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Is it true you were suspended for weed? Brenton Cox: Weed? That s&&t in Athens ain’t Weed. That was trash.
Could have been worse? The knee has 4 major ligaments and he tore "only" three? Yikes!
Butch didn't lose the game. Fans and players started celebrating like they already won in the third quarter, mocking the Gator Chomp and hootin' and hollerin' like they hit the lottery. We've seen it before and we will see it again. I never doubted the Gator comeback for a minute.
Huntley got a charge of sodomy reduced, to "following too close".
Pre-season SEC Champs 28 years in a row!
How does Coral Gables, a city that does not have a single football stadium (not even a high school stadium), make this list? Number 26 my ass...
I wonder how Robert Nkkkimdiche feels...
I would much rather see Florida play Oregon or Stanford or even a rematch with Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. What interest or benefit is there in playing Louisville? Anything less than a blowout will seem like a loss. As much as I enjoy the Big Easy I'll be staying home this year.