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Don't worry, BT. When Kirby goes to the NFL in a couple years, Tim will disappear as quickly as he appeared as soon as UGA won the SEC against Auburn 2 years ago.
It's a pretty long ways away, odds probably aren't great, but if he's healthy, could see him coaching by then for sure. Not saying he'll be able to sustain the same level of success he's been able to over the last 11 seasons, but guy is driven more than any coach there is and thoroughly enjoys coaching (both players and coaches), tough to walk away from something you truly love and have done/been around your entire life (if you're healthy and able to do it) and at 67, he's not really showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. Time will tell though.
Lol @ armyrat being upset because he's actually taking the red and black glasses off and telling it like it is. Do you care to dispute anything he says?
Why do you think Charles Huff was hired from MSU, no surprise here...
Likewise, 2 best recruiting classes in the country and it's not close. Looking forward (hopefully) to another epic match up in December!
Not a bad finish at all Dawgs, but the GOAT recruiter retakes that throne :)
Hopefully the hiring of Charles Huff can keep that pipeline open.
Nick Marshall and Tray Matthews say hello!
Apparently heading to Maryland, wish him the best
@mike - no, Paul sucks and has for as long as he's been on the radio and now his show.
@BT, he comes off a dumba$$ UGA homer, because we know that's exactly what he is. 4th and kirby will do something again next year to ruin the season.
Are you really that insecure with your own team you have to come on here and troll? Pathetic...
Yep, only reason he is where he is right now is because he exploited the redneck fans of Alabama and Auburn and now can do it nationally. Guy knows nothing about football and really should disappear, his show is terrible.
Didn't see this before my response to your post above. Davis would be huge to get back if true. Getting the band back together it seems...
Think Sal will be back with the lb's and whispers Coach Kool will be gone with possibly bringing Bo Davis back after his show cause is up in April.
Clemson because they have an actual defense, shouldn't even be a debate at this point.
I guess we'd have to win the only 4 games we lost since 2015 to prove you doubters Saban has built a program that can sustain high turnover huh?
Yep, 3 different OC's and 3 DC's since 2015, can't do it with high turnover...
Quinn fired him to save his job, wasn't due to lack of production by the offense this season. Falcons had a Top 5 offense in the NFL in a lot of categories, but no one wants to even look up the numbers they put up this year, just think Sark sucks.
Yep, #1 recruiting class currently and coming off a 14-1 season...it's dead! Hope this narrative continues all off season.
Eh, most people don't know, but Sark and Tua go way back to when Sark was HC at USC, Tua was actually headed there because he's a really good QB coach and they have a really good relationship so it's not as desperate as some may think.