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That’s the key right there. Self reporting lessens the fines and punishment. Jimbo is as deceitful as it gets.
I sure do hope that he’s matured this might be his last shot at the D-1 level.
Nash, “ding...fries are up!” Has had me laughing for days. Arrow sense of humor mirrors you’re patience. Lol
I would think the defensive back level of play in the SEC will be a bit tougher than Leach or any of these coaches have experienced. 1) if air raid works all the best db’s will sign with SEC schools to prove their talent 2) DBU university will take a strong foothold (UF &LSU) 3) Rb’s will become scatter backs that can catch the ball out of the backfield. Here’s where it gets intriguing the NFL drafts an overall well graded offensive and defensive line athlete. Maybe I’m wrong but air raid offensive lineman only need to hold a block shorter and is more of a directional technique to open up the passing lane for the an to throw through. SEC lineman are much bigger and the D-coordinators are pretty good at closing those lanes with behemoth fast linebackers. In my opinion Leach is doomed. Maybe success through first 2-3 games but after tape he’s doomed.
Hold on guys, nothing was more telling on Jimbo than after the famous jamieus settle down debacle on camera after a game. Did anyone really think he ran a stellar program? All teams have issues with players. But Free Shoes Univ has been a go there if you wanna get lax discipline. Been that way since Saint Bobby
Arrow, tdow has millions he doesn’t have to think anymore. He says it, therefore it’s real.
Pretty sure our coach understands how to use pressure to his advantage. He came into the SEC as a northern football coach with Meyer from Utah’s system and began an offensive juggernaut down the throats of blue blood programs established. Then went to frigging Starkville Mississippi and turned a Sylvester Croom program from hoping to stay in the game program to a bowl seeking program. I think he’s a lot better than your Kirby. Disagree if you want. Time will tell on this one. Kirbys time is up and you have to know it. The day he got there he’s spent more money than any other schools athletic dept on recruiting only to go to a National championship with RICHT’s recruits! Since then, back up on baaack! Great expectations court Great Disappointment .
Exactly! Facts and achievements fail their minds
How I really see this game is what CDM said,”we’re only 7 points behind” Can’t wait to place these puppies where they belong and have been for a quarter of a century. Gators, remember Mac beat them so CDM has targeted them now. SOS is right down the hall from CDM. This year, if the season is played, will clearly be an awakening for our disillusioned friends to the north. Their recruiting machine is just that a recruiting machine with nothing to show for the millions spent. 40 years of nothing but talk and the dust gathering ever deeper in that trophy case.
As usual they’re here with the irrational stupidity.
Everyone thinks the Saharan dust storm came from Africa. Actually uga opened they’re trophy case.
I’m just thankful that D-lineman Brown is in the NFL. What a beast.
I’m sure the dawgs will be coming after you with that comment. Lol
UF and AUB had terrible O-lines. Trask literally had 1-2 seconds to get the ball out. UF’s run game was practically abandoned. So comparing both quarterbacks is difficult. I think Nix is a solid player overall
He was kicked out in 2017 you trolling moron. Never set foot on the field at UF
He’s finished for good. What a waste of a life.
I agree with you’re post. Franks is a good teammate and overall talented athlete. It seemed he just would lose sense of the situation are the moment he was in.
Going to Vanderbilt is a great road trip. Nashville is an awesome place. Great food and people are pretty nice.
We stunk up the field. Nothing went right in that game. Still can’t believe we won that one.