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1288 yards and 12 touchdowns in one year, playing on a team like Tennessee is generally considered an elite player. I know it may sound pitiful is you are on a team like Auburn, LSU or Bama, but those are actually the best rushing stats for a single player with the Vols since 2009.
"1st he’s gotta find a school that will want’s to give an ex RB that quit 1/2 way thru the season" There are at least 100 FBS teams out there ready to beat down the doors to get a player like that on their team. He won't go to another SEC team, but there are plenty of others looking for an elite plug-n-play athlete to up their stats.
The only thing that will hurt his draft stock is if he plays poorly or is injured at his next school.
Not every player is able to take the hits running like a train through the DL like Pettway does. Pettway won't hold up either if they run him like that every week.
I would imagine there are rules in place that would not allow him to transfer to another SEC team. It's pretty standard.
His NFL draft stock will be determined on how well he does at his next school. If he exceeds there, he'll be just fine. If he messes up, him walking out on UT won't matter anyway.
Because no coach in the SEC has ever just cut a player in the middle of the season. He breaks his ankle out there playing in a position that he isn't suited for or didn't sign up to play, are his teammates going to pay his bills 5 years down the road? Is Butch Jones? UT? Not likely.
"As soon as a coach changes an offensive or defensive scheme to suit one player, that coach needs to go, period." Yeah, because no one has ever done that for Cam Newton, Nick Marshal or Kamryn Pettway. When you have an elite offensive player, you design your offense around their strengths. Any coach that doesn't, needs to go, period.
"You have given me yet another reason to despise this entire generation of college football players." Sounds a bit personal to me. Sounds like a good bit more than just doing your job.
Sitting on the bench or sitting at home. What is the difference? If they are not playing him in the position they promised him or needlessly putting him in a career ending situation by running him up the middle without the proper blockers, he has not only the right, but the financial obligation to look out for his long term best interests.
Watch how hungry some teams are to get a good player. He'll get scooped up pretty quickly if he fits their program and they need a fast plug'n play. Most college football teams will dump a player at the drop of a hat is it is advantageous to them. Why should a player not be just as mercenary? We'll see what happens next year.
Maybe they quit on him. The way they have been playing since the Alabama game, it certainly looks like that.
"despise this entire generation of college football players" You sound like a tool, lumping everyone together like that. Auburn's Montravius Adams would have gone for a 1st or 2nd round draft pick to the NFL after last season, but stuck around to finish out his senior year. As far as Hurd goes, as a writer, you have no idea what transpired between him and his coaches. Learn how to write objectively.
"Awbarn starts the year full of hype" Really? What games were you watching, because I'm pretty sure we started the season unranked.
They are not expecting him to leave until the end of the season, if they can interest him at all.
The flagship university in Georgia is Savannah State. At least they won a game today.
First, setting up a GoFundMe page like the one described in this article goes against Go Fund Me's guidelines, as any funds raised through the site have to be earmarked for a certain definite purpose, and would have to be raised by the person or organization which is actually going to utilize that money, not by some random Bama fan who just might decide to give the money to Toys For Tots, if things don't go his way. Second, there is no such GoFundMe page that they have described. Be nice if they actually checked links before publishing an article.
"...the type of downfield target that Jeremy Johnson likes to get the ball to"? Well, I don't know how relevant that is going to be in next season's play. Let's hope he is the type of downfield target that Franklin likes to get the ball to. Johnson, White and Franklin will all be fighting for that position, and my bets are on Franklin starting.
70th? Probably where SC will finish in the NCAA rankings every year, until Muschamp is fired and you all find another head coach.
The Carolina pass rush against Payton Manning will make what they did to Carson Palmer look like a quiet walk in the park.
That's exactly right. He can't leave unless they trade him or release him. He want's to be in Texas.
Love it. Your team loses, so blame the other teams quarterback while declaring your team won some moral victory by virtue of its fan base. Whiners are the worst.
Well, think of it, Cam has scored as many rushing touchdowns in the past 5 seasons as Young did in the entire 15 years of his.
The best QB this year? Tom Brady hasn't won anything yet this year. Cam will get his ring.
I think his longevity, or lack of it, will make the difference of whether he goes down as the best duel threat QB, or even the best QB period. There is no doubt he is the best QB in the NFL at this moment, but that is a whole lot different than the best of all time. He is, without question, the most fun quarterback to watch play the game right now.
"He’s the only quarterback the Tigers have signed or gained a commitment from for next season." Way to do research. AU has 2 dual threat QBs coming in this upcoming season. Besides JUCO transfer Franklin, 4 star freshman Woody Barrett will also be on the roster.
That is not a hoverboard. That is a Segway without a handle. Hoverbaords don't have wheels.
"...and I hope my apology is heartfelt." Well, you are the only one that will know if it is or not. At least we know this wasn't written for him by a member of the U of Memphis English Department.