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No, just saying we've beaten Auburn. Obviously it's not a big deal.
Well, we've beaten Auburn every year since then, so there's that.
Jones will be fine with a loss at UF (not saying they'll lose, but he'll be fine.) Jones will be fired only after another loss to the SEC's traditional "easy" games (Vandy, South Carolina, Kentucky.) Nobody will fault him if team 121 loses to LSU, and Bama. That's Tennessee's expectation these days. Above average SEC play but not expected to beat the powerhouses. If he loses to Florida, and Georgia, and LSU, and Bama, then maybe... but I think Jones is safer than most think right now.
“We’re going to be a good offense before this is all said and done,” Malzahn said. “I promise you that.”Read: "Please don't fire me yet, give me a few more weeks with a paycheck"Should've been a good offense before the season started...
Hi Adam, quick fact check / correction. Stidham is coming over to Auburn from the McLennan Community College Highlanders, not the Baylor Bears.
So you make an argument (Senior RBs rarely lead the league in rushing)You state why that statistic/argument is flawed (Most talented RBs leave for NFL early. Not a lot of RBs stick around for senior year.)Then you make a conclusion based on the flawed argument (That these RBs won't have good seasons, because seniors rarely lead the league in rushing.)Yep, sounds like sound logic to me.
My money is on Jacbo Eason. Jacob's more skilled twin.
Thank you Mr. O'Gara. Finally, an article on this website that uses reason and logic.
Cam Newton > Signed to an SEC School > Stole Stuff > JUCO > Auburn Nick Marshall > Signed to an SEC School > Stole Stuff > JUCO > AuburnJarrett is missing a few qualifying criteria for being a successful Auburn QB.
You need to look up the definition of a hail mary. Eason's pass to Ridley was a pass. Dobbs' lob to Jennings was a hail mary. Next year, watch the game.
He was referring to LSU losing to Florida...
Wait, we're talking about the #22 player in the nation, right? Called this...
PS - "The starter should be named and settled before Week 1" This is true. Kirby has already named Jacob Eason the starter. It's already happened.
Would y'all stop with the Eason / Fromm talk? Seriously... How many times do I have to say this? It's not a thing. Let it die. Let it go...just let it go... He's a great kid with a lot of talent but Eason also has talent plus a year of experience. Fromm will have his glory days too, but for this year, we'd have to be the dumbest team in the SEC to start another true freshman when Eason is healthy. No Georgia fan who follows football is thinking Fromm will start.
"Jarrett Stidham is no lemon." I didn't know SDS had a magic crystal ball tucked away in their office. Did Miss Cleo tell you that? Or did I somehow sleep through his first SEC snap?
ESPN is stupid. There are a lot of good players to talk about. How about we talk about the ones who've actually taken snaps for their team?
+1 to this.WHERE is this Eason/Fromm thing coming from? As sports writers, aren't you required to know things about sports? Sure, Kirby said one time in one sentence in Spring camp that competition is good for Eason, but come on. Anyone who's even remotely paying attention knows that it's Eason all the way. Please find something valid to talk about when referring to UGA.
Not trying to be mean here, but it sounds like Butch Jones has brought in other head coaches to coach him on how to be a head coach... stressing the "mentor" and "sounding board" comments. Collaboration is good, but it sounds like he feels he's in over his head and needs help.
Was Kirby taking a jab at Butch Jones? “No.”There you go. Just wrote your whole article for you. No need to add any more words because after we click on the headline, your click count goes up and you can sell your advertising space. Congrats, you win. Next time save the effort of adding twitter links.
How are you going to say that Kirby Smart, only a second year HC, who just recruited the #3 class in the nation... will be on the hot seat unless he gets 9 wins? You put him right up there with Butch Jones who's been rebuilding and rebuilding but hasn't hit the mark yet. You can talk about Kirby and hot seats after he's coached as many seasons as Jones. Georgia Fans are more invested in him than you give us credit for. Mark Richt had 15 years. We'll give Kirby more than two.
I don't think you refuted a single point I conveyed. 19 pts per game is 19 pts per game. While I commend your research and agree that yards are indicative of good offensive performance, what matters most is points. What good is a baseball team that gets a ton of hits, but no runs. A basketball team that gets all the rebounds, but no points. At the end of the day what matters most is the score. Missouri struggles to score against SEC teams. Also not saying Georgia is in any way better just because I'm a fan. I'm simply saying that its hard to label Missouri as the best offense in the east based on the stats provided as justification by the author of this article.
I'll copy and paste a previous note from Nobleman regarding why Missouri shouldn't really make #1 on this list anyways:"Mizzou’s 2016 offensive stats are very misleading. In their 9 gms vs power 5 tms (SEC sked + WV), they scored 179 pts (19 per gm). Then vs THREE (3) non-power 5 tms they scored a whopping 191 pts (Mid TN 51, Del St 79 & E Mich 61), or 63 per game!! They basically got fattened up vs weaklings."Its obvious this article was written looking at stats alone and there was no real critical thinking involved in writing it.
Yes, it TOTALLY does make sense. Alabama is considered the stronger team, obviously, so losing to a #1 Championship team is somewhat understandable. Losing to a Georgia team that's usually not ranked in the top 20 by November is more difficult to swallow. I agree with Weagle99 here.
I have several UT friends who feel the exact same way.Answer is to move Auburn AND Alabama to the East. Move Vandy and Mizzou to the West. Not 100% geographically accurate (Nashville vs. Tuscaloosa), but it's pretty dang close. Solves a lot of the rivalry issues as AU/Bama will continue, UGA/AU will continue, and UT/Bama would continue.
Jarrett Stidham #5? Can someone please point me to his SEC stats? How can he be the #5 QB in the SEC when he's never played as an SEC Quarterback. The article itself states "he can’t be considered the best quarterback in the conference until he’s actually won a game in the conference." I don't think he can be the fifth best quarterback when he's never actually won a game in the conference. And this coming from a school who's failed on the last 2 attempts at a transfer QB (Johnson, JF III.) I'll believe it when I see it... Till then, this is just another over-hyped Auburn transfer QB. I think there are QBs who've actually played in the SEC who deserve the #5 spot over a Baylor QB.
Thanks Nobleman. I hate it when people don't look at the real situation behind the numbers and I appreciate it when people actually take the time to look at the stats honestly. Like they say "There's lies, damned lies, and statistics"
As much as I love to give my Tennessee friends crap about the Battle at Bristol (confetti, trophy, rings), we can't really fault UT for any of that. Truthfully, it was the event organizers who were trying to make it a huge deal and added all the extra fluff around the event. I put all the "blame" on them for hyping a regular season game, albeit the largest attendance for a game in CFB History.
Interestingly enough I agree with you. Kentucky is my sleeper pick to win the East this year. I'd like to pick Georgia because I'm a Georgia fan, but I'm picking Kentucky because I've been a Georgia fan long enough to know better.
Kirby's plan is working... Becoming more like Bama every day. Next stop, gun charges.