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I agree with most of your post. However, Smart is not the best of coaches. His problem is that he gets in the way of his coordinators constantly in big games. Not to say he is alone in that realm, Bowden,Les Miles etc.. Next year the shoe is on the other foot and imho Kirby isn't CDM.
Dawg 78 you need to include tdow and his crackhead ramblings
Leach is holding out for the Univ of Miami job. He will be there next year. Manny Diaz is a fireball jumping into the gas pool.
My daughter knows more about football than TDOW and pretty sure she could wipe him on the pavement also.
Kirby face it Co is correct in his facts. I know today sux for you guys but you’ve been asking for it. Here, let me help you. What the pups are about to go through we’ve been there 3 times. When you get to the NC you get a major bump on recruiting. Logical but with a price to pay. This tributes to higher rated players forcing competition. Not all college studs are competitors and they leave so attrition ensues. That’s where coaching is paramount. Something UF has had at the highest level in the past until Muschimp and Mac. Now CDM is attracting that level again. Kirby is losing that coaching ability. NOW is when you find out if you’re Smart and AD can move it forward. Our Muschimp/Foley and Mac/Foley didn’t work and we hit rock bottom. Not saying you’re in trouble but all the warning signs are there.
Nope all Kirby gets is a men’s size visor from Nike courtesy Phil “the thrill” Knight.
Danny is FSU nuthatches. The guy is a jinx on anything he says. First thing I thought of when I seen headline
Shouldn’t you be doing something other than obsessing over the Gators? I think you need someone to talk to. Your team just made its last circle around the bottom of that bowl. If you hurry you might can grab it inbred.
That’s good news. We should have a solid defense. Hoping Toney stays and we’re set. I think Toney stays and we take the East. Maybe we get a break from the ga trolls while they cry over Fromm.
NFL isn’t typical workforce.
He bashed UF on his failed radio show. Blamed trainers at UF for his failed rehab. As far as Jack with the jags just look at his record. Straight downhill
The puppy fans are just having a moment. They’re trying to get as many digs in at the Gators before their satellite internet gets shut off or the 2020 game is played.
From HS assistant coach to NFL? Wow daddy is good. Del Rios stunk up the Gators and Jags. Both are crybabies.
Meanwhile, Evans decommits while your here talking about a Mac recruit. Pathetic tdow
Don’t think God put that credit card in his wallet
Yes you are correct Nash. I’m friends w several coaches in the area. I hope the kid changes for his own sake. He’s talented but there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. The latter ruins god given talent
Did you read the article? It might help you in the future from embarrassment. But, you are entertaining. I’ll give you that.
Trevez is going to be starter. Kid is a ball hawk and has a game like Matt Elam
Carson Beck is the next Brock Berlin. Willing to say Beck will transfer within one year. He’s a 18 year old that really thinks highly of himself. Glad we did not recruit him heavily. Mark my words he’s an accident waiting to happen. Not digging at the puppies, it will happen wherever he goes.
Grantham would have to return 900k to UF. For last year and 50% of what he’s paid into his contract this year. But, I think his son signed at MSU to play baseball. Don’t know if he will walk away from Gainesville but we will see.
This is really good news. I’ve heard his work ethic is similar to CJ’s. He will fit right in. Go Gators!
This is just sick. WTH is going on? When a 17 or 18 year old kid is accused of something of this nature agent Smart better be on top of figuring out the facts.