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More recycled insults from the fan of the University of Seventh Choice. Mudshrimp must be pinching himself that he was able to find a school stupid and desperate enough to hire him....Lol
You sure do seem obsessed with may want to call a therapist and stay away from traumatic events such as your teams impending failure of a season. And I love how now you try to act as if football isn't worth talking about because neither of us played for these teams....typical chicken fan BS. When you guys had your little fluke win streak going, mysteriously those same rules went out the window. Mysteriously, bragging and being obnoxious were just fine but yet when Clemson is enjoying being on top (which they usually have been (68-42-4) suddenly Clemson fans are supposed to just stay silent. Too bad chump, 56-7, National champs, and sec champs by know...using your own coot logic there...Lol
And no need to hate on the know...the second conference your team was a member of and couldn't win enough so they became independent? 90% of the ACC OWNS USuCk historically, so please know that most are laughing at you when you have the nerve to talk about how weak the ACC is. Btw, the ACC champ beat your SEC champ this year for all the marbles soooooo....
Does Bentley realize that the Birmingham Bowl is not part of the New Year's 6? Lmao
I know, you keep recycling the same 5th grade insults to try and steer attention away from your dumpster fire program's horrendous history, or should I say lack thereof?
You putting words in my mouth while half the block puts something else in YO MAMA's mouth...oh the hilarity of it all.....and yea, I'm sure you played college ball....on Playstation maybe you scrawny p****. Oh well, at least on Dynasty mode with the difficulty on beginner you can win those shamecocks a the only way those losers ever get one. That is what truly stews your prunes...deep down you and the rest of your delusional brethren know that you will NEVER make the play off, let alone win a natty. 56-7
Nope, them cock fans sure took 56 d**** back on November 26th though...LMAO
Nope, p**** is not a foreign concept. I see plenty of p****** like you every day. 120 lb key board warriors who can't bench their own body weight don't impress me son
And it's hilarious how you point out that I'm just a fan and therefore responsible for 0 championships, all while ranting and raving over your loser team as if you actually are on the team or something....typical ignorant coot that can't see their own double standard....hilarious
Show where I lost? Lol! They handing out trophies now for hurling middle school insults d***?? That's great news for you. It will be the only trophy you see as a gamecock fan, 56-7
And yet another recycled insult from a butt hurt juvenile....56-7, 68-42-4, 13 out of the last 20
And don't 4get...USuCk's greatest accomplishment in football was a 5 game win streak over Clemson. A feat that netted them 0 championships or major bowl wins. A feat that was directly preceded by Clemson winning 10 out of 12 between 1997 & 2008. Even a dumb chicken should realize 10 > 5
Oh look, yard buzzard fan recycling those same 5th grade insults again...56-7
And seriously...recycling insults? Pot meet kettle d*****bag
Ah yes, grammar policing...last resort of a fool losing an argument
If I had a son like you I would have killed myself too p****
If you guys are gonna hold a comment for moderation can you at least improve your website by giving people the option to edit a post after they make one or delete and start over maybe??? Just saying
Conference championships....Wake Forest, 1970 & 2006....USuCk.....1969....national titles...USuCk.....ZERO....SEC Least titles.....USuCk....1 in 25 years....Mizzou....2 in 5 years....yea....what a powerhouse they have down in Columbia....not to mention Clemson has more SEC wins than the chickens do AND the chickens have an over all losing record against 90% of the teams in the ACC....what a juggernaut down in many fifth place finishes will Mudshrimp have to get before those losers hang up a banner for him?? LMAO
I had to knock it out YO MAMA....get ya facts straight....and have that rent on Willy B's ready come 11/25/17 cause we coming to collect boy
I can tell your a scrawny p**** just by how belligerent you became. Truth be told, in person you wouldn't dare cause A) you know I'm right and your chickens are a perennial door mat, and B) I would smack the d*** out of your punk mouth.
Pencil necked....that's funny coming from a pencil d***. Touchdown Citadel...LMAO
And you base this confidence on your massive victories over juggernauts like UMASS and West Carolina???, the chicken players are just as delusional as their fans....BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
history than WAKE FREAKING FOREST. And oh by the way, that "master recruiter" coach of yours found a way to lose to an FCS school (sound familiar chickens? 23-22 Citadel...LMAO) when he was at Florida and had a roster full of 4 and 5 star players.
ROTFLMAO....this is just more little brother syndrome from the shamecocks. Big brother Clemson (more like DADDY) wins the natty and ever since that we keep seeing these stories coming out of the armpit of the state (Columbia) about chicken recruits and players talking up their goals of doing the same. Apparently these fools have bought the lie that pep talks and motivational temper tantrums from their loser, meat head coach can somehow overcome the MASSIVE talent gap between them and their sec opponents and their daddy Clemson. These kids are either incredibly gullible, ignorant of history, or both. Someone should remind these kids that USuCk has no national titles, no sec titles, 1 sec Least title, and has fewer conference championships in it's football
Are you really too stupid to realize LSU is a much more storied and respected program than USuCk? You do realize that WAKE FOREST has more conference titles in it's history than your yard buzzards do?
Keep telling your delusional self that yard buzzard. You may want to look at the replacement QBs we got lined up, not to mention the 26 of 28 returning letterman on both lines. It must suck being a chicken fan, having to live vicariously through the success of the relevant sec teams and whoever happens to actually beat Clemson. 68-42-4...ass whipping 69 is coming 11/25/17
Yea we know fat boy. You have a reputation for packing heat. You gonna bussa cap in our players or something you lard ass thug?