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Georgia is better but Kirby is a moron, so there is doubt
1980. The current recruits parents weren’t born last time jawja won it. Better win this year - cuz other SEC teams will pass them after 2021
Okay school. And it’s a cult. All weirdos that wear their college rings as adults.
All SEC schedule including SEC championship game and blowout win over Georgia. That’s probably better than A&M
It’s a cult for nerds. Why anyone goes there is beyond me.
Well then he would have said the #1 program. Bama is now #1. A little re4cruiting and UF is right back at #1/#2.
AR handing the ball off a few times. Valuable playing time
He’d do better at easy academic schools like LSU and UGA. But he’d still be average
Didn’t they already have Ron zook? Recruiter who chokes. And Kirby has an 11 year old prep school haircut and goes by “Kirby!”