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ND being favored in the AP will never change. It's a tradition at this point.
Not sure how Bama's dominating wins over #4 and #7 don't make them #1, but I guess it doesn't matter all that much.
When the Dolphin's front office stonewalled him on getting Drew Brees, I think the writing was on the wall it wasn't going to work out. Saban likes total control over his program. He would never have gotten that in the pro's.
Certainly felt like a game of the century type matchup in the first half. Not sure what happened in the second, but I loved every second of it.
What a goofball this writer is. "..under the blinky-blink lights"?
That would be on your coach. His failure to recruit top offensive linemen showed tonight. Not sure what happened to the AU defense, as Steele has been the best part of that team for the past few years.
I can't figure out why UGA's offense is so terrible.
Mizzou scored 6 points until 'Bama put their backups in. Not saying Mizzou didn't play hard, but come on man.
Yeah, that final TD was BS. Can't believe they allowed that, from a pride standpoint.
He's not lying. I encountered a handful of LSU fans (online) who were riding high after the title win and that nice recruiting class this year and said they wouldn't miss a beat, they had 'Bama's number, etc. I also understand that most reasonable fans realized what they'd lost and didn't expect that to happen.
Word of advice. If UF has a 2nd and 26 play, make sure you cover the receivers.
Tim, why didn't you list a few RB's? Gurley, and..? Chubb and Michel will be great in the pros, but I'm struggling to think of any other big names, aside from Herschel.
All those "again's" amount to the average number of losses Auburn incurs every season. What a coincidence.
You mean the game after 'Bama was kept from playing for a 3peat and certain players took the game off for the NFL? OU plays well when there's nothing on the line, but have a less-than-stellar record in any sort of postseason (1-4 in BCS and CFP.) Moral of the story is, don't underestimate this UGA team and their talented, seasoned defense. Teams that lose to Iowa State can certainly be beat by the SEC champ.
There is one indication, being that he already got there last year, and very nearly won it.
Definitely agree. Feed Harris! When Bo went down vs Clemson, Bama still had a 1000 yd rusher in Damien. Stop forgetting about him, and the RB's in general, Daboll. Let this stable run their way to a title!
So you picked the three games where Bama was most thin on the defensive side of the ball? The defense will be as healthy as it's been since week 1, where they did look pretty great, plus the emergence of a future star at LB, Dylan Moses. Btw, that SEC championship was hard to watch.
All but one injured defender (Hamilton) should be back come game time. It will be the healthiest Bama defense to take the field since week 1. And now an emerging star/backup in Dylan Moses has gotten meaningful snaps. Sounds good to me!
Sounds like a solid plan. I'd love to see someone tell Saban anything about how to coach football, so please make sure to film the encounter. I'll be sure to send you some flowers in the hospital.
How about we don't forget that Damien Harris and Josh Jacobs exist this time?
One of the best teams in the country doesn't get blown out twice in one season. The biggest joke is certainly Auburn. Choked your title hopes away while your two biggest rivals, whom you beat convincingly, BOTH get into the playoffs. That is something that could only happen to Auburn. You're right, that is a joke, and it's hilarious.
I'm not one to take Alabama's opponents lightly, but.. are you kidding me? Fresno St won A game last year. As in one game. They're not beating Alabama. Colorado State the following week, on the other hand, could give them a run.