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Don't waste your time with that guy . Your list of Bama players is solid . Roll Tide
Ole miss sitting at home watching the tourney is even funnier.
I've never seen a respectful conversation between these two sides on this site. Kinda refreshing though with all the hate in the world though and Roll Tide !
As a lifelong Bama fan who suffered through the dark ages, I gotta say I'm just steadily in awe of Saban's dynasty and forever grateful. This whole run has been unreal
Bama lives in your head rent free lol. Lsu is your team but all you can talk about is bama
I'd be salty too if my team is sitting at home instead of playing for a ring
Bama's defense is suspect against competent offenses with play making qb's it won't be a blowout but I think they will win. Roll Tide