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I’d love to go to Utah, the Gators and the Utes!
LSU domination this past year was just awesome. Burrow took over and it was great to see a team player grab the attention. Hope everyone on here and their families are healthy and safe.
Winston never learned to control his emotions and decisions. Although I’m no fan of his he really has ruined a promising career. Maybe baseball could salvage him? However, his baggage cart is quite big.
If you lose at home in a game against Kentucky while losing a lead of 18 points says something. Coach White has no answer to stop a comeback. Maybe it’s time to move on. But who the heck is out there to replace him? Strickland better be on top of this. Meanwhile I’m looking forward to the baseball games this weekend with the puppies
Giving that game to Kentucky was just plain bad. We can get it together in the SEC tournament and find a solid rotation. Then Mike White can take us deep into March Madness. If this doesn’t happen White’s tenor is in question moving forward.
The situation with Meyer is complex. It starts with the AD Foley. Florida’s alumni wanted another Natty in football after Billy D’s dominance in basketball. Foley wanted to cement his legacy as an AD. Therefore, Liar Meyer was hired. Meyer treats college athletics as if it were the NFL. Foley knew this before bringing him in and went with the percentages of wins vs longevity. We got the Natty’s but Meyer simply burned out. UF is not Utah and Meyer couldn’t adjust to the microscope at UF compared to the anonymity of Utes land. Mullen has the benefit of having a front row seat to the Meyer era. Mullen knows the deal at UF. SOS is a couple of doors down the hallway to remind him. Our future is bright and we’ve came further under CDM than anyone could have imagined. Just get the East first then the SEC title and if it works out this year, awesome! Go Gators!
This is a disappointment. But nobody will remember if he turns out to be an all pro. But it will be bright up if he struggles.
Imagine 2-3 years of Brewster down the road will pay dividends. We’ve always had good tight ends but Brewster does have an impact.
I live on Amelia and for the last 3 years the red and black has invaded us for the game weekend. Before that not so much.
UF beats Ga. Uga beats Bama and Uga loses to Tenn in heartbreaking upset.
Does anyone have anything on the Australian kicker?
Against who? UF sweeping number 1 Miami at Miami says a lot
Tennessee does have a good coach. Vandy is good also. I just don’t see anybody taking my Gators out. Great pitching and hitting in Gainesville
I’ll say this, if Trask had the O-line Wayne Peace had it would be 400 yd games.
Understand your take Nash. I appreciate the information on Evans. UF’s turning the corner and I would like to see the momentum continue. I don’t think one kid can create or negatively affect chemistry but it always starts with one. After the credit card gang I’m jumpy.
Explain to me why you would want a kid that was thrown off the team before a state championship game? He let his teammates down in what was probably the biggest night of their lives. My point is Jimbo recruited him. Then Ga recruited him, he committed, then apologized on nat’l tv. Then he says, he’s committed to Ga again. Jimbo “did not” go after him when he re-opened his visits. CDM shouldn’t bring him in no matter what the need.
If Jimbo Fisher doesn’t want him that is a warning in my opinion. Hope the kid gets it together and uses his talent wisely. Signing this late is very strange.
Florida will be in Omaha again. Great pitching with experience. Pitching wins at Omaha. Vandy, LSU, Arkansas and GA are good squads as well. Conference match ups are worth seeing. SEC is really strong this year. Gators matchup with Miami will show Gator fans where we’re at early. Go Gators! Get another Natty!
Copeland will have a big year. His injury held him out to long to make a meaningful contribution last season. The guy has skills and is really on track to be a force with Toney and Grimes.
Can’t blame the coach. Maybe the AD should have locked up Tucker. Everyone knew he was reviving that losing program. The kids that he just signed should be allowed to transfer but most scholarships are already gone. How about coaches having a dead period from signing day to April or May. It would deter some of these schools from poaching coaches and placing 18 and 19 year old kids from making false choices in their athletic endeavors.