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Actually he redshirted. He appeared in 2 games. Dawglando’s quote still stands. Mullen said the same crap about UGA players in a similar situation.
I hear GA State offense is supposed to be better this year too. Would be a very competitive rematch.
So if all conferences follow suit and play conference games only... Does Notre Dame have to cancel their whole season? Who will they play?
Interesting that Dan Mullen didn’t make the 2020 list. You’d think he’d throw a bone to his old pal. Maybe Urban - someone who hired and worked with him - doesn’t feel so highly about Mullen as most UF fans.
In fairness, it does say "The BEST recruiting class in the SEC..." which is incorrect. It is the highest ranked/scoring class by composite total score, but is not the "best."
At least it’s authentic to Tennessee’s brand: “Next year is our year”
You do realize that's a myth, right? For a university that boasts academic standards, you don't do your own research. Admissions standards at both schools are practically identical. Florida accepts fewer applicants (38% vs 48%) but then again has significantly more applications. The state of Florida has almost twice the population of Georgia, assuming out-of-state applicants as a constant. Is Florida harder to get into for the average Joe? Yes, it's more competitive. Is Florida harder to get into for an athlete with scholarship privileges? No, the minimum criteria is nearly identical.
Agreed. An often overlooked factor (in any context, not just UF) is the the defensive linemen they got beat by last year are also gaining a year of experience.
For reference: “Without Smith, the Volunteers' overall grades plummet and look just downright awful on the offensive line. Collectively, they ranked 124th in pass-blocking grade and 76th in run-blocking grade, all but undoing a great season by Smith, who finished as the 14th highest-graded guard in the country.“
If you’re loaded then you have development problems. I was about to say UT’s OL was middle of the pack last year until I actually googled it. 2019 OL ranked 113 by PFF. So... returning starters isn’t really a “pro” in your case.
SDS last month: TN has an amazing recruiting class #2 in the country it’s so great. SDS this month: “Tennessee’s ‘bloated’ recruiting class
"Congenital Fusion" - sounds absolutely awful. Really feel for the kid. Best of luck in surgery and recovery young man.
The last thing Dawg fans saw go 3, 2, 1... was our 2020 recruiting ranking. How'd Mullen do?
OK, so then Tennessee got embarrassed, ran over.. by a team that got embarrassed, ran over by LSU. This makes you feel better how?
Their #2 recruiting class will propel them to 15-0 in 2020. #vollogic
If there are any tears, they’re from laughter. This whole “recruiting dominance” thing is proving to the country that Tennessee fans know nothing about recruiting and are the most over-reacting and delusional fan base in the country.
Irrelevant? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
I love Pruitt’s greatness. Keep it comin’. 2020: 89.92 2021: 89.62
This is a great sign. Danny Kanell is never right.
Players recruited by Kirby have SEC championship rings. Players recruited by Mullen do not (including all those years at MSU.) #gotrings #mullendont #factsovermullen
Well, we've beaten the Vols 122 - 26 over the last 3 years. I'd say that's doing something with it.
Ehh, I'll start saying they're doing a significantly better job of recruiting when the average player ranking gets over 90. It's not hard to have the #1 class in the SEC when you have 17 commits in May. In March, everyone was excited about Florida's class and now they're not. Tennessee is currently on par with last year's recruiting class (also avg. 89) and I don't recall Finebaum getting overly excited about that one. For comparison, Bama is currently 12th in the SEC. Is Nick Saban doing a terrible job of recruiting? No. Disclaimer for talking about "improved": Better than Butch? Yeah. Good enough to push Florida for second in the East? Probably. Enough to put them at the top of the East? Not that I'm seeing.
Agreed, but the winner of THIS tournament gets a bid automatically. Could lose every game all season, win this tourney, and go to the tournament. Just a fun thought. Wasn’t meant to be serious anyways.
Shouldn't this make Georgia the SEC Tournament champion, and therefore recipient of the auto-bid? Higher point differential than Arky's game.
Success in 2020 season will be measured by recruiting which isn’t over until after the season in 2021? Hmm? Not sure that maths good. Plus the odds of this happening are slim to none, given they’re on track for maybe a 10th or 11th ranked class.