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Just checking if this was /s? It's my understanding that due to filming in Disney World, "gameday signs" are actually prohibited from Game Day.
42 - 7 36 - 17 3 Top 3 Recruiting Classes 2018/2019 SEC East Champion 2018 SEC Champion 2018 Rose Bowl Winner 2018 National Championship Runner-Up I know who I'd rather be too.
Title could’ve easily been 5 in top 25. I’ll just kick us off with the obligatory objection to having FF #16 when he’s never even started a CFB game.
Initial reports said dismissed. Everything after that says “mutual decision.” I imagine it went something like: Cox: Coach, I think I need to look elsewhere. Kirby: Yeah, we think that’s best. Cox: Ok, thanks.
Tate Ratledge is committed to Georgia, not Auburn.
Well, the article opens with “DBU” and “safeties are improved.” What I’m hearing is that the secondary is desperately thin right now with a possible injury to Stewart, and Huggins and McWilliams notably absent from practice. Huggins absence has been a story line all week. Also have only one nickleback (Dean) practicing right now. Then to call the backup QB competition a “development “ is a stretch. All I’ve read is that Franks is the clear starter and the other two also threw balls, more or less. Writer also declares Franks as “mega talented” but we all know Franks is as fallible as the next guy. He throws like 53% when pressured? I’ve not heard anything yet declaring Franks much improved over last year. Everyone wants him to take that next step forward but I’ve not heard that he’s come in significantly better than last fall. Anyways. Just felt like the tone of this article is all sunshine and roses when it’s a better service to fans to outline some concerns as well. The players’ absence noted above is certainly a too 5 development in camp.
What practice reports are you reading? The ones over on 247 don’t reflect this at all. But go ahead and pump that Sunshine Mr. Two-Time graduate of uf. And before someone posts “rent free”, I do read non-UGA practice reports. I like to follow many teams although I cheer for only one.
I’d be willing to drop that TN percentage from 66.6 percent to 66.5. I’m not superstitious but I am a little stitious.
Let’s not forget BOTH teams in the 2017 National Championship game lost in Jordan-Hare that year.
Good take, but he forgets that UGA is a run by committee team. Swift will split carries/catches with Zeus, Cook, Herrien, and McIntosh. I don’t see him racking up the stats although he certainly has the talent.
Georgia has also been a run by committee team, so no individual player can rack up unheard-of stats. All our guys have always split carries, which is why they're now so explosive in the league.
Let me just go ahead and thank whoever gave him that two-headed coin.
“I think they are waiting to see can you win that big game and start playing for national championships.” Well, we won the Rose Bowl and played for a National Championship, so I’d say you’ve got your answer.
Third violation was at the G-day game when a staffer showed a recruit to his seat and sat with him for 5 minutes. That, apparently, is a violation.
Man, that 41-0 beating we put on y’all couple years ago really messed with your head, didn’t it?
Just like Gervon Dexter will be terrorizing whatever QB you guys end up with. Yes, you read that right.
Well, clemtiger, I'd hate to disappoint. Let's take a look. UGA has only 14 commits to UF's 18. Notre Dame & OSU (current #6 & 7) each have 14 & 13 commits respectively Lastly, 9 of those 18 are rated 3* Bright side - uf is outrecruiting Miami & both schools from Mississippi
Come on BamaTime, it’s pretty obvious “LegHumperU” is a trolling name for a UGA fan. Not a real fan.
Yeah, admittedly it’s not in the article. I guess I was just put off by everyone’s reaction to jump to conclusions. I should sell a “jump to conclusions” mat. None-the-less, so all are aware, kid’s mom had a stroke in 2018. She’s not recovered as quickly as anticipated. In his own words there’s no love lost on either side. Let’s all just remember that from time to time, life can be bigger than football.
Kid’s mom had a stroke. Needed to stay home in Texas. Y’all show some decency, my God.
No houses shattering here. We cleaned house. Florida still a dumpster fire.
So the original article that says the investigation was launched this month? The one that says the victim said she fell in the shower? What, do you think I’m not going to call you on your lies? It takes 3 minutes to read the article. Get out of here with your false narrative. What a POS individual you have to be to smear a coach who did the right thing by dismissing a player immediately. Just like he did with Demery. Sorry it doesn’t help UF win last year’s game.
Pittman doesn’t want him. But he’s still a solid player and a good pick up for the Vols.