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Orion, if our game plan is to throw the ball more than running we will be in trouble. After this Saturday we will know what my Gators will have. Primarily our offensive line. We are weak going into the two’s at C and G. Our defense is solid but young. In the end it’s difficult to know what you have with over 70% of your players are freshmen and sophomores. In the end, 6 in one 1/2 dozen in the other.
CBN has been a major factor for Mertz. I’m even surprised at how well he’s playing. Mertz is a blue collar player as opposed to backflip AR. Mertz’s only flaw is holding onto the ball too long during progressions and that can be fixed through route adjustments which CBN has adjusted the last 3 games.
Orion, my post is based on Carson’s past performances in big games. However, that was in HS. I will give you he looks solid so far but SC in Athens isn’t exactly adversity. Jordan Haire can present a problem in itself for anybody but they’re like my Gators in rebuild mode. My point is we will have faced several top teams and Mertz is used to the atmosphere where Beck is not. I should clarify I have no idea what the outcome will be between our teams just that Mertz will outperform Beck.
Berwin Kell, that post has a very high chance of becoming fact.
Guys, I’m a big believer in working for what you get. But, I will say that the younger generation (my grandkids) have a different perspective. It seems like they value experiencing over substance. I’ve watched college athletes develop the same outlook. The portal provides a gateway for athletes to pick up and leave if their experience isn’t as good as initially envisioned. Very hard to find the academic first and athletics second kids. Anyway you look at it the game is and has changed. I’m not in favor of this new atmosphere but the powers that be wanted it and allowed it.
StL, I’ve noticed that as well. Mertz could benefit from having an O-line with a steady line up and consistency of starters. IMO he’s not trusting his first instinct. I could be wrong but he’s trying so hard not to throw a pick that his windows close and then he scrambles. He’s good on the run but CBN needs to get him out of that habit.
Nash, I think CBN viewed Charlotte as an opportunity for playing time for the 2’s and some 3’s. Saving Etienne was a calculated decision going into Lexington. The cats have a good defense and are very physical.
Humpy, you are slipping. But, I’ll give you a C- for effort.
I don’t know about everyone else. But I haven’t seen a really good offense yet out of anyone. I know the defense is always ahead of the learning curve early on but I’ve never seen it this bad.
Humpy, Todd Exotic is gone and please don’t bring up that idiot. I think he was an up and coming coach and the Athens happened to him.
We are now ranked 22 with Tennessee at 21.
The Charlotte head coach is a slob. Very disrespectful to the game to dress like that. Defense improved again on execution except for one series and other than that we gave up like 140 yards without the bad series. Offense was lost with the missing starters. Many missed assignments and miscommunication with Slaughter starting at center. Mertz steady as usual. Smack was dead on. Thankful for Smack. CBN needs a special teams coach now. Charlotte outplayed our special teams and that is embarrassing. We got a W and now it’s time to go into Lexington. Young teams (were really young) have difficulties on the road but solid defense can take a crowd out of the game. Armstrong will be key in a Gator win at Kroger. Go Gators!
StL, my favorite player on the defense was Nick B. Offense it was a toss up between Csonka and Howard Twilley. I used to play Bocce ball with Mandich at Jimbos bar.
Humpy, this is not one of your smarter posts.
I hope we do get to see Jean and Mizell. More importantly we need to rest Mertz, Etienne, Johnson and Pearsall. Miller and Brown should get meaningful minutes. During our gauntlet of a schedule we will need them at some point.
Humpy, CBN knew we had already beaten the Vols by halftime. Unlike your puppies we didn’t need a comeback win against another unranked team. BTW, how many touchdowns did Becky have? I forgot.
Matt Hayes, you waived the “down with Billy Napier” flag continuously. Was it because that’s what you believed or was it to get clicks????
I heard Leary hasn’t done well to this point but there’s a lot of football left.
Huepel was mad and made a horrendous decision. The curtain has fell on him and he knows it. He got out coached by a 30 year old rookie DC in Armstrong
Fan depth? Humper you’ve lost your mind. It’s a 50/50 stadium. Delusion is taking hold of you again. Someone get Humpy a bourbon.