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Mike White should resign immediately. I watched the recording this morning and what an embarrassment. I’d rather have CDM coaching the squad over White.
Phil, except Vandy and Tenn there isn’t a school that wouldn’t love to have Sully. Are you really thinking that Sully isn’t a good coach??
Whip, maybe he could of said, I’m bringing my staff so we can start as soon as possible. Not trying to get negative but he’s definitely rewarding coaches that was at LL. Maybe he has his own personal Saban system that he feels is what’s needed. But, similarities to Mullen is not good right now.
This is a devastating loss. I thought White had finally turned the corner. But the misery continues. Bring on Gators baseball because it’s the only decent coached team we have.
Oh, I don’t know maybe we might need to be recruiting S FLA or something along those lines?
Okay realist, Mac left a culture dumpster fire. Mullen had that moving in the right direction in year one. I think Napier will be just fine.
Nature, wth are you talking about? What’s Trump got to do with UF and their new coach? Do you already have a problem with Napier?
Napier invoked Joshua scripture in the presser. A big change from the previous coaches. He’s definitely a southerner.
I like what he’s saying. He should get to the recruiting trail tomorrow
I think Kelly concocted that answer. Nothing says that answer was genuine. How do you not know what LSU is about?
Good plan so far. What’s the entire plan? Go Gators!
Mons brings back a memory I’d like to forget.
Nash, that’s spot on. I do think the facilities will give Napier a boost in recruiting that the previous coaches didn’t have. Napier arrives today and I’m hoping for direct statements aimed at organization a focus for him and his staff. Go Gators!
Stubbornness and arrogance walk hand in hand. Y’all can beat Michigan and I think With JT can give Bama a much better game in the final. Mullen was stubborn beyond belief. Kirby is not as bad but maybe he learned from Mullen on this one. Hope so for UGA’s sake.
The pups can still win the Natty. That’s where the focus should be. Smart better learn quick that you have to have a qb that can make all the throws. JT is the best option. Give the mailman credit because he played with heart. Kirby seems stuck in the quarterback decisions. The pups can beat the Wolverines with Bennett but JT needs to play a majority of snaps no matter what. JT is the only chance to beat Bama after eliminating Harbough and his pretenders.
I was really hoping for the Gasparilla. Tampa is much better than Boca.