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This is the same Kirby Smart that let Justin Fields walk and kept Jake from State Farm.
"Notre Dame is a team to watch out for". Lol. OK.
Leach is in an unenviable position where he's trying to assemble the pieces of going from Mullen's run team to Jomo's RPO team, to his Air Raid. He'll have to purge the run first mentality, get a reliable QB, WR's, blocking backs and a pass blocking OL. It'll take time.
Ole Miss will need balance. Running a hurry up by definition puts your defense back on the field quickly. A few 3 and outs could be disastrous. Especially against a team like Clemson who likes long drives.
I was surprised when SC chose Muschamp. He's never going to be the guy. Good DC, marginal HC. LSU could use him as their DC. Billy Napier might be a good fit at SC. He's offensive minded and done a good job at Louisiana.
Is Miami back from when? 20 years ago? No, those days are long gone. Clenson rules the roost. Miami's just another wannabe. Like Virginia, Pitt, and UNC.
4 QB's in 3 years might have something to do with it. It's not like Miss St was ever a passing team anyway. Traditionally a run the ball and play good D team. The RPO was installed and now the Air Raid. Need to recruit the piece parts for that (OL, WR, QB...). It's going to take time.
The game is 60 minutes. In those 60 minutes players and coaches make mistakes. Guess what? So do Ref's. It was a fumble, but was blown dead. No way to remedy that. Should've taken care of business in the other 59 minutes, 50 some odd seconds. Auburn converted the FG and walked away with a win.
Disagree. The Bama offense is stacked. OL, QB, RB's, WR, TE. UGA doesn't have the offense to keep up. Bama has plenty of D too.
Bama by a TD over the Dawgs. Sounds a little low :-)
Not much surprising this week. UF defense was exposed, but had been in previous weeks. Leach was solved last week. LSU defense is a mess, although losing to Missou was a surprise. Not the year for Auburn. Georgia and Bama rose to the occasion. I find Bama's offensive weapons much more scary than Georgia's defense. We'll see.
Pretty sad to be crying over one call. Sure, it was a fumble and it was also blown dead. No way to remedy it. The larger concern is Bo Nix is developing slowly. Hasn't changed much since day one. He throws into coverage a lot, and he should've known not to spike the ball backwards.
Bama's going to light Georgia up. Count on it.
No doubt UT has improved across the board. There are still bad habits that are holding them back. Guarantano needs to protect the ball and get rid of it fast. He has an arm, but if the throw isn't there, don't stand around. He doesn't seem to have a feel for pressure. Either run or get rid of the ball. Discipline remains a problem too. Too many penalties.
Same UT pitfalls. Lack of discipline and turnovers. Guarantano can't get through a game without having a bad spell. Protect the darn ball. That Senior LB Johnson with the obvious and unnecessary targeting call hurt bad. Have to have more discipline than that.
Sorry to say that the game appears to have passed Bo Pelini by. He has plenty of talent on that defense and just isn't getting the job done.
Not worried about Bama one bit. Ole Miss will put points up on any team. That's how they're built. UGA will not be able to hold down the Tide's amazing offense, and UGA doesn't throw the ball around like Ole Miss.
Hurts will run or pass to Lamb. Take it away, you beat OU.
If only Jake could also catch his passes too, since his receivers don't.
He inherited top talent skill players Jordan Matthews, Zac Stacy, Jordan Rodgers and Chris Boyd. His wins during his tenure came against teams with an average record of 4-8. He had 2 wins over SEC teams with above .500 records in 3 years. To this day Franklin is 1-14 against ranked teams in true road games. Strong recruiter, motivator, good grad rates, runs a clean program, not a big developer or game coach.
Bama can make their case with a statement win, or Auburn can end the Tide's 2019 CFP aspirations for good. Going to be a good one.
How on earth do you put Utah in the top 4 at this point? Clearly UGA has the quality wins.
The CFP Committee will not be as generous to OU. Their offense isn't all that, and their defense is still bad.
Clemson will roll. SC just doesn't have it this year. I'm not a big Muschamp fan as a HC, but he's done a good job recruiting, keeping SC in the recruiting top 20, so I wouldn't give up on him just yet for a bad season.
'coca-cola', Please, he beat cupcakes at Vandy. Two SEC wins in 3 years against teams with winning records (Ole Miss 7-6, and UGA 8-5). Average team he beat was 4-8 during his 3 year tenure. Even though he inherited top talent skill players Jordan Matthews, Zac Stacy, Jordan Rodgers and Chris Boyd. To this day Franklin is 1-14 against ranked teams in true road games. There's a lot to like about Franklin running your program (recruiting, motivation, grad rates...), but game day coaching isn't one of them.
Franklin's not going to FSU. He has a load of talent returning next year at PSU, and he's not trading getting by Ohio St for getting by Clemson every year. USC has a better shot at him.
All this hype about LSU again. Even a higher ranking. Yet, the money says Bama by 6.5. I'll side with the money over the hypesters. RTR!
Oh please. Ohio State's signature win is over Wiscy, who lost to Illinois. Illinois! A competent defense turns Wiscy into a one dimensional offense. Otherwise, they beat up on a Cincinnati team early coming off a 10 point win over 4-5 UCLA. Whoopi! Compare that to LSU's victories at Texas, against Florida and Auburn, it's really not even a discussion. Florida and Auburn alone are better signature wins than Ohio State has. I'm not saying Ohio St is a bad team. They belong in the top 4, unlike PSU. They're just getting way too much love at #1 IMO.