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In other news, dawgs of war was promoted to cashier at the local Piggly Wiggly.
Are you on a mission to embarrass yourself here everyday? Why are you so interested in UF? I’m curious
It’s classic that the dawgs are hyped just to be let down every year. Same experience for UF 70s through 80s. Our rivalry is awesome
I’m hoping that our O-line establishes a punch em in the mouth attack. Let Felipe hand off for awhile and let our backs go.
Happy to see the season around the corner. As far as our o-lines rank (126) I think is wrong. We will see but I have a feeling they’re going to push Miami around. Hevesy is great at pulling talent out of kids but the key is coach Savage. He’s turned the line into road graters.
I’ve never witnessed someone so determined to humiliate themselves publicly. Congratulations Dawgsofwar.
Tebow over dak. I agree that Davis was Alpha. Going back the greatest Alpha that took over games was Wilbur Marshall.
I’d bet money 1/2 by week 3 or 4 every uga fan will want to run their new offensive coordinator off to never never land. You will miss Cheney. Georgia spends 2.6 million on recruiting and still can’t win 1 championship. Smart is a great recruiter but coordinator hires are falling off in talent level. If you’ve downgraded your coaches what do you expect? Coaching is uga’s Achilles heal. It’s been the problem since Dooley left.
Dead wrong prediction. Here’s why, Franks and Perine. Mullen overachieved at MSU because of coaching not talent. He has talent now with knowledge of his system. I’m seeing Mullen installing a Spurrier/ Meyer mentality with our kids. Franks is going to have a breakout season. Perine will get 1,000 yds. Davis/pierce combo is going to keep defenses tired in 3rd and 4th quarter. This will open up our wideouts. We give one up to LSU but beat uga.
UCF is a good program. Just not SEC caliber and a large fan base. They remind me of SMU in their 80’s glory days. That quarterback Milton is really good shame bout the injury. Hope he comes back strong.
I’m really looking forward to going to the LSU game. Great atmosphere and always a awesome game
This is what happens when someone is given an opportunity over others that have earned it. This moron needs to be arranging the carts at Walmart. Meyer the liar.