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Finally! Now Georgia fans can finally watch their team win a National Title.
I guess they are starting to realize UGA is going to lose the cocktail party this year so they are getting as much talking in while they are still can
LOL Will all of the UGA trolls wither away back into their caves to dream about their elusive National Championship after UF swamps the puppies this year? We will find out in November.
This reminds me of the Jim McElwain shark picture, that was definitely him! LOL
I'm trying to figure out if your gonna cry or blame the refs when you lose to UF in jax. My guess is both.
I don't know about all that, but I do think we will see a little more from Jones on Saturday.
Understandable. I just don't know why UGA fans think ripping Mcelwain offends us lol. I'm right there with you, dude was a shark humping wood teeth nut job that has no shot of ever coaching in the SEC again. GREATEST CONFERENCE ALIVE! We don't claim Coach Mac either
Very true he looked very poised but the combination of the crowd and the fast front 7 of Florida should rattle the young freshman at least a little. I know I would. But I guess that's why I'm in the bleachers and he's on the field.
This LSU team reminds me a lot of the Saints style of play on both sides of the ball. With Brees under center of course.
Different defense, different players, different outcome. The swamp will be loud and Bo Nix will be shaking in his shoes.
I agree, UGA is much better than ND and the score didn't show that. Hopefully they continue to use the conservative play calling for the cocktail party in JAX.
I'm hoping for a Rays/Braves WS and a UGA/UF playoff game. Though very unlikely I would like to see this battle with the state up north.
Ask Knowshow Moreno what position he plays I think he could tell you