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Realistic prediction 5-7 6-6 non conference wins and Kentucky and ole miss. Optimistic prediction 7-5 8-4 same as before but adding Texas A&M and Missouri. I know if we go 0-8 in conference play Morris's seat will be on FIRE.
Razorbacks should be afraid of going 0-8 in SEC play. If it happens this year, I don't see any hope for Morris's job. I'm a realistic fan and see 5-7 or 6-6 at best..please shock me and do better
I think lsu has nothing to play for, they're not in contention for the sec title, or the playoffs. Plus the NFL prospects don't want to risk their careers. I believe the defense will be focused and the Golden boot stays with Arkansas. Score Ark-24 Lsu-10 LSU rushes for 103
With LSU huddling up and not running the fast paced offense, I feel that our defense can hold their rushing to 75-85 yards. The only game I see a loss is Mississippi State. The Razorbacks don't fare to well against the dual threat QBs.
What's your predictions?
Here's my predictions for the bowls: Alabama vs Washington (semi final) Citrus bowl- Texas A&M vs Louisville Tax slayer- Florida vs Oklahoma Sugar bowl- Auburn vs Wisconsin Outback bowl-Tennessee vs Penn state AT&T bowl- Georgia vs Baylor Birmingham bowl- Kentucky vs VT Liberty bowl- SC vs Western Kentucky Music City bowl- Arkansas vs Florida St Independence bowl- LSU vs Colorado Texas bowl- Ole miss vs TCU
Arkansas smacked Florida around and doesn't make it to the top 25, come on I know the Auburn loss was horrible but they made up for it. Maybe the hogs will get some respect when the route LSU!