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Got a sneaking thought, you don’t know what you are talking about…. If Rogers comes back, which I think he will, he will be the starter Week 1 barring injury issues.
Bama’s D played really well, but there were several passes MSU receivers should have caught. Need to be more consistent if they want to be big game receivers. Looked intimidated to me. Maybe next year.
We can play with good teams but simply cannot hang with teams with elite athletes. Bama simply has better athletes across the board. I expect the same from Georgia. We need to get our heads right for Auburn and um will be a toss-up.
In today's college football world, Auburn would not be a lateral move due to the NIL situation. Coaches want to be where they can recruit and NIL is changing how they recruit. Auburn is not the tops in the SEC but it is a step above UM and MSU. The small schools are going to get squeezed, and like it or not we are both small schools in the NIL world. Lane may like it at UM, but he will go where he can recruit better when the chance comes.
I agree, the tackles are liabilities with speed rushers. In SEC play, they will get Rogers killed if Leach doesn't start helping them with a RB chip or some such. Along those lines, I really wanted to see Sawyer get some snaps actually running the offense instead of simply handing off. With our tackle play, I suspect we will need him at some point this year.
Yes, a variety of reasons. How about some more? 1. Sucky play calling. 2. Both tackles being unable to handle a speed rush one-on-one and Leach refusing to give them any help. 3. Poor tackling. 4. Stupid penalties. 5. Subpar performance from Rogers, but he was having to dodge a free-rushing DE on most pass plays. I'm sure there are more that I haven't thought of yet.
OK, go with that if you want but it's still BS just like the original comment. Sounds so Joe Biden-ish.
And you are full of BS. Just like every fanbase, the vast majority of MSU fans follow the rules and you have the small percentage who do what they want. Just like every LSU fan doesn't throw whiskey bottles and every UTenn fan doesn't throw mustard bottles.
It's amazing how quickly bad coaching hires can destroy a pretty good program.
You do realize that for a college coach the most important skill is recruiting, right? He gets the elite talent because he is a great recruiter. He's also a pretty good X's and O's guy. You can argue there are better X's and O's guys and maybe even better recruiters than Saban, but I don't think you can make the argument that there is a better head coach when you combine the X's and O's with their recruiting skills and their motivational skills. GOAT! At least for modern history.
Looks like the freight train has de-railed.
It's a bad call. Just another example of how poorly the refs have been this year.
Nope, that's on us. I just blame the refs for their failings!
Some do, some don't. It may leave you with some ringing in your ears the next day, but the level isn't in the permanent hearing loss range. At least that's what has been explained to me and has been my experience.
Auburn fans started a big campaign several years back and showed up in Starkville with a lot of cowbells. That was the game where State went up 21-0 before Auburn had even run half a dozen plays. Didn't hear the Auburn bells very much that day. It was kind of fun.
If they continue to ring, it's not a penalty the refs can call on the field. The SEC office will deal with it if they choose to do so with a fine.
That post was actually made before the dropped passes at the goal line, but feel free to read in anything you want. I just want the game called fairly according to the rules as written. The SEC crews have shown over and over again this year that they are not capable of doing so.
Great injury timeout. Dline gets to the line of scrimmage, looks to the bench for a call, and oh my leg hurts and I can't stand up any longer. We need a Kiffin rule on these obviously fake injuries.
Let's see if I can get out of moderation SEC refs being their usual sorry selves. The um TD drive featured obvious holds on at least half of the positive plays. The WR’s are holding on every screen pass without getting called. Time for full time SEC refs.
Yep, like that BS defensive holding call Arky got against State this year that converted a failed 4th down play for you? Let you go on to score the game winning TD instead of State taking three knees for the win. The refs have been pretty bad this year, but they have been pretty bad for all of us.
The Moultry call was textbook targeting. If you leap like superman and hit the opposing player in his facemask with your helmet they don't have any other choice.
Bad calls, but for both sides. Quit whining and making excuses for when you lose to Bama.
Already making excuses for when GA once again chokes in the big game.
Bad calls were about even, but keep living the dream.
Nope. I’m over it but you are obviously still obsessed!
The SEC officials have been exceedingly bad this year, but they have been pretty much bad for everyone. Certainly not biased against Arky. Let Burks get away with a huge push off on a TD.
All you guys whining about Bama getting calls from the refs, watch the 3rd quarter Burks TD. That guy pushes off without getting flagged more than any receiver in the SEC.
I agree that the officiating was bad all night. But you have to admit the phantom hold had a huge impact on the outcome of the game.
You can't go over the top of the other player. The rule book says nothing about it having to be intentional to be PI. Textbook PI.