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Why did that "best of my ability" not have a screen pass or wheel route for Kylin Hill on Saturday? We heard so much before the season started that Moorhead wanted to use Hill like he did Barkley at PSU which included a fair amount of receiving. If the the o-line can't open holes against a 7-man front, why not get Hill the ball in the flat? He is the best offensive player we have and Moorhead only tried one way to get him the ball and it didn't work. Try something different for once.
Good win for you guys. Don't get too excited about the defense, though. Our offensive minded coach can't plan or call a game. Made Auburn look like world champions and now this. I don't see another win for us except Abilene Christian and that really hurts me to say so.
Sure am glad we hired an offensive mind for a head coach. Otherwise, we might have only managed to score 3 or maybe 7 against the worst defense in the SEC. Oh wait, second worse since we obviously occupy the last spot for defenses. Shoop should be fired today. Not even let back on the bus to the airport. And very possibly Moorhead should be left on the side of the road as well. Never have I seen a team so inadequately prepared as I have with MSU the last two games. Absolutely pitiful.
The only thing left on the schedule that should be a lock is ACU. Moorhead has shown to get the team to perform so well (cough cough) in road games that you have to consider UT and TA&M as at best 50/50's while we should, heavy on the should, win at Arky. If the defense doesn't figure something out, we likely won't win any of these. Ole Miss in Starkville, it's always a 50/50 game. 8 wins could happen, but I'm not betting on it at this time. And there is no way we hold LSU to 27 points unless Joe Burrouw goes out early. Just don't see it happening.
I don't want apologies. I want to see improvement on the field week to week. The defense has been terrible so far and it doesn't appear to be getting better. Auburn has a great defense, but their offense is average and we made them look like national championship contenders. Fix the defense, don't talk about it. At least teach the guys to wrap up when they get to a ball carrier.
I didn't expect to be able to run effectively against Auburn's d-line so I expected the offense to struggle. I didn't expect the defense to use the hot butter technique but then again we have seen it several times this year. I'm beginning to believe Shoop's tenure at Utenn is the rule and last year was the exception.
Some of the guys played very well. Others, not so much. And I attribute a lot of the not so much to coaching. Take the poor tackling. That's been the case from the first game this year and it hasn't improved. That's on the coaches if they don't take the players that are not wrapping up and teach them proper technique. You almost never see the first MSU defender to a ball carrier make the tackle and it's because they don't wrap up. When that's going on this far into the season, it's on the coaches. The team was completely unprepared to start the game. Unfortunately, that seems to be a calling car for Coach JoMo and road games. He needs to figure out how to adjust his road pre-game plan so the players don't sleep walk through the first quarter. Lack of discipline is obvious with all of the BS penalties, including an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the head coach that cost us a first down to keep a drive alive when we desperately needed it. Yes, the players made some mistakes that are not on the coaches but the coaching staff has generally been underwhelming as well. When I can sit on my couch and tell you from the formation what play is coming the offensive genius JoMo is not doing a very good job and Shoop's defense can't stop the run or cover anyone. Bama will hang 80+ points on us unless they just get tired of running up and down the field. Yesterday was a complete bust from the top to the bottom for MSU football.
And yes, most everyone said exactly the same thing you are saying now before the game last year. How'd that work out for ya last year? Not saying this year will be a repeat, just pointing out that no one really knows at this point in time. ESPECIALLY SOMEONE WHO FEELS THE NEED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS!
Nope, his job is to run the um athletic department not whine about the referees. I've already stated elsewhere that the play in question as a stand-alone should have been reviewed, but it really never should have happened if the refs had properly called the offensive pass interference 2 or 3 plays prior. So for him to play the "we got screwed by the refs" card is ridiculous and beneath his position. But then again, he is an interim AD so maybe it's not beneath his position. Certainly not his fault that he inherited a mess.
Suspended for 3 games then tossed after a half for 2 unsportsmanlike penalties. How selfish can a guy be to leave his team hanging like that instead of being on the field. JoMo should run him until his tongue hangs down to his toes.
Is he also going to complain about the offensive pass interference call against Ole Miss the refs blew to set them up in the red zone?
The officials can review any play that want, time outs or not. Speaking of no knowledge, thanks for reminding all of us once again how little you can claim.
The pass play should have been reviewed, but in reality it never should have happened if the obvious offensive pass interference had been called 2 or 3 plays before. The refs may have screwed up, but They screwed it up for both teams.
And shame on Lee Autry and Willie Gay for being selfish and abandoning the team when they are apparently needed on the field.
Hats off the KSU. Their guys came in and played their butts off and deserved to win. Our guys, well not so much. The defense was simply bad and the offense was pretty much ineffective the entire 4th quarter. If the D doesn't improve, Bama will hang 80 points on us.
Which is exactly why I said it would be a struggle. And KT wouldn't have changed the outcome unless he also played defense.
Looks like a good future ahead for Shrader but he has to learn to use his head. With time running out, he has to be a QB and not a RB. Two bone-headed plays in the last 3 minutes. Not faulting him for the loss tonight, just the poor decisions late in the game. Plenty of others to point to when spreading the blame around, from the coaches to the entire defense and the o-line and Stephen Guidry. What a frustrating game to watch. Looks like it will be a struggle to be bowl eligible this year.
This team played like they have in the 2 previous games, but today they played a team with equivalent talent. Here is a list of the problems I see. 1. The defense doesn't tackle well. Very rarely does the first guy there make the tackle and often neither does the second and third. 2. Defense has problems staying in lanes against the run. 3. Defense busts too many coverages allowing receivers to run free way too often. 4. Kick coverage has been (and was tonight) absolutely abysmal. 5. Offensive line does not open holes for the run game. 6. Stephen Guidry can't catch a cold. 7. No coaching adjustments made or at least no effective adjustments. Probably many more that I haven't thought of yet. Feel free to add to the list.
I'm pretty sure he was referring to JDunn's comment telling him to shove it, not his opinion of the refs or the game. Now you can stop wondering.
The offense has played well so far, but against defenses that will in all likelihood prove to be not very good come season's end. Our offense looked very good for the first three games last year and look how it turned out. I'll feel better about the offense when they play well against a Kentucky or an Auburn. The defense has done well from a scoring perspective, but again against teams that are probably not very strong. There have been too many missed tackles and too many yards given up that will come back and haunt us against the better teams on the schedule. We need better play from the D-line and linebackers (and Willie Gay back on the field). We don't have a handle on this team yet and probably won't for another two to three weeks.
Not sure about the B for the defense. Too many missed tackles that needs to get fixed. Both games so far there were far too many missed tackles. This will haunt us as the competition gets better if not corrected quickly. Pleased with the win but the D needs to get better quickly.
"absurdly high mark set by Mullen"? Which one was that? Mullen was a respectable coach and I think he did a good job for MSU, but I would not classify anything he accomplished as setting an absurdly high mark. Even in his best season where he went 10-3, he managed to lose games to UM and GT that he should have won. I liked Mullen when he was at State, but I didn't cry when he left so I do question what absurdly high mark was it that he set?
Glad to see Vandy come back and win after the classless display by the UL pitcher.
Don't know. Lots of thugs have passed through utenn. How did the NFL handle them with their contracts?
And in related news, the NCAA is now looking for office space in College Station. The TA&M nation should be pissed.
Why does any 17/18 year-old kid do anything? If you figure it out, let us know!
You should have your eyes checked because you obviously didn't see the play correctly. The crown of his helmet hit Fitz in the facemask. As I said before, lobby for a rule change if you don't like the rule as written but quit with the whining about a call the referees actually got right according to the rule as written. Yes he hit him in the chest with his hands, right before his helmet made contact with the facemask. By rule, that is targeting.
You just suggested they insert a subjective determination into the process. Hmmmm, did he intend to target or did he not intend to target? How does a referee determine if a player intentionally went for a knock-out shot or it happened by accident? How?
I can't believe this guy is still whining about that call. He hit the QB in the facemask with the top of his helmet. That is textbook targeting as the rule is written. Yes, it didn't take long to review because the hit obviously checked all the boxes for the criteria in the targeting rule as written. Lobby for a change if you want, but quit crying about a call that the refs actually got right.