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Whenever Saban does leave, at least we'll still be better than the SEC bottomfeeders that are in the state of Mississippi.
Pretty sure even Auburn fans know this isn't even a debate. UGA vs. Bama RB's would be a more worthy article/debate.
Well, he does have some speed, given the three other runners were way behind him after they started out even...think that is an indication he's pretty fast (outside of watching the video and him run, of course)...Now exactly how fast, we don't know, but pretty sure he's fast based off the eye test alone...
Agreed, don't see him ever losing the desire to coach or teach kids how to better themselves on and off the field. I don't see him slowing down within the next 2-3 years and I think he coaches into his mid 70's or more. I hope I'm right about that and he stays at Bama for another decade, but if he does retire in the next few years, so be it and thanks for everything coach.And when he does eventually retire, you gotta feel for whoever replaces him and has to try and fill those shoes...
Haha, was just thinking that same thing...if Tom Arnold said it, then it's gotta be true!Clowns...
Hey, maybe Ole Miss will actually do something with all that talent and make it to the playoffs next year...oh wait, nevermind, that's right, you guys can't play in a bowl game because you cheated, my bad. Hugh Freeze will probably get canned and Ole Miss will once again go back to being a 6-7 team. Enjoy!
Would love for you to go up to the best college HC the game's seen, tell him he doesn't know what he's doing and that this is a joke of a hire. There's a reason you are here banging keyboards...
So you know Sark wasn't calling the plays? You were on the sideline listening to the headset? Gotcha...
Don't mind him BamaTime, he's just jealous and bitter Saban left Baton Rouge many years ago...
Yeah, a NT (almost a second), 3 consecutive trips to the playoffs, offensive school records broken and 3 consecutive SEC titles...really stupid OC hire, I tell ya!
Most Bama fans? That's not true at all, at least true Bama fans or fans that actually attended the University, do not claim him.
I meant that more in jest...but considering we're starting a true freshman at QB, replacing a Heisman RB and have a lot of young talent out there, don't think it's far off to say it's a 'rebuilding' year for the Tide, should be better next year with Jalen having a year under his belt (hopefully he can work on his pass game...), Bo coming back, along with Damien Harris and Josh Jacobs.
Yeah, not on Pruitt at all...losing Bo was huge, needed him to eat the clock up and I don't care how good your defense is, having to try and stop 99 plays will wear out any D.
Did you really make a profile just to post this awful attempt at trolling? Ha
Nah, not really, Clemson deserved to win, they were the better team last night. How'd Tennessee do last night? Oh that's right...brick by brick, right?
Or he could just enjoy writing about a program that dominates college football, particularly Tennessee every single year...Champions of life though!
Yeah, not on Sark at all. Solid game plan, imo, but the passing game killed us. Losing Bo was big as well. Clemson and watson deserve it though, great game.
Not a bad rebuilding year...going to suck for FSU come Sept in the new dome. Hell of a season and hats off to Clemson, they deserve the Title. Roll Tide
If other teams were winning the SEC (Alabama and Auburn the past 4 years), I'm sure they'd boast about them too.
No one made a big deal out of Jim McElwain leaving for Colorado State HC gig back in 2011, why is this a big deal? Best of luck to Kiffin.
You clearly have not been paying attention and your comment proves it.
Exactly! I thought it was pretty funny and I'm a UA grad...people need to lighten up a bit. It's a comedy skit, not supposed to be taken seriously.