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I love Nessler, Danielson is a bit of an old fart now. Can't seem to keep up.
I think that's well said. For as much as people talk about "Bennett opens up the running game with his running ability" I think the impact of Daniels opening up almost everything in the passing game is greater than Bennett in the run game.
Adam, next time you are in College Station, TX, go to Layne's Chicken Fingers and have some fingers and fries with their sauce.
He simply opens up much more of the offense than Stet does. You don't see UGA use nearly as much of the route tree and will only take shots on play action when Stet is the QB. JT also does a much better job reading what a defense is giving both pre and post snap. Stet is very underrated, no doubt, he's got tremendous arm talent but he lacks the arm strength and ability to break a defense down that JT does have. Two other points, if Stet had played better against Bama and UF, they would have sustained more drives and the defense would have played much better. Instead he pushed himself past his limits and they had 3 and outs and turnovers and the games got out of hand. You can say that JT accounted for only 3 points against Clemson but I believe if Stetson had been in there it might have been 0 or very well a pick six the other way. I don't think JT is perfect, his deep ball isn't great (still better than Stet's) he will sometimes hold the ball and dance in the pocket too long, and he adds nothing to the run game, but he is the QB on this roster that makes UGA the best version of themselves right now. Now when Brock Vandagriff is in line for playing time... watch out.
I think Tykee only starts if Brini is playing left Safety because is going to have a hard time taking reps from brini at the star. Even though that's a spot Kirby likes to rotate a bit. Last year you saw Stevenson and Webb rotate a lot. I think maybe Tykee more on the run downs while Brini, who has been great in pass coverage plays passing downs.
One thing that doesn't get talked about often is that JT isn't great with the deep ball either. I mean he's better than Bennett but he isn't great compared to those who are great at it. But he is super accurate and can zip the ball in there from short to medium range. Stetson is the better runner but I think that's mostly because opposing teams underestimate that part of his game. JT also does a much better job of reading the defense, checking into better calls pre snap, and not getting stuck on his first read. Yeah I think UGA runs smoother with JT but neither does the one thing that will really open this offense.
Sounds like a guy who would rather see Bennett than JT against the crimson tide in December.
Forcing Kirby to have to send his defense back out there and risk injury to an already banged up team so that Auburn could try to get a garbage time score was not beneficial for either team.
I mean you can talk about the compliment he paid or you can mention what Kirby WASN'T very happy about when he was trying to run down the clock and not run up the score and Harsin called a time out before a 4th down when UGA could have just let the clock run out after one more play. So Kirby dialed up a bomb that should have been a TD if Justin Robinson was paying more attention and able to track the ball.
I think this argument that the draft defines how good your players were is a bit of malarkey if you can pardon my harsh speak. As much as we tend to give scouts and personnel evaluators credit for seeing what we can't, the truth is that they tend to just follow the teams at the top with the best defensive stats that they see on Sports Center or they try to get real cute and get a guy from a DIIII school that has good measurables and take him WAY too high because they want to prove they are so smart. A lot of these guys on UGA's defense were draft eligible last year and didn't get too much of a sniff because UGA's defense wasn't doing this. Now you see everywhere about how dominant UGA's defense is and all of a sudden Jordan Davis is a first rounder. Adam Anderson is a first rounder. Devontae Wyatt is a day 2 guy at worst. Travon Walker is a day 2 guy at worst (and a first after the combine). I'll tell you what, these guys didn't magically get better this year. They just gelled as a defense and are making plays as a unit. So with that said, Bama can likely go 1 for 1 with talent on the defense, player for player, with UGA. If you changed their uniforms, I think you'd see the same results. But UGA's defense gets a lot of hype so the scouts flock there. Yes, it would have been great for Bama's defense if Kirby was still their DC. But there are plenty of other candidates who can manage those 4-5 star defenders better than Pete Golding has been able to. And lastly, it's hard to play defense well when your defense has to play 80+ plays a game. UGA's defense wouldn't be able to do that without giving up TDs to even a mediocre team. Part of that is having an offense that regularly scores 75 yard drives in under 2 minutes. Part of it is that you can't get your defense off of the field on3rd downs because you try to run cover 0 blitzes and get beat.
At this point I've given up correcting it. When they make these stories they will just look at the stats for Points Scored and Points Against. I think all real UGA fans know what it is.
But you think if UGA plays Beck that whole game with the 1s they lose? Because I'm saying they'd still be 5-0 and Beck would have game reps on what he can and can't do. Experience he doesn't get on the bench. The argument is that if you are going to win the game anyway, why not let him go through the growing pains now instead of next year?
No I think that sort of thing is done under Kirby now. They're done with trying to win games 14-10. Kirby has shown that he's willing to do what Bama and LSU have done in their championship seasons. Get out to a 3 score lead early, make the other team quit in the first half, coast to a win from there. The longer the other team thinks they are in the fight, the harder day you will have. Kirby will have his team motivated to not win this game in 60 minutes but to try to win it in 10 minutes.
I think at this point, knowing that UGA and Bama, if they both enter the SECCG undefeated, will get into the playoff regardless, what is the point of the SECCG going to be? Why would UGA or Bama show the other team the way they plan to beat them, knowing they might play each other again in a few months? Why risk injuries? Why not treat it like an SECCG? For that reason alone, just like I said in 2018, the loser of the SECCG shouldn't be in the playoff. Let the winner go on and let other teams have a chance to beat the winner. I know a lot of people clamored for UGA to make it in back in 2018 but UGA didn't earn it when they lost the SECCG.
I just think when it comes down to teams with Defenses who will try to push the envelope and make Stetson make decisions, like Alabama and Florida did last year, he will press and throw balls he shouldn't. He's got a better defense behind him than he did last year but even in this season you see him throwing into double and triple coverage because he has the gunslinger mentality. He doesn't see the field pre and post snap the same way JT does.
UGA would still be 5-0 with Beck playing instead of Bennett or Vandagriff or anyone else, you or me even, because of everyone on that defense.
Let Briles worry about it too. He knows if he has a 3 and out it’s those monsters back on the field
There's the ability to come back and be stable and be technically where you were, stability-wise. Then there's having the confidence in your knee to not give out on you again. That'll take game reps. Some players, usually RBs, don't get that back for a while. And then there's getting back in game conditioning. It's not easy. You have to be in supreme physical shape to be out there for 3 plays in a row even. I could see him getting back in one play here and another there and coming off immediately until he can sustain 2 plays in a row with no physical drop off, and then 3, and so on. The "recovery" is a much longer process than the "healing".
What's underrated is that UGA being able to run 12 personnel constantly with those two means that the pass will be hard to defend, but they are both exceptional blockers so the run will be equally as explosive. Fitzpatrick is a fine blocker but anyone playing man coverage against him can line up in his face and not worry about being left at the line and trying to chase him down. With Wash and Bowers, you have to respect that they can take off on you, but also that they can lock on and drive you in the run game. Makes a lot of lanes open up in the run and pass games.
I know there was some after the bowl game last year who were already impressed with the kid but How much eligibility does Anthony Richardson have left? And how can I as a Georgia fan make it less? I mean I worry about defending the guy this year but I'm borderline terrified of what he will do as the full time starter. Just seems like a headache to deal with as a DC. Throws a beautiful ball, will run over, around, and past your entire defense. The only things stopping him so far have been his own hamstrings and Dan Mullen.
I enjoy all of the games, blowouts, close wins, close losses, bad losses, the way I love all of my children. The smart one, the talented one and Timmy who tries his best.
The problem was that it robbed UGA's seniors of going out as the winningest class in school history. It cost UGA a home game. It cost ME the ability to watch my team on a Saturday. 100-0 this weekend and we will all be over it.
Vandy might fare better this game if they punt on first down every time they touch the ball.
Reminds me of a guy like Tavarres King. Great ball skills and will get open. Not a burner and doesn't do anything that will blow your socks off, but he will make plays when you need them and will always play hard.
I don't believe that. I'm in hell and my punishment is to be close to success but to never quite reach it. Saban is the devil and he takes pleasure from my sadness. I've come to terms with this.
I dunno about the whole "5 more minutes" argument. When you get to end of game scenarios, Bama was trying to run clock and end the game, while Florida was trying to play fast and extend the game. If you play the last part of the game with both teams trying to score and not worried about the time, I don't think it ends much differently.
Georgia also played extremely conservatively, took almost no shots, and was down a good number of key contributors that got hurt late in camp. I think Clemson has packed it in a little after that loss as well. BamaTime is right, they may have a problem at QB, but it's hard to tell because that's the worst O line they've had in a decade. Something Watson and Lawrence never had to deal with.