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Oh, and you need to look again. I paused the video right at the point of impact. The CB hits the potential tackler IN THE CHEST with his right shoulder pad and the right SIDE of his helmet. The flag was BS as was the ejection. This sissification of football has got to stop.
Except he wasn't a receiver at the point the hit was made. The interception had already occurred and he was a potential tackler. This ain't sissy ball, it is football. That was/should be considered a good hit.
And you're as low life as he is. Criminal coddling scum.
From what I can see you're a friggin' criminal loving moron. So the guy goes on, pulls out a knife and stabs a Georgia player, and you're on here the next day asking why security can't protect the players. Its because of jackwagons like you. Don't want to risk a "neck injury", stay off the dang field. Geeze, but you lovers of low life scum just get under my skin. What the heck is wrong with you that you would not just defend lawlessness, but attack the people whose job it is to keep others safe?
Season tickets are getting crazy now too. I found my Iron Bowl ticket from the 2005 Iron Bowl a little while back. Its face value was less than HALF what they go for now.
"We" may not be on the roster, but "we" 1. Pay exorbitant prices for tickets that get higher every year. 2. Pay taxes that support the public schools that are our favorite teams. 3. Show up every Saturday and scream our heads off when the other team has the ball (12th man, anyone?) and 4. Some of us (obviously not most of the Alabama fanbase, but most of the rest of us) are actually alumni of our favorite schools (meaning we paid even MORE money to support the team). So, yeah, "we" won.
It is ridiculous for the very reason Fedora pointed out -- it says we aren't concerned about player safety the last two minutes of each half. If this was REALLY about player safety, it would apply throughout the game. And exploiting? That's just moronic. That's like saying deliberately going out of bounds in the last 2 minutes is exploiting the rules because it stops the clock. The offense's advantage has always been that it knows when the ball is going to be snapped. This rule is about one thing and one thing only -- helping Saban win because his sorry butt can't figure out how to handle an uptempo offense.