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This might be a very big class for them. Possibly the best class ever, especially if they can land Uiagalelei and Bowman.
That's a tricky onje because the pass rush is connected to the secondary and how they are playing. In a lot of games last year UGA would play an off zone and teams could get easy 2-3 yard completions that UGA would snuff out for a minimal gain. Teams with big sack numbers like Clemson and Bama play press man, make the QB hold the ball a little while longer and trust their athletes on the D line to get to the QB before the routes really develop. It's easy for those teams to do because they have the studs to get pressure with 4-5.
UGA will definitely contend in future years as well but this has got to be the time to get it. Nothing in the future is certain.
The interior D line will be just fine come season's end. Davis and Clark along with a healthy David Marshall and possibly Trayvon Walker coming along is going to be a solid group in the interior.
The O line should have an A+ not a A-. There's no weakness along that group.
I don't get the arm strength knock. He's not throwing fastballs over the middle like Eason would but he can push a ball 50+ yards downfield on a dime when he needs to. He can also hit the out routes in tight windows with perfect zip and accuracy. I have 0 questions about his arm strength when it comes to playing QB ion the NFL.
UGA is projected to have no worse than a top 3 class again. Is Florida planning on getting any 5 stars anytime soon? It's been a while.
There's a big difference between fans and coaches when it comes to talking trash and thinking it's cute. And don't get ahead of yourself thinking that Florida is catching up to UGA on talent. The gap is widening. You can't tout Mullen as a great coach and say Kirby has a lot ot prove. Mullen would kill to have Kirby's resume.
I said months ago he would be my candidate to win the job and Auburn fans scoffed at me.
UGA will report a spring game attendance number of 93,000 and then in the fall, UGA will beat Florida 93 - 0.
I'll take the black team on this one.
To answer your initial question: because it makes you look like an idiot.
What are your sources on Pickens to JUCO? I've seen nothing to support that.
If UGA gets more depth along the D line maybe they can get over the hump. A lot of those 4th quarter breakdowns against better teams has been because the Front 7 is gassed late in the game.
G Day will be the most exotic you will see UGA all year.
1. The Defensive Line Rotation - What kind of shape is Jordan Davis in? Has Malik Herring established himself? 2. The Offensive Line Rotation - I'm not sold that Cleveland is a lock for a guard spot. 3. The Inside Linebacker Rotation - Is Kirby Smart going to value talent or experience? Is Nakobe Dean all he's cracked up to be? 4. The Star position - As experienced as McGhee is, I'm tired of watching receivers run past him. I'm hoping Divaad Wilson can win the job but I'd also like to see how Stevenson or Cine play that spot. 5. For fun I wanna see Hot Rod kick a 60 yarder.
I think I got an email from that guy once. Something about an investment opportunity.
I have serious doubts about his ability to beat NFL defenses with his arm. I just haven't seen the arm talent as QB at that level. I saw his making some deep shots to super open WRs but I never saw him shredding defenses apart with pinpoint accuracy. People make a big deal about his ability to scramble and make plays on the run but NFL defenses will make sure to keep him in the pocket. Can he win games that way? I have doubts.
Mullen isn't under anyone's "fur" when he is the one instigating the whole thing. He can't even come up with a spring game attendance number without thinking about UGA. Gotta take his shots while he can cause he can't win em on the football field.
If he clearly wasn’t looking for approval, he would have given out the correct number instead of coming up with some convoluted way to troll UGA. But you keep defending the guy who couldn’t even beat Kentucky. I mean even McElwain could beat Kentucky
I’ve seen more 3 star qbs turn into studs than 5 star guys. Just because you were improperly ranked coming out of high school doesn’t mean Dan Mullen developed the kid. I’m not saying he isn’t a good QB coach but I’m not about to call him the best QB developer in the game.
The difference is you don't see Kirby trolling Bama after getting beat by them twice in a row. Spurrier could talk all the trash he wanted and UGA had to eat it because he owned UGA. Mullen hasn't done jack diddly against UGA on or off the field and he wants to pretend he owns UGA too.
Dan Mullen is Leo DiCaprio in The Revenant. UGA is the bear. The only difference is that after getting ripped to shreds, Dan Mullen goes and pokes the bear again. And Again.
Did Dan Mullen actually develop Tebow and Prescott or did their talent make his seem to be an excellent developer of QB talent?
Couple of things here, 1. I think Fromm can get to 30 easy, especially with Coley running the show and all reports signaling that they will pass more. 2. I think 15 TDs total is reasonable for Swift. I think 15 rushing TDs might be a stretch. He had 13 total last year and even though Holyfield is gone, I think Herrien and White will get goal-line carries over Swift. 3. It will all depend on how the early stats in the cupcake games (Murray St., Arkansas St., Tennessee) pan out. If Fromm throws 2-3 TD passes early, Swift won't get a chance to rush for many scores. If Swift Scores 2-3 rushing TDs early, Fromm will be sitting the bench in the 2nd quarter.
3 year deal sounds like they found their guy.
NFL teams would be dumb to let him slip out of the first round. If you ask me he has every bit of the arm that Josh Allen has and is twice as accurate. He seems like a total gamer too. I think he's the best QB in this draft, but he didn't play at a school like Oklahoma or Ohio State so he doesn't get the media hype.
You never know. Some teams like to get cute near the end of the first round. It might depend on what TEs go before him and where. If the two Iowa guys and Irv Smith go early, it wouldn't surprise me to see a team like NE take him as a Gronk replacement. But then again 4 TEs in the first round is unheard of.