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They have to choose between Auburn vs LSU, Florida vs Tennessee...
They haven't posted anything for september 24th. I am sure it will be FL vs Tenn.
We didn't get back into scoring position? What do you call the 25 yard line? Playing for a touchdown and playing for a field goal are vastly different prospects.
I think he means that if he based his rushing attack based on what we gave Tennessee... then that is where his numbers will be. This game will be rough.. for both teams.. and a close one. Death Valley at Night is a killer. It's sink or swim time for the gators.
We're not just talking 8 sacks to 3 sacks either.. we're talking getting real push 35 tackles for loss totaling to 166 negative yards in four games.
I don't know if you've seen the dominance of our front D-line. We rotate 8 or 9 defensive solid defensive lineman and they are almost always fresh. Because they are fresh we often get tackles for a loss and sacks. We haven't forced the interceptions as much but I dare say we have stuffed many opponents near the red zone or on their own side of the 50.