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He's going to need to recruit some effective bigs. So far that's their main weakness. Camara is the only one and so he's a magnet for foul trouble as teams will attack him until he's out and then crush UGA in the paint.
You didn't even mention the guy that will probably be the top RB for UGA next year...
I'll say he was exactly the type of lineman that the Titans want to play with. Great in the run game and since they are primarily a play action pass team, he will usually not have to worry about the first step in pass pro. I mean you can say you thought he was a bust LSUSMC because of his abilities but that isn't the reason he's busted so far. He's busted so far because he hasn't bought in to being a professional off the field.
Very fun that Alabama's 2 most recent Heisman winners were once UGA commits... very fun. I'm not depressed about it at all.
Exactly. I mean it’s just business at the end of the day and he’s taking the job that’s gonna pay more. There are positions that UGA plays to better than Florida. It goes both ways and in this case I can’t fault his logic one bit.
Those guys were there last year too? And who was THE guy?
I don't have anything bad to say about the guy... I mean I don't have anything great to say either, but I don't have anything bad.
But then again, how many of those shootout games would they have LOST without Pitts. We already saw what happened without him against LSU. They are a better team with a game changing TE for sure, but you are right, it doesn't mean they get over that 4 loss hump.
I completely understand the decision. I mean I see people saying "well Trask is gone" but it doesn't really matter. He will be THE guy there and will get tons of targets regardless of who is throwing the ball. He could have a 50+ catch season at UF. He probably wouldn't see 50 targets at UGA over 2 years and that's just me being real. Also UF will use him more at WR which is what he wants to do. UGA would have used him there a bit too but again, UF gives him more opportunities. Best of luck to him
I think that was definitely part of it. Losing Cleveland was a big deal. He cleans up a lot of mistakes that other players make in the run game. If playside gap is shut down because Shaffer fell on his face and left Hill to solo what should be a combo block, you know as a RB that Cleveland is driving his guy through the endzone and you have a cutback option. But the pass protection was especially bad and that gets better with skill a little bit, but you'd do better with 5 unskilled guys working together as a unit than 5 5-stars who don't play well together. Communication and trust is key in pass protection cause sometimes you have to pass a guy off and you have to know the man next to you is there to catch him.
I personally think Milton is the best RB1 on the team. He can do what Zeus does and more, and he is capable in the passing game and he might actually be better at making people miss in the open field. I'll say that Cook might have more of a route tree and be a real threat when split out wide but Milton is more of a three down back in Monken's offense than Cook or Zeus.
I think reasoning would say yes Blaylock was the better blocker, he was the more physical player for sure, but Burton himself wasn't great at blocking on the edge. And since you being that up, I think burton really took over the role that Blaylock played in his freshman year. Blaylock was the one getting the bubble screens and short passes for YAC. Once Daniels came in, Burton kind of took that role.
I think the defense you have on the money, the only battle I see really is going to be between Walker and Carter at that DE spot but whoever "starts" I think both get equal playing time at every position on the 3 down. On offense I'd personally put Burton at the 2 and Jackson/Blaylock at the 3. In situations with 2 receiver sets, those are going to be the 2 on the field most of the time. Jackson Blaylock is going to be an interesting battle. Jackson was a favorite of Bennett but not as much with Daniels. On the line, I'd be pressed to say Salyer at LG with either Truss, Mims, or Jones at LT. I think Ericson v SVPG v Webb at center will be interesting and if Ericson loses there, you'll see him fight Shaffer for the spot at RG. But it's really hard to predict who the 5 will be at this point. No one thought Condon would be starting RT at this point last year and he was the guy for a series or two at least.
I don’t get the inclination that he’s coming to UGA, but if he doesn’t, I’d prefer he go to USC lol
It's funny how the ones who always say "less with more" are the ones who are doing less than UGA. My question is always "less than who?" Less than Bama? Bama has as much and more than UGA has. UGA has more than everyone else in the east and they do MORE than everyone else in the east.
That's fair. I'll disagree about being a run deterrent. He's a specific type of run deterrent. But he struggles as an edge with the read option and with QB contain. And yes, reps could help with that. I'm not trying to say he's a bust or a bum, but he's left some to be desired.
All I can do is say where I see him now after what I’ve seen on the field. You could be right and he could get a lot better with increased reps, but if that’s the case, is that really what a pro team wants to spend a first rounder on? I stand by the other names I gave being better pro prospects at this time
There are a lot of pro prospects on UGAs roster better than Nolan Smith. He was a high school stud but he looks to small for this level. He’s not big enough to be an edge and he’s not skilled enough in space to be a true OLB. He’s gonna need a huge season to be top pick. Dean, Davis, Pickens, Daniels, Anderson, Walker, will all be higher on draft boards.
Raymond is good but if Williams doesn’t get promoted soon he’s going to get poached.
He did it his freshman year too and in high school, I think he just trusts his very talented arm to get it there instead of using his full body.
I don't necessarily disagree with this. I will also say the people who decide the All-SEC teams definitely place a value on wins (I don't think they should). What you have in Corral and Daniels are two different flavors of ice cream. Corral is very skilled in a lot of ways but he's a gunslinger. He's as likely to throw a big INT as he is a big TD. JT is a little more in the Tom Brady mold.
JT Daniels only has one deficiency when it comes to throwing and it's his deep ball. It's mediocre and what's even crazier is that aside from Jacob Eason, he's the best deep ball passer they've had since Stafford. JT just doesn't put his whole body into his deep throws. You can use your arm and different platforms from 0-20 yards but when you are taking a deep seam, sideline, or post shot, you need to generate your power from your feet, and he is usually up on his toes giving a light hop step. I'd say that's easily coached out of a kid but I can guarantee you that any QB coach he's had since he started throwing a football has told him not to do that. It's just muscle memory. But because he is ELITE at everything 0-20 yards, it really opens up his margin for error on deep throws.
Aaron Murray tried to warn everyone about Jeremy Pruitt and he got dragged.
"We'll show that long snapper!" - Probably not Alabama.
I think he's this next year's version of Kendall Baker who started ever game on the run to the NC game. Kinldey just passed him up the next year to everyone's surprise. I think SVPG will make a push for the Center spot and if you have to choose between Ericson and Shaffer at RG, I'm taking Ericson.
I don't think so necessarily. But it does increase the chance that you might see a younger player transfer out. FWIW, I like Shaffer a lot but I think his game has some flaws. If he starts at Rg to start the season, he might rotate a la Ben Cleveland and Cade Mays before being overtaken fully.