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Watch the second State offensive play of the game. Fitz released the ball and Speaks took 2 more steps and smacked him in the facemask with both hands. The ref didn't call it, but it was a textbook roughing the passer for a ref who was actually watching. Then on the next series he gets injured, not from a twisting fall but on a dive into the line. He gets a twisting injury on a dive play. Oh wow, how could that happen?
Actually, very few coaches these days would have held him out if the refs didn't eject him. Very few, unfortunately.
Be interesting to see what he does after next season when Matt Luke gets fired.
People complaining about this display are NOT being politically correct, they are simply being correct. For far too long, people like yourself have tried to distance themselves from offensive displays such as this for the sake of being PC. What has it gotten us? Nothing but more and more outrageous displays. It's time that this crap stops and to do so will take people willing to stand up and say that it is not acceptable. You can keep your head buried in the sand if you like, but criticizing people for call this kind of BS out is contributing to the problem.
Lot's of blame to be spread around so far, including to the coaches, but it really isn't the coaches fault when the QB overthrows a wide open receiver by 5 yards or more or a WR drops a pass that hits him in the hands. Right now, the O-line has to pass block and run block better. The QB has to throw the ball better. The QB/RB's have to run the ball better. The WR's have to do a better job getting separation and actually catch balls. Scheme AND effort issues. Plenty of blame to be spread around on the offensive side of the ball right now.
Completely average? I really love the def pass interference when the MSU DB was in position to intercept and the KY WR goes over his back and wraps his arm and hand over the face of the DB as the ball comes in. Flag comes in and the official announces def PI. No way in hell. There were several others that were questionable, but those 5 I mentioned were BS calls and if you say they were not then you are a helpless homer.
Hard game to watch as a State fan. Two big takeaways. KY's d-line out-played our o-line all night long and we still have a RB playing QB instead of a QB who can also run. I don't think it changed the outcome of the game, but the officiating was absolutely horrible. Missed offensive holding call on both teams all night long. I know the KY fans can probably make a list as well, but I remember 5 penalties or no-calls that seemed egregious to me. 1. The roughing the passer call on Leo Lewis was simply BS. Clean hit at best a half-second after release meaning he couldn't have pulled up. 2. The unsportsman-like conduct penalty for flipping the ball at KY's #71. I guess the ref's missed 71 supplexing State's DB after the play was whistled dead and the DB caught an incomplete pass on one hop and was stopped on the sideline. 3. The no-call on off pass int when the KY WR caught a ball and went out of bounds at about the 3 yard line. The WR clearly extended his arm and caused the DB to stumble but no flag. 4. A def pass int call against State when the DB was in position to intercept an underthrown ball and the WR went over his back, putting an arm and hand on the DB's helmet/facemask and clearly blocking his vision of the ball. It was pass int, but no way was it defensive. And #5. A no-call on def pass int when a State WR turned back for an underthrown pall and the KY DB throws his arms straight up and makes contact without turning his head to even act like he was looking for the ball. One ref threw a flag but after 5 seconds of discussion they picked it up. This crew shouldn't call another college game, much less a power 5 conference game. Terrible.
"Kentucky, which also should be ranked but isn’t, beat these Bulldogs two years ago in Lexington. The casts are largely the same." Except one major change. Peter Sirmon, the worst DC in MSU history, is no longer the DC. Last year with a decent DC, this "largely the same cast" dominated Kentucky. And this cast has been playing pretty good so far this season, so take as you wish. I expect a good game today, but will be surprised if Kentucky pulls off a win. If they do, my hats off to them.
Potential yes, but at Vandy looks to be more difficult than normal this year and I only see your boys beating State if they rip Fitzgerald's foot off again. Of course, it's a long season and lots can happen between now and then to change my mind about these things!
Wow, that's bold. Averaging 282 rushing yards per game and predicting over 330 yards against State. If this team had 330 yards rushing in them, why haven't we seen it against the 3 cupcake D's you have played already. But you expect it against one of the better rush defenses in the country. I will agree with you on this, IF you rush for 330+ yards you will win the game. I don't see it happening, but stranger things have happened. My prediction is that the KY rushing is more in the lines of 185-200 yards and you lose by 10-17.
I said better because we have more talent and depth than Kentucky does right now, on both sides of the ball. But as I said, you have to play the game because games are decided on the field and not on the stat sheet or recruiting stars. The team that plays the best and/or makes the fewest mistakes will win on Saturday. I think that team will be State, but that's just an opinion. I haven't made any excuses and don't plan to do so.
Talent-wise, State's offense is better than Kentucky's and the defense is better than Kentucky's. This should be an MSU win, but you have to go out and play the game because should is nothing but an opinion. I think we find out a lot about both of these teams on Saturday.
Average QB and 2, maybe 3, really good WR's. Ta'amu will struggle against any team that puts a little pressure on him. And for all the um posturing and claims, their o-line is simply an average SEC line. Bama busted those myths tonight.
And they won in 2014 when the Tide offense was completely unsettled by having to stand around for 20 minutes looking at Kenyan Drake's horrific injury. The offense never got back in synch after the injury.
I can't speak to what goes on in practice this year, but last year in games this guy's problem was drops.
KSU's D and a "lack of OL"? Nick had time to throw and open receivers very often in this game. The passing difficulties were mainly on Nick. Several passes off the mark including at least 3 over-throws that could have been touchdowns. Early he threw some 10-yard or so passes that were like darts he threw them so hard. I chalk that up as first game nerves, but the only one to blame for the passing woes is Nick himself. Hopefully Moorhead and Breiner can get his technique corrected.
You do know he would have gone over 1,000 yds rushing last year if he didn’t get hurt just 3 minutes into the Egg Bowl? 500 should not be an issue barring injuries.
Wow, belly buster talking about taking the high road. Too funny, coming from someone who is the epitome of white trashiness.
Says the black bear/landshark fan posing as a State fan. How pitiful do you have to be to enjoy posing as a fan of your rival?
As are drunk fans who throw bottles and drinks and spit on opposing fans, but apparently LSU is OK with that because you don't see those "fans" being hauled out of the stadium. Every school has it's problem fans, but you guys are unbelievably gifted when it comes to this category. I'll take the cowbells any day over drunk and vulgar LSU fans. And if you don't like it, don't come to Starkville. We won't miss you.
If the cowbells "ruin the experience" for you, don't come to Starkville. We won't miss you!
Belly is an expert on this one. Been defending um thugs for their accidental or intentional violations for years. Just ignore him for he knows not what he says.
Do you know Fitz personally? Didn’t think so, so why are you more qualified to comment than Curtis? Right, you are not. Please keep your biting to yourself unless you really are a five year old.
Everybody makes mistakes. A leader simply responds differently from most of the crowd once they make a mistake. Nick has been a leader of this team. Time will determine if he is still the leader or not.
It comes out now because it's now actually game week. About time!
Perfect example of projection. Attributing the things you hate about yourself on to another group of people that you don’t know but profess to hate. Man a shrink would have a field day with you. Or more likely, already has.
You really should work on learning when you should keep your mouth shut. You remember the old saying about staying quiet and being thought a fool instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt? You just once again removed all doubt. And yes, you did mean to be insensitive. That's just your personality. Or lack of it.
"But programs won’t get in trouble with the NCAA if they can prove that the claims were untrue." It's very hard to prove a claim is untrue, so this is an overly simplistic statement.
Grown folk talk? Well you better run along home, sonny boy. You certainly don't belong in that type of conversation. The more you talk, the easier it is to actually feel sorry for you.