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The Kirby Effect...lol Sure he thinks Kirby bringing in 2 transfer QB's with a pretty deep QB room already is great as well. What will he say when Brock decommits before December, lol
It's been a while... Where's Tim Rupert these days?? Lol
@Tim... talking about crystal balls in March?? Yikes. You guys just took a 3-star DL commit this morning, nice get!! Cracks are showing early for the Dawgs...
Agreed, BT. I know it's Indiana, but they had the best season in 25+ years under these guys and everyone gives a lot of credit to these guys. Fresh look at S&C, as technology has changed the game. Look forward to it seeing what they can do.
Sure seems like a home run. Sports science and speed guy in Rhea to go with the new sports science facility, I like the hire!
BT, don't speak facts to crydawg Tim. He wants to spew whatever works for his delusional narrative. It's hilarious really...
Haha, hey, it's crydawg Tim crying about Butch Jones on the sideline again. Keep crying crydawg, keep crying.
Only Tim Rupert cries about Butch Jones being on the sideline. Just hilarious more people haven’t said something, given you know, there’s plenty of evidence out there if this huge cheating scandal….
Only Tim Rupert cries about Butch Jones being on the sideline. Just hilarious more people haven't said something, given you know, there's plenty of evidence out there if this huge cheating scandal....
No, crydawg... There are plenty of videos of Butch being on the field. If it was such a strict rules that have Bama such an advantage, surely someone other than Tim Rupert would be reporting about it. But here we are, only seeing crydawg Tim bringing it up, over and over and over again. LMAO. Biggest crydawg there ever was.
This written from a Dawgs247 staff member on Evans and his NLI 'The NLI was signed and was submitted.' I'll take the 247 staff over yours any day. But keep those blinders on crydawg, LMAO. Kirby got straight played hahaha
It's been documented and confirmed by UGA that they submitted his loi and then he wanted out of it. But believe what you want crydawg... Kirby got hoodwinked, LMAO
There he is, knew he couldn't stay away from coming here to cry
LMAO at Tim...keep crying, crydawg. Maybe you should write a letter to the NCAA about the cheatin' that's going on in Tuscaloosa. Poor little Dawgs can't win a national title, so let's go cry about others that are 'breaking the rules'
Oh look, crydawg Tim on a Bama article crying about something Bama is doing...color me shocked.
Kirby getting exposed left and right, LMAO. Only a matter of time before the lies catch up.
Agreed. He gave him 5 months notice what the plans were and plenty of time to find somewhere else to go.
@Tim...seems to me like Saban and co. we're pretty open about the fact they were going to blue shirt him 5 months before he was supposed to commit, leaving him plenty of time to find another landing spot. Better tell him well in advance unlike Kirby who clearly lied to Fields, telling him he was going to start, just to embarrass him at random times throughout the season, throwing him in sporadically in games and only allowing him to run it, when everyone knew he was going to run it. It's no wonder he skipped town as soon as he could... Nick have Jones 5 months notice the best he could do was sign in August and blue shirt. Seems pretty straightforward what Sabans plans were, no?
Except the head ref also admitted the play should of been false start so the blocked point wouldn't of counted haha. You crybaby Dawgs are so delusional.
@Tim. My point is Kirby is losing in-state battles for top recruits because he's lying to kids and coaches in-state. Again, how many top kids did he lose out on from in-state this year? Haha. What can you not comprehend on that? And Kirby is a great recruiter, cool. He's not a very good in game coach, so it doesn't matter. Oh and the Tide had a higher average player ranking than ole bowl cut this year anyway so you can have your 'recruiting championship', haha, only one y'all will ever win anyway. I'll take higher quality kids :)
@Tim...excuse? Caleb Williams, an actual recruit, is saying this. You'd think he'd be able to pull in more than just 2 of the top 20 in-state recruits if what you say is true, LMAO. Even Tech best him for some kids. You Dawgs are so delusional. Next year is your year though, am I right? Same song and dance every year from you guys.
Even Caleb Williams, 5-star QB, that was once committed said recently 'I didn't like what they said, then did.' In regards to UGA recruiting him.
His schtick is lying to players to get them to commit. In-state coaches and players found that out after the '18 class with Fields and co. Why do you think he lost out on a lot of top in-state talent this cycle? And no, it's not because he's recruiting nationally now.
Kirby getting losing out on a lot of in-state talent. Only 2 of the top 20 players in state and missed out on #1...in-state players must be catching on to his lies. The rest of the country will find out soon and his shtick will be over. Tide with overall better players anyway. Kirby will blow it again in September in Tuscaloosa. Can't wait.
Kirby isn't cut out to be a head coach. Maybe we can hire him back as DC?
With Frank's, I agree but Trask has brought new life to their offense, think it would be a close game. Mond sucks :)