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I like what crowder has done more than Natrez Patrick. I want to see more Rice and Crowder. And more Beal on the edge. He has outplayed Cox. ANd where is McBride. Last year after UGA got smacked by Auburn, Cleveland was inserted and the defense changed. I think something similar needs to happen on the front 7. I would give my entire salary to get Mike Locksley to come be the OC at UGA.
yeah man the Line is playing well but they can't hold blocks as long as Fromm is holding it.
Tyson Campbell and Tyrique McGhee aren't playing up to the standard but the rest of the secondary has been solid.
The only good thing about this loss is that UGA got smacked in the mouth and they can either fix it or pack it up. A lucky win over LSU and I think the team continues complacent. This team better come out angry against UF.
I hated the Drive that started on UGA's own 4 yard line that went incomplete, incomplete (Hardman should have caught it), and interception. I was screaming at the TV to give Holyfield the ball. Worst case you punt and play D but instead you give them the ball just outside of the redzone.
yes, they did abandon the run but they weren't exactly forced. WHen a team stuffs you and gets really aggressive on the run, you hit them with misdirection, zone reads (Justin Fields), or the occasional draw play. Sticking with the run especially on 1st and 2nd sets up easy 3rd downs but in the first and second quarters UGA started to drop back and Fromm went 2-12 and 3rd and long was common. That's a recipe for getting behind.
Even worse, many actual analysts don’t understand what a lot of these terms are
How did he not get ejected??? Especially a player of his caliber should know to keep his cool out there.
Yep, your comments show you have had a sad, pitiful obsession with Georgia for a while now. Crazy how Voltrain disappeared and then you showed up. Everyone sees through this but you still do it. You really are a classic Tennessee fan.
Even put Fields in and let him run a QB draw and get that extra lead blocker.
Exactly. Passing isn't bad necessarily but when they were running that well and LSU hadn't stopped them, keep shoving it down their throat. After the first time they showed blitz and then dropped 8 into zone coverage, I would have run a draw to keep them honest.
Did John Battle do something to Elijah Holyfield because Holyfield seemed very angry and specifically at Battle in particular.
When you decide to give a guy averaging 8 yards a carry only 7 total carries, it has nothing to do with the defensive adjustments. Jim Chaney played himself.
I know what it is, it's just not an RPO which a lot of people confuse for scrambling on a pass play or just play action.
Interesting decision to Omit Deandre Baker.
The difference is between East is back and East is better. With how bad they have been the past few years, the bar for "better" is pretty low. I'd say they're back if at the end of the year they have a winning record against the west.
I'm starting to have serious concerns about From's ability to lead a comeback. Part of it was terrible playcalling. I thought they should have kept riding Holyfield, but if the coaches are going to put the ball in your hands, you can't miss as many times as he did. You can't take that many sacks against a 3 man rush. you can't throw a pick form the shadow of your own goal line. Holyfield and Swift were cruising and they took the ball out of their hands. I'm more inclined to put this loss on the playcalling than solely on Fromm but I'm starting to have concerns about his ability to play from behind.
The QB almost never is the runner on an RPO. An RPO is when a run play is called but if the numbers presnap show an advantage at WR, like 1 on 1 or 3 on 2, the smart play is to pull the ball away from the RB and throw it before the Linemen get downfield. It's very hard to defend but almost never involves the QB running unless something has gone terribly wrong.
1. why is this a penalty? 2. This is the second time this has happened to Amendola. Youtube what Rolando McClain did to him about 8 years ago.
Hard to play defense when your offense goes 3 and out over and over and runs 0 time of possession. The defense was put in bad situations and did a lot to hold LSU to field goals.
Refs weren’t great but they didn’t cost UGA 21 points that’s for sure.
The Auburn loss sure helped last year
I would have liked to see more Holyfield. How did he only get 7 carries? He churned out 56 yards and was crushing John a battle over and over. The LSU defense would have worn down but they kept dropping to pass even when it wasn’t working. And yes cook would have been a great switch up to that.
I can’t for the life of me understand some of the personnel and play calling decisions including but not limited to the QB spot
That 7 year extension isn't looking so good right now.
I think if his record proves anything, it's that Chip Kelly isn't the best at evaluating talent