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Probably. Look what happened when they beat us lol
If this "champion of life" can't understand why people are still frustrated with the results and constant under performing to expectations then he's clearly not fit for a role of head coach at an SEC program
I'm not going to try to convince you that our schedule is harder than yours, because it isn't. But I don't think there is quite the difference you're trying to place here. Sure, you play Bama every year but we play LSU, which over the past decade has been the second most consistently strong program in the west. And yes, A&M did beat Arkansas, but that was a hard fought, close game and I'd put them at similar opponent quality. Finally, because I know someone else will bring this up, yes you do typically schedule a strong out of conference opponent. However, we play FSU every year. Again, not saying I'd want to trade schedules but I think "much, much, much harder" is a bit of a stretch
How is Aaron Hernandez not on this list?
As a Florida fan, the LSU game is my favorite road trip or one of our best home games every year. Sorry Starkville, you just aren't as fun as NOLA. I'd never want to give that up. What I think would be interesting though, is if instead of having a regular rotation for the other inter-divisional game, is matching up opponents based on the previous year's records like the NFL does. That way we'd always get a rematch of the championship game and there would be scheduling parity to create a lot of really good games