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Saban said this morning in an interview that he expects Florida's best game despite the LSU loss. They still have a chance to win a conference title and beat the #1 team in the country. Thankfully Saban won't let his players overlook any team, unlike a certain head coach we're all aware of.
Clemson had 3 first round NFL Dlinemen and several other top defensive draft picks on that team that returned for their senior season just to beat Bama and win a title. Bad comparison.
The guy has UF back in the SEC title game after hosing UGA and you want to fire the guy already. Come on.
It's funny to see AU lose, which they do about as often as UGA. But the comments I've seen tonight from dawg fans are pretty excessive, especially when that same team embarrassed your own earlier in the year. Maybe enjoy the loss in silence.
All the gloating UGA fans on here are sad. UF still destroyed you.
Gifted? Kicker still had to make the long field goal.
Tua only needed 30 minutes of regulation and one 40-yard throw in OT to crush UGA's dreams of a national title. I don't blame Georgia fans for being sour on him for the rest of eternity.
Uh, Saban is always respectful to the other teams and their coaches. Why would a guy like Coach O live in anyones head? He's not the first to catch lightning in a bottle with a QB, a team full of seniors and a one and done coaching staff. But, he is probably the first CFB coach unable to speak English.
No tears from Bama fans. LSU had a great year in 2019 and their best team in history beat Bama by 5 points. Also, seeing LSU have the season they've had contrasted with Bama's year so far makes the only tears from our side those of laughter. And nothing changes Orgeron's locker room statements last year. What a clown.
Won't argue there. ACC is absolutely awful. But the precedent of two conference teams making it with UGA and 'Bama both getting into the playoff in 2017 (almost happened again in 2018.) The AP and CFP's love affair with Clemson and ND could put them both into the playoffs if they have another tight game and neither of them lose.
-22 at LSU, wow. Biggest line vs the tigers since Saban got to Tuscaloosa? Who would've thought that this time last year? College football is so unpredictable.
'Bama wouldn't have beaten UGA in the SEC title game because of all the injuries on defense. All of those guys got healthy for the playoffs and the 2017 'Bama D under Pruitt was night and day different from the regular season.
Hard to call ND an ACC team, but I could definitely see that shaking out. Just glad we don't have to worry about a discreetly awful OU getting in this year.
7/10? Man, talk about overconfident. I know UF had a big win, but wow. If those two played again, I'd say A&M wins 5/10. I'd hold off on saying UF's defense is much improved. A completely inept UGA offense with no QB to speak of helped them look a lot better. Not saying they can't or haven't improved, just to take it with a grain of salt, as UGA's offense is THAT BAD. And the Clemson bias extends due to their starting QB being out. If they lose to ND again in the ACC with Lawrence, that'd be great.
You are officially the saltiest fan in the known universe. Until Kirby figures out that offenses have changed since the 1980's, UGA will never win anything of importance, and if Mullen keeps recruiting well, he'll smoke the dawgs for the forseeable future.
Kirby thinks rolling out an offense from 1984 with an average QB is acceptable if you have 5 star athletes at every other position. Even old-school guys like Saban and Ed O have adjusted their offenses to keep up with modern day CFB. I really don't get why he refuses to change even after getting roasted by these offenses every year.
I wonder if Cincinnati goes undefeated and misses the playoffs if they'll still claim a national title? Seems to be the popular thing for that conference.
He has nothing more to prove. Seriously doubt he drops out of the first round.
Saban puts his best players on special teams. An injury, even to a star player, won't change that.
In regards to Bama/UT not being a rivalry any more, I'll paraphrase Gene Stallings. "If you don't think these rivalry games matter, try losing one."
Miami offense is hot right now. Doubt Tua will hinder it in any way.
Bama only has two Heisman winners. Not sure what stopped Shuan Alexander from winning one back in the day.
ND being favored in the AP will never change. It's a tradition at this point.
Not sure how Bama's dominating wins over #4 and #7 don't make them #1, but I guess it doesn't matter all that much.