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he is a better passer and if 6'3 is too short for a QB then I dunno what to do anymore.
Falcons shouldn't reach for him unless it's in the 3-4th round and he definitely won't be there. They will keep Coleman for another year and probably let him walk. Teams won't give you jack for a RB in a trade. Falcons are probably going to use the first several rounds to address the OL and DL.
I'd put my money on Tony Brown. I watched him play in High School at Ozen and he was a freak. He is a track star too. Brown will blow up other parts of the combine as well. He is definitely going to improve his stock.
Gonna be the fattest Kicker in College Football.
A lot of people forget that in 2014 Michel was supposed to be ahead of Chubb on the depth chart until a shoulder injury and an injury to Gurley and Marshall thrust Chubb into the starting role where he obviously thrived. I wonder what his UGA career could have looked like if he hadn't been hurt and never fell behind Chubb on the depth chart.Either way it kept a lot of tread off of his tires and will hopefully allow him to have a long and successful NFL Career.
these mock drafts always change like crazy the closer the draft gets. I'd be surprised if any of these are close at all. And all it takes is for one team to take an unexpected pick or make a trade and the whole prediction falls apart. Why do I enjoy these mocks so much?
Nah it's just the only game we watched Fitzgerald play. Nobody wants to watch Miss St unless you are playing them or a fan.
His "UM Friends" admit it... lol. Let's call the FBI, looks like we got some hard evidence of aggravated assault.
Bama offered him too. He could be the best scout team QB in the country
nah i didn't miss a thing. I have been locked in. And yes he did finish strong down the stretch. It's not like they are signing a bunch of 2 and 3 stars. Sure their class isn't as good as UGA's but don't make it seem like they are struggling or starved for talent. Alls I'm saying is that we can all celebrate UGA's dominant recruiting class without having to bring up Bama.
He didn't fail. not by most schools standards anyways. there are 12 other schools in the SEC that would gladly trade their class for Bamas. Not did they meet their own usual standards, not quite but there were a variety of factors for that. Fi you want to celebrate UGA succeeding in this years early signing period, go ahead, but don't try to make UGA's success an Alabama failure. Both were successful and brought in great classes.
totally fair comeback lol.
Recruiting rankings started basically back in 2004, and since they are using 247 rankings which only go back that far, including players before that time would make this an opinion piece, which as you can see by the objective ranking based on a number scale, this is not. Careful UGARMYRet, you're showing your age.
I think he'll be a better fit in the air it out Washington offense. He wasn't a great fit as a drop back or play-action guy, he seems to do better out of the shotgun. Fromm was a better fit as a leader and for this offense with the way he reads defenses and makes quick decisions. But if you put them both in shorts and t-shirts Eason is going to look like the better QB. And that's basically what these recruiting sites look at.
I mean call it what you want but it turns into wins and championships most of the time.
I don't think it would ever be worth it when you could have had another ring. But maybe Bama has won so many recently it doesn't matter to miss out on one. Must be nice. sigh*
It's nice seeing an SEC team not named Kentucky being one of the legitimate best teams in the country.
I would actually be very interested in seeing that
He could always retroactively redshirt if he never plays and still be dressed and ready for every game and have Bennett go in the game for mop up duty rather than Fields so you don't burn a redshirt.
What really says a lot is Florida getting 0 out of 5 in Florida
first of all it's "in lieu" and secondly I don't think you know what that means.
I saw elite and came sniffing. 296th overall is "elite" now?
I wouldn't consider Toney a Dual threat QB, not only because he won't ever line up at QB outside of specialty plays or wildcat situations, but also because half of being a dual threat is being a passer. And the guy threw twice last year.
yeah and Bama may have gone undefeated had Tua started earlier. They may have also lost a different game where Jalen would have won it. But you gotta do what's best for the team overall. These freshmen QBs aren't coming onto campus super far behind like they used to. All of these camps and whatnot gets them ready early. Had UGA named Fromm the starter after the spring game he may have come along even faster in his development than he did.
Quarterback is the only position where "what did you do for me last year" plays a part of the equation in who starts. Unless the guy coming in is head and shoulders above the incumbent starter, they are facing a huge uphill battle for the starting spot. there were plenty of people saying last year that Fromm was leading the team better and at times even playing better than Eason, but it felt like Eason got the start because of what he did the year before. If Fields comes in and is able to control the offense and lead and play better than Fromm, he should get the job.
If nothing else this evens the field with Bama from a talent perspective. Being a dominant team like Bama requires studs not just in your starting lineup but in your 2 and 3 deep rotations. Bama has obviously had the best coach in the game for a decade now but they have also had a sizable advantage from a talent match up no matter who they played. Not anymore.