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She has several of these out and if you follow her you'll appreciate them all. She is also extremely talented at the etch-a-sketch.
I believe UGA is gonna win the east again and what it comes down to is that their offense, as new as it is, will only have to score about 25 points to win any given game, similar to last year. The one regular season loss they had last year was because the offense didn't score enough points and actually spotted SCar 7 on a pick six. Even then they took it to overtime. Could that happen in any game this year including the Florida game? Sure. But for the most part UGA is going to hold teams under 20 points. Good offenses they should be able to hold under 25. I can't see Florida breaking into the 30's against UGA unless UGA's offense is spotting them short fields and turnover touchdowns. The problem for UGA's championship hopes is going to be if the offense can break into scoring in the mid 30's as a baseline. If they can do that they have a shot but with no offseason it's hard to say if they will take that leap.
But you have to remember, UF wasn't an option because they had their guy in Franks. If he's at LSU, that might leave the door open for UF to get Burrow, or maybe even recruit one of the top QBs in a later class like Matt Corrall or Justin Fields, both were linked to Florida at the time. Maybe things would also have changed if Eason decided to change his UGA commitment after Richt was fired and he ends up at Florida.
I gotta think it's down to UGA and Bama at this point. I know he's visited UGA a LOT and feels comfortable there but he grew up in a house of die-hard Bama fans and used to watch them every saturday. This will be a good one.
I watched the 2014 UGA-Clemson game the other day. That was maybe the best performance I;ve seen from a player just dominating. And then Chubb came in, his first game as the 4th string RB, and dominated as well.
They can skype them though. Pay me a billion dollars to solve this "problem" for them.
My only issue would be that you select from a group of guys who didn't win a Heisman. Some of these guys are deserving but it's hard to crown a guy as a "player of a decade" when you exclude several other potentially deserving players just because they already had a moment in the sun.
Was this the kid who flipped to UGA from GT late in the recruiting cycle? I really wish they could have used his size more this year to protect the rim when teams would kill them with points in the paint late in games. You can coach a kid to be tough inside all you wan't, but you can't coach a kid to be taller.
They can do it all digitally. Just don't hold a televised event. I know it's a big money maker for them but logistically they could do this all over a teleconference and be fine. Millions of people do it every year for their fantasy draft. Hell I'd be fine if my Falcons autodrafted this year since Dimitroff has become a bit stale.
I remember when Leonard Fournette wore him like a backpack on one of the best runs I've ever seen.
I think Tampa isn't as desperate for him as Atlanta would be. Tampa has RoJo fairly established and Atlanta doesn't have a top guy right now.
I was disappointed they couldn't use his size more. I think he maybe just needed another year to develop but UGA was hurting for size like his this last year.
Luckily for UGA they have a large number of options at RB this year. I like Henderson cause that kid can move but Lovasea Carroll seems ready to commit, and a few others are really intrigued as well. With the possibility of Cook and White leaving for the NFL after this year, There's gonna be room for at least 2 guys to come in and try to get immediate work.
I think having Burrow there might be more enticing to him but it won't fix the issue of their defense or OL. They will have one amazing WR Corps though.
Glad to see the team finish the year with a win.
If this saves even 1 life it was worth it.
I have more examples than just the one for coach Mullen.
If even one person died because they didn't take action it wouldn't have been worth all of the fun in the world.
It's become a weekly ritual where I come to this place to contemplate what could have been for UGA if Nic Claxton had stayed. Wheeler, Edwards, Hammonds, Camara, and Claxton would have been amazing.
I was more impressed with Mason Jones than any other player for sure.
If they beat UGA three years in a row, sure. I'm pretty sure some dummy somewhere made a comment about a blind squirrel and his nuts one time. It was something like that...
Considering how much he beat that team I'm sure he's at least a part owner of that brand.
Even UGA who has been pretty brutal at times this season has sold out nearly every home game so you know they are making a ton of money compared to what they have accomplished on the court.
I dunno, if you ask any gator fan they don't even need to win the cocktail party to feel like they are every bit as good as UGA. I mean they've lost 3 years in a row and they still think they are on UGA's level.
I think UGA is probably enamored with his frame. I didn't really see any DT film in the video, mostly a lot of LT but from they sound of it, that's not what they are recruiting him for. I think they are gonna try to put 30 pounds on his frame at least and hope he keeps some of his quickness.