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Butch Jones was never this guys coach. So you might want to edit that part of your article.
Not really matured much at all has he?
Fulmer knows if Football gets fixed and starts winning that won't have a place to put all themoney that would flow in.
Chattanooga plays there anytime they are asked because every season they do the school gets a nicer building. It's a big payday for them. And the opportunity to play at a stadium like that in that atmosphere. Is big time for the smaller schools!
Horrible writing.... surely it meant Dooley losing to Kentucky not losing to Florida....because nearly everyone was losing to Florida then... garbage.
I have to agree. I don't see them having any edge over us on the secondary. Dobbs and Hurd are too much of a threat and they can't put as many back there as they would like. By the end of the day today, God willing... Coach Jones and crew will have beat SC again and but MusCHUMP in his place.
I guess they test for that stuff just in case or per NCAA rules but man that sucks. Talk about the worst timing ever.
Chancellor should have over road AD and put Fulmer as AD. The Saban's, and Meyers in the SEC at the time had passed Fulmer by. But he would be a PHENOMENAL Athletic Director in my opinion. And would have NEVER hired Kiffin as a head coach or Dooley. Fulmer is an unreal salesman for UT always was even with recruiting. He would have been able to pull in a big name coach to replace himself and it all done so much more gracefully. But it's in the past. Let's not stay there. Butch inherited a CLUSTER crap storm mess and foundation of sand and misery and turned it into something great.... couldn't be done over night by ANYONE!
Saturday Down South swung that way right after Kirk Herbstreit started being open about the VOLS chances of being great. They are hit or miss here on this site. They can have really great stuff or just feather in the wind type "writing". But it is a very general SEC type site with all teams to choose from, so I don't see why it would be biased in either direction... for ANY team. Just my opinion.
The East is so depleted that I have to agree. Tennessee just has to KNOW it and don't play down to their competition and open up the playbook. I think we will see a lot of it (opening of the playbook) against Florida and a lot more freedom given to Dobbs. Or at least I hope that ancient OC DeBord gives him the liberties on the liberties on the field.
Him and poor Verne.... they can't get jersey numbers right, they can't get stats right that are sitting right in front of them prepared for them... I think Gary's primary job, bless his heart, is to just refill Verne's scotch during the game. They both need to take up the rocking chair. They broadcasting is atrocious. And I would say that if they were pro Tennessee...
A decade of stats can be wrecked by 3 years given how bad it was, lol.
Each year the record got better and he inherited a depleted "recruiting" class and fanbase so worn down from three years of Dooley that it wasn't 102,455 packing out Neyland... The VOLS average announced attendance through six home games in Dooley's final year was 91,318, more than 11,000 below Neyland Stadium's capacity. That was only that high from Alabama packing out half the place that year. To say Coach Jones has not improved the Tennessee team he inherited is absurd. To say he is "not a great coach" is equally absurd. Better record....unreal recruiting classes not seen since Fulmer's prime... and a better record each year and in games lost, losing by smaller and smaller margins. I don't know why I even waste the time to type it...but I said it because it had to be said I guess. -Brandon
DeBord... not sure on...but's their money. With that said Coach Tommy Thigpen, and Coach Robert Gillespie deserve what they got and THEN some given their unbelievable skills at recruiting alone! ESPECIALLY Coach Thigpen. Just go and look at the past classes we've had since Jones and crew came in and look at the top ones and who they were recruited by and visited by... majority are Thigpen and Gillespie. '16-'17 season is going to be awesome!
Hope you are right buzzy, hope you're right!
Vols fan all the way here...but even I will admit no one is #1 in recruiting every single year but Nick Saban's Alabama. Not sure where you got that. I admire the passion and confidence. heh.
Why was the video removed? Can it be found anywhere else?
That would be a dream for me as a Tennessee fan.
Exactly. Dooley was there to ease the fires of NCAA violations. The man is a lawyer for goodness sake.
Thanks, Bill Lets Party least someone has some realistic sense.