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I'm not one to take Alabama's opponents lightly, but.. are you kidding me? Fresno St won A game last year. As in one game. They're not beating Alabama. Colorado State the following week, on the other hand, could give them a run.
Barkley seems like the more versatile player, while Guice seems like he can run over just about anyone (except for anyone on the Alabama defense. Both are pretty amazing players and a lot of fun to watch.
No disrespect intended for LSU fans, but your team isn't going anywhere significant with Etling. There's a reason he couldn't even earn a starting job at Purdue. Hopefully one of the younger guys will step up and actually be able get the ball to those underutilized receivers.
It doesn't matter who you play for, or at what level in college. If you're talented enough, the NFL will find you. Just look at Jerry Rice. Went to Mississippi Valley State, drafted in the first round, and is the greatest receiver to ever play in the NFL. Not saying this will happen for Franklin, but playing for a "B-club" won't determine his draft position.
Does no one on here agree that he's right? Garret, and everyone else on the A&M defense, can't play the run, for whatever reason. If you can't do it all, why are you the #1 pick?
Great receivers have never been the issue at LSU. It's the numb nuts attempting to get them the ball.