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"absurdly high mark set by Mullen"? Which one was that? Mullen was a respectable coach and I think he did a good job for MSU, but I would not classify anything he accomplished as setting an absurdly high mark. Even in his best season where he went 10-3, he managed to lose games to UM and GT that he should have won. I liked Mullen when he was at State, but I didn't cry when he left so I do question what absurdly high mark was it that he set?
Glad to see Vandy come back and win after the classless display by the UL pitcher.
Don't know. Lots of thugs have passed through utenn. How did the NFL handle them with their contracts?
And in related news, the NCAA is now looking for office space in College Station. The TA&M nation should be pissed.
Why does any 17/18 year-old kid do anything? If you figure it out, let us know!
You should have your eyes checked because you obviously didn't see the play correctly. The crown of his helmet hit Fitz in the facemask. As I said before, lobby for a rule change if you don't like the rule as written but quit with the whining about a call the referees actually got right according to the rule as written. Yes he hit him in the chest with his hands, right before his helmet made contact with the facemask. By rule, that is targeting.
You just suggested they insert a subjective determination into the process. Hmmmm, did he intend to target or did he not intend to target? How does a referee determine if a player intentionally went for a knock-out shot or it happened by accident? How?
I can't believe this guy is still whining about that call. He hit the QB in the facemask with the top of his helmet. That is textbook targeting as the rule is written. Yes, it didn't take long to review because the hit obviously checked all the boxes for the criteria in the targeting rule as written. Lobby for a change if you want, but quit crying about a call that the refs actually got right.
Driving with a suspended license, so it's already at least strike 2. How many chances do you think a player should get before you kick him to the curb? I'm just tired of representatives of my school acting like fools or like they attend LSU or Florida State. If he doesn't want to act right, show him the door. If you think that's dumb, I'm embarrassed for you.
Apparently not. You still could have moved on without a comment but yet you chose not to do so. By the way, the first comment was by an obsessed um fan posing as a State fan. Go figure.
It absolutely affects the team. Since Nick's been out Howland has been playing essentially a 7-man rotation instead of an 8-man. That mean's everyone is picking up more minutes and fatigue has to come in to play.
Fitz was never getting drafted in the NFL as a QB, Moorhead or not. He doesn't have the skill set the NFL wants at QB. I love him as an MSU player, but he is not an NFL caliber QB. If he wants to play in the NFL, it will be as a TE. Else, he might get a shot at QB in the CFL or the new league.
But among the best whiners. "Oh, the officials gave UT the game. Wah, wah, wah." Hell, if the officials had called the game accurately half the um team would have fouled out. UT did not play very well as a whole, but um played a very good game right up until crunch time and simply folded under the pressure.
Agreed. Davis was "talked to" pretty forcefully at least 3 times during the game. All 3 times he could have easily been called for a T.
Couldn't have gone either way. It was a clear charge. There is lots of ambiguity in block/charge calls these days, but there was nothing ambiguous about that call. Clearly had his feet set so it was clearly a charge.
..., they don't have to go the NCAA route. They could go overseas for a year and play for money straight out of high school now. Their choice. The NCAA regulates it to make sure ALL student athletes are treated the same. If the "elites" don't want to play by the NCAA rules, they are free to choose another route. Once they sign the scholarship agreement (signed of their own free will, mind you), then they have no logical right to complain about the terms. With that being said, their real argument should be with the NBA and not the NCAA.
If you are going to write about it, at least get the facts right. MSU was awarded one technical free throw. It was a two-shot foul, but the one technical shot was administered in the middle after the act of animal cruelty.
Highly unlikely it would have changed the game. You had an 82.2% free throw shooter on the line for 2 shots. He missed the first one, so highly likely he makes the second FT to go up by 1 with 0.5 seconds left on the clock and no Georgia time-outs left. They can't advance the ball, so on a made FT they would have to throw the ball the length of the court and get a tip-in. The technical FT just let him intentionally miss the 2nd foul shot to negate a touchdown pass attempt. Crean is just fighting for his team like any good coach would do in a similar situation.
Amen, brother. Anyone that says they believe in Karma might as well be wearing an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt with the finger pointed straight up at their head.
You can make all the psychological excuses you want, but eventually it comes down to "fool me once, shame on you … fool me twice, shame on me".
The play he was injured on was pathetic. Bama player leaned in and bumped his knee as he was leaping in for a lay-up. Not much contact, but enough to knock him off balance and cause an awkward landing. Then the official swallowed his whistle and didn't even call a foul. We hear about the emphasis on player safety and the push to call flagrant fouls for inadvertent elbows and such, but yet can't even get a common foul call on a dangerous play that ended up taking a kid out of the game. The home court officiating advantage is terrible in the SEC this year.
Hey NFL, here's a little secret. Simmons is going to be rich and have a long NFL career with or without the combine.
I think your spidey senses are off. I just sensed the disappointed amusement most adults feel when other supposed adults pull such lame-brained stunts. I hope they get fined enough to make it a true learning moment.
So you're good with a defensive player getting a malicious targeting penalty with 3 minutes left in the game and getting a 15-yarder plus 3 minutes of lost playing time? That 3 minutes of playing time might not even cause the player to miss a play that he would have normally been on the field for under normal circumstances. But if a player does the same thing 3 minutes into the game your're good with him being suspended for 57 minutes of game time? Seems pretty disparate as far as penalties for the exact same offense.
Don't apologize for taking a shot at the coach. He deserves everything he gets after his performance (or lack of) today! No excuse for losing that game. Clearly out-coached by Ferentz.
And why in the world did he punt on a 4th and 6" in the 4th quarter with 4 minutes to go and only 1 timeout left due to his incompetent clock management in the 3rd quarter? Luckily we got the ball back, but we all know the 2 minute drill has always been our strong suit (he says with a strong dose of sarcasm)!
Guidry's drop hurt, but this game was lost due to the play calling and clock management of Moorhead. I mean really, first and goal at the one and we get: 1) QB run for loss of 1; 2) QB run for loss of 1; 3) QB run for loss of 2; and finally, field goal. Three plays right into the strength of the Iowa defense. Several WR receiver drops plus quite a few off target throws by Nick, but even then with a little more creative play calling State wins this game. And no way Iowa played that game without committing a penalty. Moorhead better study hard this offseason because he let the team down in this game, just like he did in the Florida game.