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TDOW, has set the dumba$$ standard light years ahead of any other dumba$$. High achievers are what the puppies produce. Yessir, tdow’s incredible emotional and intellectual talents are only something us poor Gators can aspire to even remotely simulate. Man, I hope I get that intelligence and emotional present under the tree this year. Then maybe, just maybe, I can start “Livin the Dream”, like tdow.
Yep, I’m back. Good one about the anesthesia. C’mon humper you’re just jealous you don’t get to have anesthesia for your puppies games. I’m sure it would make it easier. Awesome win for the pups over MSU. I know, I know, Daniels for Heisman! Cheers humper
Pitts is back! Just what Trask needed to go after the Heisman.
Trask has played well ever game as Jones has as well. The SEC championship game will place them both in a spotlight. No excuses whoever shines the best is the real heisman winner. Head to head will be a great matchup
Pruitt has seemed to just throw his hands up in the air and wants a restart to the year. That’s not happening. It’s a proven fact without a Solid QB you just can’t win with an all SEC schedule. Pruitt better change quarterbacks this week or the fire will get out of control.
Love watching the Vols burn it to the ground. Unbelievable, that Pruitt fires a def line coach at halftime, then takes over to lead the D line even further downward. Pruitt seems lost and grasping at blaming everyone but himself.
My Gators have a solid team. Keyontae will take us further than we’ve been in awhile. Scottie will be solid and provide good floor management.
It basically shows the inner anger at all things media. I personally do not know anyone happy with the media on any level.
Mizzou is always complaining about something. The only fan base that has a gripe is Arky. Ref’s messed them over numerous times with horrendous calls. They were handed the toughest schedule and still met the challenge with no complaints. This is why I for one respect Arky, but Mizzou no not so much.
Matt, the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but.....” Grantham will move on at the end of the season to the NFL. I’m hoping we promote from within to keep the recruiting in place.
What a ridiculous take. Northwestern has a better shot than the Gators? Bull donkeys
The opposition knows we’re slow at changing personnel. That’s what I’m seeing. Being out of position at the snap has costed us greatly. Grantham needs to go with the best he has and let their athleticism take over on instinct. All these substitutions are just slowing us down and exposing passing lanes repeatedly. At least we could have someone in a passing lane instead of everyone catching up.
Keep Stiner in on running plays. Put the young guys in at safety. We’re getting beat on deep throws over the top. That can be done now. If it works we’re better, great and if not, so what?
Somebody’s getting chewed out. Can’t question you’re coach publicly. Not good.
Don’t think Mullen would bring in Muschimp. He has a culture that follows him everywhere he coaches.
If we can plug the gaps with our safeties we can do this. I say let the young kids go. They’re hungry and will make mistakes but the aggressiveness they play with will force turnovers. That is what we are lacking. If we can force 2 turnovers a game that is a winning situation at least 90% of the time. Especially with our offense
He’s one of the best players on the jags.
Coach O just won a natty. Now we’ve got Covid. Having O on a hot seat isn’t smart. Pruitt should be let go. He has more resources than just about anybody. He’s only had a small success here and there. Freeze can get UT straight and USCjr as well. Carolina better get an offensive head coach like a Freeze.
I’m seeing our defense flying to the ball in the 2nd half. That holds good for us because we can definitely come from a deficit. ( Bama in conf championship)
I really want to see more of Richardson. He’s a Dak Prescott type.
Trask will get 6 TD’s. Pearce and Wright will get a rushing TD. 56-17 UF
I couldn’t care less who watches or doesn’t. Go Gators!