usually go out of their way to welcome us...more than most SEC road games. I've been there for about 10 games and the fans have been great. Have there been idiots that talked trash, threw things at us, etc...? Sure. We all have out idiots.
I guess you could look at it both ways. I think it's possible they go into the bye with only 1 loss. Realistically, I think they'll have 2 losses before the bye. Don't see them losing to Florida or Arkansas this year...especially since Arkansas will be in Knoxville. Not sure about Oklahoma. Don't see them beating Georgia.
Lots of people are talking about hype with the Ark and Tenn programs. I would argue that every team has hype before the season starts...hence my disdain for preseason polls. I think on paper, the hype is justified for these 2 teams. We'll see.