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He's technically on the practice squad so he doesn't count on being on the active roster. My 2 cents is that it should count anyway. I think NFL rosters need to expand. Practice squad stuff has never made much sense to me.
There are players who might have left if Saban didn't retire who will stay now because they might have a better chance to play for the new system than they did in the old system. Alabama isn't lacking for talent and depth and guys that might have been buried for another year are now on the same foot as that starter from last year in the eyes as the new regime. I think what's really eating at Bama fans isn't the guys like Pope or Roydell Williams. it might not even be the guys like Amos or Niblack. Even though those guys were starters, being a starter at Bama is tough. You don't have job security because there are really talented dudes underneath you who will take your spot in a heartbeat. But even if Nick Saban stayed, guys who are starters or projected starters can get a job on another team where they can start and won't have to worry about losing their job. It can be about money and not be about NIL. There's nothing worse for your draft stock than losing your starting role. So you can bet on yourself but you are risking NFL money. It's not a bad idea to go to Bama, get developed for a year or two, and then go start somewhere else and protect your draft stock. I think what really gets to Bama fans are the guys like Downs and Proctor who would NEVER have left if Saban stayed. All-SEC and all-NCAA first team type players who would never lose their jobs at Bama and would get drafted in the first round if they played at Shelton State Community College.
You'll probably see Jared Wilson playing C. I think after his injury issues, Blaske had been passed up on the depth chart but would probably have been the first lineman at any of the 5 spots if someone had gone down.
I don't necessarily disagree and I also don't necessarily care. They can put Texas at 1, they can put whoever at 1. It really doesn't matter much. And to think this is something I would have cared about a lot more before winning 2 in a row.
If you know the reporter, you know it's not a scripted question that Kirby knew ahead of time. Now the reporter Brooks does a great job at getting soundbites from Coach Smart and the players but it was in no way scripted.
Well by progress he means expansion and I think he's saying it tongue in cheek.
I am one in a probably many who think he should have stayed another year at UGA but he went out and has had himself a good NFL career. If for nothing other than as a return specialist, I'm sure he'll be on a team very soon.
When UGA fans wanted more attention in the times when they had a successful program, but still hasn't won it all, we were told we would have to wait until after we had some trophies before we could get talked about like Bama does. So I understand any UGA fan who is upset that the narrative spinners at ESPN and elsewhere aren't lining up to kiss our back-to-back championship winning backsides and are instead, seemingly hoping, that Bama can come back to prominence. Maybe they think that if they don't talk up Saban now he won't come on their shows at the end of the year to beg for a 2+ loss Bama team to make the playoffs on the back of an over-bloated preseason ranking and irrelevant Vegas money lines.
Justice Haynes has got to be leading the pack by mid-season.
I think he always had good arm strength, I think Monken made him less of a reckless gunslinger and more of a complete, smart player.
if the comment is meant to be along the lines of TCU is a source for talented players on the same level as UGA and Bama, I mean, I kind of get it. If you take the 3 best players from any P5 team in the country, there won't be a huge difference. But obviously top to bottom, the 50th best player at UGA or Bama is worlds better than the 50th best player at TCU. And in terms of programs, I don't think there's anyone in the country who holds a candle to UGA and Bama. It's an entire process that develops players 1-100 on being the best they can be. Other programs don't quite have that.
They are very hard to compare. On paper, you might say Beck is obviously more talented than Bennett but I think that's a disservice to Bennett who's arm talent is severely undersold. And Bennett was a very very good weapon from 20 yards in which you as a Tennessee fan should know. I think Beck might be better at processing from the pocket and attacking the weak points of the defense and not needing the scheme to win for him. I don't think he'll be able to provide as many rushing TDs in the redzone. And I can't really say who's arm is better. Bennett was able to really put some zip on the ball, throw it deep, and fit it into tight windows, beside what experts and analysts who haven't watched him might tell you.
Playing safety isn't necessarily a clean switch for him either. Safeties have to come down in run support, break down, and make tackles. I think he lets himself get out leverages in run support the same way he gets out leverages playing in man to man coverage with his tight hips. I think he needs to play in a true cover 3 scheme, and probably would have done best in Dallas with Dan Quinn.
If I’m Stetson I’m very happy with the situation going to LA instead of ATL. If Ridder doesn’t pan out, they have insurance in Heinicke. He probably doesn’t dress most games. I think in LA he has a very good chance of being the undoubted #2 and Stafford has lingering health issues that might not let him see all 17 games
When you play NT or DT in the NFL, you are likely to be double teamed on the majority of your plays. in Pass pro you are getting blocked by a Center and usually a guard that might peel off late to help elsewhere, and in the run game you are usually double teamed first on combo blocks.
Why? They're both only likely to spend a year on their new team.
I could see Lindberg moving on if he really wants to play somewhere because I don't think there's a scenario where he ever plays at UGA, short of 7 guys getting injured. Morris and Fairchild might both be starting next year at UGA so unless they are particularly impatient or UGA has less confidence in them, I can't see them going. I've heard Morris is going to be hard to keep off of the field this year alone. And if Ratledge leaves after this year, both guard spots are wide open.
Feels like yesterday UGA was bringing in Trouble and Trez as the next wave of ILBs and it felt like a big deal to get 2 players of their caliber. But it speaks to UGAs recruiting that by the next year and year after that these guys just got recruited under and passed up by a few freakishly talented guys.
I could see another guy kind of buried but with big potential, still early in their years like Bah, but I don’t see the appeal of leaving if I’m on the 2 deep, a true freshman.
I think he’s in the portal because UGA needed to cut some numbers and he was encouraged to seek other opportunities. I don’t think he would start anywhere in the SEC right now. So not being able to start right away wouldn’t be that harsh for him. He still needs some seasoning and could be a really good player in his 4th and 5th years.
What’s interesting is that he was clearly in the 2-deep rotation and at DL the 2-deep all pay significant snaps. Even if we wasn’t starting he would be getting 40% of the snaps compared to 45%. And now he has to go start fresh somewhere that has players already familiar with the terminology and scheme. Not a smart long term decision.
A good agent will spin it as grieving? And you know Jalen Carter so well to know he wasn't?
Dang he's been in the league only 6 years? It feels like he left UGA forever ago.
I don't think you can say his season was as Great as AD's freshman season. Dillon Bell is still a little raw and AD was very polished as a true freshman. He would have been getting plenty of PT with a healthy GP. I think the fact that you didn't see a whole lot of Bell even with AD missing most of the season tells you that they preferred the experience of Jackson and Blaylock over the raw talent of Bell.
I'm goin to give Andrew Paul some leeway this year as most RBs come back a little timid their first season after an ACL tear. I think you'll see an even mix of Milton/Edwards and then Branson Robinson getting 95% of the meaningful snaps this year.
I don't think Ringo is as undeveloped as you think. He's a much different corner than Baker and Stokes but he's not worse. Baker and Stokes weren't even too similar either. Baker was a great zone corner with great instincts and reaction time. Stokes was a very good man corner who could bump and run or cover small shifty guys out of the slot but he didn't do as well in zone schemes as he did in man. Kelee is a great cover 3 corner a la his new mentor Richard Sherman. I don't think he would match up well in man with smaller shiftier WRs who are going to do a lot laterally, but he does well covering a deep third, not letting people behind him, and making plays on the ball. To me, a lot of what UGA fans complained about with Ringo is both a misunderstanding of defensive schemes and what he is being asked to do, and things that are out of his control, like the rules being much more heavily skewed toward offensive production.
I think the real problem is that you have to have a commercial before the review and a commercial break after the review.
Mentioning that UGA has a chunk of the top players in their class from florida ignores the fact that some of those players grew up in Georgia, played some high school ball in Georgia, and then moved to florida. Players like Pearce Spurlin.