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I'm picturing the Princeton mascot leaning against a wall, snickering, "We were first, AND we invented the game."
96 Gator: Agreed. Getting Toney back is not unlike getting Percy Harvin back. Hopefully KT is more durable.
Not likely. If Kadarius Toney is anywhere near full strength and they use him as a RB (which they have), he has the ability to surpass that on one carry.
Is that a hard rule? I know it's AP style, but I looked in my (admittedly dated) Harbrace College Handbook which states: "Although usage varies, writers tend to spell out numbers that can be expressed in one word or two..."
Very good. Now describe the scenario where Joe Walsh is elected President in 2020. The congressman or the musician, either one.
I will agree with you when it comes to Oklahoma, less so Oregon or Baylor. And there is no way Minnesota or Wake Forest gets in over an 11-1 Alabama/LSU loser.
Consider this scenario: Florida wins out and finishes the season at 11-1. Alabama wins out and finishes 12-0. LSU wins out except for the loss to Alabama and finishes 11-1. Then the Gators win in Atlanta. It seems likely that two of these teams are in, but who is out? You have three teams with a loss each, and each is 1-1 against the other two. Florida would seem to have one negative in that they played to FCS schools, but could the committee really bump a conference champion in favor of two other schools in the same conference? LSU would have no division title, but a win against Florida. Georgia winning out instead of Florida is pretty much the same, except that the Dawgs don't have the loss to LSU -- but they do have the loss to SC. If there is only one undefeated school in the P5, would the committee risk the wrath of the rest of the country and put three SEC schools in? Ultimately, it's a no-win scenario for the committee. Yeah, yeah, I already hear you saying that this proves we need an 8-team playoff, but that won't do any good this year.
"The committee never has chosen a team with a better record over a team with a worse one and it never will." I dare you to stand in downtown Orlando and say that to passersby.
I will see your Jim McElwain and raise you a Ray Goff. I could list comparative stats, but that would just be cruel.
Sorry, that was not meant as a shot at the Lions. "If Stafford were in any other city except Detroit" Ummm...Cleveland? Look, I'm not going to suggest that Tebow could have won a Super Bowl (although Trent Dilfer did, so anything is possible), but people forget that he went 8-5 as a starter on a team that had started 1-4, and he might have been the starter in 2012 if Peyton Manning hadn't fallen into the Broncos' lap.
Actually they even screwed that up. The correct video for stabbing a Gator in the heart is Lindsay F'ing Scott. The Dawg Pile was just bush league.
RIP, Skeeters. My dad came to Gainesville twice while I was there, we went there one of those times. Last time I saw him was a year ago and he still remembered the Big Biscuits!
Sunshine Law and crazy people coming here from other places.
If people were identified by where they were raised, at least 75 percent of Florida Man stories would be New Jersey Man, Ohio Man, New York Man, Michigan Man, etc. When I am elected governor, I'm going to build a wall, a big beautiful wall, along our northern border. And I'm going to make all the states "up north" pay for it.
For anyone wondering why Georgia fans are picking on Tebow's baseball career rather than his football career, here is your answer: NFL playoff games won by Tim Tebow: 1 NFL playoff games won by Matthew Stafford: 0