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And to add to that…not just “commenting” but obviously getting emotional. So yea, take a step back and analyze your actions bud.
And yet, here you are. Sad sack. Here commenting on a vols baseball post. Do you understand the concept of irony?
It will even out I think. Remember the late 90s tech boom? So much money was being thrown around. Ads, .com’s as far as the eye could see, etc. Then it was flooded and people realized their bad investments. Right now is that. Seems lucrative right now, but the money will calm down. The most elite prospects might still get the cash, but for the rest of the 99%, you’ll have to prove your worth.
Possibly. This or another Tex school. Oil is WAY up. Granted, this isn’t the 70s or 80s when the Texas economy lived and died by oil prices. But the state and its tycoons still greatly benefit when it’s booming. So take that sweet tx tea money and buy yourself some recruits! Wee hoo!
I like this premise and had never thought of it. It’s not a bad idea. But the issue could still be exist as only a small handful (4 or 5?) bowl games would be taken seriously and have playoff implications.
^ this. Jeezus. Are you that afraid? Gimmicky. Pshh. For the talent he has, he’s got those athletes going on all cylinders.
Or’s chess, not checkerboards at that point. I couldn’t help myself?
This is very accurate and something some vols fans might not see. No need for fireworks with that lead. It’s chess not checkers.
Ok..that’s easy math. According to these #s (I have no idea if the validity btw) TN has 11.7%, FL 12.3% on ebt. Your comment is flawed. His rebuttal is perfectly fine. Nice try though?