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Nick Saban definitely had a say in this decision especially since Nck and Terry Saban are close and best friends with Mark and Delaine Emmert are best friends. It sure does help when your best friend is the President of the NCAA......
Why bother to put the video of Coach Miles not letting Leonard Forunette chase or ride a cow/calf on your Webpage if you cannot view it This is stupid.
Congratulations Bama fans who want to get rid of Nick Saban. Now you know how LSU fans when he lied to the world about being the Next Head Coach at Alabama. I am so glad you are ok with his Fits of Anger during the game, but those are mild to what he said in the locker and what he will continue to say to the players and coaches this week in practices. By the way Lane Kiffin sucks as a coach.
Thank You Saturday Down South for getting this right. Everyone in Louisiana and fans all over the Country and Overseas already knew that The LSU Tigers Fan Base is and always has been the best. Our fans are passionate about the Tigers and football in general.
I know 2 people who are on the LSU Season Ticket waiting list and have been for years who would gladly take over your tickets since you think LSU is so horrible.