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No way in hell Auburn is going to get past them great Georgia bulldawgs, am I right, Tim?!?! Haha
Because Lebron was all caught up in the NCAA and the exploitation when he was in coll....oh wait, NVM, he never even had to deal with the NCAA, but now we're supposed to listen to him because he's an expert on this subject? Frankly, don't care about what crybaby lebron has to say - incredible talent on the basketball court, but that's about it, in my opinion.
and meant to write *were considering impact players (some were ranked as high star ratings, but didn't pan out (Tyler Love prime example, 5-star, highly touted OL that only played a handful of times throughout his 3 years at Bama).
My point was only that Bama doesn't need players from Georgia to win titles. Recruiting the state of Georgia hasn't and will never impact Bama's run of dominance on the recruiting trail and on the field.
Hey bulldawgs, how does that egg on your face taste?
You don't know what you're talking about. Saban told Nadab Joseph in Dec. he was going to have to wait until Feb. to sign and see if his grades would qualify, he didn't like that and signed with Kirby...and guess what happened? And why would Kirby sign someone if he knew they wouldn't qualify wasting a scholarship (knowing you don't get that extra number back for next years signing class), so he got played by the kid, period.
You named two players out of the state of Georgia that Bama signed over the past 10 years. But if you dig deeper, over the past 8 years, Bama has only signed 18 players from Georgia, 18! Only 3 of which were players that are considered impact players (Chance Warmack, Kenyan Drake and Blake Sims - Kamara left to Tenn., so we can't include him in the mix of impact players for Bama, can we?). Anyway, your theory of Kirby locking up to state of Georgia and that it's going to have a huge impact on Bama's recruiting is way off base and clearly have no idea what you're talking about.
Yeah, think anyone can agree it'll be hard to sign 7 in a row again.
That's all you can come up with UGARMY?? Wow, really dug deep didn't you?
I know, what a crazy thought?! SDS = National Enquirer of CFB
Did you actually watch the clip in the video on the site? A lot of highly touted kids at Bama have think about transferring their freshman year, this is completely blown out of proportion by folks like yourself.
He was talking to a group of 7th and 8th graders about overcoming obstacles and persevering when it gets tough. It's been taken out of context.
Agreed with both comments. Enjoyed this site more several years ago. SEC Country actually has good content and is ALL SEC news, not whatever is the hottest topic around sports, regardless of conference affiliation.
Yeah, he called out one or two that are questionable, not all titles. Classic SDS click bait
Pretty sure players betting on their own teams or any teams for that matter while they are actively playing will remain illegal. Nothing changes with Pete Rose, given what he did at the time was still illegal while he was doing it...
Wow, another amazing post by you army, really got us good, must feel proud of yourself. And we love competition, just not dealing with obliviously delusional fans like you and Dawgs of war. You two never bring any good argument or point to the table and have become pretty pathetic to get your rocks off by 'trolling' a blog site.
You get excited to troll on an anonymous college football blog? Pathetic...
UGA lost more than R. Smith. They lost the safety and CB (both seniors) that let two true freshman school 'em on the final play, haha
I agree, there are many Alabama fans that are arrogant, but at least they have a right to be, no? I mean, 5 titles out of 9 years and dominated college football. What has UGA done, anything outside of win a couple SEC titles in 15 years, yet you guys are always banging your chest as the best program in the country and it's always next year!
Hide and watch? You guys had a great year and certainly a program on the rise, recruiting very well, etc. but you're the most arrogant fan base in the nation for not having done anything on the national stage since 1980.
Yeah, got down to third string LB's in November, crazy amount of injuries at the lb group.
Raekwon Davis is a monster. Looking forward to seeing him have a great year and go 1st round next year, if he continues where he left off last season.
Yep, think Kirby showing he would be a thorn on the recruiting trail after he pulled in the #1 class last year lit another fire in him. Good for us, bad for everyone else. New staff is hot on the trail and showing no signs of slowing down. Roll Tide
Yeah, no reason the birds shouldn't have the most explosive offense in the league this season. Will be fun watch them!
Yeah, will be exciting to see them all out there at once...a defensive nightmare for sure! And since you can't say it, Roll Tide! ;-) (and go Birds!)