Hate losing so hate Richt

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He’s selling it because Crescent beach is now just like any other beach in FL. Complete over crowded and full of rude New Yorkers.
Makes you wonder why anyone with the intelligence to acquire that kind of money would actually be dumb enough to buy it. Right? But they will. Your thoughts?
I'm not one to defend Richt (couldn't stand him). But he actually didn't do that. What he did tell his players was that "if you don't get a penalty for celebrating our first TD everyone is going to run during the next practice". Now this was still extremely stupid. Obviously. At the time he was thinking the team lacked energy. Guess it never occurred to him that having an HC who lived off of a steady diet of Nyquil smoothies might be the culprit. He said he never envisioned the entire team going out on to the field. But that's what happens when you give 18yr old kids a green light to act like morons.
If this man is hired by any NFL team, he will have officially taken the title for "worlds greatest con man" from Jim Harbaugh. ever seen what Megan Mullen does to those boys when they get off of the bus? If I'm a FL fan I steer clear of sexual innuendos at all cost. It's alarming.
What the H-e-ll does a guy from New Hampsier know about a swamp? Nice try cousin Eddie.
Espn is more interested in social engineering than actually covering sports ( see Michael Sam and many others). Sports is simply the vehicle they use to further a leftist cause.
Absolute truth. A 17 year old shouldn't even be a factor in decisions like this. And BTW... How many championships did Richt win with stafford and Murray?
What about the UGA position? Oh that right there is no position because we beat GSU in overtime. Awesome. Way to shoot for the middle Dawgs.
Hey fellow Dawg fans! Notice anything? The rest of the east is finally passing us by since we have been hell bent on keeping our beloved reverend Richt. Notice there was no real reason given to think UGA is on the rise along with these other teams? We have the most ignorant fan base in America and that's why Richt wasn't fired in 2010 or fired in the tunnel in Jacksonville.
Mark Richt is a disaster. He should have been fired five years ago. Why is this man employed ?
How did they do head to head? The west played better teams in better bowls. Think much?
Spot on sir. I am not a cop but I am also able to see truth. Cops have one of the toughest jobs out there.
For those of you who think we shouldn't fire Richt because he has an unproven 18 year old coming in ...... Try not to choke on your own tongue . Please see Matthew Stafford and Arron Murray.
Not exactly. This win was a bad thing for UGA's future. This is why we should have fired him in the tunnel in Jacksonville. Now we're looking at 10 wins ( none over ranked teams and GSU will be the only one with a winning record) assuming we get some cupcake in the capital one bowl. We will be the worst 10 win team in the country. I couldn't believe all of the useful idiots in Athens who think " real fans support the team no matter what". They acted like we beat the patriots last night. We have the dumbest fan base in America. The problem isn't Richt. The problem is a fan base who is cult like in their blind and unconditional support of this idiot. He's nothing more than an overpaid youth minister. "Real fans "stayed home last night and pulled for GSU so we could finally get rid of this cancer that is Richt.
Here's the problem ........ YOU RIGHT! The other problem is that for some reason UGA fans except mediocrity. I know that's a foreign concept at most SEC schools but we are special. Makes me sick but just look at the comments above. It's unbelievable!
You have GOT to be kidding me. We can't find a guy to lose every big game with teams loaded with NFL talent? There is no coach out there who could do better than 5-10 vs our biggest rival? No " option" out there could do better than 14-23 vs ranked teams since 2008? We can't find a guy who wouldn't have had a losing record vs. Ron Freaking Zook? Please explain why you think UGA can't do better than this. Seems to me a " fan" would have higher expectations at a school like UGA. Fans like you are the reason we will be in the music city bowl for years to come. We have not beat a ranked team ( and won't) all year!