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I think y'all are reading a little too deep into it. Plus, he wasn't fired, (Richt doesn't have the balls for that) he left on his own accord. Even if he is, who cares?
If only he had taken Grantham with him...we are too talented of a team to keep having the defensive struggles year after year.
A healthy Uga, and on the road at that...that should carry more weight and after all, y'all gave Missouri their only loss this year!
A&M has lost to every ranked team they have faced this year, so why are they so hyped up? Ole Miss and Vandy both have more ranked wins than them...
Clowney has the better number but there both BEASTS!
Win or lose, i just wanna see UGA show up and play a good game. These 2 teams match up well against each other so I cant wait to see what happens!