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As long as Gator fans don't abbreviate University of Florida at Gainesville, 10-E-C will be tolerable.
Richt's departure is nothing about instant gratification. Richt had 15 years to win a National Championship. Richt had ten years to win another SEC Championship. Richt had three straight years to win the East with expectations from everyone to do so.
One 9-3 season will not do Saban in. Three consecutive seasons of falling well below expectations will.
You forgot to show the stats his last ten years. And those are the ones that led to his departure.
I'm going to say this after watching the game: the SEC sucks this year. The West is not the best and the East is absolutely is horrible. I forsee the SEC getting blanked in the bowl wins. Bama is better than Auburn, but not by much. Yes, it was rivalry game and you throw the stats out the window. But Bama should of knocked the bejesus out of the War Eagles. They played like the Richt Boys with no heart. They are lucky to win. Looks like Iowa will win a National Championship.
Don't the student body get a say in the hiring process at Mizzou now? Get ready for more protests.
Should of been a Bulldawg in college. He and Saint Richt would gotten along very well.
I hope Pruitt stays. The ballot is still out on CMR.
They need to restart their rivalry with Mizzou. Go Dawgs!
UGA X can do a better coaching job than Schotty. Que for OC!
LSU fans kind of know how we UGA fans feel. At least Miles has a National Championship.
See, Hollis, the fans know more than you. Read above ^^.
What we really confirmed? The East is very bad. It's imploding.
Pretty sad UGA is on CBS. Isn't all three of the losses have been on the CBS telecasts this year?
Let me explain the frustration of us Dawg fans a little bit more. Yes, we are jealous of our certain rivals winning championships with lesser quality players. Yes, we are in disarray over what to do. Yes, we love Richt as a good person. Yes, we are grateful for the moments. But it is a Ford vs. Chevy deal all over. Richt is a Mark Martin all the way. Great guy, just couldn't get over the hump to win a championship. Personality is very dull.Us fans wants a Earnhardt, Jr. Someone thats has great potential and makes every race exciting. Does not win as much but races hard. If Richt was more vocal, showed more emotion, not be monotone, have passion, willing to gamble with desire, his losses would not be of to much of concern. Getting blown out week in and week out with the kumbaya my lord let's hold hands I love you attitude, doesn't cut it. So we must decide the Martin or the Earnhardt mentality. BlackOut, RedOut, RichtOut.
And I am still calling for a RichtOut until A- Richt leaves; or B- Richts finally proves that he can win because his team has heart.
So since his job is on the line now, he wants to show fire. Should have showed it in your three losses instead of ho hum I will always love you no matter what. If anyone is wondering why we Dawgs fans are steaming mad, it's not the losses or how we loss, it's the no desire to fight back. Tennessee show UGA the fire to stay in the game after getting punched in the face early. That's is all we ask for, do your best and fight. We want a Rudy, Rudy, Rudy thing going on. Our legends are not just legends because of their athletic abilities, but the highlight moments of fighting through the battle with heart. Not only with the players but the coaching staff as well. The Dawgs' defense actually played with heart throughout the game. Kept us in it before finally tiring out. They have been on the field way too much the last four games. The offense has no heart. Three and out. Penalty here, penalty there. No I am going to push with all my might type of energy. Had the offense show some drive throughout the game, we would not have this discussion today. Hey, we know that Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee are good teams. A loss is a loss but it still can be heroic. Even Mizzou, who are having worse problems, had staying power because those Pinkel kids play with heart. Look at their evaluations, not a lot of 4 or 5 stars, but they can play. We even struggled against Vandy. Really? Sorry, Commodores, y'all suck. But they played their best with heart and gave UGA fits. South Carolina was only won because I truly believe that the players on their side was worse that day and did not play with heart as with years pass. All we ask you to do Richt, is to show emotion, teach your players to play emotional as if the world is about to be destroyed but you are going to be the hero, even to die trying. 5-3 is not a bad record, but the playing should reflect a 2-6 record. And if those boys had shown the desire to fight, who knows, the Dawgs may be 8-0 or 7-1. Just fight. But we will see, and I believe that Kentucky is going to have more fight than the Dawgs. Go Dawgs!
No Schitt, Sherlock! Finally admits that coaching may have been the problem.
As for be careful for what you wish for and hiring an unproven coordinator i.e. Smart I love Richt forever crowd, let me remind you that Richt was an unproven coordinator before becoming coach at UGA. So you're agreeing that we hired the wrong person back then.
All these people say be careful what we wish, you don't have a clue. All we want is a coach that has passion, will fight every minute even when you are getting blown out. A loss is sad, but no will to fight is disheartening, and that had been Richt the last ten years. 2012 was the only time they played with passion. Miles doesn't win every year. Saban is not perfect. But what we Dawg fans admire most about them is that they don't settle for less. Spurrier was like that unit this season when he retired, but to his credit, he felt leaving would allow the Gamecocks to start rebuilding quickly. He knew his time was up. Richt, I just don't understand him. He has the capability, but he does not show the passion like he did the first five years. If he coached like he did then, there would be no discussion about him and the losses. It is his empty passion that is pissing us passionate fans off.
I rather deal with losing with an unknown coach who hasn't proved to win but has fire and desire than a coach that's been here 15 years and has proved he can't win the big games and has shown no passion the last three years.
I would say yes but if that was the case, we would have lost against South Carolina.
Calling for a boycott of the program for a change in leadership. Call it a RichtOut. Spread the word.
Calling for a boycott of the program until a change is made. Call it a RichtOut.
Fans need to boycott the program for a change in leadership. Call it a RichtOut. Spread the word.
Amen. It's not the win- lose record, it's the lack of competitiveness. There's no fire in these kids on offense to stay in the game.