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We'll trade you at Vandy for your Florida series! Seriously, you are 5-1 against State and ole miss and you should sweep LSU. Quit crying and enjoy the season your team is currently having. Life is tough in the SEC. Maybe we can have an SEC west convention in Omaha later this year!
I don't think Will Rogers is Leach's QB. He was the best we had last year, but I think he lacks the arm strength to be the kind of QB Leach really wants to have playing. He will definitely start the spring and probably next season as the #1, but I don't think he is Leach's long term answer.
Hill got dinged early and never really seemed to have his heart in making a return to the game.
I thought Hevesy should have been replaced the last three years Mullen was at State. My opinion is that he is a poor judge of OL player potential or a poor developer of that talent. Or possibly both. I felt like the MSU OL players never really got significantly better with him as the position coach.
A very average kicker. That's why Brandon Ruiz beat him out at State this year. When BR announced he was coming back, Jace knew he wouldn't see the field for State barring an injury. Good luck to the young man.
Come on aub, if you are going to comment on something like this at least get the facts straight. The kick Malik delivered was to the chest on the pads and contrary to many comments I have seen the guys helmet was not off at this time. It came off later after he got back to his feet and followed the fight down the sideline. And before you say I'm just a homer, I have already said I think he should be gone. Just get the facts right, as the facts in this case are bad enough without ignorant embellishment.
Heath has been nothing but a disappointment. Such a waste of talent to be wrapped up in a person that consistently makes bad decisions. Probably several others that need some discipline, but there is no excuse for Heath's actions and IMO he should be done at MSU.
I've been banging on the poor o-line play this season and questioning why there seemed to be no improvement from week to week. I have not seen the game (yet) but from what I've read and the sacks stat line I will give the coaches and the o-line credit for not only showing improvement but apparently playing a very credible game against a stout Georgia defense. I would just like to see them getting better week to week and sounds like this was a big step.
The point is not invalid. You should see improvement from week to week in something as fundamental as pass blocking. Are you trying to say that we have no o-linemen who can pass block? None? I don't accept that as a conclusion. Any competent o-line coach should be able to teach 5 SEC-quality o-linemen to block 3. Our guys can't even do that right now. I'm not saying that they should play like Bama's line, but they should be able to handle the Vandy d-linemen 5 on 3 and we can't reliably do that. That should improve as the season progresses. To believe that there should be no improvement as the season goes on is simply idiotic.
I think you miss my point. I'm certainly not advocating fpr Leach to be under pressure, but I would like to see some improvement from week to week on the glaring problems we have right now. Like o-linemen standing around looking lost while d-linemen run right past them unabated to the QB. Every line has busts every now and then, but our line has busts on almost every other play. While mostly blocking 5 on 3. And it's not getting any better. And for Leach to tell fans if you don't like it then take a hike is too much even for him. I'm not calling for his job, but we should expect to see some improvement on the fundamentals. And no, a close win over a terrible Vandy team is not necessarily an improvement. Outside of the first three possessions, the offense looked no better today against Vandy than they did two weeks ago against Bama. It's a W instead of an L, but right now I would rather have an L and show some improvement instead of looking terrible getting a W against the worst team (apparently just by a little bit) in the SEC.
I get it that it will take time, but what I would like to see is some progress from week to week. Our 5 offensive linemen still can't effectively block 3 rushers. That was expected 2 weeks ago against Bama when they were going against d-linemen who will be playing on Sundays, but they have to be able to block 5 on 3 against the average SEC d-linemen without letting immediate pressure get to the QB. In the second half, Vandy was able to pressure the QB on at least half of the plays with 3 rushers and if they brought more were almost assured of getting to the QB. This is not getting better from week to week. We hardly ever throw the ball more than 5 yards downfield as the QB will be buried if he tries to hold the ball longer. Once the D figures out they only have to defend only 10 yards and less then we can't get anyone open. The offense won't get any better without better play on the o-line. As far as the coach's comments about the fans, most MSU fans have been invested in MSU football far longer than he has and will be far longer than he will be, as once he leaves he won't give a rip about MSU. If he wants the fans to be more invested, he needs to find a way to start showing some progress from week to week. We won this week, but against a terrible Vandy team and when you take that into consideration, our performance was underwhelming. 17-0 MSU 20 1/2 minutes into the game and then the offense goes silent. The 3 and outs (we averaged less than 4 plays per drive after 17-0) wore out the defense and let Vandy get going. The offense has to start showing some improvement and I beleive it has to start on the o-line. If coach wants the fans committed, maybe he needs to make a commitment to making some improvements from week to week. No matter how minor, let's see some improvement. Like let's quit letting one of only three rushers get free runs at the QB routinely.
The offense will not make any strides forward without an improvement on the offensive line. Our line doesn't handle a 3 man rush very well and certainly can't make the adjustments to pick up blitzers. Tackles continually get beat on outside speed rushes (from average SEC d-linemen, not first round draft picks) and the guards are indecisive on who they need to be blocking. Way too many free rushers at the QB and absolutely no push for a run game. I don't know if this is on the coaches or the players, but it has to significantly improve for this team to stand a chance. Lots of other issues that need to improve, but if the play on the o-line doesn't improve none of the rest matter. Costello shouldn't take another snap this year unless he has to play due to injuries. We need to start looking to the future at QB and stop wasting time with the one and done too slow/too indecisive QB.
Hmmm... three ways to improve? 1. Spread it out and run the ball. If Costello isn't a threat to run, like it appears he isn't, then play another QB that can be a running threat. We had a guy last year that would have feasted on 8 man drop. Put him back in. 2. Teach the WR's to find the open spots in the zone. 3. Find a QB that doesn't throw it to the other guys.
Lot's of fault to go around. How can the o-line perform so badly against just a 3 man rush? 5 on 3 all night long and to keep getting beaten so badly, by average SEC d-linemen - not even the stars, is inexcusable. Costello is hesitant to run, slow when he does, and he simply makes bad decisions about throws when he is under pressure. I also wonder if he us hurt as it seems he has no zip on his passes whatsoever. Everything seems to float. Receivers aren't really fighting for balls. Mitchell had a TD taken away where the DB simply wanted it more. Time to give Rogers some more playing time to see what he can do. On his one drive, he moved the team only to have a TD pass taken away. Costello isn't the answer. Let's move on.
I know a lot of college educated people, many with advanced degrees, that are Trump supporters. I also know a lot of not so bright people that are Biden supporters. Your supposition is your opinion only and not really based on facts, unless you consider CNN to be a good source for facts.
Coach lost his job and got a long show cause for lying to the NCAA after the situation came out. Once caught, if he had just confessed he would have gotten a slap on the wrist and it would have been all OK. Instead, he denied and tried to cover up. That's what got him fired and the show cause.
Richt was the world's best at overlooking player infractions, as long as they could contribute on the field. I absolutely made mistakes and I paid the consequences. Just like this guy should be expected to do.
Expected response from a UGA fan. Richt was probably your favorite coach.
I don't consider DUI a minor traffic infraction. He made a mistake. Let him atone for his mistake. Let him back on the team when he has fulfilled his legal obligations and demonstrated that he is not likely to make such a mistake again. And yes, I am serious.
Just for the record, when Sessions was a senator running for reelection and ahead in the polls he would never agree to debate his opponent either.
This will simply make legal whats been going on for years, boosters paying the best players. Now it will simply be legal as the booster will have the player do a commercial or promotional appearance, but the effect will be the same. I guarantee the Ogeron and Saban and the others will have a recruiting pitch where they point out how many businesses they already have lined up wanting players to do promotional work. This will shift the competitive balance even farther in favor of the traditional football powers as boosters paying players is now fair game. Wouldn't surprise me if in a few years there is a new position within each coaching staff of an administrative assistant that coordinates business requests for promotional appearances. It's a sad day for the NCAA, which was already pretty pathetic.
Apologizing to “the Ole Miss family” sort of misses the point. Hey Matt, you still owe some apologies.
Metcalf did the same thing and he was a Freeze recruit. Oh how quickly we forget.
“I apologize to my teammates, coaches, and Rebel Nation” In other words, he is sorry for making the game-tying extra point more difficult which ultimately cost them the game. If he were truly sorry for his actions, there would be a few more categories of people mentioned. Like the MSU players coaches, and fans. He’s just sorry that he cost them a chance for OT.
JoMo better be worried about if Shoop can hold Bama to less than 80. After losing to LSU, they are going to be ill and we are the ones upon which they get to relieve their frustrations. I think Bama will score at will until Saban starts to pull his starters to prevent possible injuries.
Wow, for our offense to look this good the Arky defense must really be atrocious. I enjoyed watching it. I really hope we have turned a corner and it wasn't simply because the Hogs are bad.
"Mizzou football: Why do the Tigers continue to look completely unprepared away from home?" Please write the same type of article about Joe Moorhead and MSU. Joe, as well, has certainly turned out to be no road warrior. I suspect we could be Arkansas's first SEC win in a while in a few weeks.
Haven't seen MSU look this bad in a long time. Brings back Emory memories.
Shoop has got to go and probably Moorhead as well. You can make all of the excuses you want, but Shoop's defense makes every decent offense we face look like playoff contenders. And Moorhead needs to call plays at the start of the game like he does when we go 4 scores down. We have to open up the offense to have a chance to beat a decent team.