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Did not know Clemson joined the SEC, but if SDS is writing about it, I must be mistaken.
The Reddit user who figured it out is a Florida fan, not “uptight” Georgia fans. Georgia fans just read about it like everyone else. But that’s ok Dan. While you’re cracking jokes like a 6 year old, Kirby’s out recruiting the best talent in the nation.
Not sure what you’re talking about. Tennessee has a pretty OK team this year.
At least we’re not getting arrested for assaulting police officers like your team, Voltrain.
If winning the SEC East and going to the sugar bowl is underachieving, then what did Tennessee do last year?
"Preggers" is not a derogatory term. It's just short for pregnant. This lawsuit should get thrown out.
Agreed. The anticipated win against ND will be considered a "quality" win, but that won't be enough. I think this scenario considers both UGA and Bama going undefeated, and UGA beating Bama in the SECCG, and then Bama still being in the top 4. The problem with that, is if UGA goes undefeated in the SEC and beats Bama, they should be #1, as Clemson's strength of schedule is easier.
This article is incorrect. When he said “catch it this time” he was referring to the jet sweep to the reciever, who did catch it, but then ironically tripped on his own feet. This was in response to the previous attempt at the jet sweep where the reciever coming across fumbled the exchange. Because it’s technically a forward pass it was ruled incomplete and not a fumble. The “philly special” trick play was the next play and unrelated to the comment.
With Dwan Mathis and Stetson Bennet in the fold, he could redshirt this year, thus not losing any eligibility. Something he should consider I think. And I agree it’s a big IF for Fromm to declare but right now he’s projecting very high for the 2020 draft.
Yeah, but why transfer if you have to sit a year? Two years from now when he could play again, he could start at Georgia when Fromm declares for the NFL.
I'm hearing whispers that it could be Chaney back to UT. Has something to do with Fields transferring and missing on Trey Sanders.
Penn State was his first choice before coming to UGA so that definitely makes sense. Only thing is that he’ll have to sit out a year. Good for Fromm though - the kid beat out two of the highest ranked HS QBs for the starting job 2 years in a row.
Or the part where Cade Mays has an SEC East Championship while the Vols are finishing dead last... again.
Check out the related thread on Volnation. Looks like some of your own made this same connection.
Looks like they edited out the part where he throws the UT hat off and puts on a Georgia hat, a la Quay Walker.
Summers was also DC at UCF and head coach at Georgia Southern. His stretch at GSU was a bit of a flop because he tried to move away from the triple option they had been running for years, but otherwise he’s solid. Saying all this to say that he is experienced, so for Adam to be surprised that Mel didn’t pick “more experienced” coaches means Adam didn’t do his homework.
"Georgia isn’t going to beat Alabama in recruiting in this 2019 class" I'll leave that here and see how well it ages.
How do you know it was her mom? That obviously would add context
So UT fans are willing to alter their moral compass for a coach that went 19-21 in the SEC? Doesn’t seem worth it. And for anyone saying they didn’t want Schiano because of his coaching ability, just stop, we know you’re lying. As for the hookers, I couldn’t care less. Lots of great men have vices. What concerns me most is the recruiting violations and lying to players.
If #1 beats #4, it just proves the committee got it right. It doesn't mean #4 should actually be #6. UGA is ranked the highest of 1-loss teams at the end of the regular season. That includes OK and OSU. If UGA loses to the #1 team, it doesn't mean they're somehow now worse than OK and OSU. A loss to a higher-ranked team should not penalize the lower ranked team by lowering them additional spots.
If TNBuster wants to bring up ancient history. How about Keith Cannon? OL @ UGA for the 1980 NC team from Nashville, TN
UT’s 3 key areas of need: 1) Offense 2) Defense 3) Special Teams Knew I missed my calling as a sports analyst.
Why agree to this? Take the money and come to UGA as an intern for $30k a year.
Agreed. A Bama loss to UGA would be a better loss than OSU's loss to Purdue or OU's loss to Texas. Especially if they keep it close.