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'LSUUSMC' - My post is my opinion and it's based on years of watching Franklin, Tommy and McSorley. Franklin isn't 'sabotaging' his program by looking to the future. IMO Franklin simply didn't see the value of keeping Tommy (the presumed starter) for 1 year on a team of young talent, when he can get Clifford experience and make a real run next season. It's no secret that McSorley and Stevens were very close in ability. I am saying Tommy throws that ball better because I've seen it. He had the stronger arm, and better touch. It's a fact that McSorley was inconsistent last season. The UK game is a prime example when he was ineffective for 3 Qtr's.
Gators will cruise. Grantham will feast on the RS Freshman QB seeing a P5 defense for the first time in a game.
Franklin was HC, not Moorhead. Even when McSorley was injured, Franklin wouldn't pull him. Tommy moved the offense, ran just as well, could throw the long ball, and receivers didn't drop his passes. McSorley was inconsistent, had limited throwing range, and was a ball hog. Even an injured Tommy was just as good. Franklin has a young team this year due to departures, and IMO he decided to get Clifford a year's experience rather than play Tommy for one season.
I really think Franklin was looking to next year, and let Tommy walk. IMO he's equal to or better than McSorley. Definitely a better arm.
3 days? Lol. Story agreed to care for the dog. He had the dog for a month, was getting evicted from his apartment and left the dog there locked in a room with no food or water. Story then lied to his girlfriend, the dog's owner, saying he 'lost' the key to the apartment to prevent her from entering. The dog was skin and bones when saved. Story is on probation for 2 years, so no, he's not "served his punishment". What a load of BS from Miss State AD.
JoMo on who is the starting QB: "it’s going to come down to which of the two can throw the ball the best.” Translation, "Tommy".
Might have been a rude awakening facing UK, UF, AU, LSU and Texas A&M consecutively :-)
Fleming's just regurgitating what Hartline sold him on. Hartline's been a WR Coach at Ohio St for 1 year.
Hurts? Lol. Welcome that 8 men in the box defense back.
No Penn State? C'mon really? They always beat Iowa and Wiscy, and are certainly better than Northwestern. Clifford has a better arm than McSorley (not a big runner though), 4 and 5 star receivers/TE (Hamler, Shorter, Dotsen, Freiermuth) and a 5 star returning RB (Slade). An upperclass defensive line, solid LB's and experience in the secondary.
Ball wasn't bouncing the Commodores way yesterday. It's a new day, and two new arms. Anchor Down!
Gus will be back in 2020. Auburn isn't going to pay Gus big $$ to leave, only to turn around and pay even bigger $$ to a new coach and staff.
So, I decided to check back after a year. Grantham took Florida’s scoring defense from #69 in 2017 to #20, total defense from #31 in 2017 to #28 in 2018.
So, I decided to check back after a year. Grantham took Florida's scoring defense from #69 in 2017 to #20, total defense from #31 in 2017 to #28 in 2018.
Keytaon is passing challenged. It's a large part of the RPO. He's seen action primarily against Arkansas, the Ragin' Cajuns and Stephen Austin. He's a very effective runner who needs development passing. Tommy knows the reads, can run and pass. He was IMO as good as McSorley at PSU, just had that one foot injury that was never properly repaired.
IMO Sarkisian is an upgrade over Locksley. Plus, Sark's an excellent recruiter. More concerned that the defense rebounds.
Louisville's big mouth pitcher Smith leaves the game giving up 3 earned runs and gets the Loss. Well done Commodores.
Now this is the Florida we've all come to expect. Gators are back :-)
It would have to be extraordinary for a 2 loss team to enter the playoffs. Penn St was considered in 2016 as a 2 loss conf champion (with a bad loss to UM), but one loss tOSU went instead. Both teams lost. tOSU shut out by Clemson, and PSU losing to #9 USC.
The offense is far from 'high school,' requiring reads, and relying on deception/misdirection. Introducing a dual threat QB will drive defenses nuts this year.
He'll get his chance in the XFL albeit on a short leach. He should've stuck with the Doug Flutie path and at least would've been actively playing. He's turning 27 this year and hasn't garnered much experience.
Notre Dame between the hedges. Looking forward to that one.