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Grown folk talk? Well you better run along home, sonny boy. You certainly don't belong in that type of conversation. The more you talk, the easier it is to actually feel sorry for you.
Wow, who's the brainiac? My comment actually agreed with John4AU. I agreed that it was unlikely that State goes 11-1 and that 8-4 was certainly a possibility. Read and comprehend, belly. A two part process. You need to work on the comprehension part because you are sorely lacking in that regard. Well, in a lot of others two but then I digress! Read it again. I didn't "bash" John. Bashing is what I do to you on a regular basis. I happen to agree with John because his comment is reasonable and possible. Unlike most of yours!
11-1 is probably a stretch and 8-4 could happen. Anything in that range would not be a shock except the 11-1. Our season record will probably turn on how we play against your guys and in Baton Rouge. I think we finish 2nd or 3rd in the west this year depending on if we win or lose against your guys. I could also see your guys finishing 8-4, but again wouldn't be completely surprised with 10-2 or so. Just like us, a lot of your season will be determined by who steps up and what breaks you get along the way. That's why you play the game.
That's OK, Belly. We laugh at you every time you post a comment. And just for the record, you do not decide what is relevant and what is not. Your opinion is irrelevant to anyone not called belly buster. Thanks for playing. There are some nice parting gifts for you on the way out.
There are guys that will remember how the um thugs acted last year. The bad blood ain't over yet. Plan on seeing quite a few fins up this year as Ta'amu picks himself up off the field and have your camera ready to document the MSU flag planting ceremony at midfield. I don't think any of our guys will be classless enough to try and mimic DK. We'll just let the real Bully take care of that one.
It is an if, but a pretty safe one. You "did very well" against Fitz for about 6 or 7 plays before he went out. Wow. And your assertion that they "took their foot off the gas" is as big an IF as mine. What I saw was State's defense finally getting after Ta'amu making him run for his life resulting in throw-aways and int's. You boys built a lead on two busted coverage pass plays and a long run. Once States D recovered from the shock of seeing Fitz's foot pointed the wrong way they dominated your offense and a true freshman QB with almost no snaps on the year brought the team back and almost snatched a win away from you. I'm sure I'll see it my way and you'll continue to see it your way, but no Ole Miss fan who knows anything about football could walk away happy with the way your team played in the 2nd half.
Hey Belly, I went back and looked just to see what exactly it was that you said. Here it is: "You say Fitz “ran the plays Mullen called” and you “wish Mullen had been more creative with his play-calling”. Do you not know who Billy Gonzalez and John Hevesy are? In 2017 they were the co-Offensive coordinators. Offensive coordinators call 99% of the plays on offense. The head coach actually has very little to do with play-calling. He decides whether to go for it on 4th Down; when to call time outs; whether to kick a PAT or go for two; whether to kick an onside kick or not; and maybe when to call trick plays. Outside of these things, the OC calls the plays. The head coach’s job is to hire a staff (OC, DC, etc) that he believes can get the job done. His job as a head coach is to manage the program with the occasional decision-making during the game. So when you say Fitz “ran the plays mullen called” and you “wish Mullen had been more creative with his play-calling”, you ought to know it becomes obvious you don’t know a goddamn thing about play-calling." You sounded pretty sure of yourself in that comment. Didn't leave yourself any wiggle room, but here you are wiggling away trying to play it off but it still comes up a loser. Please collect your consolation gift on your way out.
Wow, didn't see your question. Don't you guys have a 5-star and a 4-star QB on your roster behind Ta'amu? They have better ratings coming out of high school and they didn't get those star ratings because they were really nice guys. So, you you rather see a guy with probably a higher ceiling and more years to play (for um) over Ta'amu in his last season?
Oh come on, Belly. You know you did. Don't go crawfishing now. When you make a mistake, be a man and own it.
You caught a break in Fitz going out of that game last year on a freak play. If he doesn't go out in the first quarter, you guys lose by two TD's or more. After getting settled down by the coaches at halftime, KT as a true freshman in his first significant playing time almost rallied the team back to win the game. That said, you very well could be right about 8 wins. LSU, Auburn, and A&M seem to be toss-ups to me right now, so I could see 8 or as many as 11 with some breaks. Will be an interesting season. Can't start soon enough.
In another article Fitz or JoMo commented about seeing more chunk plays and fewer 10-14 play drives. Nothing wrong with 10-14 play drives that result in TD's as they tend to break the will of the opponent. Chunk plays are good when they are there, but give me a long, sustained, clock-eating drive for a TD any day assuming you aren't playing from behind.
And calling someone intoxicated because you don't agree with their opinion is being mature? Come on, Sue. I think the Auburn and LSU games will be toss-ups and I'm really not sure what to make of A&M yet, but MSU should leave Lexington with a win. You have to play the game and when you do you could lose, but MSU should beat the Kats big day or not from Ba-Ba-Ba-Benny.
But Belly, you insisted even after being corrected by multiple people that Mullen didn't call the plays. Even though it was common knowledge because it was widely discussed last year. Clearly I know a hell of a lot more than you do. Of course, that really isn't setting the bar very high.
That's hilarious, Belly. You accusing someone of not knowing anything about football after just recently trying to tell everyone that only O-coordinators call plays in college football. Too funny. And the rest of your comment, you are just projecting your life to try and make someone else look bad. Give it a rest. Talk about sad.
You really do have a reading comprehension problem. I have stated, several times, that the facts you have provided (yes, you did furnish some facts) have to do with past seasons and have nothing to do with the upcoming season. Any thoughts you may have about the upcoming season are opinions. You really should study up and facts and opinions as you really don't understand the difference between the two. Auburn may very well have the best D-line in the SEC this year when the facts are in, but the facts are not in as of now. You have an opinion. Leave it at that. It will be fun to see it play out this year. See you in Starkville.
Talk about a failed educational system. Every fact you refer to has absolutely no bearing on this season. None. Zero. Nada. Comprende? I'm sure you don't comprende. Fortunately, this will ultimately be decided on the field instead of in your head. Thanks for your opinion. We are all dumber for having to see you repeat it 4 times. Are you good for a fifth? Tell us one more time. Come on, one more time!
And your facts have absolutely nothing to do with this year. As I said before, at this point in time the only thing anyone has is an opinion concerning the upcoming season. I'm not saying you will be proven wrong when we have some facts, but right now it's all opinions. And that is a fact.
Since the author is expressing his opinion of them being the best D-line in the SEC for this season and not one single down of the season has been played yet, what "facts" could you possibly have that actually have a bearing on the question? Please share these facts. I'm not saying they will be the best, but they have a chance to be very good and possibly the best. We will find out once the season starts and we actually have some relevant facts to consider.
Belly, I don't disagree with you all of the time. Only when you make stupid statements, of which most of yours qualify. And just so we are clear, you are the one who has admitted in your comments to having anger management issues and not being able to be fair and impartial. Spin it how you want, but for all the abusive comments you post it is highly ironic for you to criticize anyone else for their comments.
That was simply the story he thought most likely to win him an NCAA waiver.
Fitz. He's the team leader and the rest of the guys know they will get 100% from him on every play. Thompson will get his chance, but hopefully not this year as I believe that only comes with an injury to Fitz. Same question for you. Would you rather see your guy or one of the youngsters on your roster who arguably have better measurables than Ta'amu?
Belly, telling you that you made a stupid comment right after you made a stupid comment isn't a personal insult. Just the truth! At least I point out your deficiencies without having to resort to inappropriate language. When you have to go there, it shows you can't make a reasoned or logical argument.
Belly, you comment is so true. At least as far as I'm concerned. You are not me and couldn't hold a candle to me on your best day.
Wow Belly, not very bright and sexual fantasies. That’s a dangerous combination. You really should seek help.
Belly, the only thing you struck here today was yourself right in your own head. Do you have to work at it or does being this dumb just come naturally to you? I mean, almost every poster on this train has had to correct you about something or other that you posted. Your track record is spectacular. Completely wrong, but spectacular in your consistency.
We all know Belly Buster is an idiot. You know he lost the intellectual battle when he starts throwing out the personal insults and foul language. He tries to make a point, gets his head handed to him, and then he becomes vile and offensive. It's just the way he is and we all recognize it and don't hold him against real fans. After all, he's just a bitter old guy looking for something, anything, to cling to.
And Belly, just so you know and don't make the same mistake and embarrass yourself again, Coach JoeMo hired an offensive coordinator but has already stated that he, Coach JoeMo, will be calling the plays. So no, not all teams use the O-coordinator to call plays. Hopefully you learned something today.
Hey Belly, let me quote myself from earlier in this comment train. "I’m quite impressed with how often you manage to remind us that you aren’t very bright." Your last comment was just another perfect example of the lack of light you exhibit almost daily. Thanks for playing! Run along now like a good little boy. Mullen called the plays by his own admission. Period. End of story.