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With the coaching hires plus the resurgence of middle of the pack sec teams in recruiting the title will be living in the Sec for quite some time
Pure class ! Congrats uga on a well deserved win your suffering is finally over
Perfect ! I hope the talking heads all keep picking against Bama for the whole cfp. I like this team plays when they feel disrespected
A big yes to both facilities upgrade and keeping oates !!
Uga SHOULD win this game. But I can imagine the meltdowns if they choke
Cfb can be very unpredictable at times... but on the flip side to that you can bet that ole negan is gonna post a novel that no one reads
Yeah that's really bold I'm thinking more like 3 points
Bama fan here, not all of us believe that we should blowout everyone
Bama fan here, the author of this article is a idiot. That is all
I see you're Pulling for a different team since LSWho is a dumpster fire