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I have asked you before. Name me an instance where Kiffin has left a program better than he found it.
Seriously? Point to me an instance where Kiffin has been a successful coach? Left a program better than he found a head coach?
To be welcome back you would have actually had to have been there before. He showed up and offered nothing, took everything. He was no coach, he did not give his all for Tennessee a single day. He left with no warning and took his recruits with him. SDS needs to stop these conspiracies, just click bait.
This is borderline libelous towards Tennessee fans. I get it that we are down, but you don't kick us in the family jewels just for sport.
I agree with you on that. The whole SEC knows that Tennessee has a lot to work on and changes that need to be made. Finebaum tends to kick teams while they are down.
I've seen us go down the coaching road so many times. It is frustrating to be here again. If we lose to SC or Vandy or Kentucky or LSU, sure...let's go down that road again. At this point though, I am curious to see the team under a different QB, and just see if JQ can build some momentum as starter. I hope he succeeds and we can finish strong. I am not Writing Dormandy off, but let's give him time to get his mind right after Georgia and UMass. Maybe there is turmoil and he is just thinking about his future...but I want to see players start thinking about the teams future. Last year, Hurd left...Kamara more than picked up the slack and is gonna be a force in the NFL. Now Kelly and Chandler are doing really well. Team Chemistry and Leadership from players...that's all I'm saying.
He didn't get the he is ready to throw in the towel? That is the attitude that is plaguing this team. QB is not an entitled position. Be there for your team, work hard to win your job back, don't be a quitter when times get tough. I am excited to see this change and to see how the team responds. I am not ready for Butch to leave yet...this is the change I was hoping for. Dormandy has had sparks but no yet a flame. I hope Guarantano rises to the occasion and fills in as the leader this team needs.