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I guess we'd have to win the only 4 games we lost since 2015 to prove you doubters Saban has built a program that can sustain high turnover huh?
Yep, 3 different OC's and 3 DC's since 2015, can't do it with high turnover...
Quinn fired him to save his job, wasn't due to lack of production by the offense this season. Falcons had a Top 5 offense in the NFL in a lot of categories, but no one wants to even look up the numbers they put up this year, just think Sark sucks.
Yep, #1 recruiting class currently and coming off a 14-1 season...it's dead! Hope this narrative continues all off season.
Eh, most people don't know, but Sark and Tua go way back to when Sark was HC at USC, Tua was actually headed there because he's a really good QB coach and they have a really good relationship so it's not as desperate as some may think.
Would be surprised if Mack went in the 1st round, personally
Also, averaged 6.2 yards/play (4th best in the NFL). I'll take those numbers all day personally.
To say he did a poor job at Falcons OC is a little much, given they are the 6th best total offense in the NFL, 4th best passing and 4th in the NFL in 3rd down conversion percentages. His play calling in the red zone was suspect no doubt, but he isn't THAT bad of an OC. Falcons were putting up great numbers early in the season until the defense couldn't stop anyone and lost 3 games in the final minute because the defense decided they forgot how to tackle - has to deflate an offense that was putting up plenty of points to win.
Same record as Richt after his first 3 years, nice work!
It's a shame you won't be able to beat Bama when they were in the 'peak' of the dynasty then, according to you it's on the decline and Kirby still can win.
And I can actually admit we got out coached in the Clemson game, can you in the SECCG?
UGA has more 5-stars than Bama currently. Still lost, LMAO and ODU has the most talent than any team in CFB currently. Proving yet again you're an idiot and have no clue what you're talking about.
14 5-stars and 47 4-stars currently and a 3 loss season. Now THAT is mf'ing coaching to be proud of right there, amirite Tim?! You see what your ex 5-star WR haselwood said about your coaching staff? That Kirby Effect baby, wooo!
Come on, BT. You know it wouldn't be cheating if Kirby did it!
UGARMY doesn't want to admit it, but Georgia under Kirby is built by Bama. LMOA
LMAO, what a sad attempt. No one from bama is accusing others of cheating, but you're too stupid to even realize that. Clearly bama living rent free in that pea brain of yours though.
Shhhh... That doesn't fit the sad trolls narrative. Tim is an idiot.
So will Kirby. If you think otherwise, you're just an idiot.
@mattyj, I know we have players leave every year and coaches, kinda become the norm, unfortunately. Ole Timothy thinks Kirby and UGA wouldn't have that issue because they are the greatest program there ever was.
Think Kyler is making a terrible decision trying to play in the NFL. I'd put money he won't be on a single roster in the NFL within 4 years, just way too small to play QB in the NFL, he will get eaten alive.
@Tim - you enjoying the 'Kirby Effect' yet? Players leaving, underperforming in big games? LMAO at saying 4th and 11 had a slight chance at being more of a surprise, you know, given the punt safe team was out there (which means they were expecting the fake, you dumba$$). The Kirby Effect had proven to be equal to that of Richt these first 3 years, congrats! LMAO
@ugalien, not saying they weren't, just moreso pointing out Tim's red and black blinders on every one of his posts as saying Georgia is the greatest at everything is all. Chubb and Michel were a nasty duo. Michel think was the better of the two, at least after his injury. Chubb never seemed quite the same after his freshman year and the injury. Still balling in the NFL now though
@BT, come on man, according to Tim, UGA had the greatest RB tandem in CFB history, greatest OL there every was and WR Corp that can match anyone and yet they still couldn't get over the hump of winning the big one, 2 years in a row. Must be 'The Kirby Effect...'
@Tigurr - 'He has already done it all, he has nothing left to prove, why not enjoy the twilight years with his wife at a posh lake/beach house, fishing and playing golf. It’s not like he hasn’t earned it.' I get what you're saying here, and sure he will some day, but if you've heard him talk about retirement, you have to know that Saban is wired completely different, he doesn't know what it's like to do those things daily and I doubt he would enjoy doing those things on a day to day basis given he's been apart of football and a team since he can remember.
yep, hope the narrative all off season is that Bama is done and the dynasty is over. 90% of the offense coming back and imagine after the poor showing last night, 90% of the defense will be coming back as well. A few juniors on the D-line outside of Q lost some draft stock last night, a senior year would bode well for them.