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Plumlee was huge against Indiana. Amazing since he only practiced at receiver that week.
Losing Pickens really hurt Georgia. JT performed well, but hasn't seen the SEC blue blood teams yet (Bama, UF AU, LSU, A&M). Opens with Clemson? Ouch.
This year's recruiting class suffered, but next years's looks better. I'm one that didn't like this hire, we'll see.
Going to have to effectively throw the ball. Not seeing it. Running and playing defense will win a lot of games, but it's a throwing game now.
Dude went 4-3 and wants to be compared to Saban. Lol.
In the mid 1990's, Fulmer's players were always in trouble, and he was always working the fringe. I'd just as soon see Fulmer and Peyton move on. Little, Silvan, Nash, Thompson, Ratliffe... Oh, and the credit card scam. Lol.
Nothing but unsubstantiated leaks. Who gave money to who, when and where? Crickets. Money comes from boosters. This whole firing smells.
All conferences measure themselves against the SEC. Yet, the SEC goes 7-2 in Bowl games even managing 4 upset wins. All games were against ranked opponents. Bama earns another National Championship. Another successful year. Ohio St is satisfied with their win over Clemson, and Notre Dame is happy with holding Bama to a 17 point spread.
I actually heard an Ohio St podcast that stated, "there's nothing wrong with Justin's legs, he'll be running the ball." Yeah, OK, until he gets hit. His back-ups are inexperienced freshman. I fully expect Ryan Day to use tempo and throw a lot. He knows he can't get behind. He knows he can't stop Bama. I prefer Mac at QB. Mac reads defenses significantly better and makes better decisions. Dual threat QB's tend to get hurt, especially at bad times. Tide's gonna roll!
Once again, Herb restates the obvious. Bama's going to light it up, and even Day knows it.
He's not alone in letting the BLM nonsense warp his mind. Many in the college game allow it to distract them too, and they end up in the transfer portal.
Day keeps saying 'focus', but all him and Ohio St talked about this week was Clemson. Lol.
Beamer's a bust hire. He'll turn SC into a group of 5 team trying to compete in the SEC. 2021 recruiting needs big help and Gunner's likely gone.
B1G is still trying to push back the game. You know Urb and Gene are involved in that.
Hopefully, Bobo was hired for his recruiting ability and not his offensive mind :-) Harsin can run an offense.
Ohio St is perceived as arrogant. Two one and done's before this CFP appearance. Bama is respected. I fully expect Alabama to add their 3rd natty in 6 years. Their 5th Natty in 10 years.
Wade's a blowhard. Bama has a heck of a lot more weapons to compliment Devonta. That defense will be stretched in all directions.
He shouldn't be in constant pain due to the knee. Need to be able to walk in your 30's dude.
Bama shut down Sermon the last time they saw him (2019 Orange Bowl) and they'll shut him down again. The big holes aren't going to be there. The way Bama stretches the field, Najee's going to run wild.
O'Brien is an acquired taste. Lol. He's a heck of an OC, but he'll rub the boosters the wrong way no doubt. It would surprise me if he considered an OC job. He wants to be a HC, and he prefers the NFL.
Jimbo really relied on the run against UNC, to the point that I was shaking my head thinking, open up the offense. He was right though. Towards the end of the 4th Qtr, A&M was running right through a wore down defense.
"I notice he’s probably a little more involved with the offense." Meaning Bama's going to eat up that Buckeye pass defense.
Bama receiver's are going to have a field day. Buckeye's pass defense is weak, and the Bama OL protects Mac. I'm grateful it's Ohio St and not Clemson. Clemson was missing Ross, Ngata and Lawrence still threw for 400 yards.
Those huge holes will not be there against Bama. That run defense is just fine. Buckeyes need to worry about their own passing defense. Mac's going to light 'em up.