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Don't apologize for taking a shot at the coach. He deserves everything he gets after his performance (or lack of) today! No excuse for losing that game. Clearly out-coached by Ferentz.
And why in the world did he punt on a 4th and 6" in the 4th quarter with 4 minutes to go and only 1 timeout left due to his incompetent clock management in the 3rd quarter? Luckily we got the ball back, but we all know the 2 minute drill has always been our strong suit (he says with a strong dose of sarcasm)!
Guidry's drop hurt, but this game was lost due to the play calling and clock management of Moorhead. I mean really, first and goal at the one and we get: 1) QB run for loss of 1; 2) QB run for loss of 1; 3) QB run for loss of 2; and finally, field goal. Three plays right into the strength of the Iowa defense. Several WR receiver drops plus quite a few off target throws by Nick, but even then with a little more creative play calling State wins this game. And no way Iowa played that game without committing a penalty. Moorhead better study hard this offseason because he let the team down in this game, just like he did in the Florida game.
Looks like Luke is hiring his replacement for when he gets fired after next season.
Just for the record, #hailstate is an ole miss troll just looking to stir up any hate and discontent that he can. Apparently their cup is overflowing and he wants to share it with everyone.
You have to wonder what’s going on when your position coaches are getting poached by Liberty. I understand the staffers taking a position coach job, but an SEC position coach taking a position coach job at Liberty? What are they, starting their second year of football?
Co-teaching a character class? It makes perfect sense. They must be planning on using a good cop/bad cop approach and Urban is perfect for the bad cop role. You know, examples of all the things you shouldn't do relating to character.
That woman had also just assaulted his sister. He stepped in to protect his family and made a bad decision in the heat of the moment. The courts are full of cases just like this every day. Not sure about the law in Mississippi, but in Alabama he could have legally shot the woman in defense of his sister. Instead, she got an whuppin' she won't forget and will probably think twice before assaulting anyone else. And before you go accusing me of excusing his behavior, I am not. He made a mistake, admitted it, faced the court system, and complied with all of the requirements placed upon him by the court as I would expect of anyone in his position. Just putting the situation into context so you folks that only read headlines may gain some understanding. If anyone ever deserved a second chance, Simmons has shown by his example every since that he was truly deserving.
Actually, he did face consequences. First, he faced the legal system and completed and complied with every requirement placed upon him by the courts. Secondly, The university placed some requirements that had to be met before he could enroll in school. Thirdly, he was suspended for the first game of his career. You can argue that the consequences were not sufficient, but to say there were no consequences is either ignorance or a flat out lie. You take your pick.
smsatUGA, why doesn't Kirby Smart call UCF up and offer them a home and home? Not going to happen because UCF does not deserve and will not get a home and home with top teams from the SEC. Georgia won't do it, so why should Florida?
Yep, even with Benito Jones returning they will still have issues on the d-line as well.
UM played a 4-2-5 the last 2 years primarily because they didn't have any LB talent. They'll have to recruit a lot more LB talent to even think about transitioning to a 3-4.
Guts? It's your AD that doesn't have any guts. He's been offered a 2 for 1 deal by Florida and that's the best he will get from an SEC school. If you want a home and home, go talk to the ACC or the PAC 12. Take the 2 for 1 or shut up. He doesn't want it because he knows a 2 for 1 is 3 losses for UCF if played during the regular season where the games actually mean something.
Actually, Stricklin is just doing his job. UCF ad is the crazy one. He says they will play any Power 5 team, then take a 2 for 1 and earn better. You earn respect. UCF hasn’t earned any respect yet.
Bama will pretty much have their pick of who they want as OC. Freeze would go in a heart-beat if offered the Bama OC job, but I don't think Saban wants the baggage he brings.
Classy, but coming from an LSU fan I guess we really couldn't expect anything else.
Agreed on too many bowls. Why on the extra practices for all? Just curious about your reasoning.
And Georgia could not (and did not) win the game when the offense didn't come back out of the locker room after the half. Oh yeah, and your coach is an idiot for calling that fake. Those two things are the main reasons why you lost.
Those missed holding penalties on Bama are why the Georgia offense disappeared in the 2nd half? Right! #79 on Georgia was holding on every run play around the right side, so the missed calls evened out.
Dude, #79 in red was holding all night long so you better be glad the refs were lax on offensive holding.
Sankey should be more worried about improving the level of officiating in the SEC. The officiating was horrible all year long. If he wants to call out the Egg Bowl, why doesn't he explain why the officials in the game even after a video review of the fight still managed to throw two players out of the game that were not even involved in the fight? They took 10 minutes to review it and still managed to toss two wrong players.
Any clemson fan doing this to make the SC athletic department look bad should really look in the mirror. Anyone using this as an excuse is simply a a-hole.
Wow, you've already forgotten the games that Dan cost us with bone-headed play calling and clock management. Dan did a lot of good things for MSU, but he had reached a plateau and it was time for him to move on. The jury is still out on Moorhead. His legacy will be based on his ability to recruit, not what he did in the first season.
Actually, State's athletic programs routinely score higher than um's on almost every academic measurable tracked by the NCAA. As far as the fight, it was over until Corral ran in to get involved. And promptly figure out he screwed up and start looking for an escape. And it's funny any fanbase that celebrated the Nkemdiche brothers would have anything to say about any other player.
Your alias tells us all we need to know about the relevance of your opinion. When your hero came in the game for Tua this year because the game was out of reach I guess it was also classless for Nick to let him throw the ball, right?
The crowd was thin all night. That's why they were offering buy one-get one free tickets. The um ticket office knew the crowd was going to be thin.
I saw it happen during the game after an MSU touchdown, so not a stretch to think it could have been happening pre-game. Of course, after the 3rd or so touchdown the um students may have been aiming the drinks at the um defensive players.