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Im happy we play TN...its nothing more than a great scrimmage game for bama. TN is solid but not a contender. Im looking forward to seeing our D go up against a team that wants to run. Georgia has the best D in the country. expect a big win, 37-10...
covid has nothing to do with it. his agent scared him and you have JT on his heels. it is what it is...from what I've heard JT is the real deal....
Always great to hear from our dawgs. Never stop improving...once you will get passed. Now all I want is a championship! Let's do this
He will be a steal for anyone that gets him.
In a few years hasselwood will grow up. Chaney did not know he was leaving and that is the nature of the game. And it is a game as well. Good luck!
Nice to see ky quiet again. Its like UCF, only difference is at some point KY was going to have to play a top team and wake up.
No, it was his first start. And ky wont be ranked by seasons end. Oh and Your season is over. Wait till basketball season starts before making comments.
First change your name to untrue dawg. Second, fields is awesome. But he is a freshman and it clearly shows. Only a portion of the playbook can be used and he clearly missed some open guys that Fromm would hit. And lastly, you must have missed the vandy game altogether. Fromm was awesome
Im assuming baby kirby on the way will be wearing red and black coming out of the hospital!
He played well. I think you need to stay with Fromm. Get a comfortable lead and play fields. You can also mix it up a little if the offense needs a jolt. This offense is going to be awesome this season.