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You realize that the video is called "How 'Bama fans watched Week 10", right? Why would you expect a non-biased commentary?
You know, I won't say you are wrong, because I can't find anything conclusively, but everything I remember and am seeing at this point never put anything in Mullen's court. One can be a finalist for a job with no interest. In fact, the only quote I can find in an admittedly short google search is the following: “I don’t like commenting on other jobs, I’ve had several schools reach out to me this year,” Mullen told The Clarion-Ledger. “I’m very happy at Mississippi State and I think we’re working on an extension for me to stay there.” I'm just saying. I've never heard any linked story that might suggest he was looking for his next home... so until I see that, I'm just going to assume that all these "position interest" stories are just one-way streets towards Mullen.
I just don't understand how each and every year, there are articles after articles that wonder where Dan Mullen will be next year. And year after year, he stays in Starkville. Why can't Starkville be worth his time? Why is it that everyone assumes he's just looking for the next thing? I wonder if at some point, someone wondered when Bear Bryant was going to jump for a bigger job. Maybe Coach Mullen just wants to make Starkville an elite school, and he's actually content with his job. Just a thought.
Personally, I'm of the opinion that he has earned the right to leave on his own terms and in his own time. However, I would hope that if the eye test is the truth, and he's not interested or motivated to be the coach at State anymore, that he would say so, and not stay on when he no longer cares because of the wrong reasons. Personally, I'm hoping this *is* a slow start, or a "slump" or whatever, and the fires' gonna come back. I know it's still there, I saw it in game 2. Know what else I saw in game 2? a W.
That was an absolutely horrible thing to say about a wonderful person in a public forum. I hope you think about it for a long time and learn to be a better person.
I tend to agree with NickC below. I'm just saying. When's the last time State *wasn't* picked last. Now, when's the last time they *were* last? Hence my comment. It's right up there with picking 'bama to win the west. Why break tradition, right?
What?!? Mississippi State predicted by the media to be at the bottom of the SEC West?!? That's never happened ever.
Tell you one thing.... having a great QB, and a crappy O-Line sucks. Period.
I just wish that Cowboy fans weren't so malicious towards him. Crazy watching people who assume the worst or are nearly impossible to please, apparently.
I want to preface this with a statement that I am not throwing this as a rumor, accusation, or anything of the sort. I'm just curious if you guys are worried that some of these 4 and 5 stars recruited over the past year or two might not find themselves under some significant scrutiny after the latest series of accusations against you guys.
Talal, please do the rest of us a favor, and read your articles to yourself out loud before you press the publish button. I'm not a journalist by any stretch, but the phrasing you use makes this painful to read. I honestly don't mean this as a personal attack, more a piece of constructive criticism that I hope you heed. Thanks for your time.
wrong bulldogs, 55. Georgia had the most expensive tickets. Ours were actually the next to cheapest, next to Vandy.
This one is rough. Love Mullen... don't think we can call him a "gifted recruiter". maybe a "heckuva talent-developer" or an "amazingly revitalizing trash talker", or even "a southern-loving yankee"
Makes me scared to say this.... but I agree with you armyguy. I will lose respect for Mullen if he steps on the field this year. It's just not what Mullen has been selling for 7 years. I'd rather be a 6-6 team than a thug school.
rebs, fair point. I've answered it for myself, not to speak for Coozie. J. Strawn over on MWN posed a similar questions, with a number of possible courses of action, and I personally think making him sit his freshman year to be a reasonable course. I wouldn't support letting him walk (at least not until he's burned a year of eligibility), or letting him off. I think he should take that year, and focus on learning to make smart decisions in snap situations... and if after that year he wants to go to JUCO, or anywhere else and play ball, at least we know we tried.
Really great article, SDS. I enjoyed nearly every word. I'll agree with BDB55 on calling us "Hail State", though your use of it seemed far less back-handed than most. Excellent piece.
Guess I'm a little surprised that Chris Jones isn't top 5 for his position.
Armyguy never has a hard time talking smack. No worries, I'll bet he was a 42A when he served. All those guys do is talk.
I'd just like to add one. 6.) Teach our defense that Tight End is indeed a position one must learn to defend. I can think of two separate games where the TEs shredded us.
I'm looking and therefore could be wrong, but I don't think punters get rated higher than 3 stars ever, and 2 is the norm for an excellent punter, so that one barely counts.
I firmly believe that SDS proofreads everything they post. The problem is, the editors are as poor as the journalists.
I'd reply that Collins has been a known draft commodity since day 1. Yes, he's declaring early, but I don't think 2015 really improved his stock... it's about the same place it was a year ago, he's just eligible now. The one I'm surprised didn't make this list is Dak. I think he gave an entirely different look this year, and really showed improvement from last year. I think this year pushed him from round 5-6 to late 2-early 4.
I'm very excited to be back in SDS's normal graces. Last in the west. sounds familiar... it's only been the last 5 years straight, I think...
The only thing I ever heard from any reliable source was that he interviewed at Miami. I'd say the "peak at facilities" is a perfect explanation. Thanks, see98
Again, a source, man. I assume you served based on your name... sounds like barracks talk to me. Show me the reg. To answer your question, no, man, I don't think he actually wants to leave starkville. I think he's just like Stansbury and Sherrill. Even after their coaching days are done... they're still there. They fell in love with the town. My own parents went back there to retire after being away for 15 years... It's not that hard to understand.
Again, a source, man. I assume you served based on your name... sounds like barracks talk to me. Show me the reg.
I just spent at least 27 seconds on google looking for any place *other* than Miami that Dan Mullen interviewed for in the past 36 months. I came up empty. Got a source on anything grounded in reality, Armyguy?