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Public tax dollars well spent I’m sure.
History remembers Champions. No one cares about seasons. The only thing people will remember about UT this year is how UT was a good team who choked. You can be the best team on paper but the trophy that says “Best Team” will live outside of Knox County.
When the top minds in the sport actually agree on something, that the current NIL is “bad for college football," then you'd best pay attention. To dismiss this as simple whining for losing a competitive advantage is foolish and short sighted.
Side note - I agree with you. But I also feel the same way about Baseball. This is SATURDAY Down South. Should be reserved for football news only.
Harsin should never have been under scrutiny after year 1. Heck, even Kirby went 8-5 in his first year with a loss to UT, UF, Georgia Tech, and Vandy of all teams. It takes at least a year for a new HC to install their system and get buy in from the players. To make matters worse, Harsin has to deal with the relaxed transfer portal rules - so yeah - it was a red flag when players started jumping ship - which is normal in any coaching change, but especially when they now have free agency. I think Harsin is a serviceable coach, but won't last much longer simply due to the nature of his division/schedule. SEC West now has Saban, Jimbo, Kiffin, Kelly, and Pittman to contend with, not to mention Georgia as a permanent crossover rival. You have to have some serious support and momentum to build a program capable of competing with all of that.
Exactly what UTjr. has been going through since Fulmer's exit. Kiffin, Dooley, Butch, Pruitt, and now Heupel. It's tough to build culture and recruit if you're not guaranteed at least a 3 year opportunity.
Everyone else did it before with a system and a sort of unspoken code amongst bagmen. They self-governed in many ways. Now that it's legal, but without governance, it's an absolute free for all.
Cade Mays, Yes. Jermaine Johnson, Yes. Derion Kendrick, No. So 16. One could argue that Mays draft stock suffered when he left for UT. He went from being coached by Sam Pittman and (eventually) Matt Luke to Will Friend. He would’ve been a star on UGA’s Oline.
Duffel bags are big bags... i.e. the bag wasn't big enough.
Bama didn't win the SEC in 2017, but won the National Championship. So that's not a great point if you're going to troll.
Where can I get paid 3.2 million to be a complete failure at my job?
He made the same mistake everyone in the media made. Using the Peach Bowl game (in which UGA had 10 starters either injured or opting out) as evidence that they could hang with the big boys. People don't account for the fact that in the "playoff or nothing" era, you won't see motivated performances from the teams who get left out. Meanwhile, it was Cincy's Superbowl. So the ingredients were there for an interesting game, but it's not apples to apples with playing in the playoffs for a spot in the National Championship game.
He said "We run the SEC" - Bama is the current SEC Champion and also won it in 2020. So yeah, they are current SEC Champions. It's a joke and all in good fun. Relax.
That's definitely a start. Wouldn't completely illuminate it though. You'd just see less-valuable players getting instructed to flop.
Agreed. It's too soon to crown him anything. Only time and repeated performance can say if he's the best in America. As a fan, most would agree that the reputation around Kirby is that of a top 3 coach. Only 1 Natty (so far) but he's established a strong pipeline of talent coming to Athens - keeping everyone optimistic for the future. Coach O caught lightning in a bottle with Burrow and Chizik had Newton. Kirby did it with a complete team of athletes and no superstars. Not only that but since 2017, we've dominated the East (one hiccup in 2020.)
And that's why Gators will always be behind the Dawgs in recruiting. Dawgs spend money on facilities, housing, support staff, in-person visits, and marketing. Some call it "investing in yourself." Gator fans call it "suspicious." Part of Kirby coming to UGA in the first place was a promise from the administration to get our facilities to match Bama's facilities. If you build it, they will come...
Well they do both wear visors... maybe you're on to something!
Saying UF hasn’t been relevant since 2008 is just throwing the rhetoric back at you. Opposing fans often said “Georgia hasn’t been relevant since 1980” although there have been many successful seasons and UGA within an OT of the Natty in 2017.
Agree with the first part of the comment but the “so little to show for it” is just wrong. 4 SEC east titles, 1 SEC title, 2 playoff wins, 2 national title appearances. The Natty has been elusive, but to say Kirby has “little to show” for his time at Georgia is narrow minded.
The primary picture on the article is not Jamaree Salyer (69), it's Warren McClendon (70.)
I understand what you mean, but they'd definitely choose Miami. There's so much structure around the playoff games (special events, press meetings, walk throughs, etc.) that they players would never get a chance to leave. They're also likely not staying directly in the Miami area, but 30-45 minutes away.
Easy Tim, That voodoo caught us in 2017 and almost again in 2019. It's a real thing. Answering your other question, about whether or not the Committee would slide Michigan to #1? No Way. A 13-0 SEC Champion will easily be ahead of a 12-1 B1G Champion. Georgia has DOMINATED opponents. Michigan had some close wins and a loss.
"forcing Mullen to sign a new contract with a basement salary an ultra low buyout, in return for getting him new assistants" That's not how contracts work. Maybe you could pay him the $12M he's owed if terminated first, he might agree to take a second contract at a lower rate. But you can't just say "Take a new contract or your fired" - Believe me, the dude will just say "fire me, please" then go on vacation till an NFL team grabs him as an offensive analyst.
Tempo is great until you get 3-outs. Then you're hurting your defense, and our defense will have plenty of time to rest while we run the ball.