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I have to completely disagree with the writer I get why South Carolina was last on the list , But 1) I nor most of my friends are fans of “Muschamp” era designs. The hue, the style, the combinations . 2) the all black uniforms are the worst .. they always have been. Every coach uses it once or twice, and ( to fans ) they are a jinx. Anytime my friends and I see them come out in all black .. we know it’s going to be a loss .. 3) we LOVE the logo , and a lot of us don’t care for the script “Carolina “ it’s boring, and unoriginal .. Florida , ole Miss , UCLA, CAL, ect . Ect.. 4) the best uniforms were under spurrier .. the white helmet , garnet jersy, garnet/white pants Again.. love the team .. but not a fan of Muschamp’e take on his uniforms
So it HURT Mizz, but HELPED SC with a backup QB who played his first full game?? Ok.... SC would have lost if Bentley was playing I like the guy,.. I don’t disparage him, but he hit his ceiling . He hasn’t progressed st all. He still underthriws receivers, he still performs poorly in big games.. and he still can’t play a full 4 quartets. Both Kentucky and A&M games were winnable. But Bentley couldn’t play four solid quarters or go through his progressions.. ( and yes... the 7 dropped passes were not his fault, but the int in the end zone was , and he only stood out in the 3rd. ... and despite that, that game was still winnable ..)
I’m sorry, I’m not a fan. It looks pedestrian and uninspiring Plus... a garnet version of the Gators helmet. The Block C is unique and iconic ... I HOPE this is just an “alternate “