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Nash, that’s what I was thinking too. Where could there possibly be a tract of property in the gables big enough? Buying houses w lots would be costly.
Nash, did you know Ruiz is trying to build a stadium in the Gables ? Shalala said it was crazy but he actually is pursuing it. Go figure.
Cristobal has John Ruiz and his buddies laying out the wallets. This kid has size and potential but no means was going to see playing time his freshman year. Cristobal is going to steal a good amount of players from the SEC.
CB, here is what happened with Rashada. There is a Miami booster his name is John Ruiz. He is an attorney and is quite the billionaire. He’s even proposing building a stadium with his own money in Coral Gables. Land in the Gables isn’t 10k an acre.
Humpy, you are now a visionary? You go man! Those 41 years primed you for every excuse and shade possible.
Humpy, you and you’re mutts are BOOM, greatest 5 star ever, Mirby is best ever, at every 5 star you sign. Sell that somewhere else.
73, you are spot on in regards to the NIL issue. Bull Gators still run the show and there’s a lot of talk going on right now in opening up the wallet.
Wish him luck. Lingard has really improved and impressed. Nayquan will be the starter so either way it goes Bowman is 4th on the depth chart. He’s talented and should find a good landing spot.
Gatormania, I think Phil os referring to the lower temps at night instead of the typical scorching day game.
It all depends on AR. The offensive line will definitely be improved over Hevesy’s lack of coaching. We have really good size and strength there. Receivers are an unknown but Shorter seemed to have a good spring. After Odum went down our tight end room is thin. Hopefully, CBN will stick with the run heavy play calling.
Matt Corral was a really good quarterback and those are hard to replace nowadays. Corral WAS what fans THOUGHT JT Daniels was going to be.
How in the world of cabbage could you not mention the Gators after Grantham not patrolling the sidelines? Just baffling
He went 4 years in Gainesville w/o getting l a I d while some of the most beautiful women in the state held up marry me signs every Saturday? If that isn’t amazing enough there’s a few other accomplishments.
GP, I think having a few cold ones at a sports bar would be a lot of fun listening to you’re takes.
SOS with the rescue. You gotta love his common sense response to these issues.
GP, give them a break man. They played their hearts out and represented UF and the SEC well. Take a look at the presser and see their pride at being a Gator. It was really inspiring and Coach Walton is one heck of a coach.
Aggie, GatorPhil is right on the money with this one. Addazio is not a great coach. He is serviceable but nothing past that.
JTF, imperial is correct. UM has deep pockets boosters. Since NIL and the hiring of Cristobal a much higher percentage of the top players are looking harder at UM.
Really hoping Napier gets this one. He’s a mauling grater type player. He would be a good fit for us and another IMG kid.
The triggered are, "the squeaky wheel get's the oil" for sure.
11 of the top 16 were eliminated. Upsets galore! Go Gators!
Those coaches comments are just awesome. The bigger jobs will certainly be there and they will capitalize. Doesn’t hurt recruiting either.