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I worry that it may be too late now to turn this thing back around. We were in a good spot before we had to go and re open too early. Now all of the shut downs were for nothing and there's a very good chance we will be another 12 months without sports.
It actually means more daily cases that we are AWARE of. Those cases are happening regardless, we just know about them now. So yes, it's possible that there were 11,000 the week before too but we only saw a few thousand because of a lack of testing, but you see that it's still a problem, right?
I think Trask is a little overrated and Nix is going to take a step forward.
I would reconsider the use of the word "information" in that last part. Hypercapnia would only occur if you're taking in about 10% CO2 over an extended period of time. A mask being held that tight to your face, only really inhibits droplets from escaping, the CO2 you exhale gets out just fine, and the oxygen gets in just fine. The extremely small amount of CO2 that stays in the mask isn't anywhere near the 10% of each breath you take in. Doctors wear fitted N95 masks for long shifts, rarely removing them at all, and you don't see reported Issues. It's usually just from Karens who don't want to wear their entirely breathable mask in Trader Joe's while they shop for an hour.
This virus can do irreparable damage to your lungs, why in the world would anyone risk that, especially when playing a sport is the main thing you do?
I would say he's had a really good NFL career. Better than most guys who flame out in a year or two. He's still on teams and on the field and still scoring touchdowns.
Is Neal really the best option for Florida? I might go with an O lineman or a RB personally. For UGA it's pretty simple for me that the answer is Mecole Hardman. The only other player I'm tempted to put would be an Edge player like Walker or Jarvis Jones if he isn't too far removed. I like all of the guys on the edge currently to do their job but those guys could always get a sack when they needed to.
I'd love to have Hardman back even more than Smith or Nauta or the RBs. All of those other spots are in good hands currently. The speed option at WR is lacking a stud. Maybe Robertson steps up or maybe Arian Smith can get on the field and get behind defenses. But Newman can and will throw it deep so it would be nice to have a guy who can go and get it while Pickens is being bracketed.
You can obviously have your own opinion. On this platform, they'd rather you voice your opinion somewhere else, as is your right. You have no constitutional freedom to post your political opinions on a privately owned platform. Also I don't think that restricting your meanderings about politics quite equates to the burning of literary works.
If we had Mecole Hardman back would we ever need to kick field goals?
When you start your own publication you can implement that rule.
SEC standings are based on SEC record so it's not really a stretch.
The kid was a freshman. I get your points but he showed great poise against UGA after going down by 3 scores to get Auburn back in it. I think his poise is relative due to his age but I think he's got it.
I'd still take Plumlee in the flat line 100. Mathing could maybe clock a 4.6. Plumlee could maybe run a legit sub 4.4
To inform. This is SDS's platform, so they can decide beforehand their own policy on what topics they will and won't allow public comment, as is their right. Censorship from by government officials or agencies meant to represent the people is a bad thing. Here, we are not SDS citizens with an absolute right to have each and every opinion heard on each and every topic.
Look at his releases at Wake Forest. Just as quick.
I think Derrick Brown is a good choice. KJ would be great behind Bo Nix but Auburn lost a lot of talent from that DL. It would be nice to have a known commodity in the middle
You're wrong buddy cause you accidentally put "will be" instead of is.
What positive outcome do you think would come from allowing comments on those articles?
Dude looks like a physical specimen. If UGA needs some help at LB he looks like he could step right in. But seriously look at how quick that release is.
I was talking to C21, hence the break in the comment. Also PFF listed plenty of reasoning for why they believed that and to be fair we aren't entirely sure that they are wrong on that one at this point. We'll only know that with hindsight which obviously will take some time. If I remember correctly it was more an argument about value and what he provides and what a top pick should be spent on, not whether or not he was one of the top 10 players in the country. There's a lot of nuance there.
They view each back as a specialist. Better than having one back who is good at 3 different phases of the game, they have 3 backs, each elite in 1 phase of the game. Given how much NFL teams rotate backs not, it's better to have a that instead of 3 guys who are good at everything but great at nothing. And if you think that's a dumb way to do it, just look at the results.
Not just PFF, but yeah they are part of it. I think it's pretty funny you think Newman isn't very good. There were tons of analysts heaping praise on him BEFORE he came to UGA and no you can't just sit in the pocket in the ACC and do what you want to do. Not behind that Wake Forest O-line. These are D-1 athletes. This isn't the big sky conference.
Good for him! I knew he'd make it as a coach. He was a really smart and intense player. Just wish I didn't have to see him in those nasty colors lol.
Lol sure buddy. If UGA was buying runningbacks, they'd have John Emery Jr. and trey Sanders on campus right now.
Again, the people who watch QBs, watch the QB in a vacuum and take out all of the surrounding factors. they don't look at the O line, outside of what he does when the O line lets someone through. They don't look at his receivers, they don't look at the level of the defense. What they look at is a QB's mechanics, timing, ball placements, arm strength, reads, footwork, everything, and they say that Jamie Newman is very good. Sure he's a dual threat and that's great but he also can place a deep ball perfectly and with good timing. UGA hasn't had that in a looong time. Trask may have "tore apart" your studded defense but he was easily the luckiest QB in college last year. he should have thrown over 20 picks but the majority of his bad throws were dropped by the defense. That type of thing tends to swing back to a base level year by year.