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I watched this guy in practice one time. Average came to mind. Special teams at best. Good luck to him anyway.
I’m hoping for Fromm to shine. Without a healthy Swift it will be more difficult but it’s the perfect scenario for Fromm.
Great athlete just couldn’t block.
No natty in 40 years. No natty...
Really glad to get some more quality all around players. CDM is really changing the culture for the better IMO.
I also think you spend so much time infatuated with the Gators program you lack knowledge of the dawgs program.
You had 8 last year according to dawg nation
As a Gator, Qb’s seem to never reach potential under muschimp. We had Driscoll (Detroit lions) Jacoby Brissett ( colts) transfer out of Florida. There must be something to it. I though Bentley was going to be really good.
You do realize uga lost 8 players last year. Try using facts it does solidify opinions
Give me a reason why he isn’t talented enough in both areas.
1) we won’t have as many receivers so the mobility of qb is huge 2) If Trask is starter(senior) Jones goes portal. With that talent he can start anywhere. That takes us back to muschimp era again. 3) Jones can throw deep stretching defenses 4) he runs better and throws better than Trask 5) As I mentioned above Jones fits CDM’s offense. Don’t get me wrong Trask did great this year he’s smart and a good game manager. With Jones we can displace Georgia atop the East. CDM is experienced and knows quarterbacks. Remember the natty w Leak and Tebow?
Terrible a great athlete and solid human being.
Honestly, I think it’ll be over at halftime. I want the pups to win but seeing both offenses they’re not even close. If you thought our receivers were good LSU is a level above us and Burrow would need his worst outing. LSU’s defense is really fast and well coached.
Franks is going to make a team better wherever he goes. It would really do him good to stay in school. The NFL is going to take him eventually because of arm strength. It’s Emory Jones show next year and Franks knows it. Not a knock on Felipe it’s just Jones is CDM’s perfect fit.
Florida is definitely ahead of Auburn. If Florida played Auburn today who do you think would win?
I’m enjoying my Sunday morning coffee and everything is right in Florida. Gators are tops in the state. CDM is ahead of schedule. Miami is a dumpster fire. Criminoles are in deep kaka. Gator basketball is getting better and baseball is coming and looking to be in the natty mode. It’s great to be a Florida Gator!
Just knew the village idiot would make an appearance. Remember McElwain won the East twice. What do you think Mullen is going to do?
I think we played a good game tonight. I hope toney and grimes stay as well as Henderson. Emory should really push into the starters role. FSU is an undisciplined out of shape team that is in real trouble and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving school. GO GATORS!
Delusional sir. The two schools are not comparable. Think of it this way if you will. If you had need of brain surgery or need of an attorney what degree would you rather see on the wall?
Funny that I do have employees that are fsu grads as well as uga alumni. I suffered after the cocktail game. I’d love to be on the winning side Monday. Go Gators!!
Putting 40 on the clown school would make my year.
UT made one heck of a comeback this year. Nobody can deny Pruitt is a good coach. He pulled y’all out of the ashes. Congrats I think the Vols are on an upward swing.
I’m hoping to enjoy a W Saturday. Picking some oysters tomorrow for the tailgate. UF 38-14.