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I’m no lip reading expert, but pretty sure he told them to “shut the f*ck up.” Classy.
Throwing shade at UT aside, it could potentially work out ok. Give the top guys extra attention: “Look guys, there’s 100 recruits here today, but you’re the only 10-15 that we really want.”
Yeah, it differs from Pruitt’s approach to get just one elite prospect (Crouch) on campus for a visit. We’ll see how it works out for us.
#4, Scoring First, is not a recipe for success with these teams. Regular Season - UGA Scores first, loses the game SEC Championship - AU Scores first, loses the game
Even more, what if Auburn beats UGA and Bama like last year? Then UGA beats Bama in the SECCG? A bunch of 2-loss SEC candidates. So much football left to be played.
Regarding why he chose this game, it was Senior Day / last home game. He went out at home, rather than travelling for the last two. Good for him.
Gators definitely trending in the right direction. Mullen has made significant strides with this team and you should hold your heads proud. Great game. This is what college football is about.
LOL. They cancelled this trip because only 20 people signed up. Whoa is me with all those “credible” threats... how embarrassing for them.
Always Remember - This is Auburn's fault. Could have been avoided if Auburn had just put them in their place.
Why is this an aricle? Nolan has said forever that he’ll take all his OV’s. Way to be a few months late SDS.
Wow Makdawg, overreact much? Dude was just asking a question. KCCO
Us UGA fans are happy it's 3:30. Death Valley at night is a scary prospect.
"Since last loss to Georgia, Drew Lock and Mizzou have been rolling" Let's take a quick look at who they've been "rolling" against...shall we? '17 Idaho, (4-8) '17 Connecticut, (3-9) '17 Florida (4-7) '17 Tennessee (4-8) '17 Vanderbilt (5-7) '17 Arkansas (4-8) '17 Texas (Loss) (6-6) '18 TN-Martin (0-3) '18 Wyoming (1-2) '18 Purdue (0-3) Might need my glasses but I didn't see a single team with a winning record.
Hi Sue. UGA just beat the second-best team in the East (according to most) by more than 3 touchdowns. While the schedule may include cupcakes, the dominant performances speak for themselves. I'll be eager to hear from you on October 7.
Was gonna say thanks and good luck with the rest of your schedule until you made the Tua comment, but then again, he can throw it all over the park because football fields arent called parks...
Following-up to that, I don't think he'll get 20 carries this game either. Not with Holyfield, Herrien, and Cook to split carries with. Our stable of WR's should get a lot of work too.
Regarding the last 4 games in SC: Kirby Smart is 1-0 in South Carolina. Coach Mark Richt was 0-3. There's your difference. Also, it's not a rivalry if only one team thinks it is (USCe). UGA doesn't consider this a rivalry at all. I've heard arguments for UF, Ga Tech, and AU rivalries, but only people that really want to stick it to USCe year after year are Dawg fans in SC or near the border.
Am I the only one who doesn't think the anonymous coach meant actual CHEATING? I interpreted the comments to be more like "it's not fair - he gets the best players every year - it's practically cheating"... That's the vibe I get from the comments anyways. The only thing I get from this is a coach saying "it's not fair that bama shows up with a team better than everyone else, so that's cheating"
Hey bro, happy you’re excited about the season but this has nothing to do with us. Don’t be a jerk. You’re the fuel to BamaTime’s fire. Just let it play out on the field.
Based on what I saw in the documentary, I don’t believe this man should be charged with anything besides having a poor hoice in friends. That said, I’m happy to see he’s no longer facing BS murder charges.
Well thank goodness you’re here to call us all out on it. The internet is a safer place now and Bama fans everywhere can rest easy knowing that BamaTime is keeping those comment sections under control.
If you mean do I reference topics that I'm familiar with? Yes. I don't have an encyclopedia of examples to further my point, but I do know UGA football, so I use those examples. Jerk.
Agree. The kid's a stud. Just irks me when authors use one rating or another to boost a headline, or maybe just didn't realize. Traditionally we all go composite scores. Nobody talks about Jake Fromm as a 5-star QB recruit (he was per Scout).