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PLEASE beat Duke....VOLS. If you do nothing else...PLEASE beat this arrogant ACC team. Tennessee's all the rest before it....has the ability to go all the way. I truly believe that. But, they lack superior floor coaching. That is the missing X factor. RB is very good...but not great. He could be. He just refuses not to be. I believe its that simple.
he Needs.....ha. is there a way to edit your own comments? I'm new to this board and notice I keep making some grammatical errors but don't see an "edit" button.
GREAT observations...all of them. I'll boil it down. Why does RB seem to always reward success by thwarting it? I really like the guy, but he need to lay down on a couch and let someone figure out why he is so self destructive.
Why can't RB figure out how to coach the last five minutes of a game? Why doesn't he just hire someone else on his staff do jusst THAT? It would make such a difference if he would. Instead, the Vols are always gonna make things design. Teams know always have a chance against us last 5 minutes, so just THAT alone helps them do it. Love ya RB, but learn some new tricks man.
Auburn SHOULD beat Houston. We'll see if they will actually do it....they've been kind of wonky this year...hard to predict.
I think Arkansas CAN take Kansas down. The only thing's undeniable that Kansas, overall historically, does well come tournament time, so it's hard to go against them. SEC homer as a VOLS fan. Take em hogs.
I've got you. Arkansas looked GREAT! I'm a a VOLS Arkansas's team. I was not surprised they took care of Illinois and have them going deep in this tournament. Sorry ya'll didn't get the press you deserved here, dude.
I'm your huckleberry. Arkansas looked GREAT! I'm a a VOLS Arkansas's team. I was not surprised they took care of Illinois and have them going deep in this tournament. Sorry ya'll didn't get the press you deserved here, dude.
same...not sure why he said that except that Auburn did look and play like the better team but they definitely got sloopy in the second half and looked like they were choking until they finally got a grip.
I don't understand why Plav doesnt get more credit. He had the best game of his career first game against Kentucky this year. How was he rewarded? He was, basically, benched! I submit to you that it was right after this game when TN started slipping. When they decided to go small ball, things started going downhill. They actually were BUILDING with Plav in there but, instead, he gets rewarded with the bench for his work, enthusiasm, and production. Mystifying.
If I had been the coach, the VOLS would have gone straight back onto the passing go to the locker run punishment laps and shoot free throws. What a ridiculous display of free throw shooting and of sloppy play down the stretch. But, I know it will never happen because that would require Rick Barnes to look at himself and admit his own mistakes. He's way too prideful for that. He has his fake humble ways of apologizing, but not REAL soul searching apologies for his shortcomings. It's a shame. I like Barnes. I truly do. Its such a shame he cannot be an old dog and learn new tricks. Do if for the sake of the guys if not for your own self, man. He's so close to being capable of winning it all, but he never will doing the same things over and over=definition of insanity. I pray the team will rise up and take care of business themselves and not rely on floor coaching to save them, because that is what its gonna take.
I at least respect Duke, unlike North Carolina. North Carolina is not an honorable school in any way shape or form. They cheated their As@@@@ off academically and completely got away with it, ALL because they are WOKE and Marxists. Schools like TN, UNLV would have been banned for life and had "deep probing dives" from ESPN on it. But, Duke IS in the ACC and they think they are IT. I pray the VOLS will rise up, be the best versions of themselves, and humble them mightily.
1. Rick Barnes has an ego problem. ADMIT your weakness! You are an exceptiionally weak floor coach. HIRE someone to do THAT. You do the development of the players..your strength. Be a REAL leader, Rick. Swallow your pride. Stop shooting yourself and your players in the foot. 2. We are going to glitch with or w/o Zeigler. It's a staple of Barnes' strict rules offense. At LEAST have some designed plays to stop the bleeding and don't wait until a devastating ten point run has been done to call a timeout. We all can see it coming..WHY can't YOU?? 3. I don't know why people are giving Plav a hard time. HE is one of the main reasons we won. He does not get enough credit. 4. The only team I covet wins over Duke more are North Carolina. ABC. I've had to live in North Carolina for years...I loathe them. Academic off scot free because they are WOKE. No other reason. UNLV would have been banished for life.