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You're right, I wasn't. Born in 1992. Don't fret for me though, I don't mind that UGA hasn't won a championship in a bit. They are getting close and I much prefer to look towards the future. You got any other lines than "1980" though? I used to think your trolling was clever but it seems to have gotten a bit stale.
There's a bit of controversy there though, it's unusual to see a tech called with no warning whatsoever. Even if you see it as the refs "doing their job" it's unfortunate for both sides that a game had to end that way.
He for sure won't have to throw 30 times against uf. Especially if they go up 21-0 after 6 minutes again and he only needs to throw 7 times.
Both games against Alabama come to mind. No run game to really speak of, he had to do a bit with his arm in both. I would have assumed you watched those games.
I'm really interested to see what kind of offense Bama runs this year. Is it gonna be the Locksley style wide open offense or are they going to go more towards the 2016 offense when Henry got 30 touches a game and ran over everyone? If it's the latter and the RB on an undefeated Bama team has 1800+ yards, Harris or Sanders, they would probably get the award over Tua.
First it's a furry toy, then it's a beer can. Just don't throw anything on the court period...
It's unfortunate that the game ended that way for all parties. MSU was still in a good spot to get the win but the stuffed animal killed any last chance UGA would have. You hate to see a fan and the refs take it out of the players hands from both teams after that game.
Swift might have a chacne but unless you run for 1800+ yards, this is a QB's award. Plus UGA will still be splitting carries with the top 3 backs, they always have and always will, regardless of how talented the top guy is.
That's an interesting take given UGA was better in 2017 than they were in 2018, but they will be better in 2019 than 2017. Maybe.
There are some rumors that Bentley is on a short leash this year with Hilinski behind him. Bentley was above average for a freshman, about average for a sophomore, and didn't take the big step forward people thought ht would as a Junior. And now he's lost his most dangerous weapon.
I wrote a response to this but it didn't post and I'm not going to write it all out again. Sorry. C'mon SDS you need to fix this.
Even more than seeing an RB or WR get the award every now and then, I'd love to see defensive guys get real consideration for it.
Couple of things here. Hurts improved vastly as a passer his last season at Bama in huge part to Dan Enos and Locksley. I'm not sure if you rememeber the 4th quarter of the SECCG, but he was throwing dimes on the run and always kept his eyes downfield. Huge improvement from the year before. We will see if he can sustain it for a year in the Oklahoma system but I'd bet his arm and legs will get him a long way against those BIG 12 defenses. Oklahoma's Offense doesn't have many complicated reads either. On Fields, He wasn't asked to pass much against non-cupcakes as he was basically non existent in the Kentucky, Florida, and LSU games. He's also going to a very favorable system at OSU. I expect big things from him this year.
I think the best possible place Lock could end up would be New England. I'm not sure he lasts until pick 32, but I think he's being overlooked by guys like Haskins, Murray, and Jones. With the Pats he could sit for two years or less and then be ready to take over for Brady.
I'm guessing Lock. As talented as Murray is physically, the NFL is another level and he's going to have a harder time outrunning people on a week in and week out basis and I'm not sure he could get by on passing alone. I'm not sold 100% on Drew Lock but I know he has the prettiest deep ball I've ever seen and can throw with some good accuracy short and medium range. And he will run a time or two to pick up a first down. He reminds me a lot of Jay Cutler and if his career is like Jay's he'll have done well for himself.
LBs were a huge disappointment for UGA last season. They played experience over talent for the majority of the year and it didn't really pay off. Crowder and Rice seemed to be the best combination but Crowder would flash every now and then and Rice was hurt a lot. Taylor and Patrick were terrible at the point of attack, usually catching blocks instead of stepping up and making plays. I would have liked to see Tindall, Anderson, and Walker play more because even with their inexperience, they were able to fly around and make plays. Also keep an eye on Beal this year. When he's healthy he plays with the same disruptive motor that Walker played with.
I was gonna say the same thing. RB seems like a bigger need because that's the position most fans recognize but in 2017, Auburn could have had anyone run well because their O-line was dominant. Those same holes weren't there this year after they lost several important pieces of that Line. Even having a stud RB last year may not have done much considering they would have been getting hit in the backfield and been trying to squeeze through 6 inch gaps all season.
I love the idea of having Football in the spring. And this has been pretty good football to watch. It's fast paced and adds another level for the league that they can monetize. They are already airing the games on NFL network and promoting their highlights and players. The next step for this league would be to allow players to come in after just one year of college, maybe even straight out of high school. You would get a lot of players who would liek to play for money rather than grades.
He lost me at Rock Ya-Sin over Greedy Williams. If I were a GM and I needed to pick a Corner I'd probably go Williams, Baker, Murphy in that order. And I'd leave Rock Ya-Sin in the 3rd round where he belongs.
NOOOOOOO. I want to see this league thrive. The NFL should want this league to thrive as well. They should dump as much cash into it as they can.
If the Florida defense improves in Grantham's second year on the job, it'll be the first time in his career that's happened. Each stop he's been at he's turned a defense around in the first year and then it's been downhill from there.
If he wants to play full court press he might have someone set a little baby screen on him. Gotta keep your head on a swivel.
I lost it on the Brent Musberger one.
When it comes to Basketball, I'm happy to cheer for the SEC this season. I'd love to see UGA win some more and Claxton is fun to watch but UGA might not even sniff the NIT at this rate.