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Auburn definitely surprises me. A&M is still a pretty young team with their top recruiting classes coming in ‘19 and ‘20.
Guys, the state of Georgia has tons of talent. We don't need to justify every Georgia kid that might chose an out of state school. In the end, we'll only take a small portion of Georgia athletes. Sorry to call it out, but this is the second time in a few days I've seen justifications for a Georgia kid favoring other schools.
Don’t follow baseball too closely but Georgia just took a series against #1 Vandy 25-8 overall, including 14-2 against Rocker. Would think taking down #1 by that margin would land you in top 25?
This is a very long article about a non-SEC Quarterback on a non-SEC team. I thought SDS was about SEC football??
Can’t wait to see him in next year’s G’Day game
Yeah, wouldn't want to pull a Tennessee and proclaim ourselves recruiting champions of the world in March...
Worth noting as well that Georgia has had at least one player in the Superbowl for 18 consecutive years, which is a record. I think it might be tied with another school, but can't remember who.
That implies SDS has any credibility to begin with. This site is the Entertainment Tonight of football news. Most of the “news” is just a few paragraphs written around some tweets. I’m here because it gives me a glimpse of other teams’ news, but definitely not here for the writing.
Speaking of moves, the guy must own stock in U-Haul. New place almost every year. Sheesh.
He lost me at "elite education." It was towards the end so at least I read most of it.
Last time UT was even in the top 5? 2002. Your current players still in diapers, if they were even born.
After rereading the relevant section, I rescind my comment. Author says a fourth straight SEC East title. Which then means he was referring to us winning the previous 3 and missing #4. Not a reference to years since dawgs won the SEC conference title.
Lemme tell you ‘bout some of my favorite Florida moments...
Author can’t even count. It was the 3rd year the Dawgs didn’t win the SEC, not the 4th. 2017: Georgia 2018: Bama (1) 2019: LSU (2) 2020: Bama (3)
Given that OSU barely played football this year, Najee is pretty much the ONLY RB they’ve seen this year.
ACC Quarterback with starting experience transfers to SEC program... where have I heard that before? Better hope opting out isn’t a thing in 2021.
Enlighten us Corch? What mistakes were made? If you say “not starting JT Daniels sooner” then you don’t really follow Georgia football all that closely. He wasn’t medically cleared by his family physicians and didn’t have the confidence/mobility in the pocket. He started the first game he physically could.
Just when you think it can’t get any worse... 3 INTs
100% agree with this. For the 4 teams that get in, it’s non-stop media coverage. They monopolize everyone’s TV’s at the expense of every other game. You won’t find more than 10 minutes about any other game until the obligatory pre-game coverage starts. And when you do watch another bowl game? Be prepared to hear mostly about the CFP playoffs all game long.
Yeah, still misleading a bit. Opened the article thinking Maason Smith was somehow back on the market.
Smokescreen. Support Pruitt publicly. Tear him down privately in the investigation. This way they can deny the investigation is a deliberate attempt to fire with cause.
I get the impulse to put a 9-0 Cincy in. “They’re undefeated” you say. Problem with that is there are probably 10-15 other teams who would also go undefeated with their schedule. OSU should be out from lack of games and lack of really beating anyone (i.e lack of earning it.) Cincy should be out by virtue that they’re a minor league team or at least have played a minor league schedule. ND should be out because yesterday was a de facto playoff quarterfinal (similar to Bama/UGA in 2018.)
How about a relegation system like they have in European soccer? Every year, Top G5 teams win, move up to P5 the next year. Bottom P5 teams relegated to G5. Would probably want more than 2 divisions but basically that’s how it’d work.
He wasn't cleared by his family doctors, so no, he couldn't. But I'm sure Pitts could have played. Blame Mullen.
“The committee notes when a player is out” Wasn’t JT Daniels out when Georgia played Florida? Should that be factored in? Or does LSU jump to 6 because they have the head to head against UF?