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Yeah I think they are probably barred from asking about religion one way or another in the interview process...
I'd take that comment from an Alabama fan but not from some jorts wearing lizard-lover who wishes people would talk about his team like they talk about UGA. I'd rather going into the season with dreams of a ring and every pundit out there saying there's a chance than be UF where pundits aren't even including you in the top 25...
I went to school in Texas and I was "taught" differently. I don't blame the teachers because they don't get paid enough. And I could tell you all the reasons why you're wrong but if teachers didn't get paid enough to teach, you won't see me doing it for free. If you want details on what I can charge to teach you about the Civil War and its motivations, you can DM me.
I think it's less about the "woke left" making slaveowners and confederates out to be "privileged" racists and more about the fact that we shouldn't pretend that they are not... I mean he died before the civil war so he never took up arms as a traitor to his country in the name of owning other human beings so maybe he's okay.
The coolness would depend on your perspective lol. I for one would find it very cool as long as UGA wins. If UGA gets a L I might find it a little less cool.
Best of luck to Demetris for all but one week of the year. It would be UGA's luck if he matches his 12 catch 110 yard total that he had for UGA all SEASON last year during his revenge game. Glad to see he's somewhere where he's wanted and can play. Not usually the case where Auburn needs WRs and UGA has too many. Usually the other way around.
Same old tired talking points on Kirby...
I think whether or not the defense is viewed as "worse or better" will hinge greatly on how UGA plays offense. Take the recent developments with the LSU and Alabama defenses. In the early 2010s they would hold teams to 10 or fewer points and dominate all game and win games 21-3. When they changed their offensive philosophy to play fast, their defensive philosophy didn't change, but just spent more time on the field. If you look as the simple, surface level stats, Bama nd LSU started giving up way more points per game, but their margin of victory remained the same. Point being, UGA may give up more yards and points this year, but if they maintain a healthy margin of victory, I think their defensive effort will be a success. It's important to look at yards per play, points per drive, havoc rate, sack rate, and other deeper stats to measure the defense.
Can Mc Jones grow a beard? And if he could would he grow a neck beard?
Exactly. And it puts coaches in a position to play kids they might not in a game where the season is on the line. For example you'd be more likely to play a true freshman (Say Vandagriff in Georgia's case, if JT Daniels opts out of the bowl game) than a guy that might be more safe like Stetson Bennet. Kirby would be more likely to see what BVG can do even if it means he goes through lumps and they lose.
I'd agree with that but I think there's inherent value in seeing what you have in some guys before the offseason. And it rewards the kids that stuck around and didn't transfer. It gives kids an opportunity to stay and know they have a leg up on the depth chart and in my mind will give them one less reason to transfer. I think it benefits the kids most of all. We already are moving towards cross conference openers on a mass scale. I think they should stay at the end.
I'll say on point number 8: This can be a blessing in disguise for the good teams that make a bowl game but don't make the championship. If a guy is leaving, let him leave and now you get to see what you have on your roster. Maybe Azeez Ojulari doesn't get the jumpstart he got if he doesn't basically start in that Sugar bowl against Texas after Walker opted out. I'm all for the extra practices and getting to see what new faces can do.
I really worry that the answer to your first question will be Stetson Bennett. Because Kirby will play the safe option instead of the upside guy. I think if he gets hurt you gotta go with Beck and if he can't get it done, see what you have in Vandagriff and let him take some lumps and hope his upside can win you games. Stetson give UGA a very low ceiling and if they trot him out there championship is a pipe dream I think Beck and Vandagriff could get you there but they would have to play above their level. I really like Beck to be able to do it but I just haven't seen him in a live game. He could be Dwan 2.0, great in shorts and helmet but will panic after he gets hit. On your second point, I think they already are, but honestly, they don't have to be. I'd be more than confident in a lot of 12 personnel with only 2 WRs on the field, and 11 personnel with Washington as the TE. I think you could have: Burton Gilbert Jackson Robinson Smith Mitchell All rotating in and making plays. I think the fact that Robertson was ready to walk shows that Blaylock and MRJ were gonna push him down to 9th in the rotation at best. If they are ready week 1 I think it'll be in that 3rd grouping. This is what worries me the most. Last thing you want to do is be switching your OL around during the season, it's even worse if it's not due to injury but because you still just don't know who goes where. I think Kirby will have his group set by week 1 and will roll with that group with 1 (as he usually does) and possibly 2 guys who rotate in for series similar to what Cade Mays and Ericson have done. I think the only issue right now is finding the right group and sticking with it.
I think the talk about Saban reloading is a bit overplayed. He doesn't really have to reload. His shelves aren't bare, he just gets to open a new can of 5 stars every year. These are the kids who have been busting it in practice every week and played a team in the Bama 1s that was way better than anyone they will play this year. I think reloading is wishful thinking. The second bullet out of the gun isn't less effective than the first, it just hasn't been fired yet.
Yeah that backfield was very very deep as they even showed the next season with Swift and Holyfield each getting to 1,000. The thing was that Chubb and Swift were so good as a 1-2 you didn't need to use the depth you had. It spoke to their depth that Swift was able to step in a an RB3 when most teams can't rely that much on their RB2.
My interest in how this season shapes out though will be how UGA plays with a lead. You see Bama and LSU and Florida last year put up HUGE numbers because they keep their foot on the gas even when they are up 14. During Kirby's tenure they tend to milk the play clock, slow it down, go with fewer plays, and try to have a 14 play drive instead of going for a TD every play. My point is that you can still do that while being a better offense than last year. It's not really always about stats. JT could throw for under 4,000 yards but have a higher completion percentage and YPA. The RBs might not hit 1,000 yards, but they might get more YPC and TDs. I guess I just would say to UGA fans thinking this might be a year where JT throws for 5,500 yards and 60 TDs and there are 2 1,000 yard RBs with 10+ TDs each, that Kirby hasn't always been that guy. I know we've heard there might be a change in his philosophy, but it's one of those things where I'll see it if I believe it. They have the depth on defense to play fast and big on offense. The 2nd/3rd unit can run with the UTs, Kentuckys, USCs of the world. Time to let it happen.
I mean by definition yes they were "even close" being ranked #4 by 247 composite. But also by definition they were not the top so that's true.
Yeah this about sums it up. Am I excited? Yes. Will I watch every second of every game and then watch it in slow motion on youtube a few times so I can watch every rep from every player during the week? Yep. Do I have high expectations or this team? Yes I sure do. Do I have hope that everything will fall into plan? Nope. I've seen it before. I know the shoe will drop at some point. Always does. Doesn't mean I don't love the team and it doesn't mean I won't root just as hard. I'm just not gonna schedule my 2021 National Champions tattoo anytime soon.
I mean I think in hindsight that’s true. Getting constantly testing and following rigorous protocols. At the same time there were a lot of unknowns at the time and playing and practicing a contact sport seemed a little edgy. Now we know the science says it doesn’t transmit very well that way. I think in hindsight a lot of the opt outs may have been different, especially with the guys who weren’t guaranteed too picks
What I don't get is that UGA has lost more than they've gained in the transfer portal... If UGA was handing out money to kids to come to UGA, why wouldn't they give kids money to stay? It's a weird twist in logic. If it was all about the money, you'd think UGA could get the best players from the portal AND keep their guys from leaving.
How do you know we aren't doing much with them? They've been there a day. You'll get to see them plenty in the fall and then you can see how much we are doing with them.
I think UT is the only team that can have sustained success. Mizzou is still building to that, Kentucky is still building to that. Tennessee has the infrastructure in place to do it but like you said, they don't have it together. I'm not too worried about the teams that catch lightning in a bottle, sometimes they do, but you can almost always depend on them being back down in a year or two. If Mizzou can keep Drinkwitz and Kentucky can keep Stoops, maybe they can build into teams that can sustain. But if those guys leave for other opportunities at larger schools, they will stay in mediocrity.
Listen I hate Florida as much as any UGA fan, but if we are looking at the landscape of the East objectively, there are two teams who can sustain success and are head and shoulders above the rest. That's UGA and Florida. Now you can say that over the past 4 years UGA has been ahead of Florida, and they have, but Florida is the only other team in the east where if they played UGA 10 times, you'd expect a game all 10 times. They are the only other team that could have an off year, and you'd still expect them to have a bounce back they next year. Obviously if I had to bet on UGA or florida, I'm taking UGA, but if I had to pick Florida vs UT, Vandy, Kentucky, Mizzou, SCar, I'm taking Florida every time.
I think they are and always will be. UGA and Florida have each has their down years over the decades but they are the two schools who don't stay down very long. Even after the Muschamp era collapsed, they were right back at the top with McElwain, and when that collapsed they've climbed to the top of the east again with Mullen. Florida is a program that is too big to fail long term. They have a good AD who knows when to pull the plug and the moves to make behind the scenes. UT is the only other program that should be able to maintain success like UGA and Florida but their politics (not R and D politics but office politics) always undermine their program and set them back. Missouri is a team that seems to be able to avoid any terrible lows but doesn't always maintain those highs. They could slowly build into a program that does but first they need to become the type of place a coach goes to and wants to stay at, and can't be pulled for "bigger" opportunities.
I honestly thought Tennessee was on that trajectory with Pruitt. They were recruiting well and had some real studs. I thought they were really on a better track than they were under Jones despite similar recruiting success. However, after Pruitt lost to BYU and Georgia State made his leash shorter and he constantly mismanaged the QB situation and Aaron Murray was right about him not doing well with the diplomacy of being a HC. Luckily for UGA and Florida, they keep missing on their hires and the progress they make gets reset every 2-3 years.
This is in interesting topic! I think when you are in a spot like Bama is right now, a few schollys over the limit, and you are figuring out which kids you may have to encourage to look for opportunities elsewhere, you might convince those who opted out last year first. I am a guy who is player empowerment all the way but I totally understand if that's the route coaches take. I mean it helps that he was low on the depth chart, but if I'm looking at the 5th RB who showed up for practice every day, who I got to see work, and comparing him to the 4th RB who is maybe more talented but opted out last year, I'm cutting loose the guy who opted out. I know who I can trust. Now I don't know his reason for opting out, I'm just saying I can see both sides. If he was good enough to be at Bama in the first place, I'm sure he'll be a hot commodity on the market for a good number of teams.
You still can't address "less then who?" cause it isn't Florida. Past 4 years you would rather be UGA than Florida. Ask anyone. Until you can say you've done more than UGA, you can't say we are doing less. You can pipe right down on that one. Won't hear it from you.
UGA has recruited on the same level as UGA, that's what the whole topic here is isn't it? Less with more or more with less? UGA and Bama's rosters are similar in terms of talent. I will sit here and listen to ANY Bama fan who wants to say UGA is doing less than Bama with the same amount of talent. I will listen to the same from any LSU fan. But when it comes to Florida fans, I agree that we have more than you, but we certainly have not done less than you. The only teams that have kept UGA from winning championships have been Bama and LSU. Other than that you would love to have had an SEC championship and multiple SECCG appearances instead of your perennial 4 loss seasons. You're lying if you say you wouldn't. So you can keep the "less with more" to yourself. Yes we have more. No I won't hear from you that we have done "less"
Those are good names at the end there however I meant specifically at UGA. I don't think aby of the guys listed there would have been in the same position to start day 1 at UGA, conversely I think Mondon would have started at Auburn or Oregon if he had been in the place of Pappoe or Sewell. Anderson though... That's a different dude...
Mitchell is in interesting choice. I think he might make an impact and he's impressed coaches but he got a good run in the spring game due to injuries. I think Rosemy-Jacksaint might get the initial nod to start the year and Mitchell will spell him regularly at the X spot and even Burton at the Z. Mims might still be a little too raw but given that OL doesn't rotate too much at the tackle spot, if he's on the field, he will definitely be entrenched there and make a huge impact. It's sort of a boom or bust for him in that category. TDOW said it already but I think Brock Bowers is a safe bet here. He can work from the slot or outside and will work well in the redzone. I think he's a better receiving threat than Washington and that might show come the end of the year. If he's a capable blocker, he and Washington might phase Fitzy out of the rotation.