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All that you say is possible leghumper. I’m very interested in how your offensive coordinator calls the Kentucky game. I think the 2 weeks S.C. had was a major factor in why they beat the pups.
So you’re thinking the gamecocks D line is superior to LSU? Could be. But the problem is Muschimp. He will lose his way again and Mullen will capitalize. If you don’t get to Trask your in for a tough Saturday
We couldn’t set the edge. Without that we had no other choice than zone/man coverage. The middle was open and Dean couldn’t cover. That’s why Marco was moved to cover for Dean
Every top 5 team has a bad game. Uga will be fine. But the threat of being out coached is real.
Defensive coaches are at their best when they can evolve several themes around a certain philosophy. Grantham is a believer in control blitzing and closing lanes. He’s doing a heck of a job without Zuniga and Greenard both potential all sec caliber ends.
On this forum you can second guess Mullen,Saban,Smart,Orgeron etc,etc... But at the end of the day they see in practices and scrimmages situations we do not. The issue is Mullen didn’t see Trask’s ability? Why do you think he was 2nd team? Sometimes a player such as Trask (which I really respect for not transferring) steps up to meet the challenge. I think this is the situation. Trask has stepped up and performed well when his team needs him. He’s a gamer and better teammate
He’s an inbred. Pay him no mind. Doesn’t no any better
Coach O was also great in “The Blind Side” Great actor too
WTH do you know? Figure out why you’re coach lost to Wyoming.
Muschimp will lose this game for you. Count on it.
You really think our defense is overrated? What planet are you on?
We really needed uga to be undefeated when we play them. But it is what it is
You do know that Muschimp will lose more games right? His pattern is when there’s pressure he always plays not to lose.
Defense didn’t lose the game. Our team lost. Granted Zuniga and Greenard were a huge loss our 2nd guys did the best they could. It was a great game and give it to LSU they outlasted is on both sides of the ball.
There’s a difference between poking fun at a mascot. Franks is a good Athlete with a great future whether football or baseball ( drafted by Red Sox). How can you justify that comment is beyond me. Shame on you.
If Trask goes down Emory will have real game experience that will pay dividends later in the season
Mullen can get us to Atlanta. My ears are ringing and can barely talk. But it was a great look at how hard our boys will play. Burrow is a great quarterback props to him. We found out we can’t set the edge without Greenard and Zuniga. But I’m happy with our teams grit and especially Trask. Good luck to LSU hope we meet again in Atlanta. LSU can beat Bama.
I’ve been saying for awhile that Smart is a great recruiter and a middle of the road coach. Game decisions he’s just not great. How he managed the timeouts is an example. It’s not a good take when he literally has someone pulling his belt to keep him off the field and get penalties.
How many years has this kicker been there? Seems like 10 years to me
I’m thinking 10-2 is about right. Pretty sure we give SC a hard fought game and come out w a win. Mizzou once again takes one from us. We beat uga. Go to the sec championship lose to Bama
I’d do the same. Trask stood his ground and never transferred. Injuries? He stayed. Franks starter, he stayed. Burrow? Ran from competition Trask over burrow? YOU BET
Kanell always picks against UF. But, Doering picks against Free shoes univ also. I think tonight will change their minds
Any coach that literally kisses a players #%^ is a joke. Fisher had to control that moron Winston. Instead Winston controlled Fisher. Tamu got what they deserve
It’s going to be a good one. Hope no injuries and refs don’t decide game. Good luck LSU