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If LSU is in no matter what they should rest their starters.
Now if we can just get Skip Bayless on record saying LSU will win...
The more I watch Burrow the more he looks like Prime Aaron Rodgers. When he breaks the pocket and runs parallel to the LOS, he looks identical. It's going to be important for UGA's defenders to stop that. Tyler Clark, Jordan Davis and Wyatt are going to have to make sure they collapse the pocket without getting too far up-field.
Oh no doubt I know he threw one pick-6 and he's been lucky to not have thrown more. He does show some flashes of brilliance though. Just not very consistent yet. I really likes some of the plays he made at G day and last week when he broke contain, and hit Landers with that side arm throw on the run. That's something I've never seen Fromm do.
How poetic would it be if Stetson Bennett was forced to play the second half and came through and won the game for UGA? After having it happen to UGA twice now, it would be the only way to write the Hollywood script.
While stokes is a better bump and run player because of that speed. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone as smooth in and out of transitions as Baker. He was also elite in zone coverage and played with perfect leverage on almost every snap. One thing he and Stokes both have is you can tell they've learned a receiver and can read his body on his stem and they know what route is coming in about 1 second and they break with the WR and not in reaction to the WR. It speaks to the coaching and why this streak exists.
Practices are set up so that the QB HAS to burn the CBs. It's about timing and rhythm and getting a hold of where your WR is gonna be. That being said, from what I've seen from Burrow, he would probably burn them even if the odds weren't stacked against them.
Well he's super in that he's famous and he's a fan. Any celebrity becomes a superfan by default.
I'm happy with the football team and where it's at but I'm getting a little tired of having championship rosters and nothing to show for it.
He'd probably have near about 2,000 rushing yards lol
I honestly wish Georgia-Florida was played on the last week of the season. It would make for a much more interesting final week that Tech.
A lot of people get confused with fans being unhappy and fans being critical. I for one and super happy with this team, even the rough stretches that were hard to watch. I can be critical of the team being too heavy on the defensive side and wishing there was a little more offense to back the defense up. But at the same time I'm extremely excited about this season and the position UGA is in again where they are competing for a spot in the playoff for the 3rd year in a row.
True but LSU also shot themselves in the foot a lot that game. If UGA can get LSU to shoot themselves in the foot a few times, they'll get similar results.
Couldn't even buy a first down late in those games.
You got the nail on the head and the X factor will be if the UGA front 7 helps out the secondary enough. I watched the Texas game and the Alabama game for LSU and in both games Burrow made some nice plays escaping the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield, and hitting his receiver with a dagger. I don't care how good your secondary is, if you have to cover a guy for 5-7 seconds, he's gonna get open. I'm not sure how good LSu's line is on the interior but Tyler Clark and Jordan Davis will be trying to collapse that pocket all game. And it's a big game so Tyler Clark is sure to show up. On the edges, UGA has been a little disappointing in their ability to hit home but they do a great job keeping the QB contained. But again they haven't faced a guy like Burrow who can find holes in the pocket and move up and out and find guys open in a very Aaron Rodgers-like way.
Franks could try a position change to TE. Former Florida QBs seem to do alright with that switch.
Well the flaw in your logic is that Kirby got rid of Fields when he wanted to keep em both.
Next play they get tricky and play zone on one half and man on the other. Nobody is within 4 yards of a WR. Swain, on the soft man side, beats the outside leverage of Webb and gets 11 yards on a slant. Next play. UGA lines up in press man. Corners on the LOS. Press at the snap. Trask is sacked. Next play. UGA showing soft coverage, 2 high safety look. (BTW they have had 2 high safeties in every play so far, I forgot to mention that) Soft 2-Man. Trask hits the RB option-out for 3 yards, Monty Rice with a good close and tackle. Would have been a big gain had he not held on to the back. End of Quarter. Next play, UGA with 2 high, showing press on the edges. Either press-man-2 or Press-cover 2. Trask runs for 3 and a half yards. Next play. UGA in a man look, single high safety with LeCounte manned up on Pitts. Corners are playing inside-over leverage (very hard to do) and stokes gets beat on a good move inside and under. Swain with a 7 yards gain on the slant. TD play, 2-man look. playing over inside again. Trask extends after pressure, finds Jefferson who got a little push to create some space. Like I said, they mix it up a lot. Definitely some cover 2 and soft zone as well as soft man thrown in there. The soft mainly referring to the fact that they are playing a lot of over leverage and giving up anything underneath. Even when they press, that CB is working hard to stay on top of the WR instead of trailing, even when they have 2 high safeties.
2:49 left in the 3rd quarter. No UGA Db is within 6 yards of a WR. No pressing on the line. Swain catches a 13 yard in route. Next play they are in off man. Only DB within 6 yards is Stokes and he's at 4 on Cleveland. No press. Swain catches a 11 yard out. Next play. All DBs at 5 yards out from the WR. No Press. Soft coverage again. Cover 2. Cleveland catches an 8 yard stop. You want me to keep going? I can break it all down.
No offensive Lineman wants to be recognized. When you don't hear a guy's named called, he's doing a great job.
It might sound crazy but when Franks is on, he's almost unstoppable. It might come with a turnover or two but the kid had a rocket for an arm and could move a little bit for being 6'6. Trask has the higher floor but Franks had a huge ceiling.
This is big for UGA cause they really need more speed at the WR spot. Rosemy and Robinson are great but they aren't burners. No one currently on the UGA offense is going to make the safeties turn and sprint from the snap. Robertson was supposed to be that guy but he hasn't been the same since that broken leg at Cal.
CEH does really well when he gets into space but so does the UGA defense, Crowder especially, but Reed and Richie will stop him when they get their chances.
Even if Swift is playing at a full go they gotta bring in Cook. You see what happens when you use him as a legit threat. The entire defense keyed in on him and Pickens was wide open for a 41 yard TD.
Simmons and Fromm looked really good like they both knew where Simmons was gonna be and where the ball needed to be put. It's hard to beat any WR-QB duo when their timing is on point. Landers had a catch but he also had a few moments where he looked out of sync with Fromm. I wish the kid could put it all together. He's got so much talent and size.
Jermaine Burton would be really intriguing. Terrance Edwards is sending too many of his kids over to LSU lol.