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Tannor committed prior to landing commits from two higher-rated players at his position, Adam Anderson and Azeez Ojulari. I'm also hearing grades may be a factor. This has nothing to do with the Auburn game.PS - Expect 3-4 more decommits in the coming weeks. UGA is already on a scholarship crunch for this class but we have a lot of interest from some very good players. Kirby and Co. may have to offer gray shirts to some existing commits which will likely push them elsewhere unfortunately.
Read another report that TN coaches encouraged him to play through it - effectively discouraging him from getting treatment. The medical staff had no way of knowing Kendrick was concussed because he didn't tell them. They didn't make the call to release him back to the game because they didn't treat him at all. The "independent examiner" wouldn't know either. Basically UT told this kid to suck it up and didn't get the treatment he should've gotten - according to the article over on Outkick the Coverage.
Looks like he'll try to do better somewhere else.
Butch: My statement earlier will be my only comment Butch (2 seconds later): But since you bring it up, comment, comment, comment, comment
"Joe Cox may be getting more paycheck than he deserves"
Kirby Smart, First Half of Season Undefeated, Ranked #3 in the nation Beaten every SEC opponent by at least 25 (even Saban hasn't done that.) Accomplished all this with a back-up true freshman QB Shut-out UT in Knoxville - worst blowout since 1905 Dominated MSU coming into Athens off a big win at LSU Beat ND in South Bend with a true FR QB in his first start Secured the #1 Running Back and #1 QB in the nation on the recruiting trailI don't see how any of that is an A-. Go home Joe, you're drunk.
Wow Mr. Cox, I'm impressed. In one article you've managed to show that you know absolutely nothing about football. Just one. Normally it takes a few bad articles here and there, but you've accomplished it with this one, very, very terrible analysis. When you decide to start watching football, and following the teams as most writers do, feel free to have another go at it. Until then, spare your readers the wasted time of what otherwise was a good topic.
Jones won't be fired because of Bama. The decision has been made, he'll be fired because of Florida, UMass, Georgia, South Carolina, and the perceived general dysfunction of the program.He'll be fired after Bama because doing it before would set up an interim coach to coach against Saban, making it the worst possible start for an interim coach. Firing him AFTER Bama will let Jones take the beating and the interim guy can step up and try to salvage a few SEC wins against the likes of Kentucky & Vandy.
Eason has to believe he can win the starting job back. That has to be his goal. I'd love to see it too. Fromm is doing well - to see Eason beat him out for the job would mean fantastic things are happening at UGA. These are all great problems to have. I think we could all do good for ourselves to quit speculating on what one or the other will or should do, and just let these boys compete. They're competitors - that's what they do. We should just appreciate that this is the level of competition we have.
This is a pretty definitive statement. Sources?"Fields didn’t commit to Georgia to red-shirt. He sees a starter in Fromm who doesn’t have his physical talent and a backup in Eason who doesn’t have confidence. He wants to play and play early."
So honest question, because it'll put this in context... Was Guarantano named the starter first, which prompted Dormady to quit? or did Dormady decide to quit and so Guarantano is the next man up?Makes a big difference I think. If Butch named Guarantano starter, then he was trying a new look for his team and the incumbent got mad about it. If Dormady up and quit making Guranatano the guy, then Butch has lost the locker room.
I'll actually take BamaTime's side on this one. UGA was not poorly coached. We were coached well, but not great. "Good" is the enemy of "Great" and we needed someone who could get us to the next level. I won't say that Kirby was "lucky" to inherit the program - the "good" status of the program played into getting Kirby to leave Bama and accept the job at UGA. For Georgia's sake, it's easier to find a great coach when you have something to offer besides just a big paycheck (talent, support staff, facilities, etc.)Anyways, just my two cents but I don't think BamaTime is that far off in his assessments. Yes, it still has to be seen that Kirby can get over the hump, but what we've seen so far (the style of play and the attitude, more than the record), it seems Smart was a great call.
I also happen to know someone who's been around the chatter and he's echoing the same sentiment. It's all about the Benjamins. UT either isn't willing or can't afford to go out and spend top dollar to poach some great coach. The talk is that they'd be looking to spend about what they spent on Butch the first time around, which lends the question - can you get someone for that price point who can lead this team to championships? Your options may be certain coordinators or an up-and-coming mid-level coach like Butch was. Either way, it's taking a gamble.
Jam is a lock. Looking forward to seeing him with Zeus and Fields on Saturdays.
BREAKING NEWS: QB tries to complete as many passes as possible.STAY TUNED: Team hopes they can score more points than their opponents before time runs out.Thanks SDS for the quality reporting! Wouldn't know what to do without you.
Have to agree with you. This game is ripe for an upset - between the Vols being backed in the corner as you say, and UGA coming off a dominating win. Butch will pull out all the stops, and the players will be motivated to show that they're better than what they showed at UMass last week. Their lack of motivation then was probably because they were looking ahead to this game.
I also think Swift needs a mention on this list. If Tua, who hasn't seen meaningful snaps can make it, Swift is a no-brainer. He's a freshman sharing snaps with two amazing tailbacks. Does Kirby have to include him? No. But the kid is just too talented not to see playing time.
A lot of UGA fans are still cautious about the hype and especially returning to Kneeland stadium. Tennessee games the last 5 years have been close, no matter who was trending. Last year UGA was coming off a tough run at Ole Miss and had played poorly against Nichols, and it was close. I think most of us are cautiously optimistic but know that this game is not a gimme.
I think Luke Glusco forgot Georgia is in the East.
Looking forward to a great game. Hopefully it'll be a demonstration of what SEC football is supposed to look like. It'll be a defining game for both programs looking to legitimize their seasons. Good Luck to both! Go Dawgs!
No, just saying we've beaten Auburn. Obviously it's not a big deal.
Well, we've beaten Auburn every year since then, so there's that.
Jones will be fine with a loss at UF (not saying they'll lose, but he'll be fine.) Jones will be fired only after another loss to the SEC's traditional "easy" games (Vandy, South Carolina, Kentucky.) Nobody will fault him if team 121 loses to LSU, and Bama. That's Tennessee's expectation these days. Above average SEC play but not expected to beat the powerhouses. If he loses to Florida, and Georgia, and LSU, and Bama, then maybe... but I think Jones is safer than most think right now.
“We’re going to be a good offense before this is all said and done,” Malzahn said. “I promise you that.”Read: "Please don't fire me yet, give me a few more weeks with a paycheck"Should've been a good offense before the season started...