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I mean we came back at beat them by three TDs a few weeks later so nobody cares about UGA losing that game. Bama doesn’t get in if Auburn wins the championship cause the committee doesn’t want to see a team that already lost to another team in the playoff. So if we owe you a thank you, you owe us one.
The only problem was they let too many dual threats go elsewhere. Cam newton, Watson, they made nick marshall play DB, there are more.
Did you see what happened in to Auburn in Atlanta?
Best of luck to Roquan at the next level. It almost didn’t happen but he was a DGD during his time here. Now cue Viltrainconductor with their usual idiotic commenr
Man I wanted to keep this kid. He has the best name!!!
Aside from the Alamo bowl he never really did live up to his hype. Don't get me wrong he was a good player who played well most times but he was supposed to be an all world disrupter. I wonder what would have been had he not been nagged by injuries and had the weird offseason issue. He is gonna be a monster at the next level.
take a look in the mirror bud. Are you just awful at being a troll or are you really just an idiot who doesn't understand how this stuff works? Or maybe you're just mad cause you forgot what it was like to have something good to write about. You can talk all you want about people wanting to "jump ship" but no one even wants to get on your ship. Remember when Tennessee was the embarrassment of all college football when they couldn't get any coach to come there even for double what they were currently getting paid? Seriously go troll somewhere else. You are becoming a joke to everyone here and not in a good way.
Good lord you guys really hate Kimmel eh? What he said was actually pretty cool and funny.
Wowwww... just wow. I don't know how you let that happen but Bama deserved to win this one. Great game Tide.
I got to see him play against my team in high school and he is a great person. Very high character and it shows. He might be gone next season though and I'm sure UT would love him to come back to Texas
I honestly think Tua will go down as the best QB in Bama history. The kid is that good.
back then it wasn't necessarily the "National Championship game" but if UGA had won it they would have been national champions.
This guy is so talented I hope he gets drafted in a good spot. He could be an immediate impact at the next level. Gonna miss him next year.
That's fair, it was just a thought I had. It wasn't so much a thought for you John, but an open thought for everyone. I know myself, I don't let Manziel or Tebow's failings alter the greatness I saw in the in college. For some of the middle players though I am a little swayed one way or another. Matt Stafford for instance I remember in a brighter light because I see him succeed in the NFL and I know he was a great QB. But when I REALLY look back at his UGA career it was just okay. Not as high up on the ranks at it seems in my mind.
I'll agree with you on Murray. Although he was a great QB for Georgia, he didn't do enough to put him in front of the other 5 in my mind. But number 6 isn't a bad place to be either. He did have a penchant for coming up short in big games. He wins a few of those and he could get higher, like you said, John. I have a question though, When it comes to some of these players, does their success (or lack thereof) at the next level affect how we look at them? Would we hold Aaron Murray in higher regard if he could hold a roster spot like McArron? Does Dak get a little inflated because he has been pretty successful? Not to say they shouldn't be in those spots but I think whenever we see a guy do well (or poorly) at the next level it makes us look at their college career in a different light.