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This just in, not only does Arkansas beat Ole Miss in a late game rally at home, but they treat Ole Miss' defense more like a bunch of beached whales than land sharks
At least he isn't hopping on his mistress and wrecking his motorcycle.
Led Miles' job should have never been up in the air to begin with. LSU isn't having a phenomenal season, and last season wasn't amazing either, but a coach like Miles deserves better than this. If I was Led Miles, I'd probably be shopping for a new job.
I get that we're not from the same division, with the East and the West, but it is still always cool to see people from the same conference being cordial to each other. Kudos to you Gators4Life!
As an Arkansas fan, I am slightly biased, but I do honestly feel Arkansas deserves number 1 on this list, but the fact that a second string Nick Chubb could step up and play like he did, I feel like it is almost a travesty to not have Georgia higher on the list.
This year for Arkansas wasn't about the overall record. It was about the progress that has been made. We're talking about a team that two years ago people said it would take four or five years to even be 7 and 6. That is the same team that shut out its biggest conference rival, and then went on to shut out Ole Miss. You can say anything you want about Arkansas, because yes they are still at the bottom of the SEC, but you can't take away what has happened up on the Hill in such a short amount of time. John L. Smith ruined what Patrini built, and now Bielema is rebuilding in a way that everyone has said wouldn't work in the SEC. You can ask Nick Saban how well Bielema's play style works. Ask Les Miles and Hugh Freeze. Arkansas isn't what it was a few years ago, but it's getting there.
As an Arkansas homer, when the Razorbacks play Mizzou, I'll jokingly hate you, but I'll root for Mizzou the rest of the season. I have been to Missouri multiple times, always wearing Arkansas gear, and I've never been disrespected. I get more disrespect when I travel to Oklahoma, which is everyday.
As an Arkansas fan, I can say that I will support Mizzou more than any other team besides Arkansas. That is, until rivalry week. Good luck, and great playing this season, Mizzou!
Arkansas not only took care of business, but they did it in damned good fashion. 6 feet of rushing is a pretty dominant performance by the Arkansas defense in the trenches.
I wouldn't want this guy at Arkansas, and I don't want him at Ole Miss. He has a reputation of poss poor behavior. I'm sure Ole Miss fans don't want this kind of person representing their team. Sure, this wasn't that big of an ordeal, bug more is likely to come.
I'm glad to hear Storey is getting time with his new team. I've seen him do great things in Charleston, and I'm ready to see him improve at Arkansas.
I'd love to see Arkansas play Texas. It'd be a nice SWC throwback.
He should have gotten called for roughing the passer, but his hands did hit first. It was a brutal hit, and it did look like he was targetting, but after just one replay, you see his hands hit way before his helmet did.
As a fan of football, I am thrilled to see Spurrier returning. I am not a SCar fan, to be honest, but I'll always root for them with Spurrier there. Even at 69, he is only 4 years older than the oldest guy I've played against while playing semi-pro ball. If that dude can still play at 65, I see no reason why Steve Spurrier shouldn't coach until 10 years after 65.