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Agreed, but the winner of THIS tournament gets a bid automatically. Could lose every game all season, win this tourney, and go to the tournament. Just a fun thought. Wasn’t meant to be serious anyways.
Shouldn't this make Georgia the SEC Tournament champion, and therefore recipient of the auto-bid? Higher point differential than Arky's game.
Success in 2020 season will be measured by recruiting which isn’t over until after the season in 2021? Hmm? Not sure that maths good. Plus the odds of this happening are slim to none, given they’re on track for maybe a 10th or 11th ranked class.
If you’re expecting journalistic value, you’re in the wrong place. SDS is the Jerry Springer of sports writing.
Georgia’s the better team, but has a tougher schedule. Both teams finish with 1 conference loss, but UGA gets the nod with the head-to-head tie-breaker in Jacksonville.
Considering UGA has Bama in Week 3, it's fair to say that we might not be ranked #4 in the middle of the season. But when we wipe the floor with the rest of our schedule and make it to the SECCG, again, we'll be right back up there.
Kid was never gonna be an NFL all-star. At least now he’s close to home, getting the best strength training, facilities, and coaching. And he’s known Kirby his whole life. Like a home away from home at a great University. Probably bigger than football for this young man.
You mean like CFP Rose Bowls, SEC Championships, SEC East titles, and Sugar Bowls? Are those what we need to start winning? Read recently where the SEC just paid out upwards of $40 Million to each SEC team. $3.7 M is a drop in the bucket. Surprised others aren’t spending more.
I wonder how Florida feels having been rejected in favor of Tennessee. Looks like Pruitt’s closing the gap on Mullen.
Not faulting Clemson for their weak schedule. Like others point out, it is what it is. I also wouldn't fault the playoff committee for treating them like they did UCF in 2017/2018. Go undefeated against a weak schedule? That's cool. But you have to prove you can beat elite competition to get in. If the cards were put in place years ago that keep them out of a playoff this year, so be it. UCF's schedule was fixed years in advance as well. Should've had foresight to know you'd need quality wins to get in the playoff.
Well, when you’re not good enough to make any money, why go?
I wish Vegas felt this way about UGA. Could make a lot of money next season.
@KS, my comment wasn’t trash talk. It’s logic-based reasoning. I haven’t seen anything to suggest UF will be better next year than this year. Admittedly we also have some question marks, but we have a lot of talent waiting. Just whipped a top ten team with our second string. UF went 1-2 against top 25 teams (final AP) and I’m not aware of any improvement in talent, position, coaching, or schemes. I’m not understanding the sudden hype.
Remind me again the last time Mullen beat Smart. Seriously though, did UF sign a top 5 recruiting class that I missed? Did they keep any good players from the 2019 class besides Elam? Gonna be the same crap team as last year.
Hey Al, may want to go back and watch the 2012 SECCG and feel free to correct your story. Last play of the game was not a deflected pass. It was a completed pass to Chris Conley 5 yards shy of the end zone. That’s why it was disappointing. Because we threw to a guy not even in the end zone with only 5 seconds left and no timeouts.
I just hate to see Clempsum rewarded for their cakewalk of a season. LSU has something special this year and has earned it. Geaux Tigers!
Yep, headed your way. UGA insiders reporting he won’t be coming to Athens.
Marietta played in Vegas. DW is from Vegas. They were literally playing in his back yard. Arik Gilbert, a buddy of his, also plays for Marietta. Not just HB. Lot of nothing here.
Let’s not forget how Clemson made it in after losses to Pitt (2016) and again to Syracuse (2017.)
I say this all the time. Also heard a commentator this past weekend say ArKansas jokingly when referring to the LSU/Arkansas game. This is nothing new in any way.
Mostly agree. There’s a possibility that a one loss PAC12 Champion (Oregon) or one loss BIG12 Champion can jump them. 12-1 Champ or 11-1 non-champ with only ranked win vs Auburn?