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Yep, going to be back and forth I imagine until ESP in December. Both classes will be stacked though, no doubt
Saban has created a system where it's plug and play in both the personnel and players. While I see the guys point, both new coordinators have been in the system for years now and Tosh even helped call plays last year, don't see much of a drop off this year because they know the system and players.
Outside of the title game, can you provide another time he's shoved a player getting up?
Raekwon Davis going to be a nightmare for OL and QB's this season.
Kirby Smart and Bunker speaking the mf'ing truth!
It'll be back and forth for sure until it's said and done with. Think majority of our class will be wrapped up by Dec. Like y'all's was last year, I imagine. According to some that are in the know, we'll drop one or two (Chaney for sure is gone), which leaves us 7-8 more spots available. Think we're taking 28 this year. Both classes will be stacked regardless if they finish 1-2, no doubt about that.
Haha, wow, of course another team couldn't beat Georgia fair and square...had to be the refs! Auburn dominated you guys, it's ok to admit it. Georgia dominated us in the first half and then we dominated y'all the final 30 to win it.
Well, if that's all you care about, OSU had a better class than y'all last year.
There's a reason he's the highest paid S&C in the biz. Biggest asset and coach Saban has ever hired, hands down.
Have to agree, going to be the best offense in the SEC for sure, specially with Tua at the helm (assuming he gets the nod).
Haha, love how Tim thinks he knows exactly what's going on inside the Alabama program. GTFO
Don't mind Timmy, he thinks he knows what he's talking about is fact, but he's just a troll and UGA Homer.
UGA has a strong backfield, not saying they don't, but I think the fact you guys lost the two players that carried 90% of the load last season is why I would put FSU, OSU and even Oklahoma above you right now (all three returning their top 2 backs from last year, who are really good).
Agreed...hopefully Anfernee Jennings will start out where he left off against Clemson, guy couldn't be stopped.
Composite 4-star, 247 has him 5-star and #1 ILB. Regardless, the kids a stud. I agree the 'closer to home' thing doesn't make sense, but it was down to Washington and Tide when he officially signed in Dec., so the fact he is coming to Tuscaloosa isn't all that surprising...but yeah, the whole closer to home thing clearly isn't the reason he left Washington.
You're not kidding...never seen a position group have so many injuries in one season, on any team, crazy!
Yeah, not worried about the front 7 so much, but the secondary is the real question mark if they can get up to speed quickly.
Agreed. Been hearing great things about Quinnen Williams at camp so far though after moving him more inside, should be a force to be reckoned with.
Disregard, meant top 6, ha! Either way, this won't sit well with the blinded UGA fans.
Don't tell UGA fans they didn't even crack the top ten...
Yep, think most everyone agrees he's extremely talented, but little, meaningful, sample size last year to go off of, even though it was on the biggest stage in the biggest moment one can find itself in CFB. Overhyped or not, can't wait to see him sling it around this season, gonna be a fun one!
@wde - Timothy can't help himself, he can't see past his red and black glasses and see it's a little too early to claim they can just reload every year based off one #1 recruiting class.
Bama will have the best OL in the country this year, IMO. Could be better than the 2011-12 O-line for Bama. Harris and Harris will have large holes to run through, can't wait.
And it was more than one half of football that created this, come on... he's struggled passing it against top D's his whole career at Bama, that's not me knocking, that's just a fact. I like Jalen and he's an incredible athlete, but data doesn't lie.