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It is funny because this guy is trying to make fun of the fact this one particular post references Georgia some (our main rival... so it makes complete sense to compare the two teams), but he doesn't seem to see the irony in that he, as a Georgia fan, literally spends all his time reading Florida posts and commenting on them.
The sad part is this guy is trying to act tough and be smart, but it comes off so scared.
Until Kirby actually wins a significant game, Kirby is the still the Mark Richt of Georgia. lol "Momma said Georgia is just angry because they got all them 5-stars, and no championships." - Bobby B.
So, out of the biggest contenders of the SEC, LSU is the only team to have had 3 night games at home. They have not played a good defense since the beginning of the year (Florida has two of their best players hurt), AND now Tua is probably going to be out (he will not be %100 for sure) when they face... I have not seen a season favor a team so much in a long time. I think if any of these variables mentioned were changed, LSU wouldn't be talking about LSU the same way we are now. Auburn will be the biggest challenge defensively they have faced so far (because they are healthy)… but of course the game is also AT LSU so their luck continues.
Y'all can't even beat South Carolina at home boss... Georgia will be out of the top 10 by the end of November. I think people are finally starting to see that Kirby Smart is a fraud... You can fill your team with as many 5 stars as you want, but if you are still a terrible coach, your luck will eventually run out.
The cupboard was bare?? FSU had the 6th best roster in all of college football at the starting of this season. Try again.
The ONLY reason this is being looked at as a "upset alert" game is because they beat Georgia last week... it has nothing to do with Florida. Georgia has their own problems. That win has no bearing on how this game will be played at all. Just media trying to drum up interest.
It is hard for me to believe that LSU is DBU when Jefferson made Delpit and White look absolutely ridiculous last year.
You, and your team, come off as so scared sounding when you say things like that...
You should be neutered so you cannot breed this stupidity into society.
Did you see the video of him twisting Trask's ankle?
These types of comments make y'all look so weak and scared. It is actually sad... clinging on to the only three years of relevance in the past 40.
This reeks of him being TOLD he had to apologize. I am sure that new ACC network that launched this year was ready to sue ole Pauly boy! Miami, and their fans are the worse... end of story.
Don't forget the 80's... y'all have done nothing during 90% of that decade either.