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Love this hire. I’m excited to see a team that plays hard and fights. This guy didn’t need to be convinced. He wants this job, and he’s gonna work his butt off to make sure he keeps it. Unlike, say, Lane Kiffin, who’ll leave a school if the wind changes direction.
I’d take Pittman over Kiffin any day. He’s from the area, knows arkansas football. He can recruit and his players love him. There’s been no fight in this team the last 3 years. We might finish 2-10 again next year, but you can bet the players won’t be quitting on him
I'm disappointed in the fans. Didn't even sell out against Alabama. At the rate the team is getting better, we should be able to compete and maybe win one or two SEC games this year. When next year rolls around and the team is better and the seats are full, I'll be remembering the games where the team needed support and fans didn't show up. Those seniors deserve better
I wouldn't be too disappointed if I were you. When the game was still somewhat close, they created a turnover on the 1 yard line and gave it back to Tua. After that, the game was out of reach and y'all started rotating folks in from the 2nd/3rd string. Chad Morris knows how to move the ball, and our offense is getting better each week. Remember, he spent the entire summer trimming down Bielema's boys, didn't have even 1/3 of his offense in yet when the year began. I like the leaner look of Bama's defense, they're faster and can hang with folks running the hurry-up. And with that offense, they don't need to make many stops. Tua hasn't even played in the 4th quarter yet
I agree. I hope the rest of the fans can just be patient, he's been trying to get Bielema's boys in shape all summer. The first few games were frustrating, but they get better each week. Can't fault 'em for the blowout, there was no stopping Tua today. I wish more people would come out and support the seniors at home games, those guys are fighting and clawing every game. In a couple of years when this team is better I'll be remembering how few of those fans stuck around when it got tough.
Getting better every week. I don't blame Chad Morris one bit for the early losses. With all the turmoil in the offseason changing AD's and having to start from scratch with players that are built for the exact opposite type of football, it was a recipe for early season disaster. Had to spend the entire summer getting players in shape, I don't think they had enough time to evaluate qb's. Story is tough, and Connor Noland will be good in the future. If the rest of the fans can just be patient, I think they found a gem in Chad Morris.
Lookin forward to the game on Friday. Two good teams. Got a lot of respect for mizzou, too many doubters. Gotta be lucky to be good, gotta be good to be lucky. They just keep winning. And the hogs keep fighting
Arkansas and Georgia are playing the best foozball right now in the sec. Gotta give it to Georgia, only team that really took us out of the game and kept us out. Arkansas could easily be 8-2 right now
I don't think he's that bad. Those 2 picks came after he hurt his right ankle. Probably should have stayed out of the game, couldn't plant and throw anymore. Those 2 passes stayed in the air way too long. On the other hand, awesome improvement by our defense.
I think we (the hogs) will be lucky to make it to the end of the season with one conference win. Same with MSU (though they'll probably beat us). Tough division
1. Hogs lost first week at Auburn. You should look at the schedule before you make a blind statement. And Arkansas had it tied at the half. Idk why you're talking smack. Arkansas or MSU would do better in the east than Georgia would in the west.