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I lived to hate Pollack I was at the “strip sack “ game against SC was a heart breaker
I loved Clowney .. but the problem With him was ( like a list of athletes ) - is that he never lived up to his potential He was SUPER gifted and when he WANTED to play , yes… he was a force to be reckoned with . But he ( admittedly ) took plays off , and didn’t go 100% every play or every game If he would have just dedicated himself , given 100% all the time , put in the work .. he could have been a “Michael Jordon “ of Defensive ends .. he’d be recognized in the same regards as Reggie White . I love him .: he was great fur the team .. but that’s the honest truth
I don’t know what it is,.. but even during spurrier then O-Line has NEVER lived up to its expectations… It’s been a bane for 20 years now
Totally agree Muschamp went 7-6 and said the same things after season 1 I love Beamer.. but results speak volumes
I love Beamer, but talk and results are two separate things Muschamp had a 7-6 record his first season and said the same things .. then it all went downhill after that . although I think Beamer is the way better hire, this season will be a good litmus test
I don’t like it Too much of a distraction Reminds me of HBO’s series Every team has a bad season
Or you can be a lemming like yourself OR yiu can exercise the power of the purse Stop watching Stop donating Cancel ESPN
Florida isn’t going to have both Miami and Florida stare in thier division Plus SC /VaTech / Kentucky is an odd geographical pairing ( skipping over states )
If the inevitable expansion continues I would go after Duke and NC Basketball and academics would bolster the conference NC football is suitable Plus expand the footprint more I dint see the SEC going too far up the east coast or trying to poach a west coast team
Agreed Love him But he’s got 3 more years to show what he’s made of
Muschamp was went up Then went MISERABLY down Sooooo.. how do YOU asses a coach ? Taking other recruits .. riding them out, then YOUR recruits fizzle out ? Or taking those SAME recruited you couldn’t win with and exceeding expectations?? No.. I’ll wait ..
Uhm Muschamp couldn’t beat a wet paper bag Sorry SC was supposed to go 3-9 They went 6-6 with a bowl win Muschamp couldn’t do that
When Muschamp was hired .. I Cringed .. but out my best foot forward and wished him the best .. Beamer is a breathe of fresh air Love the guy
You can say all want THIS is what builds a team THIS is what builds relationships THIS is what makes playing fun There’s a nice Balance between discipline/ rigidity and camaraderie/ teammates I live Beamer .. I think he’s got a lot of potential I called 6-6 with a bowl win last year ( as a booming success ).. I’m calling 8-4 ( with a bowl win ) as another huge leap Forward this year
SOUTH CAROLINA ( my team ) needs Tanner to step down as AD and go back to coaching baseball Every sport except the women’s basketball team Has gone downhill
When you start paying players ( despite they get 1) free fruition, 2) free dietitian 3) best healthcare ( they’re not going to the school nurse .. sorry ) 4) free strength and conditioning coach 5) free personal training program, paid as is travel To games, and treated like gods on campus and around town )) .. when you start building them up as to how well they will do in the draft ,.. and when you start yelling them “it’s all about ‘you’ “and not what you bring or do To a university and coach that’s been around longer than you .. That’s when all of this happenes
Can’t be happier Given all the QB’s that have been shuffled around, transfered, fizzled out, ect.. he came in and did whatever was asked from day one He deserves this moment. Thank you
I agree If the team gets down early like they did against you guys it will be tough to pull off we’re not bout for big deficits If SC can keep it close and not make mental mistakes on D, they have a chance That being said . I really like Beamer and think he’s taking the program in a good direction ..
Yea... seriously dude It’s literally in the name of the teams
Uhm Note to the writer North Carolina and a South Carolina are not in the same state... it’s literally in their names Good grief Charlie Brown ..
Florida never recovered from the Alabama loss It broke them..
Don’t worry Auburn .. as a lifelong S.C.’re in the perfect position. We love to make backup QB’s look like hiesman contenders ..
As a South Carolina fan .. Uniforms don’t make you better
Not a GA fan: but yiu gotta give credit where credit is due, and acknowledge reality GA has dominated every team that’s been on a role expecting to give GA a “test “ GA 34 Tn 10
Yes Women’s basketball is carrying the schools battle flag at this point