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Ha, yep, another non-SEC article on the SEC blog site...in the middle of football season, surely they aren't they aren't that desperate for stuff to write about?
Lol, this is true...it's like watching a train wreck, you just can't look away. I mostly come for the comments any how, more entertaining than the copy/paste 'articles' most of the SDS writers put out on here.
Glad I get to read about Ohio State's uniforms on an SEC blog.......
This is stupid. Sure there are bad calls against the Tide, but there are bad calls against everyone...NCAA refs suck.
You do know one player along can't win a national title, right? Even a Heisman winning player...see Manziel and Lamar Jackson, two Heisman winning dual threat QB's and their team hasn't won anything. Just pump the brakes a bit, young man.
You act like Georgia has recruited terrible over the years...come on, Richt may not of been able to win the big games, but he pulled in top 10 class regularly and got into the top 5 a number of times. And the only good team UGA has beaten this year was ND, by one point...let's wait until you guys play Auburn and if you can win the East before you start saying he did more with lesser talent. Saban won the West in his second year, so Kirby would have to win the SEC to say he did more in his second year.
He is, ever wonder why it is that every time he does something towards the media or his players, it's always being compared to Saban or 'saban-esque'? No one gives a sh*t about those stats, they don't prove anything and until he beats Saban, he will always be in Saban's shadow.
So Mark Richt called Deshaun Watson winning a national title and it turned out to be true and now you think you calling that Justin Fields already winning a title at Georgia is the same thing? Hmmm....
I hope not...the scrawny guy that never played a down of football is considered an expert? He only got his fame from exploiting obnoxious fans in the state of Alabama that called into his daily radio show, not because of his football IQ, that's for damn sure.
Go ahead and crown 'em ladies and gentlemen! Hasn't even played a snap of college ball yet and there's no doubt he's taking y'all to a national title...makes sense!
Big time get for the Dawgs and Kirby, congrats to all the Dawg fans.
But he's the caretaker of the team though...come on, keep him for another year or two...plllleeeease ;-)
Yeah, have to agree Clemson had played better opponents. Alabama is still dominant, but the resume of teams isn't quite as strong as Clemson. Would love a round 3 come January.
The announcers said it during the game and no kid on a visit would bring that big of a camera to the game. Media member for sure.
Dabo would be the first choice they'd go after and for those that say he'd never come back to coach at Bama, he was actually on a local Tuscaloosa radio station yesterday morning and was asked about coming back to coach and replace Saban and his words 'you never say never' - he's obviously very happy where he's at and don't see him leaving anytime soon, but I also don't see Saban leaving anytime soon (not in the next 2-3 years), who know what will happen in next 5-6 years at Clemson and/or Bama, but Dabo will be at the top of the short list for sure once Saban announces he's retiring.
What exactly does 9 months ago have to do with this season again?
Agreed. Only trying to get in with the cable provider... All BS.