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Very odd that you chose 9 instead of something like 11... Cherry picking is strong here my friend. I'd go back further but that doesn't seem super relevant, as saying we're up 8-7 in the series doesn't make too much sense to me.
"Garrett was knocked by some during the pre-draft process for having his lowest sack total of his career in his final college season" But the guy was injured for around half of the season...
Barnett played every game this year with a better supporting defensive players and has the same number on sacks? Interesting that you're willing to trash a young man with so much talent just because Barnett was never recognized as much as he was. By the way, both are top level talent. I can admit that Barnett is a baller too.
We can assume that Dan Skipper is going to take a dive at Garrett's lower leg in the game against Arkansas? I don't think that's a fair assumption to make in August before the season starts.
Booger rated him the #4 D-Lineman in the SEC in August of 2016... He has consistently berated him as a "fraud" and that numbers don't mean greatness. Booger was to appear as a fill in host, and Myles later spoke about why he refused to appear on a different show on the same day. He hasn't run away from criticism, but why walk into something when someone is clearly biased against you?
I agree the final score was not that close, but considering A&M was leading at a point late in the 3rd quarter... I'm not sure they were DESTROYED.
Have we already forgotten Kevin Sumlin with Johnny and Company? That was his first year and was @ Bama. Both were still impressive.
"drop into coverage, etc, etc," 65-70%, 1 Strip-sack, 1 fumble recovery, 1 TFL, 3 total tackles on a day where he only played on 3rd down and in OT. Against an SEC opponent.
While I do understand your point, going to the next level isn't the only reason to want to be better. I continually want to improve my abilities even if there is no immediate need or gain. Why play the game of football for a year and enjoy staying at the same skill level? Strive for greatness regardless.
Did laugh a bit, not gonna lie. I'm sure you meant transfers coming in though, such as Trevor Knight though, right?!
Good call. No one at Auburn has EVER talked trash. Ever. No way, no how. Impossible. As with every other sport (or competitive anything) on the planet, shit talk is part of the culture.
2012: Sat, Nov 3 (@ State) - W 38-13 2013: Sat, Nov 9 W51-41 I don't know why you're getting all up in arms... just relax, the season hasn't started yet. I would have to say that MSU was a better football team than A&M last year, but with so many starters gone, and playing in a fully renovated Kyle Field... it's hard to imagine MSU pulling out the win.
Because the A&M OLine of late has been sending a decent number of their men over to the pros. Have you seen our left tackles' draft picks lately? Ifedi has a chance to continue the streak! Wish I could reply below, but meh. Ifedi looks to start at right tackle - more than likely where he'll play in the pros. He was considered a low 2nd round pick if he went last year, so he decided to stay. He will definitely start on the Oline this year.
Because the A&M OLine of late has been sending a decent number of their men over to the pros. Have you seen our left tackles' draft picks lately? Ifedi has a chance to continue the streak!
I think you missed the point. If I cared about debating with you about statistics that we can look up on the internet, I would have let you know that A&M leads the all time series vs Georgia, 3-2, but that has no place here. No need to trash talk anyone (unless it's a rival school :D, and in good taste). College football will always have it's ups and downs for teams, and nothing is forever. My main love for CFB is the comradary, the atmosphere at games in student sections; the sheer fact that every Saturday is a new day, a new game, and anything can happen. Enjoy that we get to play in what could go down as quite possibly the most compeitive conference in the history of college football, and almost every Saturday our teams have an extremely talented challenger. Again, I wish you the best, less than 100 days to go!!!!
When is the last time A&M has played Georgia, and why are you posting on this article? It's sad to see so much trolling on this site nowadays. Why not just look forward to CFB starting and keep your mind on fixing Georgia's depleted offense in an easier divison? Best of luck to you up there in Georgia, and hopefully we can see these two teams play sometime.