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I'm not really surprised on this one. I thought if he was going to commit to Georgia he would have done so a few weekends ago. Great bump and run guy, doesn't get shaken very easily. He might start right away at USC.
Well one of these guys will be in a headset for the majority of the season.
I think anything less than an SEC Championship would be a disappointment for me this year. LBs aren't as inexperienced as they may seem. With Patrick missing a lot of time last year, several of these guys got meaningful snaps. And even if they didn't get into a game, they went up against the UGA first team in practice several times a week. That's going head to head with a great O-line and two all-time runningbacks. DL will be deep enough as long as any major injuries are avoided. The two deep is solid with Rochester Clark and Ledbetter forming the first line and Hawkins-Muckle, David Marshall, and Jay Hayes running with the twos as well as guys like Michail Carter, Malik Herring, Michael Barnett, Justin Young, Jordan Davis, Devonte Wyatt. Depth there is fine. I would only be worried about the pecking order of RBs if it wasn't loaded with studs.
I agree with number 1, 4, and 5. I don't know how much Kendall baker has to prove. I think he has outplayed expectations to this point. I'm not too worried about Holyfield either. With the runningback unit at strong as it is, he can just be a piece without needing to prove much. I would replace those two with Richard LeCounte and Isaac Nauta. LeCaounte needs to prove that he can be that reliable last line of defense and Nauta needs to prove he can be a mismatch advantage game in and game out. Especially now that Wims is gone, someone needs to step up and be that versatile big body in the redzone.
I don't think Ramsey has gone up against Matt Ryan in his career. On the surface his criticism of Ryan may seem valid and logical but many people who actually study QB play say that Ryan had a better year in terms of making correct reads and making good throws in 2017 than he did in his MVP year. He was extremely unlucky with balls tipped by his own WRs being intercepted.
Your analysis shows you are fairly knowledgeable about football and the latest trends. You really think there is more than a 50% chance that South Carolina beats UGA? I just don't see it happening. They have some talented guys guy they don't have the depth to hang all 4 quarters.
Honestly yes, I think he already knows the job isn't his anymore and it's too late to go somewhere else, apply for a hardship, and learn a new playbook. Might as well graduate from Bama, go somewhere else as a transfer and spend a whole off-season knowing a new system. And who knows, Tua is a running QB as well, playing in the SEC, he could get hurt at any moment and then the team is his again. And if Tua stays healthy, with Bama's schedule at least 8-11 of these games will be over with in the second quarter. that means he can jump in an do what he does best, run and not have to worry about putting the team on his arm. It's honestly what's best for him and the exact opposite of what every other highly ranked kid who moves into second string is doing now a days. We should praise him for staying. it shows a lot of character.
Brenton Cox might be top of this list for me. There was a play in the spring game where he knocked Cade Mays straight on his a$$
Last year the run game was the strength of the UGA offense, that run game may be on the same level this year but the passing game could be right up there with it. And Jake Fromm is just the QB to react to the defense and audible into whatever they give him.
I'll tell you what you CAN'T do, put two safeties back to help in coverage or else those big uglies are gonna start blocking on the second level and no one is gonna touch whichever stud RB has the ball at the moment until he is already 12 yards downfield.
High noon is a fantastic show. I think I'll enjoy it more as 30 minutes as opposed to an hour though. Bomani and Pablo are exceptionally smart
I think West Virginia is a bigger threat than Oklahoma. As long as Grier can stay healthy for a full season, they have some tremendous offensive talent returning.
They also lost their best O-lineman and their match-up problem at TE. They still have some good talent but Baker being in his third year as a starter in the system was really able to generate some beautiful plays where he would extend the pocket. Even is Murray is all in, he may not have that same level of understanding and chemistry with the rest of the offense. Their defense was bad against the run last year and they lost some key pieces there as well.
If I'm not mistaken, Kaho never signed his financial form so he wasn't necessarily tied to Washington as long as they were willing to release him from his LOI. It's a class act by Chris Petersen but I'm sure he might be calling the NCAA office and asking them to do some digging into some tampering charges. I doubt the NCAA does anything with that though. They are much too busy trying to make sure kids can't make money and don't get fed.
Good for the kid and I'm glad he will be able to play closer to family and his home of... *squints... Reno, Nevada.
basically if you asked me to rank the best RB position groups I would use this as my criteria: How good is your best guy and how steep is the drop off each time you move down the depth chart. For programs like Bama and Georgia, the guy on top is pretty darn good and the drop off is minimal. If you look at Wisconsin or Stanford, the guy at the top is darn good but there is a huge drop off to the second and third guys.
I don't mind that UGA isn't number 1, but you can't tell me that they aren't at least top 3. Also this list is opinion driven and inconsistent in value. Are they valuing established contributions, projected usage and stats, talent based on recruiting rankings? If you are going on any of that criteria I would still say Bama is top of the top but UGA is a close second.
Last season in the regular season against Auburn they were in Jordan-Hare. And last year in the regular season only one team ever won and Jordan-Hare and that was Auburn. We saw how it played out other than that. And UGA had one terribly executed play (even though it wasn't a bad play call) and a so-so second half against a QB that they didn't prepare for (and a QB who played out of his damned mind). UGA won't face an opponent within 10 points on the spread until they get to the SECCG against Bama, Auburn, or whoever else (probably Bama). So unless we see a multitude of injuries at key positions, I expect UGA to be a top 4 team until the SECCG. And they'll probably beat Vandy by 4 touchdowns.
crazy thing is I think that Justin Fields is every bit the passer that Lawrence is (evidenced by how they have fared in 7 on 7 camps where QB running isn't a thing) and Fields is certainly a much, much more complete athlete.
When I look back at a guy like Kris Durham going in the 4th it makes me wonder how a guy like Wims went in the 7th. I really hoped the Falcons would have snagged him. He hasn’t even reached his full potential yet
Whoa I didn't know Marlon brown was still kicking around the NFL! Good for him!
Good lord I feel like I was just in a car accident the way that things was shaking. It's cool once or twice but too much video editing can really drag down the desired impact.
How many games did Auburn win away from Jordan-Hare? We can see what these teams look like in 2019 before I get too worried about losing to Auburn.
Competition breeds excellence. When Chubb showed up at UGA he was 4th on the depth chart. Emery may believe in his own skill set to outwork anyone there. Don’t be jealous of the ever overflowing stable of backs UGA is able to put up every year. Cook, white, emery, swift, Holyfield, even herrien would be the best LSU RB this year or next. I’m not sayin he won’t change his mind, not unlike Toniel Carter who changed his mind after Chubb and Michel stayed. Time will tell but for now he is a UGA committ. Sorry.