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I agree with you. Got to stop the run and keep Rogers from getting sacked. Don’t think corral will as much a running threat as he was earlier in the year. Also hope neither team starts a fight on the sidelines like last year. Not a good look for MS
@ Zach Dude what are you even talking about? That’s what a leader is supposed to do when their team doesn’t play to their potential. He didn’t even single anybody out. Don’t be a troll. Looking forward to Thursday! Go dogs
I’m glad someone else sees this. Also with the exception to the Alabama game, both losses were a field goal difference. Refs helped the Memphis game and I believe state missed a fg in the LSU game. Could have been 7-1 right now with a play going different. I’m not at all upset about this season
I think that ranking is a little high. Also don’t think state has ever played well after being ranked high. But unlike some people that have lost their minds because of where everybody is now, it will work itself out over the rest of the season
Y’all got to be patient and let the man do his thing. Have I been happy about all of it, umm no. But Matt Wyatt hit the nail on the head on his radio show about this same topic. State has had all kinds of schemes from different coaches over the years and still struggled to be over .500 in SEC play so this is not new. The team has looked good at times. If they keep improving then I think he will do as good as anybody else ever has, or better.
Yep I agree. Way to one dimensional. Teams just giving the 3-5 yard catches and a lot of game yardage in between the 20’s but then can’t do anything in the red zone. I don’t care if they throw it 50 plus times a game but be able to do something else when it ain’t working anymore
What I want to know is why he was still in the game. They were clearly out of it anyway so why not pull him and give #2 some snaps in a game setting