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Yeah, that first down called back in the 3rd quarter seemed pretty clear cut on the replay. Not sure how the official missed it.
Have to admit, I'm surprised how well the defensive line stopped the run. The previous teams played had much better success at the run, with missed tackles and linebackers being out of position. Taking away Auburn's run forced the freshman QB to use his arms, on top of being in a hostile, loud environment. That'd be asking too much of any frosh QB. Kind of surprised he didn't scramble more; Towson's QB had a lot of success on QB runs. Hopefully this solid, excellent defense will show up against LSU and give Burrow a hard time, too. The secondary is going to have its hand full with that offense.
Yep, agreed. I can understand him being upset about it in the moment, but watching the replay would show that there was nothing dirty about it. Also didn't think the Pierce tackle was targeting, either. Both just lowered their heads at the same moment.
I think it's also that Trask was McElwain's guy and Franks fits more into Mullen's preferred system being more comfortable running the ball. Franks has more zip on the ball but it feels like Trask sees the field better and does his progressions quicker. He still needs to get more experience and maturity and develop some pocket awareness, though.
I love the Gators but I don't think they're top 4 or 5 just yet. LSU will answer a lot more whether they deserve to be in top 10 or not. 2 Tigers (Towson, Auburn) down, need to beat LSU for the hat trick.
That was a blatantly awful penalty. :( Something like that needs to have a far more punishing penalty for the player.
That's the thing I'm most proud of: the o-line doing a far better job than expected considering that defensive line they were up against. Trask definitely needs more experience and maturity to develop better pocket awareness. Aside from that, he did a phenomenal job slinging the ball around. I bet the HBC was proud, too.
He works well with what he got. Remember in 2008 he had Jeffrey Demps and Chris Rainey, two speedy and relatively small backs that benefited from a stellar offensive line. It did take him a bit to utilize those two backs, as he was mostly running up the middle with Moody or Tebow. I feel like Perine (and Scarlett before) would've both excelled if they just had a better offensive line to work with. Mullen needs to recruit better OL's in the future.
Looks like the Steele Dossier strikes again. :/ Seriously, though, I'm not really worried about the decommits. It's early days yet for 2021 commitments, and decommits happen all the time in recruiting. However, there's no doubt that these kind of decommits doesn't bode well for recruiting in the future if it's not cleared up and fixed.
Aww, was this your first spring football game? I remember my first spring game and being confused, too.
For those of us that know which alphabet letter comes before the other, it's the Florida-Georgia game. :)
I agree, it's still too early to have a verdict on Frost. He is likely stuck with mostly playing the previous coach's players, who might not be buying into his system of playing. There's a lot to consider before we can tell whether Frost was a bust or not. Next year should be a better indicator of how he'll fare. The players he recruited will be sophomores and the QB will be more comfortable with the playbook.
Man, Florida dodged a bullet there. Rumor had it that Frost and Kelly were the top 2 in coaching hire but eventually went to Mullen when the other two chose Nebraska and UCLA respectively. I much preferred Mullen, so I was happy we got him, but even moreso now when you look at how terrible the other two coaches are doing. Sure, they inherited terrible teams, but so did Mullen taking over a team that went 4-8 last year. Mullen is a far better fit for the Gators program than the other two.
Mason mentioned a Florida player said something to him that set him off. He yells at the kid something, Mullen yells back at him. It's much ado about nothing. The freshman that got ejected for targeting was properly punished, it was a foul play.
I think it was more that Meyer saw the cupboard was bare on both sides of the ball and didn't want the stress of rebuilding the program. I have a feeling he would've stuck around a lot longer if Cam Newton didn't get himself kicked off the team as he would've still had a team competing for BCS championships. As it was, he left the program in a worse state than he found it in. Ron Zook gave him lots of talent and he managed to win a championship with them.
Yeah, I didn't know of any Gator fans that didn't think he could recruit. Maybe some felt he couldn't recruit offensive talent that well, but he could certainly draw in the top defensive talents. We certainly learned real quick he couldn't cut it as a head coach, though.
Think they realized that not enough teams suspend good players to keep Auburn in the limelight.
As evident in that OK St./Texas Tech game's score: 70-53
I'd like to see these comparisons also take into account special teams. I'm worried that Lambert might have a field day against UF's secondary. They've given up a lot of big plays and let teams into the game too much. LSU's Brandon Harris looked like Tom Brady against them. I'm hoping the coaches fixed it up a bit during the bye. Kelvin Taylor has the makings to be a great RB, but you can have the best RB in the world and still not do well if the offensive line cannot open up holes and block properly. UF's o-line hasn't done well in that regards. When they do, Taylor usually does quite well.
McElwain and company should've known Les Miles history of trick plays against Florida and protected against a fake. A FG is far easier to deal with than a TD at that stage of the game. I'm sure McElwain won't make the same mistake twice in future against The Mad Hatter.
LSU barely beat Florida with a Heisman candidate RB in Fournette and a backup QB with less than a week of practice and preparation, and needed a trick play and two hail marys to get ahead. How would the Dawgs do better with a backup RB, a banged up o-line, and 2 weeks of practice and preparation for Treon Harris to get better? This is the team that scored only 3 FGs against Mizzou, and the Gators defense is just as stout as Mizzou.
It'll be interesting to see how LSU does against a starting QB instead of 4 backup QBs in a row. I think we'll see Florida and Alabama in the SECCG, and hopefully enough time has gone by for McElwain to tool the offense around Treon's skillset so they can make a game of it against Bama.
There's no doubt that Jeff Driskel came into a bad situation with coaches that didn't really utilize him properly, but taunting Florida for his success at LA Tech is silly. Look at the competition he gets to play against compared to SEC defenses week-in-week-out: Southern Jaguars Won 62-15 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Lost 41-38 Kansas State Wildcats Lost 39-33 FIU Golden Panthers Won 27-17 Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns Won 43-14 UTSA Roadrunners Won 34-31
Muschamp or whoever called the plays last year called the offensive game in a not-to-lose manner. The play-calling was never inspired or aggressive. Essentially he wholly relied on the defense to win games. As we've seen with the Vols this year, that doesn't work too well in the SEC, and Muschamp learned that after 4 years of bull-headedness. At least with this year's coaching staff, Harris will have more opportunities to win games and the offense can do something besides be 12 placeholders on the field until the defense gets on.
Zook and Muschamp were also defensive coordinators, whereas Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer, and Jim McElwain are all offensive-minded coaches. I think that has something to do with it, too. At least at UF, anyway.
It's a template to get more information about the subject matter. An elaboration, if you will.
I suspect the offensive coordinator was playing it safe, too, with a lead and a young offense. The play-calling was conservative in the 2nd half, and fortunately it didn't bite us like it did with the Vols.
Good point, they really did step up big time. A lot of Gators stepped up in yesterday's game. So many of them grew up before our eyes.
To be fair to SDS, most Gator fans predicted a painful year of growth as the new coaches and froshs/sophs get some much needed SEC experience. I'm still uncertain if this is the real Will Grier or if Ole Miss' defense is a lot worse than everyone claimed. Or maybe the coaches just came up with a really good gameplan. More answers in the next couple of weeks should let us know.
I'll be more than happy to crown Grier one of the best QB as a Gator but he's going to need to play against more ranked competition and do well and help gain wins before I get my hopes up. It's been too long since the Gators has had a great QB who gets it done. Still, the hope has been kindled, he looked spot on last night.