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Of course, I am biased towards Faedo. He had an awesome series. However, Will Clark was just on another level than anyone when he stepped into the batters box. I remember the crowd just being silent waiting to see what he was going to do.
It’s been great watching you pi$$ away 40 freaking years. What an idiot
Gwhite, you must have hit the pub early today.
CDM made sure of one thing with Emory. Do not turn the ball over and change momentum. Emory will have more freedom now. I’m also interested in seeing how CDM uses Richardson in the backup role. Kid has a cannon
It’s as if we ran the ball to keep the lb’s honest, and expected no production last year. This year will be a totally different situation.
Whip, give it time. Moronville wakes up late on Monday’s
Lingard could be a breakthrough as well but there’s such upside to Bowman paired with Jones. That’s a ton of speed and vision.
The breakout season will belong to Whittemore and Bowman.
RealCo, you really can't make this up!
How is Barney forced to start a true freshman? He has been there 5 years? With all those 5,5,5,5 stars? Less w more.
Post where RealCo is wrong. Facts not opinion. You can't do it.
Nature has the pulse Legdumper. Newman just cant deal with any pressure. A short summer in athenia and well you know the rest.
Sully, is the best coach we have had in awhile. He put a good team on that field every season, we are fortunate to have him. He is a Gator.
Tougher is to suck so bad you don't even make the tournament. But carry on dude!
Dumbs, we live for natty's not 5 star 17-18 year old kids. So no, he was serious and not tying to be funny.
GatorRoll, dumbs is talking about the next heisman,record breaking, all world, better than Brady now, flea factory qb. You know, that guy, AGAIN.
I finally agree with you Corch! Jax will be awesome this year. It’s a shame you can’t comprehend what I wrote. So I won’t waste anymore time expecting you to see where you’re mistaken
Gwhite, I understand you are wanting this nightmare over for the vols. However, i just do not think lightening is caught in a bottle in the SEC. Huepel is a good recruiter and that is what e is going to do in Vol land. He will set the base for bringing in better talent. That will be his contribution to the program and then you will need a coach to bring in the wins. Huepel will score some points and put a better product on the field than Pruitt did for sure.
Corch, First, CDM didn’t get to campus until Jan 2018. Second, Trask is an X’s and O’s Player and Franks has great athleticism. So with a small timeline Mullen went with the more athletic of the two quarterbacks. That was a good choice to fit his offense in the timeframe he had to put a quarterback on the field that matched the talent left over from McElwain.