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Right now he is carrying Fromm the way that Nick and Sony did in 2017.
Fromm did have open receivers. he didn't see them. It's not all on him though. The offense he is playing in has too many long developing routes and so it takes him a while to go through reads and even longer when receivers are being pressed.
I think Kirby wanted to keep him but not for the amount that Tenn was willing to pay.
I'm gonna go ahead and say it because it's been a worry I've had bubbling deep down... Fromm was carried by Sony, Chubb, Roquan, Javon, Lorenzo, and Davin. The current group of players is great but they can't erase his inefficiencies like those guys could. We had 3 5 star QBs and we probably kept the worst of the 3 because he had a significant advantage over the other 2.
Chaney and Coley are the Spiderman pointing at Spiderman meme. Don't confuse our enthusiasm to rid UGA of Chaney as thinking Coley would be the next Bill Walsh. We did not however assume that it could get any worse than it was...
The only argument against firing Coley or stripping him of play-calling duties is... when has that ever worked anywhere before? Might as well dance with the one you came with until the dance is over.
I remember those days... Watching receivers schemed wide open...
The worst thing you can do is blitz Fromm because then you make the choice for him and he's prepared on where to go. If you drop 7-8 into coverage, he will eat the ball or try to run and get a yard maybe two.
Watching and re-watching the games. I don't really have too many issues with the WRs. I have more of an issue with Fromm not trusting his WRs. If you only look at the places he is throwing the ball, that particular receiver may not be getting separation, but when you look at the other receivers running routes, they ARE breaking open. The issue is that it is taking Fromm too long to cycle through his reads and find an open player and routes that take too long to develop (especially against press man) are being called. This particular regression isn't something I expected from Fromm but you see more teams rushing 3-4 players and dropping everyone else because he will sit there and wait and wait and wait...
Watching that Swift touchdown was like the feeling you get after taking a dump after being constipated for a while. The sweet release of watching the ball move more than 5 yards was exhilarating.
White's suspension had no impact in that he doesn't play offense. He might have taken a few points off of the board for Bama zero impact on the win or loss.
I'd give them a .1 percent chance of winning and that is only if both teams show up in their home uniforms and it's hard to tell who is who out there.
But considering how long it took him to part ways with Chaney, I think we are stuck with Coley for a little while.
He's really good. Both as a color guy and an in studio analyst. He sees a lot of things most people don't pick up on.
Why would CBS and SEC agree to have only one 8 pm kickoff per season? That sounds idiotic... unless you want to protect the viewership of the SEC network that usually broadcasts later games... If I were the SEC and CBS I'd say screw the contract, lets put this game at 8 under the lights and have a billion people watch it.
What I would give to have him here at UGA right now.
When it comes to Rod Gilmore I either lvoe it or I hate it with a passion.
Those pressures will turn into sacks if UGA starts to let their corners get aggressive and play press man. They have the speed to do it. That extra half second the QB holds the ball can be the difference. And if might cause more interceptions if the QB is having to release the ball earlier than he wants.
Mostly coaching. The reason I say that is in a better system, they would be able to survive Fromm being off his game. In the current system, Fromm has to be perfect and throw as little as possible.
It obviously doesn't change the game, but it shows that the blame isn't just on the WRs. There were WRs getting open and Fromm wasn't seeing the field. He was forcing it to guys who were covered. Reminds me of the LSU game.
I'd say play him like a wildcat QB. If he beats UGA with his arm, so be it. His legs are the more dangerous weapon. If he beats UGA with his legs, there's no excuse.
Sorry my comment was mostly directed at the writer of the article who said "it’s probably unfair to include 5-1 Georgia on such a list" and the top comment.
It's hard to separate when you're running a stop or a go and the defense knows it.
You guys must not read the "bottom 10" very often. It's actually pretty good satire. The 5th spot is reserved for a good team who disappointed that week. He's not really saying that UGA is one of the worst 10 teams.
Actually smsatUGA, there were a few times I saw when rewatching the game, that Fromm just didn't see open players. The play right before the missed FG, Fromm tried to force one to a moderately covered swift, instead of seeing Pickens open on the curl past the sticks. Swift even saw Pickens before he turned and you could tell he said something to Jake about it after the play. There were also plenty of times when Robertson was running with a step on his man across the middle or down the field with the safety on the other side. Jake didn't do a great job of seeing the field on Saturday, especially when SCar would drop 7-8 and only rush their base D linemen.