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The problem is with scheduling.. you have NO CLUE what a team will look like in 10 years .. Example South Carolina was 11-2 / top 10 team In 2011 saying “ look at the schedule in 2021 !!.. “ well .. ( as a fan ) they cocks aren’t in that sane league .. Also .. I doubt Saban will be at Alabama in 20 years .. so the tide could take a slide , like a lot of great teams do when GOATS retire .. I wish they wouldn’t schedule games out that far
If they are going to get paid , then let the. Pay fir college like everyone else And trainers Dietitians Health care ( they’re not going to the student nurse ) And everything else
If you’re going to pay players , then stop handing out scholarships Let them pay Student loans like everyone else
I agree Unless the player signed with a coach and then that coach left the same season That’s the only way I could even consider it
This is good news, but 2 things have been inconsistent for S.C. since the “SHAW” error 1) every QB, regardless of the talent they seem to possess, has never been proficient throwing the ball downfield . It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen any consistency in that area 2) even under spurrier , the O line has never lived up to potential. They have been decent At best .. so, until we can see improvement in those areas, things will not start to improve
You win you’re conference and you’re in Every sport has that
Out of curiously Other than possibly the extra week for a NC Game : why couldn’t the NCAA just keep the traditional bowl games ( and tie ins ) as the “defunct “ 8 team playoff and then go from there ? You would have all 5 conference champions in ( win your conference and you’re in ) and 3 ‘at large ‘teams ROSE ( pac 10 bs Big 10 champ) SUGAR ( SEC champ v at large ) FIESTA ( Big 12 v at large ) ORANGE ( ACC v at large ) Next week you play 2 games with remaining 4 teams Following week NC If anything I think that format would accommodate everyone
The difference is .. Holtz started at ground level He went 0-11 his first year 6-6 his second and got South Carolina to a consistent 8-4 ish record . Although he could never beat Florida or Tennessee he made S.C. a consistent relative and competitive team ( I will never talk bad about Holtz Bc of that ) Muschamp has gone backwards and made S.C. a consistent 2-4 win team One brought the team UP to a ceiling .. the other brought the tam down to a floor.. There .. I fixed it for you
South Carolina is not a good team ( I’ll STILL pull for them till the final second ..) .. last week the second best player on the SC team was Auburn’s QB. Take away Vandy, and you see the team for what they are. They do not force punts, they do not force sacks, They do not get tackles for loss, they do not pass block, they are OK at run blocking .. they get dominated on both lines. They have great pieces .. but if they can’t slow down or stop teams going up and down the field on them .they won’t win 4 games .. Same as last year .. same as the year before ..
Now , SC needs to get the UK, and A&M monkey off their back Both look much better than Auburn ... ( fingers crossed )
This is Muschamp’s M.O. He gets a 5 star player in a position, then goes “see!! Job done !!..” And then fills the roster with 3 stars ..
So the offensive line that gets pushed around and dominated .. pushes our defensive line around that gets no penetration and no sacks is supposed to be a good thing????
We ( SC ) don’t have a defense Muschump hasn’t recruited worth a crap . He gets ONE five star and then goes “see I got this guy!!!”, then fills the roster with 3 stars across the board .. The line is small and can’t get any penetration.. I’m over this crap
Yep He’s good .. but he looovvveesss screens and is inconsistent
SC Is a bad team ( I’m a SC fan ..) They couldn’t stop you guys
South Carolina is going backwards I’ve been a fan my whole life They have no defensive line ( or real defense ) They get no penetration, no pressure , no negative yard plays , they’ve given up almost 70 pts in two games and no sacks ( they did manage a fumble recovery and int today.. but that was about it ) On the flip side the o-line is undersized and can’t keep pressure off, and despite having good pieces/players they have no consistency Muschump has dropped in recruiting every year( I think he was 12th in the SEC last year and currently ranked 48th for 2021) , it’s just pathetic ..They might not win 2 games this season .. Tanner ( AD ) needs to go ..( as well as Muschump )
Please stop with the social justice stuff Seriously, you are driving people off .. No one wants to be preached to or lecturer. It’s killing basketball and the NFL.. stop letting this neo - Marxist crap permeate into everything ( BLM founders LITERALLY call themselves “well trained Marxists “) .. Go do charity work, help your community if you want to help ..
I’m a born SC fan.. and we don’t care if we were “supposed “ to lose .. Sorry .. we want that Gabe Bc it’s been played since 1908 . It a rivalry don’t assume it chime in about things you don’t know
So ... Why can’t GA still play GT, or FL v F St, SC v Clem(p)son?? They are all In state rivalries
I’ve always since that announcement have said Southern Cal should have played LSU but.. they didn’t .. and living out here I have to correct people every time “There was only one crystal football .. and southern cal didn’t get it.. move on ..” LSU was champ Southern Cal wa the Rose Biel winner .. period
You must bow down to the Church of The Progressive Left !!!!!! Obey, Conform, Submit can we ban cities and states that have actual communists ( there is a communist party in The US ) in their local governments ?? At what point is this going to stop ?? I’m serious ??