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I meant and instead of but lol. But I doubt Nix starts week 1. I think that will be either Gatewood or maybe even Willis.
for one, Tua was clearly playing injured and wasn't able to use his ability to escape the pocket and throw on the run as effectively as he usually would. Clemson as a team had a very good gameplan for Alabama in that they took advantage of the press man and the receivers made plays on 50-50 balls in what was a weak (still better than most teams) year for Bama's secondary. This isn't a list based on who was better at the end of last year, an injured Tua or a healthy streaking Lawrence. It's a question of, in a vacuum, who is the better QB, and for me it comes down to this: Tua can make every throw that Lawrence can... and he can run. That added dimension puts him over the top. I'd take Tua.
And that's fine but you also have no quotes from players saying that Fields didn't pick it up quickly. You DID compare both players because you said Fromm picked it up, and Fields did not.
Because he wanted to become the starter and get on the field as much as possible so he could play. a prospect of his level isn't going to be in college for 4-5 years. it's 3 years and then go get that paycheck. this is a 3 year job interview and he doesn't want to sit on the sidelines when he could be putting film out there for NFL scouts.
I dunno man. I could just look at Bruce Pearl and know that he's a walking NCAA violation.
I don't think it's possible to say that Fields didn't pick up the system well. He very well may have, but he may not have run it the way that the coaches wanted him too. I think Fromm outplayed Eason all spring long leading up to game 1 and he still wasn't even part of the gameplan until Eason got hurt. You can also make the case that Fromm didn't step in and know the offense completely, but he began to grasp it more and more with every start and every week with QB1 reps in practice. If Fields was given even more game reps and QB 1 reps in practice (something you can't do unless Fromm were injured) he would have progressed similar to Fromm the year before and he would have had the added ability as a mobile QB to make plays when teams drop 8 to take away the pass.
And then they picked off the 2 point attempt to preserve the lead. They made plays when it mattered. Kelly had the chance to put them away earlier and he didn't.
Bowden and Rose are going to be special to watch this season.
I remember the Defense shutting down TAMU when it mattered on the goalline and forcing a fumble into the endzone. I don't remember who made that play on Quartney Davis but it sure wasn't Kelly Bryant. Maybe it was K'von Wallace or AJ Terrell?
That's really sad to see. I feel for the kid and hopefully he can find his true calling in life outside of football.
yes, the waiver part is a disaster but there is also and there has always been an issue with the "shamateurism" of College Football.
You think they would pay peanuts for a QB rated as either 1 or 2 in the country no matter where you look? If Sam Bradford can get 20 million a year to be Sam Bradford, a guy like fields could get a blank check.
yep but it doesn't bode well for him long term. It may come and go now but as long as he is playing on it, it will continue to get worse. Unfortunately we may have already seen his best years
Excellent choice. probably the most drama of any team this off-season. I really wish we could do one on the patriots though since their whole setup is kept such a secret.
I totally agree. It's hard to fault a guy for wanting to play somewhere else when (especially at the QB spot) this is a 3-4 year job interview for the next level. You can't wait while the guy in front of you is doing his interview. That's what gets lost sometimes in this. Sometimes these are just preemptive financial decisions, like in the cases of Fields and Martell. The only real "fix" that I can see for the transfer "epidemic" is creating true free agency, letting players sign contracts instead of letters of intent, and receive compensation based on their skills. In the famous words of Cardale Jones "We ain't come to play school". Guys in the pros who get stuck behind other players don't always demand to get out of their deals because, playing or not, they are being compensated. College players don't currently have that luxury.
What worries me about Vandy is that it's their home opener so I doubt UGA packs their stadium and if they can get Vaughn going and control the clock, the game will be closer than people think.
The difference was that Richt let all of the in state talent go to UF and Bama and Clemson and Tennessee.
He blocked alright for a TE, He didn't get many opportunities to show his hands, especially as the secondary TE option. He should be getting more looks now. Ryland Goede should also get some plays here and there in the passing game late in the season.
It's nice to see Terrell Lewis is back on track. You hate to see a guy so talented not be able to perform based solely off of injuries. Hopefully for him he has a good season and gets his stock back up.
I think the receiving corps Might start off a little green and it might take a minute to get going, but if you are looking and the season-long outlook, they have more talented and explosive (aside from Hardman) players replacing the guys that left. Especially if D-Rob is 100% and Pickens might be the number 1 WR by the end of the year.
Sam Pittman is really out here just taking whoever he wants lol.
Not too far off from Owen Pappoe or Alec Ogletree when he came out of highschool. He has a large frame and looks like he could easily put on 20+ lbs.
I think sometimes you see guys "flip" on Alabama because of the recruiting powerhouse that they are. Some players might see that Bama is recruiting another guy at their position hard will "flip" somewhere else. It's all part of the numbers game but Bama has done it better than anyone for the past decade.
It's Derrick Brown at number 1 and then it's not even a close number 2. I'm still salty he didn't come to UGA lol.