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Goes to show an all-SEC championship game can still draw significant viewership. Let's do it again next year!
"If UGA wins the East and Alabama wins the West, the Crimson Tide will have to play every single SEC team on this list."Also means Georgia will have to play every single SEC team on this list too. Or did you forget they play Auburn every year?
UT - He's a UT fan. Used to go by VoltrainConductor No other fan base is this sad.
Wow, only what? Two months in Florida? and he's already addicted to snorting bath salts...
"those getting mad at a young athlete online should probably rethink their social media posts" If anyone heeded this advice, #Voltwitter and the VolNation forum would shut down tomorrow.
Joey Gatewood was impressive in the US Army All-American game. Would've led his team to a comeback win if they didn't make the QB's change out every drive or so. Good get for Auburn and their offense.
You're absolutely right. Tennessee did have quite the QB issue. Dormandy > Guarantano > and the kid who burned his RS for no reason, McBride? When one didn't work you had to plug in the next.
We do have 2 QBs - Fromm and Fields. Go figure the Tennessee fan can't count to two.
Don't forget Dawgdayz is a UT fan who's only entertainment is trolling Georgia and saying stupid sh*t pretending to be a dawg. Please ignore his comments, not from a real UGA fan.
Where do you get your recruiting info from? Besides Campbell and Bush, you've missed every other UGA target/lean. Try again.
Almost as goofy and embarrassing as being a UT fan.
Hey Voltrainconductor!! Was wondering where you were. This article was lacking in trolls. Good to see you buddy.
Worth noting Tommy Bush is also in the running for UGA at WR. Green or Bush would make a great addition to this class.
Why are you being specific for me? My comment had nothing to do with Bama, nor the importance of player development. Anyone can comprehend that player development is the more significant half of the equation. I mean, look at Tennesee as exhibit A.I was merely pointing out to the author that Ohio State will likely not have the #1 spot at the end of this cycle.
Ignore him. He's a troll and not even a good one. I wonder what went wrong in his life that got him to this point. He needs a friend.
Should've read Georgia's "good problems", but that works too
Best of luck to this young man. Just not enough room in the class. Unfortunate side of Georgia's good program.We should also feel honored that whoever Voltrain is, he thinks UGA is important enough to dedicate his time to posting his crap on every single uga article. I take it as a compliment.
Yes, do ask us. We are educated on football. I'll immediately prove you wrong by saying that our loss to AU was not due to officiating at all.Of our two losses (how many did you have?) only one could reasonably say that officiating had an impact.If you can't concede some poor calls were made in the Natty, then you're just being stubborn. At the end of the day, you play through it, it's part of the game, but I do hate to see officiating impact the game, especially such an important one.
All great moments. For #5, I might say Swift's jump over the goal line in the Ga Tech game was equally impressive. Looked pretty cool too.
Ok, troll... I'll bite.'Memba when Vol fans lauded Butch Jones as the best coach to ever set foot on Rocky Top? 10 years from now everyone will remember "brick by brick", "champions of life" "5 star hearts" and 0-8 in the SEC. That is now Tennessee's legacy, whether you like it or not.How's it feel to be the power bottom of the SEC East?? Let me reiterate EAST.Break your losing streak to Vandy before you post anything ever again.
41-0 0-8Somehow Tennessee fans are too stupid to understand you can't talk with numbers like that.
So does this mean he wants his future DC, Kevin Sherrer, to fail?
So I don't think two interceptions and a fumble, leading to 14 points for UCF, is the performance needed to jumpstart that Heisman talk. Just sayin.
Dang man, why write this article right now? Deliberately trying to take the wind out of UGA's sails? Just let us be excited for a moment, then you can tell us about how many kids die in Christmas accidents and how many puppies end up abandoned in shelters. Bah humbug, Mr. Crist.