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Alabama graduate and SEC football fan.
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Yep, what makes Saban the GOAT is his ability to adapt with the game. Chaney wasn't a good hire for the Dawgs, offense is too boring and gets too conservative when they need to keep the pedal down. May have a good season here or there, but that won't win you championships, specially running through the SEC.
Think it was a combination of coaching and think the loss of some big time leaders on both sides of the ball is showing up as well. Georgia hasn't put a complete game together all season long for a full game and the talent alone has let them pull away as the game has gone on, but think the lack of leadership is also an issue. Offense has struggled to get into a groove all season from an outsiders perspective.
Still upset articles like this aren't being written about Lock I see...
Think he's more so talking about this Bama team this year, given we're 6 games in and no one has come close to really challenging them. Regarding the Barn being a mess, I have to agree with him, it's great to see that Gus got an extension right after winning the Iron Bowl and then proceeded to lose to next 2 games and now will be lucky to win 8 games this year. Top 5 highest paid coach gets ya that!
And watching Tua do his thing and distribute the ball, a lot of pluses in sticking around. Only negative is playing time.
This weekend will be a big test for the cats. Going against a top 6 rush D in the nation. We know Snell is really good, but can Kentucky win a game through the air is the question. Think Kentucky is really good one both sides of the ball but will need the passing game this Saturday if they want to win.
Agreed, Tua and his family are class acts.
'The Alabama quarterback debacle is one of the most interesting situations in college football.' I think you may want to look up what the word debacle means there, Jordan. A debacle is what has been going on over at your alma mater for years now, not Alabama's QB situation, think that's just fine, no?
@BT, just like every win against good defenses were the last 2 years, defense and special teams helped tremendously in those games, if not won them.
@17tide, I'm not sure we beat a@m with Jalen. Their strength on D is stopping the run and we'd be forced to throw, which we know Jalen isn't known for - he was a wet blanket on the offense when he came in and they stopped moving the ball. Our defense needs a potent offense this year to make a run at the playoffs with a young, albeit talented secondary and thin depth at LB and without Tua, I don't see us winning the SEC, much less making it to the playoffs.
The statement about Bama being the same Bama is simply not true...you think the offense would be as productive without Tua? If Jalen started last Saturday against A&M, that game would of been completely different and we may not have even won. Not taking away from Snell, he's damn good as well, but Bama with Tua is not the same Bama without Tua, plain and simple.
Tua has Bama fans giddy. He's incredible and fun to watch sling that thing around the field...we're not used to having someone like this that can distribute the ball so well, so accurately, to so many different receivers, multiple TE's and even RB's getting in on the action. Even more exciting for Bama fans is his brother is just as good at distributing the ball and putting up crazy numbers his senior year so far...he's not as good of a runner, but can sling it as well as Tua.
@mattyj - Simmons was onsides, everyone knows they, but Bama false started...so are saying you are ok with blown calls, so long as they favor the Dawgs? Gotcha...
Yeah, think prior to the season FSU was the team to beat...gotta think with the season they're having, has to bode well for the Tide. A long way to here before he signs though.
Yeah, y'all are a solid team and fought the entire 60 minutes, gotta give it to ya. Bama offense is just on a whole 'nother level this year. Think y'all will be a force to be reckoned with in the West next year, Mond is legit.
Read the first paragraph and that was it...pretty sure 99.9% of the people that come to SDS would like to read about and discuss SEC football, not what Connor thinks about Fall weddings...
Yep and love him getting the TE's back into the action as well.
or when the QB says they try and look the safeties off (and the safety bites), must be lies I suppose. Man, it's a myth and lie we've been falling for all along from everyone! Thanks mr joshua for clearing the air......
The East has been garbage for all of Lock's career at Mizzou, wouldn't run around and beat your chest about being 'pretty good' going against the East...yikes.
Think we're simply pointing out that 'small' QB's can still play in the NFL and win championships dude...get over it, Tua is better than Drew Lock and will get drafted higher than him and probably win a Heisman before he goes to the draft. If size is the only thing that mattered, don't you think Jacob Eason would of won his job back at UGA?
Still early, but numbers aren't looking great for pass rush. Dawgs opponents averaging 65% completion percentages ranking 105th in the nation there...against 2 cup cakes (one being triple option I know) and a not very good SC team. Gotten away with not getting after the QB so far because their opponents haven't been good. Don't get me wrong, Georgia has looked great, but not being able to get after the QB without blitzing could come back to bite you against great QB's.
Rat Poison. A lot of football left to play.