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No big name coaches want to coach at Tennessee because your program sucks and none of you fans have any class. Glad I never went to a UT Game at Neyland Stadium. I think I could bare one single second being around you deplorables.
The Tennessee Football Fans are getting everything they deserve. That's what you people get for the way you unfairly treated Greg Schiano. It's called, "KARMA".
People like you need to learn to keep your political opinions to yourself when it comes to discussing sports. However, since you brought it up: Like most ignorant Americans (Who are slaves to Capitalism) I doubt you have any idea what Socialism is and how it benefits society in general. Things such as Universal Healthcare (Which means NO Medical Bills Period). along with a free college education. That is one of the great things about Socialism FYI.
They picked a really horrible time for this game to start. Especially since the MLB World Championship Series (Game 6) will be on at the same time.