"There ain't but one color that matters here, and that color is maroon." --Sly Croom, 2004.

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Miss State was 7th in the nation (1st in SEC) in time of possession with 33:52 per game. Not saying they will be successful, but I don't think ToP was a problem.
Gee, he sounds like such a good guy. Wonder why they fired him?
That's what's so great about sports: It doesn't matter, your opinion, pedigree or history. The results are always posted on the scoreboard after the game. Let there be Maroon.
I get why MSU was not given much hope for 2015 (least returning starters, history, etc). What I don't get is why AU was given so much love: "Auburn’s offense returns just one skill player (WR Duke Williams) who started in 2014." Seems like a case of SDS and the rest of the SEC media operating with a herd mentality. After all, it's easy to discount criticism when all your "friends" believe like you do.
Great! Love it. You da man (presumably).