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This may actually be one of Trask's lower stat line games. If Florida builds a decent halftime lead I would expect Jones to play most of the second half to keep Trask healthy for next week. Then again... he's been known to post video game type numbers prior to half time too.
Wait til Nov 14th. We're going to make Franks look like the QB we always wanted him to be as a Gator.
Coach Mullen, from now on if your presser doesn't start with "Grantham is fired", No one in Gator country is listening.
There's nothing suspect about the Gator defense. It is without question the worst in all of college football, and possibly high school.
No way we beat a ranked team this season with this defensive staff. Way to waste the first legitimate offense we've had in a decade.
Defense is no longer just a liability, now it's full on embarrassing.