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Line is what it is bc, in my opinion, Muschamp himself is questionable and he is coming in with a Freshman QB. Additionally, their first game of the season they did not tackle well at all. I do not think Mizzou is as good as many think bc their wins are against two very weak teams but SCar has a lot to prove and we have not seen much to indicate they can prove anything.
True that. Hard game to handicap. Tigers have played nobody and the one team the GameCocks lost to Bama but in a way that makes it questionable whether there is more to the team than the outcome I duplicated. Disagree with BO, Muschamp is just an okay coach.
The best D at Mizzou in modern history was the one that forced turnovers in 35 straight games. GP was head coach, Steck was D coordinator, and Coach K made Mizzou D Line U. Try 2013 and 2014.
I remember that he inherited that D from Coach Steck and Coach K. Steck left and BO ran off Coach K and then hired a guy that was so bad BO had to start coaching the D again. Then BO hired his own inept brother who was horrible. Yep, I remember all of that.
Under Heupel we had the worst Time of Pssession O in the country. There were literally series after series we went four and out in under a minute. That is killer for a weak D and it showed. Lock never improved til Dooley came along. If you listened to Lock talk he said as much about Dooley. I give BO credit for hiring Dooley but he would not have done so but for JH leaving.
He better be ready for Tennessee, when they are not shooting themselves in the foot they run the ball pretty well. Tigers front seven on D do not tackle all that well.
Perfect. GP kind of fell apart at the end but he gave Missouri a program, something never provided by Widenhofer, Stoll, and Smith. Any true fan who stuck with the Tigers through the 80s and 90s knows what a true dumpster fire was and that GP turned it around.
First Barry Odom was D Coordinator the awful year discussed in the article. Second, Barry Odom did nothing with the offense til Dooley came on board,..., in fact before Odom had Dooley he was committed to the worst Time of Possession offense in the country. Third, without Drew Lock, a Pinkel recruit, Barry Odom’s team would never have broken .500. Fourth, Odom, a D specialist has one of the worst tackling teams in the SEC.