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On the show featuring Auburn, they picked Auburn to win. Go figure.
Good grief SDS. The clock didn't run out before the kick in the LSU/MSU game in 2015. The delay of game penalty made an already long field goal attempt even longer, but there WAS a kick that was missed to end the game.
The State of Mississippi does not allow contracts of longer than 4 years for state employees. Both State and OM have been extending Mullen and Freeze each year to that 4 year max. I'm sure something is probably coming for Mullen soon.
Who said that State/Ole Miss folks can't agree on something? I was wondering what a rormer coach was too.
Maybe Mullen will take him on a mission trip to Haiti this summer so he can find Jesus and repent from his sinful ways and all will be forgiven.
Why am I not surprised. Please keep picking Mississippi State to finish last and we will keep proving just how wrong you are. Not saying we should be picked to win the west, but good grief, enough already.
Thank you. At MS State the 11am start time (dictated I'm sure by TV) and a 2pm baseball game meaning that many Bulldogs with general admission seating needed to find seats at the baseball game did not make for a good combination.
Thank you SDS for this story about Dak. He will always own a part of any true Bulldogs heart, not just for his play on the field, but for his character and his support for our university. He is going to make some NFL team really happy that they took him and I believe he is going to make others look foolish for not making him a first round selection. This guy is a winner and a leader and I am proud to say he is a Bulldog. Best of luck in everything you do Dak from a grateful Dawg.
If either team comes out flat, that could easily be the deciding factor in the game. Unfortunately, I've seen the Bulldogs come out slow almost every game this year. We can't afford to take two or three series to figure things out. But with that said, I do like our chances. Alabama is great stopping the run, but they have struggled with dual threat QBs and we have the best dual threat QB out there.
Herbie also picked against State last year vs LSU, Texas A&M and Auburn. He was the only one that picked Auburn that day in Starkville. I take it as a good sign that he is still picking against us. Hail State!
Why not pick a week two match up that might actually be a good game like MSU/LSU?
I'm not sure I would think that the media knows more than many fans. Actually most of the media, including SDS is lazy and only is seeing the MSU lost 15 starters, so there is no way they will compete. What they haven't paid attention to is what was behind the "starters". Two defensive non starters have been named to national award watch lists and preseason All SEC teams. (Chris Jones and Will Redmond) As much as I loved Josh Robinson, his playing time was dropping toward the end of the season because his backups were coming along so well they were getting lots of playing time. Could be the reason he left early because he knew he might not be featured as much this year. The mood in Starkville is that we will be even better this year as long as the offensive line gels and Dak stays healthy. (Although many are saying that Dak's backup might even be better, but let's give him another year to develop.) We are used to being under the radar it fine with us to see the low expectations.
LOL. The first comment is made by a bear cause that is what y'all do.
Auburn scored 7 against Georgia, 20 against Kansas State, and 23 against MSU. They scored 31 against the wonderful OM defense at VH.
Are YOU really that stupid??? (My guess is YES, since you are on OM fan. ;-) ) Natureboy brings up a very valid point and that is that is that the OM defense was torched by TCU. And your reply is that his team's defense isn't any good. Well, guess what, if the Peach Bowl is any indication, neither is your team's. But thank goodness, that games are decided on the field, not by the writers at SDS. And since I don't think we are going to see games played without the QB, this whole article is irrelevant.
You do realize that the month to prepare was without our defensive coordinator, right?
First, Dak is tied with both Maty Mauk and Dylan Thompson with 10 interceptions this season, not leading the conference. One of the interceptions on Sat. was a tipped pass that really was not the QB's fault. It is just part of the game. I'm sure that the interceptions and the decision making is being addressed privately in practice and in meetings with Dak, but unlike some coaches, Mullen is not in the habit of throwing his players under the bus publicly.
From a MSU fan perspective, I believe if we lose a close game to Bama OR maybe Ole Miss on their home turf we have a very strong argument as the best one loss team in the country. I think if we win the west and then lose to any east opponent then we are out of the playoffs. I think that losing to an east opponent is a killer for any SEC west team. Sorry Ga. Dawg. Just my opinion for whatever that is worth.
Need to get your Mississippi teams straight DxJoshxD. These were Ole Miss players and fans being jerks. The Mississippi State players and fans don't care if Auburn wins because we hold the head to head tie breaker against y'all.
There are many beautiful women at Ole Miss as well as the other universities that make up the SEC. But FYI.... The last 3 Miss Mississippi's were all MSU students. Hail State!
Point Spreads: 1.South Carolina 2.Tennessee 3.Alabama 4.Clemson Over/Unders: 1.Denard Robinson under 2.Jadeveon Clowney over 3.Tyler Bray under 4.Arkansas over 5.Zach Mettenberger over 6.Aaron Murray under 3.5