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I feel for the kid. Not the way you want to start. I’m sure he’ll be back better than ever. As for the 2019 Alabama Backfield, is Najee Harris gonna have a Derrick Henry type season now? Or will they try to ease his load a little.
While he may have fallen to third string because of his looming suspension and issues with the coaching staff, he has first string talent. Make no mistake about that.
I knew a comment like yours might be getting posted at the same time I posted mine. I expected because it’s probably true. There are gonna be a lot of UGA fans that say this guy was a scrub and a lowly 3rd stringer. That he made mistakes on the field last year. But he played pretty well for a freshman and is only going to grow physically and mentally. I think he will fight right in with the traditional Florida edge rushers and will be a monster week in and week out.
It will be interesting to see if he gets immediate eligibility or if his suspension will be going with him. Either way that's a huge get for the Gators. I won't pretend to be that "he wasn't even that good, we didn't want him" kinda guy. The guy is a physical freak and will be making big plays for UF whenever he is able to get on the field.
I was thinking Energy Drink Salesman would be good for Coach O considering how many he reportedly puts down in a day but when I saw Gator Wrestler, or as it should be, "Rassler" I knew that was better.
If anything, in these past two cycles, UGA knows more than anyone that anything can happen before NDS and the last 2 times it's been to UGA's benefit.
How do you spell Akinola Ogunbiyi's name correct in the UGA section and incorrect in the TAMu section...
Now a days I think a lot of guys would maybe prefer to be a college coach than an NFL coach. I know I would, especially at a top tier university. You get paid as much if not more than a lot of NFL coaches and in some cases you get extra benefits like having your mortgage paid for you. Facilities are equal to, if not better than NFL facilities. You are usually in a better position to control your own roster than you would as a non-Coach/GM in the NFL. You don't have to worry about the dynamics of contracts with players being uneven and therefore some players being literally valued higher than others and the pressure that comes from the front office to justify that money spent. You get to be a god on campus and answer to just about nobody.
Maybe they outta look for that bird cause it sounds it maybe got into some cocaine somewhere along the way.
Well since everyone has lost recruits from their 2018 class, no. Does that mean Florida loses it's top 10 recruiting class from the 2019 cycle?
I wouldn't say huge upgrade but if he can be even a little more creative than Chaney, it's an upgrade for sure. Chaney was alright but he had a lot of weapons to cover up his questionable playcalling at times.
Smart only had Isaiah Mckenzie drafted his first year but when you realize he got Chubb, Michel, and Lorenzo Carter to stick around for another year, you can see the cupboards weren't all that bare for Smart.
I mean the article is about BOTH teams so on this one... yeah you look like the "old man yells at cloud" joke.
I was gonna say this same thing. I believe that the team Saban inherited had 0 (ZERO) players drafted in any of the first 3 rounds. Just a 4th rounder and 2 7ths. I think it's a fair assessment to say that Kirby was working with a little bit more but nonetheless, impressive by both coaches.
When I saw he was no longer on the team I assumed it would have been the transfer portal striking because he was being passed by the sheer number of talented OLBs at UGA or the inability to find a role at DE. Interesting to see that he was dismissed. I don't like to be one to assume but you would think there was some connection to the April incident. No matter the reason, looks like he will be wreaking havoc somewhere else.
Remember when cowboys fans used to troll eagles fans with the “no rings” comments all over the place. Can’t wait til UGA sends you to wherever those fans reside.
The number of sacks last year is only an issue insomuch as you care about sacks as a number. UGA generated plenty of pressures and hurries but typically declined to play press man on the outsides, giving QBs a quick look for a short gain and then UGA relied on it's athletes to rally to the ball and keep it a 2 yard gain. If UGA were to play more press man, the sack numbers would start to increase because the WRs spend more time getting into their stems and out of breaks. UGA's thrid stringers would be getting sacks if a QB has to hold the ball for 4 seconds instead of 2. I think the receiver issue is bigger because as Rodgers says, "...what I start to worry about is it’s harder to anticipate." and he's right. The ability for the QB to anticipate where a receiver will be and on the receiver's end, the ability to know where your QB is expecting you to be has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with experience and rapport. When Fromm throws a 15 yard out or a back shoulder throw, he has to put a lot of trust in the guy going to get it that he won't break a yard too soon or a yard too late. And if Fromm has to doubt and double clutch here and there it could be very, very bad.
That's a weird place to keep them next to the thro... ooooohhh I see what you did there.
The biggest issue with academics and spending doesn't have to do with how much money goes to athletics. It's how much money gets sunk into "administrative costs" for the people who show up a few days a month and collect a 7 figure check.
I'm no lizard lover but you gotta be kidding me if you think Florida isn't one of the most attractive jobs in all of football. Muschamp took that job which couldn't be easy for a former dawg. Name brand recognition, excessive pool of in-state talent to draw from, and a successful recent history to play off of. Yeah it seems like a pretty attractive job to me aside from having to wear those god-awful colors and logo every day.
That's cause after these last two years Gator fans have been switching their logos to the power G. Honestly I'm surprised there are any of you left...
I actually read just about every article form every team because I'm starved for football news, but go on ahead with your generalizations. i'll pass on deleting my account but if only there were a way for me to delete yours...
Seems like UGA and Florida are in each other's heads. Only difference is Florida wishes they could be UGA and UGA loves to remind Florida that their team has looks like a pop warner bunch next to them.
i'd rather turn my adblocker off and click every single ad that pops up on this site than watch you two go back and forth.
Cool. So are you an LSU fan or what? What did your team do? There may be only one ball to go around but depth is key. First, just to even get the chance at making a tackle vol defenders have to try to get around UGAs massive and nasty O-line. And when Swift gets tired of stressing the ligaments in every Vol defender's knees, Brian Herrien will be coming to run them over. And when he gets tired, god bless anyone left trying to tackle a fresh Zeus. I know there won't be any Vol fans in Neyland left to see it. And that trend will continue for the foreseeable future as long as UGA recruits they way they are both at RB and OL.
If I'm not mistaken he's considered a UGA lean right now...
I guess the writing was on the wall for him earlier in the off-season. if he can even reach a fraction of his potential he'll be a good player wherever he goes. probably just didn't want to have to wait to play.