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Hurts will run or pass to Lamb. Take it away, you beat OU.
If only Jake could also catch his passes too, since his receivers don't.
He inherited top talent skill players Jordan Matthews, Zac Stacy, Jordan Rodgers and Chris Boyd. His wins during his tenure came against teams with an average record of 4-8. He had 2 wins over SEC teams with above .500 records in 3 years. To this day Franklin is 1-14 against ranked teams in true road games. Strong recruiter, motivator, good grad rates, runs a clean program, not a big developer or game coach.
Bama can make their case with a statement win, or Auburn can end the Tide's 2019 CFP aspirations for good. Going to be a good one.
How on earth do you put Utah in the top 4 at this point? Clearly UGA has the quality wins.
The CFP Committee will not be as generous to OU. Their offense isn't all that, and their defense is still bad.
Clemson will roll. SC just doesn't have it this year. I'm not a big Muschamp fan as a HC, but he's done a good job recruiting, keeping SC in the recruiting top 20, so I wouldn't give up on him just yet for a bad season.
'coca-cola', Please, he beat cupcakes at Vandy. Two SEC wins in 3 years against teams with winning records (Ole Miss 7-6, and UGA 8-5). Average team he beat was 4-8 during his 3 year tenure. Even though he inherited top talent skill players Jordan Matthews, Zac Stacy, Jordan Rodgers and Chris Boyd. To this day Franklin is 1-14 against ranked teams in true road games. There's a lot to like about Franklin running your program (recruiting, motivation, grad rates...), but game day coaching isn't one of them.
Franklin's not going to FSU. He has a load of talent returning next year at PSU, and he's not trading getting by Ohio St for getting by Clemson every year. USC has a better shot at him.
All this hype about LSU again. Even a higher ranking. Yet, the money says Bama by 6.5. I'll side with the money over the hypesters. RTR!
Oh please. Ohio State's signature win is over Wiscy, who lost to Illinois. Illinois! A competent defense turns Wiscy into a one dimensional offense. Otherwise, they beat up on a Cincinnati team early coming off a 10 point win over 4-5 UCLA. Whoopi! Compare that to LSU's victories at Texas, against Florida and Auburn, it's really not even a discussion. Florida and Auburn alone are better signature wins than Ohio State has. I'm not saying Ohio St is a bad team. They belong in the top 4, unlike PSU. They're just getting way too much love at #1 IMO.
Lane Kiffin would be a great hire for FSU. He knows the recruiting area, his offense will fill the seats, and kids want to play for him. Not the most disciplined guy around :-D
Obviously over rating the B1G again. Mich was bad early and has improved a bit and PSU held on for life at home. Wiscy can be easily made one dimensional if you have a decent defense. No idea why Iowa is ranked, they defeated nobody. Mich St is awful, ask Ariz St.
'Dawgsofwar' - That's exactly what happened. There was no miscommunication.
Bad calls are part of the game. You had 60 minutes Will, stop crying.
Guess Urban's brain cyst was another elaborate lie.
I thought Urban had a brain cyst that prevents him from the high stress of coaching college football. Or is this another of his many lies?
Best way to improve the depleted defense is to run the rock and keep 'em off the field more.
It's dumb thinking like that that got the Vols here. Give the guy a few years before butchering the program again. If Pruitt "didn't care" you wouldn't have Chaney, Weinke, Ansley, Neidermeyer...
Tough to take away anything from playing an FCS team. Bama likely won't be pretty, but it'll help him improve.
I'm sure the facts are different then what Josh is portraying. The medical staff has complete authority over these decisions. I'm guessing it went more like Muschamp told Josh he'd have to attend team meetings and workouts, but not necessarily work out (or just do what the med staff recommended) to remain on scholly. He sort of conveyed this when he said, "when you’re on scholarship I feel like you should have the option to stay." Sure sounds like he wanted out of football, but wanted to keep the scholly.
Finebaum is an entertainer. Pruitt's a ball coach. Big difference.
The game was different when Fulmer coached. He'd be a disaster. Vol's have been bad for a long time. It's going to take time to rebuild. Chaney was a good hire. Good staff and recruiters in place. I wouldn't panic over an overtime loss to BYU. Pruitt needs a few years. Another coaching change would set the Vols back further.
McConaughey's too involved. Need to get a new mascot.
That true freshman QB was pretty darn good. Picked apart Stanford. USC is looking pretty good.
Still early. Yeah, their offense looked bad. A few better passes by Patterson, and it's a different game. Turnovers hurt. Mich vs Wiscy should be a revealing game in 2 weeks. I like Mich in that one.
LSU looked like a BIG12 team. All offense poor defense.
Agreed. Have to say he did a good job facing an aggressive P5 college defense for the first time. Nice quick snap and TD pass to Stove that caught the Ducks napping.
KT opened against 2 win FCS Stephen Austin last year. Threw 13 for 31. No comparison.
Really can't take anything away from playing FAU. Maybe Cinn because of Luke's familiarity, but likely have to wait until Sparty.