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Miller, Houston and Burney have the talent and enough experience to shore up the middle. The problem is behind them in Stiner and Dean. Hopefully they’ve been coached up on their assignments and responsibilities in packages. We’re fine otherwise. Go Gators!
It gets comical with him. He seems to have spurts of cognitive ability and then overwhelming lapses of judgement and forethought.
Did you get your official 40 year anniversary commemoration t-shirt yet?
This is crazy. The team doctor for UF and it’s Dr Kevin Farmer. He’s also my doctor. When a player is hurt he’s placed into Farmer’s and UFHEALTH care. Bleich had the best care a person could ask for. The players have rehab just like I do at the sports Ortho on Hull road. His father is nuts. Period.
Kirb, while inexperienced our middle has athletic talent in Miller and Houston. Burney is a great anticipator with speed and size and nose for the ball. Our hope is that our safety play progresses. Davis is solid but Stiner and Dean are talented but mental lapses seem to appear out of nowhere. If our coaches can solve the lapses we should be a top 10 defense again this year.
Humper, you are correct sir! The egg bowl can’t compete with the rose bowl trophy.
Dude you need to get some help. Obsession over a person that doesn’t even know you exist on this planet isn’t healthy.
By god that would make 2020 a successful year if that happens.
Ucf has a mouth for sure. Coach Huepel encouraged his team last year to talk trash in the media. He uses it to recruit and it’s in the same vain as um. Let that ucf keep talking it always catches up to you.
It will be by committee on the rb’s. Lingard isn’t our best Pearce and Davis is. Anyway, just a few more days and the guessing is over.
I agree with you to a point. However, uga’s performance against Bama and LSU says something entirely different. IMO uga has to change their offensive philosophy. Spurrier changed everything 35 years ago. The speed over strength win many games in the last 30 years. Saban combined the two philosophies as well as Clemson and is the new standard.
There is an opportunity for Mason at Vanderbilt to have a reboot season. Covid will have an effect of uncertainty across the league. Mason is a good scheme coach and can pull some upsets as well as Arkansas. Pittman is very good at scheming and with Franks can surprise a lot of folks. If both Vandy and Arky get a couple of upsets it wouldn’t surprise me. The Arky uga game could be close at halftime.
Leeland are you still pushing that nonsense? You already were called out on that once.
You’re counting on Muschimp? That’s a great take. If SC had an amazing season it would be good for the East. Past history dictates once Muschimp starts the downward trend his teams don’t recover. Plus, teams and rivalries never change. Can’t possibly happen but nice try. You may ask why? Cause Corch said so and that’s empirical truth.
These guys really like the Gators chances and so do I. Go Gators!
To say they’re protecting OSU is an understatement. They’ll have their 2 and 3’s in by 2nd quarter. This will decrease injuries for sure. But, the SEC will be seasoned and use to the speed of the game by playoff time.
Trask has the playbook down pat. Now that he has had opportunities to work with the ones more consistently in practice (although limited) we should see his production increase.
Our game will be a tough contest. How the new coaches and lack of continuity because of Covid will determine the success. LSU always has good players as does UF. No matter what it will be a good game.
Crickets are when a Muschimp’s offense is on the field. Run left, run right, throw screen and then punt. Repeat
Can Jarrett be consistent, how he performs will have a huge effect on offensive production. From the outside it looks as if when he makes a mistake the rest of the offense is expecting more of the same.
He’s having hip surgery. It’s really not that bad. Just a lot of PT. Don’t think he was going to see the field anyway.
If a player transfers he should play if both coaches sign off. Cade Mays should sit a year. Given the fact his father has sued the puppies and created drama over a 10 dollar malfunctioning chair should be evidence of ridiculousness. More drama on the horizon. Not the kids fault but man how stupid.
Why doesn’t Callaway just say he’s a Rasta and claim religious need. Crap that’s all he’s got left. Stupidity is also an addiction.