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lol its obvious the writers on here are trying desperately to make themselves seen like the smart guys in the room...One of the dumbest articles Ive read...Jackson while he was good was probably our least talented lineman and Kelly was basically Barrett Jones in the sense that while he was talented, most of his talent was his mind and knowing the scheme and being able to always open the right hole....No question in my mind Alphonse Taylor and Cam Robinson are more talented than Kelly and way more talented than Jackson....and Pierschbacher is at least on Kellys level as far as raw talent goes it seems...and its also worth noting that coming into our 09 championship season we had to replace 3 O linemen...and we did so almost seemlessly.
fair72, care to prove your outrageous statement with evidence??.....thats what I thought...
No question he's better than Coker, who reminds me of JPW...but honestly even in kiffins offense McCarron would almost certainly fall short of Blake sims production. He was a crazy good athlete who developed a great arm and his dual threat abilities sets him apart IMO.
What people don't seem to realize is that without Blake sims the 2014 Alabama team goes 9-4 or 8-5. With our limited running game and weaker offensive line we needed to turn to someone who could create big plays on his own, and that's what he did all regular season. We for sure don't beat MSU or LSU, and possibly Tennessee and auburn without sims making extremely clutch plays, many times with his legs, something the stats show Coker and McCarron couldn't do. Man I wish he had a few more years to start at Bama, there's no telling what kiffin could have done with him. McCarron and Coker have the rings but when you're looking at raw talent and amount of clutch moments sims is awfully tough to beat.
Both will have great pro careers, but I guarantee mark Ingram will make more pro bowls than Henry. #greatness
I remember when him and cooper signed to go to bama I envisioned everyone would be talking about black and cooper as a tandem, the best WR tandem in the nation(basically the Ingram/Richardson of WRs) but for whatever reason black just didn't pan out...oh well, I was half right lol, wish Chris the best, roll tide!
Who the hell did SDS dig up to write this??? Newsflash man, Fsu, ark, and lsu can't win their conference and even if ole miss won no 3 loss team is getting in. Have you not been paying attention all season?
If Duke Williams were still at auburn I might give them a slim chance, but with no skill players on the edge the tigers are all but done for in the iron bowl. Bama is simply talented enough to where the can play man to man on the outside and keep Robinson from breaking at big runs by stacking the box. You can pretty much pencil the tide in the champ game.
so youre giving Baylor all the credit in the world for beating no one, but you arent giving OKST any credit for beating a top 10 team by 20....the logic is just not there.
I feel like although this will hurt Fournette a little in the heisman race, it REALLY helps Henry and his validity as a frontrunner, He has had at least 90 yards in every game and continues to be consistent. He should be ahead of Fournette at this point.
Luckily for everyone what Danny and other pundits (outside the committee) say doesn't matter. And you can pretty much bet the house on it....a one loss SEC champion is a lock for the playoff.
Lol CJ talking about how they would love some more of me when you can handle Arkansas bro. Smh
What basis do you have for that?? You sound like a butthurt Georgia fan who is looking for a team to trash because you can't pull for your own sorry excuse for a team...troll on man.
I love how the writer gives absolutely no credit to Coker and acts like the receivers made an SC top 10 play on every pass...I got news for you bro, that last drive belonged to Coker, those two throws to Stewart and Ridley were absolutely on pint and where only the WRs could get it, and if anything he progressed and showed me that he can be clutch and take command of the offense in a come from behind situation. Well done Jake!
Im gonna be honest because I've watched this team play all season...I believe duke beats ole miss and Georgia straight up...
How bout that? If Kirby goes to SC the fla-sc game would be known as the Alabama coordinator bowl haha...very entertaining for money is on fuente though.
It looks like once again it will be Alabama or bust for the SEC as far as playoff hopes go...everyone else has at least one MAJOR flaw, while bamas is too many turnovers which is at least fixable. We will see what happens.
So A&M hasn't beaten anyone of note and they are 2, while Florida has gone through half of their SEC schedule and they aren't anywhere on your can you not say that is biased?
You have got to be kidding me! Herbstreit is on record as saying the bama dynasty is "the greatest in my lifetime". He epitomizes the concept of being unbiased and has had an SEC team in the top 4 every week so far...maybe yall are just biased against him because he came from the big ten...smh keep doing what you're doing herbie, all of us rational thinkers respect you!
I hope so! That would make the ole miss-Memphis game a top 25 matchup! Can't wait for that one!
Lol you're apparently not living in the universe of reality then...Clemson was ranked higher than LSU, bama, and A&M....not saying they deserve to be there, just saying that there is indeed a universe where all the things you described happen....
Clemson will run the table and make it in over Michigan and the big ten will be left out of the playoff this year.
I mean who else are you going to give the edge to over MSU at this point? can't think of too many options.
I mean they beat a power five team and only moved up 3 spots because 3 teams ahead of them lost...not sure what other outcome you were expecting.
NO WAY BYU is better than utah this year or any year moving forward, that is such a sham!!
Agree, but I like the 2004-2009 logo better than any of them, as well as that version of the theme song! It actually sounded like a marching band! If you haven't heard it you def need to!
Come on SDS dont act like this is something new, he literally does this every year. You are the definition of tardy to the party right now lol
I don't disagree that that was a great team and possibly the best of the century for auburn, but bama had the same thing happen to them in 1966 where they steamrolled through every opponent on their schedule and finished number 3. Some people believe that was Bryant's best team. Therefore if auburn claims that one they are not going by the same rules bama is in claiming titles (they should have 3 though:1913, 1957, and 2010)and they should be made the laughingstock if they do.