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Emory will be fine. All of this is just over the top banter about his underneath throws. I am really focused on our offensive line. The O-Line will dictate which way Mullen goes with his pass/run philosophy. I have a feeling Hevesy will have them ready on the run side that will help us forget the last two years of a poor running game. If an improved run game can draw in the safeties Emory can go deep. That's what I am hoping for. Mullen always plays to the quarterbacks strengths and is successful.
I figure it this way. 1). Steve Spurrier 2). Tim Tebow 3). Danny Wuerful 4). Percy Harvin 5). Wilbur Marshall tie Carlos Alvarez
Whip I completely agree. Whittemore is the one I really like to break out.
I can only think Delance came back to get his blocking progressions in order. After having Covid for 17 days and watching every game over and over Delance would make the first block brush off and pause 80% of the time. I am sure he knows this by now and came back to work on it. The pause after the initial block is his achilles heel. Straight power blocking he was good but not great. Another strength and conditioning program with Savage (did not have last year) can only make us better. In the beginning it showed early in the season.
Just stupidly ranting makes you look like a fool.
Pine needle tea w honey helps. I’m on the way back. But nothing compares to Oban, honey and lemon. 5 a day does the trick. I think?
Lol you gotta forgive me I’m in a brain fog. 10th day of Covid
Everyone needs to face the fact that there aren’t many good coaches around for the taking. During this Covid nobody is moving unless it’s upward and lucrative.
Humper, awesome hire on the WVU def backs coach. Bangs is just grasping at straws. We’re going to throw all over that ACC strategy boy.
Good for Coach Johnson. He deserves to go to the NFL. Mullen will bring in the right quarterbacks coach. Go Gators!
My god you’re hilarious. History will repeat itself for another 41 years for the delusional. If this hire excites you then go for it! Whatever joy this gives you in the present you should take it. It’s all you pathetic losers have anyway. LMAO!
Booches you’re just being dumb. Nobody took up UCF on their offer. Chicken? Get real man. We would have skull dragged UCF. Maybe Mizzou would have gotten beat down but not the Gators
ScUM is a ditch filled with sewer water rotting. Tee Robby deserves the stinch he’s chosen to live in.
Humpy, I’m satisfied with how we took Bama to the last play. Showed a lot of heart after nobody gave us a chance.
Dumba$$, do you really want to go down that road? Shouldn’t you be shining your imaginary pre-season trophy? You’re an idiot.
Some of the best recruiters aren’t great coaches. Alabama is the one that put it all together. CDM is bringing in coaches that can recruit now. I’m interested to see what Grantham does now with much more talent than he’s had.
Honestly, I think the backs didn’t trust the hole. Great observation
Nutz , your post makes zero sense. Puppies in Gators heads? Look at yourself here on a Gator article. Do you see Gators constantly on puppy articles??? NO. Delusional to the max. What a crock of excrement
Mountain you sure are stretching for a narrative. I’m an old dude and have no recollection of a puppy National title
You don’t understand the meaning of team.
I’d highly suggest you post this on every puppy article. That way you could be an all time friend to your fellow delusional humpers
Can’t wait to go to the new stadium. We should’ve won the National championship but COvid intervened. Starting where we left off.
Is he still at Buffalo? That would be a cushy job behind Josh Allen