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SDS would benefit from allowing a certain amount of characters per person per day.
it sounds like you don't necessarily have faith in your own program, you just hate ours.
It's what these kids go through. It's not summer camp. The best coaches back in the day were former military men because they ran their programs like a drill sergeant. And these days you don't see as many former military running programs but the programs and techniques they put in place still remain and some have even advanced. And it's not as serious as war but these players are shaped to get peak performance as pawns for the generals who put them in position to accomplish dominance over their fellow man.
Right but this is being put in the light of, "the only reason I'm not eligible is because Kirby hasn't supported me in giving the SEC/NCAA his blessing". The NCAA could make a rule that overrides antiquated conference rules. The SEC has also given waivers to that rule in the past. The system is a mess. If Otis wants to be upset at someone, the last person he should point a finger at is Kirby Smart. It isn't Kirby's job. He's mad at the wrong people.
I'm actually worried less about the O line than I am say the TE position or the running backs. There is a lot of talent on that O line and from all reports Matt Luke has done a good job with that group.
According to Mathis' QB coach he is pushing 230 right now.
And emphasis on "classic" given we would need some of that 40 year anniversary magic.
it would be classic UGA to win it all in the asterisk year.
Reese's comments are disabled, UGA fans are saying plenty about both on the Mars article. I don't understand anyone jumping down florida's throat on this one, or down UGA's but you can rest assured, no matter the article BamaTime will be there to complain about how the UGA fans have offended him. Maybe he will rehash the old 1980. Poor guy is so bored of talking about his own team that he has to come around and try to police the fans of others. Well it's less policing and more whining. Such thin skin.
100 percent correct even before the Otis Reese comments came out. I'm not sure why UGA fans would want to argue on this one. At least we can empathize with what is going on here. I don't think this is a particular issue at UGA or UF. Football players are seen as pieces of meat no matter where they are. That should be their expectation going in. Is it wrong? Yes. Is it specific to UGA and UF? no. He's gonna find that same environment at Syracuse.
He's a UT grad. A Florida grad wouldn't have been able to recognize it was even a chair.
Because Jake Fromm was the starter and was always going to be allowed to be the starter.
If Cade thinks he will arrive at UT as a savior and a King and be treated with deference and respect by the coaching staff whether he is playing well or not, he's got a rude awakening. They will tear him down to build the best player possible out of him. It's a demeaning and degrading existence where your flaws are magnified and your strengths are downplayed so that you never stop working and bettering yourself. Any program that does anything less isn't trying to win.
I think there may have been a toxic environment but I think that toxic environment exists all over College football because we have a system that creates it.
I think we see this about the same way. Kirby Smart did his job. the NCAA wants him to do their job too.
Why is it up to Kirby Smart to decide the eligibility of players who have chosen to play at other schools? Since when should a football coach, who will have implicit bias in the decision, be forced to make a choice instead of the governing body being paid millions of dollars to do so? The NCAA seems to have a different set of rules in place for QBs. But in cases like these, the NCAA says, well Kirby didn't give us his rubber stamp so no you can't play. of course these guys are going to turn right around and try to trash Kirby then. The NCAA has the power to put a one-time, penalty-free transfer system in place and then you wouldn't have this issue of players who are passed up by a freshman on the 2 deep, or legacy players wanting to play where their father was a captain an their brother is committed, having to trash their former coach to garner support for their own personal cause. Do I think their claims are are a bit embellished? Maybe. Do I think their claims are entirely false? No. I think there is some truth in there and I think it's completely reasonable to think that a college football program has a toxic culture. They all do. It's an iron sharpens iron system. It's hard. it's cut-throat and it comes from all directions. It's survival. It's not for the mentally weak. It's set up to be toxic because whet you get out of it is the best possible football player you can. And sometimes in order to do that, you have to have teenagers, beating each other down and competing and being degraded to a point of losing a sense of self to replace it with a sense of team. And you learn that coaches aren't your friends because they are making decisions to benefit and prolong their livelihood and they will do that at the expense of yours every time. And it's not an issue just at UGA. Case will find that same environment at UT and Otis will find the same issues he faced at UGA at Ole Miss, other than that he might be starting there. Kirby Smart is not the head of the NCAA. He is not in charge of eligibility for players not at his program, nor should he be. The anger from these players should be directed at the do-nothing NCAA and frankly UGA fans should be directing their anger at the NCAA as well, not these players who are desperate to play. Kirby Smart is also not the chief of police in Athens. he can't change policy on the policing there, and given that it's hurt his team and his players, I'm sure if he could, he would. Also, contradictory to what Otis Claims, Kirby did address the racist issues on campus, but only within his role as a football coach.
Disgruntled former employees aren’t the greatest source of information when misinformation can get them what they want. Kirby isn’t signing off on their waivers, nor does he owe them that
So bad he called his dad and asked him to bring him back.
I think you can be innovative with anyone at QB. I think the greener the better in terms of QBs actually. Fromm would have tried to revert to his familiar style of playing. With Dwan and a new OC, you get to shape him into the kind of player you want to.
I agree and disagree. Brady did bring fantastic route concepts but I disagree that it was more about Burrow coming out than anything else. Brady brought tempo and something that DCs didn't know how to adjust to. Burrow was a perfect QB for that system. But in another system, Burrow would have been 2018 Burrow. Maybe a 5th round pick.
When did I deviate from the topic? What you're doing isn't talking trash, it's just trolling. You're the ONLY one who got upset by my comment where you had to come here and insert yourself in a conversation that was doing just fine without you. I suggest you try to stick where you're needed and before you try to point to UGA fans needing to do the same, nope, this is ME and YOU. I'm not here to represent UGA fans as I'm sure you're not here to represent your fellow cousin kissing, dentist dodgers, oops, I mean Bama fans. YOU need to check yourself before you come around trying the same old garbage you always do.
I think you'll see something kinda like the sugar bowl last year, albeit with different formations and concepts. A lot of peppering the players on the outside to take advantage of the games trend towards attacking the perimeters to open up the middle instead of attacking the middle to open up the perimeters.
I think that same thing, and you saw in the SECCG early on they were taking shots, they just couldn't complete them. I think you only bring in Monken if you wanna flip the 60-40 run-pass split the other way. Cause Monken is going to use a lot of 11 personnel instead of the 12 that they used to go with. With 11 personnel you set up the run off the pass, not the other way around.
We realistically need a solid 2 deep and I think we've got it. Rochester coming in behind Davis should be a good 2nd and Carter and Wyatt coming in behind Herring and Walker Should also be solid 2nds, especially after Carter gets acclimated. This 2 deep is much more dynamic than in years past. Walhour, Norton, etc., need to be able to hold up when they come in. Also in passing situations, you'll see one of these guys come out for a DB and Jermaine Johnson will put his hand in the dirt.
The one thing that worries me about Monken is that we are hoping he will bring a Joe Brady type of change to UGA. But where Joe Brady was an innovator on offense, I worry that Monken may be just retreading an offense that used to be effective and not quite against the best defenses. Will it be better, and maybe the best offense he’s run at the college level due to the best personnel he’s worked with? Maybe. Do I expect an offensive explosion akin to 2019 LSU? Not quite.
Very cool time. Nike is crying into their massive profit margins that they don't get Tim's money anymore. Enjoy your newbalance shoes. Hope they don't fall apart on you.
It was god-awful, it really was, very hard to watch on TV. I am a fan of Florida's original Jersey's, they are top 5 in all of college football if you ask me. And If there's any alteration. I really like the white helmet look with it. Very clean.
I was gonna say, I'm sure Bama would be happy to wear their whites at home this year so UGA could wear the black.
Get your dang panties out of a wad, BamaTime. This is just a joke. In this specific instance, I don;t want to hear from Florida fans about how ugly the collar is when they put out those gator skin jerseys. I'm gonna have to ask you to reach behind yourself. see if there is any of the stick still poking out from between your cheeks, and pull, slowly please, you have to be careful, until it is entirely removed. And you can also go ahead and remove yourself from this conversation. We are taking about Jersey alterations and I haven't seen one from holier-than-thou Bama.