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Eh, it's all just talking. We know this will be settled on the field.
It's all about need and availability. Falcons weren't going to spend a 1st or 2nd on a running back when they have Freeman and Coleman under contract. They needed WR, OL, and DL help.
Hired? I've never heard it that way but I guess it's accurate. What's inaccurate is you saying they haven't "hired" any UGA players since 2011 when they currently have 4 on their roster.
They're still too bitter about the breakup
not too long ago a 4 team playoff was an abomination to college football. Last season of college football was one of the most intense and drama packed I've seen in a while because a lot of teams have a shot to make it. If you add more sports, it makes losses sting lass sure but teams still have something to play for even after a loss or two. Otherwise your season is over if you lose early and you have nothing else to play for.
This list is basically every QB from 1980 until now (excluding Peyton Manning)
For Fromm to win it, UGA would have to change it's offense from about 40-60 pass-run to about 55-45 pass-run. He makes great plays and is a hell of a QB but the way the UGA offense is set up, the Running backs are the true stars. Same thing at Bama with Tagovailoa. I was wondering why he was so low especially since dual threat QBs tend to win the award more often now-a-days but Bama's offense tends t feature the RBs as play-makers. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on Khalil Tate out at Arizona.
On another note though Michel's fumble rate actually improved this last year to a fumble every 79. That's still not great but it shows he improved. his sophomore year was his worst with 5 fumbles.
I at least hope for Baker's sake that they don't just throw him out there like they did with Manziel. They should let all of these young QBs sit for a year or two. Especially in Cleveland.
He said it would be the second time in a row that an SEC runner would win it.
It sounds like most of these guys should be set when it comes to being smart with their money. As long as they are just taking care of their parents and not an extended family of uncles and aunts and cousins you didn't meet until after you made it. The money dries up real fast the more mouths you have to feed.
He's a great back but I think he just gets lost in the mix a little with all of the great backs that Bama has on the roster.
You remember that play his sophomore year when he trucked a South Carolina linebacker into the end zone at the end of a catch and run and just stared at him? The dude has crazy power.
I dunno if I'd trust Butch Jones as my intern. Next thing you know he'd be crowning himself champion of the interns and celebrating trashcans and telling me how many leadership reps he's getting in while he grabs my coffee.
I mean why would you want to give one of your best players more touches.
What happened to Ben Davis? I remember Georgia wanted him real bad and I thought he would be the next great one for Bama? Anyone seen him lately?
Hurts is a really good QB. Is he the best passer? no. Is he a better passer than a lot of QBs currently starting out there? Yeah. Is he a better runner at QB than almost any QB in the FBS? Absolutely. IF he transfers, he would be an upgrade at QB to most teams.
even more, if the rules don't pass, Hurts could transfer to a fcs school for a season and then go wherever he wants. If I were Saban I'd grant the guy a full release though. It's the least you could do after the guy has won so many games.
It absolutely was. UGA didn't do enough to keep Bama down and they lost it. But it you wanna talk about that one play, it wasn't a bad call for the play it just wasn't executed properly. Even further than that, if you listen to the postgame comments form Sanders, he was looked off by Tua. It was a perfect throw that got there quick enough that Sanders couldn't get there and with just enough air that Smith (fast as hell) could run under it. UGA shou8ld have never let it get to the point where that could win the game but Tua being a great QB (and being left handed) had everything to do with that play.
I mean this robbery took place in Athens. If he is moving to Chicago, door locks won't do him much good anyways. Maybe he was just practicing having his car broken into.
Cushing was never the best player on the defense but he led the defense. When you are the top MLB and you make all of the calls and you are in the middle of everything, you are the leader of the defense. McKinney is a stud and will be the leader of the Texan's defense this year.
They won't want to wear the black away from home. They can have a blackout game and make a killing on merchandise if they do it as a home game.
Quentin Dial and the pass interference at the end of the title game!!
If you watched that game, UCF was playing 100% on every play and Auburn was 80% at most.
We all know that Justin Fields is the better runner of the two, but in elite 11 camps Justin was also the better passer. As good as Trevor Lawrence is, he probably has a thing or two to learn from Fields.