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Hey Al, may want to go back and watch the 2012 SECCG and feel free to correct your story. Last play of the game was not a deflected pass. It was a completed pass to Chris Conley 5 yards shy of the end zone. That’s why it was disappointing. Because we threw to a guy not even in the end zone with only 5 seconds left and no timeouts.
I just hate to see Clempsum rewarded for their cakewalk of a season. LSU has something special this year and has earned it. Geaux Tigers!
Yep, headed your way. UGA insiders reporting he won’t be coming to Athens.
Marietta played in Vegas. DW is from Vegas. They were literally playing in his back yard. Arik Gilbert, a buddy of his, also plays for Marietta. Not just HB. Lot of nothing here.
Let’s not forget how Clemson made it in after losses to Pitt (2016) and again to Syracuse (2017.)
I say this all the time. Also heard a commentator this past weekend say ArKansas jokingly when referring to the LSU/Arkansas game. This is nothing new in any way.
Mostly agree. There’s a possibility that a one loss PAC12 Champion (Oregon) or one loss BIG12 Champion can jump them. 12-1 Champ or 11-1 non-champ with only ranked win vs Auburn?
#18 is actually a pro for Georgia and con for Auburn.
Take a shot when he mentions "RPO." Clear path to alcohol poisoning.
Florida might be strong against top 10 teams but Mullen is 6-15. About to be 6-16.
On UGA's Backfield: Well, our 5th string running back is doing well. Thanks Kirby.
Didn't realize Solomon Kindley and Andrew Thomas were eligible to make All-ACC teams. I guess that's how good they are?
I wonder how it's possible to have a Clemson logo on an SEC site?
Also not making excuses, but the team felt slighted for being left out of the playoffs. As much as the fans wanted to see them whoop Texas, to the players it was a meaningless consolation game. We also had key absences including players sitting out for the draft (something you wouldn't have seen if the game were "important" to the players.) Remember that time Bama lost to Utah in the Sugar Bowl? 12-2 Season, 8-0 in SEC play, but left out of the Championship game. Meant nothing to the players. This game is way different. ND is on the road to the championship and Kirby will have the guys locked and loaded.
Cool, just put down $200 that they would. Thanks for the guarantee!
Recruited Kenny McIntosh last year for that reason. Kirby said we needed a big "bruiser." His weight is down a bit now, but was around 230 when we signed him.
Needs? Or Has? a high level passing game. So many people forget it's the same Jake Fromm that won the SEC, Beat Oklahoma, and beat Bama until the last seconds of the Natty (which was a defensive breakdown.) Everyone says Fromm needs to "step it up" for us to get there, but he's already been there - as a true freshman. He's already proven capable.
The NCAA is right - allowing this would mean California teams would no longer be able to compete in NCAA events. That's the only outcome of a unilateral action under the current system. Where I disagree is that they claim this bill is somehow "unconstitutional" - Pretty sure our forefathers didn't bother with outlining college sports rules.
Well that conference already has 2 wins against P5 schools this year, including your beloved Vols. They almost had a 3rd against FSU. Not respecting your opponent is how you get beat.
Guess he wasn’t kidding about having friends in low places. ;)
I think the issue is specifically with the hardship waiver. There’s a specific 100 mile radius that’s called out. 101 miles? Sorry bro! Luke Ford and Brock Hoffman denied exactly for this reason. Sounds like this young man might be in the same boat. Meanwhile guys that have no real reason are getting approved like crazy. Shame.
If by Georgia morons you mean LITERALLY EVERYONE, then yeah, sure.