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Am I in crazy pills? I’ve seen 10,000 people in an outrage that there are people saying bad things about Stet returning. Conversely I’ve hardly seen anyone say a bad thing about him returning. I know some people have said he should ride off into the sunset, heck, I would have, but that’s not the same as saying he’s horrible and hurting the team… Is it just me or is the mob bringing out the torches and pitchforks for a Frankenstein that doesn’t exist?
He’s from Georgia, just spent the end of his high school career there.
I think as a fan I would have loved to have seen a year with Quay as the dude. This is undoubtedly the right move for him though.
This one is interesting. I don’t think he gets drafted. I know he was playing more sparingly, usually in 13 personnel or to spell Bowers and Wash but I thought he’d transfer before testing the NFL. Maybe he’s a Charlie Woerner type who is able to hang in on the 9ers roster as a 3rd TE
He wasn’t much of a burner pre injury anyway. But I think they’ll really wanna see his ball skills, route running, and conditioning
I don’t think he goes round one because he won’t be a combine freak. Probably a 4.5 guy at best. But he has exceptional ball skills. I think he’s a round 2 or 3 guy but not anything in his game another year of college would help. He’s NFL ready.
Not sure what his draft projection is if any, but I think he gets paid more in NIL this year than he would as a udfa. One positive of NIL. Some guys can put off reaching for the money for a year
I think it’ll all depend on the advice he’s received. I’d say if he’s a day 1, he should go. I thought he was an early day 3 preseason but I think he might have played himself into a sure day 2. But Nolan is wired different. And I think he’s one UGA needs next year.
He clarified that he was speaking more to the process than Coach Smart personally. For the one kid who says that, I’ll give you 100 recruits who say he one of the most genuine people they talk to. Even the ones that don’t pick UGA.
Dude is 8 months recovered from an ACL tear and giving his team what he can. He didn’t start the chirping. He told them to shush, put the DB on his butt, and reminded them that they can stay quiet. Put him in crimson and you’d be lauding him.
I don’t think he will be getting drafted. Mostly due to injury issues and inconsistent play. I always liked him at UGA though and never harbored any ill will when he decided to go back home to UT. It happens. I wished the best for him but I see him as a late day 3 pick at best.
I'm assuming he'll get the same questions again tomorrow and pre-game and at halftime and post-game.
I think that’s two fold though. Because he suffered because of scheme being terrible. He also would hit guys in the hands and it would bounce up into the DBs arms. So it’s not on him when he’s putting the ball in the correct spot at the correct time, and Tyler Simmons and Matt Landers couldn’t secure it. I also suspect he played through a shoulder injury his junior year and it effected his accuracy on deep throws but it’s never been confirmed.
It was Richard Sherman! Played WR at Stanford initially and then made the switch to DB after a few years.
That's so close! Same team actually. It's kind of a trick question though.
FWIW if I'm an NFL scout I know who I would be taking if the two were available... Stingley is about as impressive as it gets physically but Elam is just better at playing corner.
Am I the only person who doesn't mind bowl opt outs one bit? As much as I love watching certain guys play, I also really really enjoy the opportunity to see other guys get in there and show what they can do. It gives guys a really good opportunity to put what they can do on tape. Guys who don't usually play and might graduate can show the NFL some tape. Might be the difference in being ignored totally and getting a UDFA deal or even a late flyer in the draft. Maybe it can show something to a team who might take interest in you if you go into the portal (I personally like this a little less but it's the player's right, ex. Tyrique Stevenson), or it can show your team what you plan to bring next year and your team can see what you do in game situations. I'm thinking just for UGA's sake, Azeez Ojulari, Newt Wilson, Lewis Cine, Latavious Brini, hack think back to Roquan Smith against Penn St. All guys who got to show what they could do in bowl games. If you aren't in the playoff it SHOULD be a game for the young guys who aren't established, at least in my opinion.
I remember back when USC was QBU and it wasn't close. I think Bama has taken that over for sure now and I can't really think of who would be second? I think at WR and LB you can make solid arguments for the schools RJ picked but in each case if you pick OSU and UGA, Bama is a very close second, and could obviously be argued for first.
I think it's close but I'd give Bama the slight edge.
He doesn't very often. Brock Bowers and George Pickens are the most notable exceptions on the offensive side and they seem to be exceptional talents. Jake Fromm got to start but that was more because his hand was forced than anything else. List may seem skewed to A&M but I don't think it's wrong. With the class they bring in compared to the depth they lack at key spots, they will have plenty of Freshmen with opportunities early.
I don't see Everette making a huge impact next year for the same reason you haven't seen other 5 star CBs play right away. Granted Ringo was injured his true freshman season but I don't think he would have played much over Stokes and Campbell. Same kinda thing with Nyland Green this year. He's as physically impressive as Ringo and Kendrick and has a better pedigree than Speed but it's just hard to play as a true freshman for Kirby.
First person to tell me who it was wins my respect
Andrew Luck had a future NFL Hall of Famer at WR while he was at Stanford...
If I were an LSU fan I might think the same thing. He didn't do well in either game he played against LSU. if he played every game like he did against Alabama, he'd be viewed in a different light.
Of course it bounced right off of his hands at first. Glad to see Matt is doing well
Nah there were too many perfect moments to do that. He won’t. He’ll go down with the ship
I think what we’re seeing is an over-correction that will even out over time. Yes a lot of players jump in the portal right now but I think it had a lot to do with players wanting to test out this new power. I think you’ll see a lot of examples of the grass not being greener and team recruiting players that they know are enamored with the school and will stay. But I think Michigan state is a good example of how this can be beneficial for the parity of college football
I think without a doubt he will declare for the draft and he would be unwise not to. I think this year for him alone proves why that's the case. Go get your contract. I mean i guess it's a little different with NIL but I don't think you get too much NIL money when you can't get on the field because you're injured.