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Florida also has to play Bama in the SECCG, so they’ll be a 2 loss team. Same thing happened to UGA in 2018 even though they went to the wire with Bama and were clearly a top 4 team. Texas A&M will be a one-loss team with a win over Florida. Florida has to beat Bama to be in. Which if they do they’ll deserve it anyways.
"In the SEC East, Florida is the only unbeaten team remaining, but the Gators have also only played two games thus far." So Jake, did you write this three weeks ago? Last time I checked the Gators lost to TAMU.
You know he’s a great coach when fans of his former team want to see him succeed in his new role as HC. Great man, great coach. Wish him all the success in the West.
Yawn... Vol fans on repeat... 1980... less with more... Well we have more than you and we do more than you. Still trucking your team every year. Pruitt 0-7 against your 3 rivals. About to be 0-8. Enjoy doing less with less.
Yeah sure, but Tennessee hasn’t been in the Top 5 since 2002... I’ll take being a Georgia fan over the vols any day.
Loving these SEC only weekends. Every Saturday is meaningful.
I’m thinking UT +14 (med confidence) UF -7 (high confidence)
The Missouri is the #10 river in the US based on discharge. The Tennessee is #12. I live on the TN river. It’s a river.
Interesting that Pittman is so high on this list, considering he's a first year HC taking over a struggling program with probably the hardest schedule in all of college football. I would hope that Arkansas would give him somewhat of a pass on this season's results. Not to mention his contractual buy-out would be at it's highest.
Fuzzyvol - the reasons for waivers are clearly called out in the SEC rules. It's not as liberal as the NCAA waivers are.
“ unless we just want to say it’s a rule that we voted on.” That’s exactly what Sankey said today.
With all this hype and expectations, Mullen better not lose in Jacksonville this year or y’all won’t ever hear the end of it.
The actual criteria is a .500 record. 6 Wins only applies in a regular 12 game season. For this year, it'd be 5 wins for SEC. 4 wins for B1G, etc.
In fairness, the Athens PD are equal opportunity a-holes. I know plenty of students of various ethnicities who have been treated like trash and/or unreasonably searched. They just seem to hate that Athens is a college town.
Was thinking along the same lines. But they painted it on their field. I’m confused.
Appreciate the level headed take. The answer to your trivia question is Dan Mullen has spent a week or two as #1. The catch is that they attained that ranking early in the season after beating LSU, A&M, and Auburn who all ended up having 8-5 seasons. In the same season he was briefly ranked #1, he also lost the Egg Bowl and his bowl game against GA Tech. Kirby; however has only been HC since 2016 in an era of unquestionably Clemson/Bama #1 until the CFP Championship. As a testament to Mullen, a lot of people point to that 4-7 season, but actually that McElwain team had talent. They even beat UGA in 2016. They just gave up on their coach and that season. So (in my opinion), Mullen didn’t exactly inherit an empty cupboard like a lot of people seem to think.
I love the logic here: Kirby Smart: Plays in big games, loses sometimes. Dan Mullen: Can't make it to big games, best coach ever. Who has the better record against top 10 teams? Who has the better record against teams that finish with 9 or more wins? (Hint: Not Dan Mullen)
Keep in mind SDS is the “Entertainment Tonight” of CFB. Can’t take anything you read here seriously.
Will they? You know something the rest of us don’t?
Smart move Ed. If everyone gets it now, you won't have any season interruptions.
Agreed. Waivers, by definition, are the exception and not the rule. I understand that waivers are seemingly handed out like candy lately, but you should always transfer with the anticipation of sitting out a year.
Has 8 SEC offers including TN, but you know, probably not a take for Pruitt.