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So many transfers! Sure,there's no tampering going on! (Sarc)
I'm glad for the bowl game, too, but we weren't the worst of the bunch. We beat both SC and Florida head-to-head. Congrats Tigers!
Yeah; I thought he'd garner more interest than he has.
You could be right. I thought with his blocking ability, he'd at least be a sought-after UFA as an H-back type.
Worth noting that all these players were recruited by Odom. I was surprised by Parker. I thought he'd enter the draft. Shows what I know, I guess.
In all honesty, I don't know anything about the three finalist kickers, but I'm not sure what more the Mevis brothers could do to make the list.
Yeah. I remarked a couple of times during the game that he's like a statue back there and wondered if a more mobile QB would be more effective, even to just take some focus off of Badie, but Bazelak came through in the end.
As I said in a post to another column, I think Mullen's fate was sealed by his play calling at the end of regulation.
As an outside observer who attended the game, I think Mullen's fatemay have been sealed by his play calling at the end of regulation.
I think Bazelak played okay, considering he's playing on one leg.
How about Kendal Briles? Any interest in him anywhere?
It's silly for the CFP to put out a top 25. Anything past the top 10 is essentially meaningless.
Yeah; he's been noticeably hobbling around.
In my heart, I hope I'm I'm wrong, though.
My early take, off the top of my head: Georgia, 56-6.
It seems as if Bazelak has been hurt since the Kentucky game.
Cook is the backup QB. Macon is third-string. Both could see playing time, though.
It seems to me that Army would be a perfect fit for the AAC. Surprising it didn't get an invite.
Author calls for Macon. But I think if a change is made, Cook should get the first shot. He throws a beautiful deep ball.
The "injured" player should have to sit out at least 2-3 plays. And, by the way, SEC officials are not nearly as bad as Big 8/12 officials are/have been. Historically, the worst in the country.
I may not be remembering correctly, but isn't CBS losing its SEC contract soon?
I know Nick Saban is the "goat" of college coaches, but with Alabama's O-line and running back, when you are inside the opponent's 5-yard line, RUN THE D**N BALL!