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Put any and all politics aside, I really don't care to see any of it below my comment here or anywhere else. That being said, whether or not you agree with anything political about this governor or any other politician... It's nice to have the Governor be a fan of your team!
The thing with Fromm was that he wasn't going to improve. He just didn't have the skills. He was what he was. His stock was only going to go down, not up.
One interesting thing I saw in the spring game was how they rushed a bit differently without using stunts and schemes. They used the DTs to rush the edges and collapsed the ends back inside if the QB stepped up. You usually can’t do that if you don’t have the proper athletes but it showed me Kirby is looking more at experimenting with rushes. All of this to say I think Kirby knows he could play base defense and win a lot of games, but against high powered offenses like Alabama and Florida, the fact that they didn’t get to the QB make their very good secondary break down. No one can cover for 4-5 seconds. Usually the offense can win in less but if you give them 4-5 they will win every time. If you give the QB 2-3 second you can win half of the time or at least make it easy on the secondary’s
I think Nolan has the tools to do well but he seems to get lost in the run game. Adam holds up better but I worry that may need to get Travon Walker playing that role a little more on early downs
I think you'll see a lot more defensive line havoc than you have ion past years. Usually Kirby teaches his IDL to not collapse the pocket from the inside but to work up to the QB and not give QB run lanes. I think Kirby knows the LBs he has and will allow his IDL to get after it. With Anderson on the edge, the QB has at a maximum 3 seconds. If he can't step up it's a sack or an early throw. I think you'll see a lot of press man to prevent that. if UGA gets gashed this season, i don't think it'll be through the air. It'll be from a QB who can step into running lanes and make an LB miss.
Does Dan have a QB on the roster who can complete a wheel route with consistency? You also don't have to cover the wheel if you put the QB in the dirt before he can pull the trigger. That's how I'd do it I guess.
1. thankfully some of these names in the secondary got a lot of valuable experience last year. Cine who started every game he was healthy, Brini, and Smith who saw the field a lot. UGA will use their top 3 corners a lot and I think by the end of the season you'll see that being Ringo and Kimber on the field first with Green spelling them a bit. 2. I think he'll be set as long as he's at star. He plays well in the box but I think we will see early if he can hold up against SEC run games as well as someone like Brini could. He might be better tackling in space but if you play star, sometimes you have to take on an OL and meet an RB in the hole. If he can't do that, he can't play except on obvious passing downs. It's the main reason Webb and Stevenson did so well and Divaad Wilson is gone. 3. In the past you've seen the DL be a solid group without any real breakout stars. I think that changes this year. Past years the Dl stops the ground game and the back end makes the havoc plays. This year (because of point 1) I think the onus is on the Front 6-7 to make the havoc plays, get the sacks, force fumbles, get TFLs. I think this is the year Devonte Wyatt's draft stock soars. Davis cements himself as a round 1 player, Travon Walker shows he is a guy who can dominate at any position, and Jalen Carter puts himself in round 1 discussions for the 2023 draft. 4. I don't have much faith in this one and it's where the defense will hinge. I t also depends on number 3. If Wyatt, Davis, Walker, and Carter can collapse the pocket from inside, I can see Smith and Anderson getting a lot of clean up sacks from QBs trying to escape. I don't have much faith in Nolan Smith winning 1 on 1 on a regular basis and I want to see Anderson show that he can have a counter to his speed move. Neither of them are as complete as Azeez was and i worry that if they can't hold up in the run game, they won't be able to see the field unless it's a known passing situation. 5. If I had to bet on 3 guys seeing the field early, it would be Mondon, Green, and Bullard in that order. LBs rotate a lot and Mondon showed that he can time his blitzes perfectly. He will get in on a lot of 3rd downs. Green will get on the field in that CB rotation as well once his knowledge of the defense and what to do reaches the level that Speed has. Green is the more talented player, he just lacks Speed's experience. Bullard played well in the star role. He was flying all over the field and I think you'll see him get some snaps there. Any other freshmen will probably be a little lower on the depth chart and may have to fight for even any mop up duty.
Wheeler declared for the NBA and entered the portal the same way A-Rod would break up with J-Lo, declare he's single on twitter, and then ask Jennifer Anniston on a date. Probably gonna be a no from Jen but the important thing is he's single. Wheeler's not going to the NBA unless something crazy happens but a lot of teams would want his services.
I mean the difference is that if Cochran wants to be proud of the people he's helped develop, it's still super lame to do it and tout UGA. If UGA puts it out and says look what we've done here, I feel like that's a bit worse. Both are lame. One is a little more lame. if I were a coach I would never want to put that out, I would hope people wouldn't need a reminder of my track record. I would also be super embarrassed if I was a coach and my school wanted to do this. I would ask them to not to lol. I can't believe I forgot that, repressing embarrassing memories for sure lol
You’re totally right I forgot that! I remember saying it was lame then too! Did Cochran do it or UGA? It’s a little different but I’m trying to remember here.
I mean they can't post the Auburn success stores because none of these coaches were at Auburn during that time... But this all kinda makes no sense to even post. I would be embarrassed if UGA did something like that and used Bama players that Kirby coached in his time there. Plus half of these guys aren't very relevant.
The worst thing that happened for Newman was that the season didn't get cancelled. If it had, and no one played, he could have kept his hype up. Once the games started, no one cared about the guys who weren't playing.
I mean he played though. Sometimes those kids who barely play from Obscurity U do well. Some don't. He's got some film and he got to participate in a pro day. His hype was big all around. Newman was forgotten about after September 1.
I think it was some bad advisors in his ear telling him his stock obviously wouldn't tank, especially when it seemed at some points like the season wouldn't happen.
Because oddsmakers don't give a rip about what you have done or proven. They predict the future. You see Devonta Smith on that list? If they had known he would opt out I'm sure they would have lowered his odds just a tad.
Yeah it's just that you have 85 guys that you have to do that for and only so much time. I guarantee you they didn't want to lose their second string safety especially with the way Cine plays (reckless) and history of the position. You never want to lose a guy on the 2 deep, especially a guy who got some good experience last year. This is just a "grass is greener on the other side" type of situation where UGA is telling him he's essential as the backup, and someone else is telling him they need him as a starter.
That's interesting because when I watch Miller I saw him making plays all over the place. I didn't notice him doing anything great in coverage but I also didn't see him blowing a bunch of coverages. I just remember watching UF games and he was always making big plays at big times.
Now a days it doesn't really matter. Especially if someone somewhere else is trying to convince him just as hard the other way and burns doesn't have to ask for permission.
So he had a child with Devonta and now Devonta is an absent father? That sounds weird.
It's really hard to tell with Linebackers. I will say though that Ventrell Miller has always been impressive when I've seen him. But I've seen him more in the inside LB role which doesn't usually get drafted that high. I think you may be right on Pickens being a second rounder but mostly because of what I've seen on tape and not due to any discipline reasons or a lack of 2021 tape. that didn't hurt several guys who opted out this year. What will hurt him is imprecise route running, lack of top end speed, and unwillingness to mix it up in the blocking game on a regular basis.
yikes lol. Definitely a first rounder in 2023 though, yeah?
No apparently h did get a very favorable draft rating back from the NFL board and this was a pretty weak DT class. He came back because he loves UGA and doesn't think his stock will tank this year. Apparently at some points this year he was 50-50 to leave or stay.
This isn't UGA moving on from Burns. He was in the 2 deep at safety. he just thinks he can start somewhere even though he may have started next year with Smith and likely Cine leaving. I'd say David Daniel may get some PT but not sure who starts at the other spot at this point. Would have been nice to have a guy like Burns with some experience.
UF probably loses to UGA with Newman at QB instead of Bennett/Mathis. That would have made your 4 loss season a 5 loss season. Now I know you aren't too smart but 4 + 1 is 5. So you can make it seem like it reflects poorly on UGA somehow that Newman made a dumb decision but it worked out for you.
It's very hard to go in the first as a RB. Nick Chubb didn't and I don't think that Cook will be close to the prospect that Chubb was.
Hard to see a guard going in the first round unless they are transcendent. He's good but he's probably not a first rounder.
Given that there are no NFL teams in Alabama or Mississippi, and depending on how old you are, you might have been a Falcons fan before a Titans fan, same with Carolina, for a lot of south eastern football fans, they support ATL but not UGA