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Hey bro, happy you’re excited about the season but this has nothing to do with us. Don’t be a jerk. You’re the fuel to BamaTime’s fire. Just let it play out on the field.
Based on what I saw in the documentary, I don’t believe this man should be charged with anything besides having a poor hoice in friends. That said, I’m happy to see he’s no longer facing BS murder charges.
Well thank goodness you’re here to call us all out on it. The internet is a safer place now and Bama fans everywhere can rest easy knowing that BamaTime is keeping those comment sections under control.
If you mean do I reference topics that I'm familiar with? Yes. I don't have an encyclopedia of examples to further my point, but I do know UGA football, so I use those examples. Jerk.
Agree. The kid's a stud. Just irks me when authors use one rating or another to boost a headline, or maybe just didn't realize. Traditionally we all go composite scores. Nobody talks about Jake Fromm as a 5-star QB recruit (he was per Scout).
Per 247 Article yesterday: "A 6-foot-1, 218-pound linebacker, Kaho reportedly had a number of family issues that spurred the transfer in an effort to push him closer to home." How is Tuscaloosa closer to Reno, NV than Washington? Makes no sense. Also, 247 Composite has him as a 4-star.
FWIW - Guarantano was taking first team snaps at Fan Day. If I were the betting type, I would've placed my bet after seeing that.
I thought this was an SEC website? I get the Ohio State coverage because you kinda have to buy why are we evaluating Clemson QBs? At least wait until week 2 and use this as a primer for the Texas A&M / Clemson matchup.
Interesting to see the hate for ESPN considering they were by far the last ones to put out a piece when it all broke.
It’s less ironic that a jackass Vol fan is posing as a UGA fan.
This is a recruiting move used to show recruits that Saban will be around a while. Whether or not he stays the full length of his contract is TBD, but announcing an extension this year (a one year extension) is a PR move for recruiting efforts.
+1 Was thinking the same thing. Shame on SDS for calling out a QB no longer on the team.
Truth is stuff did go down at UGA. Does it speak to Pruitt’s abilities as a head coach? No. Does it mean he won’t be successful? No. Did he clash with Richt and the administration? Yes. You can find the story on Dawgpost called "What Happened at UGA in 2015." Tried to post a link but it got held for approval by moderators.
Never forget. This is all Auburn's fault. Couldn't just beat the crap out of them in the Peach Bowl... Had to let this happen.
Wow, what jumps out at me is Vandy and UT having the same record. Wouldn't have guessed that. But I guess last year really put a lot of "L"s in that column whilst not adding any to the "W"s
No Georgia fan thinks Kirby is the GOAT. That’s just assinine. We’re excited about him and yes we do think he has the potential to beat Saban and win a Natty at some point, maybe even multiple titles. But to call someone the GOAT there has to be a track record of success. He’ll win some and he’ll lose some, but to be the GOAT you have to win multiple titles. It’s too early for all that talk with Kirby.
He picked MSU to beat UGA last year. He's dead to me.
Agreed. A&M did this, then Tennessee. I don't know what's up with the recent trend with coaches thinking this is a good idea, but definitely don't post this kind of stuff without 1) making sure you actually coached the guy (in a significant role) and 2) making sure he's OK with it, which I would guess most of them are not.
So by your logic, the actions of 1 single fan in an isolated incident should put an entire university program at the top of a "most hated list." The whole list is now pointless and a waste of time because the writers at Spun didn't see that guy in Vegas that time... Right, ok.
Scratch that thought. I think he has to sit a year, right?
I wonder if Jacob Eason will be the starting QB. He’s already beaten Auburn once.
Yep. Entire West end zone was closed. 82K was capacity for today. Go Dawgs!!
How long will it take you to figure out iLoveMyDawgs is actually a Tennessee troll? You comment on all his posts as if you actually believe a UGA fan is writing these.
He doesn't have dawgs. He's a vol fan trolling this site, and has been the last couple months. Pay him no attention.
“I don’t think they play music during football games. I’ve never heard it, maybe they do“. - Pruitt From the school that ruined “Turn down for what?” Guess those bands need to stay home too. Oh, and the fans should keep it down so the players can hear his in-game coaching and play calling.
Just semantics, but 3 teams were invited. One declined the invitation.
Jay Bilas - Keep Mark Fox because "nobody in the SEC has been a consistent NCAA (tournament) program except for Kentucky. Nobody’s done it. It’s just Kentucky.” Yeah, that's the problem.
Goes to show an all-SEC championship game can still draw significant viewership. Let's do it again next year!