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I’m a born SC fan.. and we don’t care if we were “supposed “ to lose .. Sorry .. we want that Gabe Bc it’s been played since 1908 . It a rivalry don’t assume it chime in about things you don’t know
So ... Why can’t GA still play GT, or FL v F St, SC v Clem(p)son?? They are all In state rivalries
I’ve always since that announcement have said Southern Cal should have played LSU but.. they didn’t .. and living out here I have to correct people every time “There was only one crystal football .. and southern cal didn’t get it.. move on ..” LSU was champ Southern Cal wa the Rose Biel winner .. period
You must bow down to the Church of The Progressive Left !!!!!! Obey, Conform, Submit can we ban cities and states that have actual communists ( there is a communist party in The US ) in their local governments ?? At what point is this going to stop ?? I’m serious ??
We’re not the ones banning things we find offensive ( but hey .. you’re not burning them right ??) Never has that been a good look in history
The woke left is goose stepping right along with 1984.. Some people should look up Lenin’s rise to Power , and what he said/ implemented Then look up “useful idiot “
Those who look upon the past through lenses of the present and judge with contempt do so at their own ignorance .. because they too will be judged ..
I have to completely disagree with the writer I get why South Carolina was last on the list , But 1) I nor most of my friends are fans of “Muschamp” era designs. The hue, the style, the combinations . 2) the all black uniforms are the worst .. they always have been. Every coach uses it once or twice, and ( to fans ) they are a jinx. Anytime my friends and I see them come out in all black .. we know it’s going to be a loss .. 3) we LOVE the logo , and a lot of us don’t care for the script “Carolina “ it’s boring, and unoriginal .. Florida , ole Miss , UCLA, CAL, ect . Ect.. 4) the best uniforms were under spurrier .. the white helmet , garnet jersy, garnet/white pants Again.. love the team .. but not a fan of Muschamp’e take on his uniforms
So it HURT Mizz, but HELPED SC with a backup QB who played his first full game?? Ok.... SC would have lost if Bentley was playing I like the guy,.. I don’t disparage him, but he hit his ceiling . He hasn’t progressed st all. He still underthriws receivers, he still performs poorly in big games.. and he still can’t play a full 4 quartets. Both Kentucky and A&M games were winnable. But Bentley couldn’t play four solid quarters or go through his progressions.. ( and yes... the 7 dropped passes were not his fault, but the int in the end zone was , and he only stood out in the 3rd. ... and despite that, that game was still winnable ..)
I’m sorry, I’m not a fan. It looks pedestrian and uninspiring Plus... a garnet version of the Gators helmet. The Block C is unique and iconic ... I HOPE this is just an “alternate “