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I feel like most coaches, including Dan Mullen, are using big leads to "practice" plays and players since most teams didn't get much of an offseason to do so this year. Not to mention the usual putting in 2nd and 3rd strings for valuable playing time in preparation for the next year.
I agree, I have to admit. Trask was excellent but Smith was monstrously good this Saturday.
That was the thing that was most annoying about Muschamp and McElwain. They tended to play conservative and not trust their players to execute. More often than not we saw the team play it safe and vanilla with a minor lead in those years.
I think it's simply just difficult to really find a good coach. Even with UF's money and pedigree, they still whiffed hard with Muschamp and McElwain. Look at FSU having the same issue with a number of head coach fails. Of course it's not just the head coach, but the staff they bring and the kind of recruiting that's available in the area. But the major factor is lucking out with a head coach hire that brings it all together. I hope UT eventually finds a good head coach and the rivalry comes back. The 2000's rivalry was fun and exciting when both teams were in the top 10 facing each other.
A pumpkin-spice flavored burn.
Misogyny is a mental disorder. You should have that looked at by a professional.
Was it mentioned anywhere why he had surgery on his nose? Was it because the impact caused his face to move forward within the helmet and hit the mask or did something else happen? Glad he's good to go and recovered well. Looking forward to seeing him in action again.
JT Daniels posted on Twitter that he had been healthy since the second game of the season. Of course a player's definition of healthy and ready to go can be different than a coach's.
I remember when Miss St. opened the season with some eye-popping numbers and everyone warned about the Air Raid demolishing SEC defenses and KJ Costello getting all kinds of praise. Now 6 games later and we are seeing the exact same thing happening with a single game from JT Daniels. Go figure. Although he certainly did an amazing job against Miss St, no doubt about that. In any case, some of the reasons that may explain him sitting out previous games that weren't listed could've been: - academic problems (coach punishing players for poor attendance or grades) - poor/slow understanding of the playbook and signals - poor off-field and/or on-field attitude and lack of leadership - poor or erratic practice performance Obviously coaches don't like highlighting these things openly, especially for quarterbacks, so they tend to skirt around those issues with the media.
Which is odd because the other team seem to understand it best.
Yep, and that's on the coaches. Good coaches motivate the players to play 100% no matter who they're up against. Saban could teach a masterclass on exactly that.
Kyle Trask deserves to be the frontrunner for Heisman. The offense as a whole is fantastic. Similarly, the secondary makes the other team's QB look like Heisman finalists.
Yep, agreed, fun to watch them now. They're going to be a nightmare next year with more time under Kiffin's offense.
Yeah, these articles hyping up either candidates is fun entertainment, but the SECCG between the two teams will determine which of the two gets the most votes for Heisman based on their performance against each other in that game.
I think most football fans understand that touchdowns help to win games the most of all the stats. Completion percentage, YPA, and such all help, but TDs and wins are still king.
I'm glad the Gators offense is as good as it is, because that was the difference in order to win over Ole Miss ridiculously talented duo of Corral and Moore. Moore had over 200 yards receiving in that game, Corral nearly 400 yards passing.
He was spreading the ball around before Pitts got hurt, but people outside the fanbase weren't paying attention to that. Pitts sitting out highlighted his ability to get the ball into the hands of whichever receiver is open, even the RBs doing wheel routes. We're definitely going to need someone like Pitts against Alabama, though.
I don't think it was a cheap shot. It was a fast-paced play where the two unfortunately collided in such a jarring manner.
Spurrier coached at Duke at the start of his career. It's a dig at Muschamp following Spurrier around (Florida, then SC.)
Yes, it was nice to see the offense performing in all 4 quarters. More importantly, getting the running game going and amassing 208 yards rushing was key for a lot of those downfield passes.
Agreed, it didn't seem intentional or malicious. It was all so fast and sudden. Hopefully they both recover well and go back to playing good football.
I'd switch the percentage from LSU to Arkansas and vice versa. Arkansas will probably be the toughest game until the SECCG.
I hope I'm wrong but I can't see the Gators defense playing well enough against Mac Jones and Alabama's offense. The last good QB they faced, Kellen Mond, torched the Gators defense, and MJ is a far better QB than Mond. Perhaps the Gators defense will improve with less injuries and starters being back on the field after recovering from the virus by the time the SEC championship game comes around. Similarly, I'm worried about how well Franks will fare against our secondary in next week's game. It'll be a good test to see if the defense can step up against a good QB.
Actually it was Randy Shannon at a game in TX for another player who saw Trask in action and convinced McElwain. Ended up being a good call.
I went to the WLOCP for the first time a few years ago with my aunt and uncle and it was a complete blast. Tailgated early and met all kinds of fans for 4 hours before the game started. A lot were dressed up for Halloween. Bulldog fans were high fiving me and offering some amazing foods, saw a lot of Gator and Bulldog couples having fun while wearing different colors. I can't imagine a college football experience being any better.
Seems odd that people actually thought he was able to find a costume that fit after half-time as some sort of statement about the brawl. That's quite a reach.
You've had one too many appletinis. Time to go sleep it off.
2007 defense comes to mind, but I think this one takes the cake of the two.