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You usually see him speak to the press which any coach will tell you is like pulling teeth sometimes. Does Saban jump off the screen with charisma? Watch him speak when he does halftime and pregame pep talks. He'll make you want to jump through a brick wall. He's also got one of the best recruiting staffs around. It's not just him, it's McGee, Coley, Hankton, formerly Pittman and now Luke, etc. Recruits have nothing but glowing things to say about Kirby and the other recruiters, most of all that they are sincere and honest and up front about everything.
He might as well have said as much in his decommitment notice. I think he just went and visited this weekend as confirmation of how the UGA philosophy is going to change.
Whoever drafts Tua should also be trying to draft Isaiah Wilson in the Second Round.
Still at miami. Played a little bit in their bowl shutout loss.
I think the reason you see fewer Florida players having declared this year is because they know that UGA is going to be the weakest it's been in 4 years and they are going to have a chance to win the East if they can avoid a rebuild themselves.
that or relegated to Co-OC or "passing game coordinator" or something. Or maybe just QBs coach with an assistant head coach title.
Likely a suspension or grades issue. There were a few others who didn't make that game. His playing time was shortened a little bit too later in the year but that was mostly because Mark Webb was playing really well.
Maybe but I'd like to see them at least let cook give it a go out there returning punts. That feels like a surefire way to get him into space.
Mentioning Florida and UGA in the headline of an article is a surefire way to get a lot of clicks and comments. Picking a side gets you about 10x the amount of comments you would get otherwise. Personally I think UGA Florida is a tossup at this point. It really could go either way. they'll both be ranked pretty high when the game rolls around and for good reason.
What I don't like about this move is that we don't know what Monken brings as a recruiter. UGA may have the pieces around him to supplement what he may or may not lack in that area, but still, you can have all of the right play calls and scheme in place but what you need to do is at the same time bring in the players to execute it. I like the offense he runs but I sincerely hope that UGA plays with a little more tempo this year. They don't have to go at breakneck speed, but sometimes just go hurry up and catch the defense napping.
Both of those DEs played.. You might have missed them playing because they did just about nothing all game. Thomas and Wilson shut them down.
Honestly UGA has the plays ready to go but not quite the style. They still like to play slow on offense and use up 75-100% of the play clock on every down. When they would go hurry up, they looked as explosive as anyone on the offensive side. They have the players and play calls to put the opposing defense in a bind but this past year they let the defense get set and read what the offense was doing pre-snap. I think if they move to be faster and more aggressive on offense you'll see them return to where they were in the past.
Well ESPN is reporting he's going as the OC so I doubt it's going to be in a role as simply the passing game coordinator.
So are they gonna have co-offensive coordinators or is Coley being demoted? I hope they keep Coley on the staff because he's making a nice little pipeline to UGA from south Florida.
I mean I wouldn't expect less from the kid's trainer but Kirby values experience more than raw talent at the QB spot. He only started Fromm when he was forced too when Eason went down even though Fromm had outplayed him all spring. Somewhat similar case with Fields.
He gets a little lazy in the games with his footwork and ball holding but you can see the arm talent is there. I would suggest you watch his 7 on 7 film and other non-pad throwing drills where he keeps the ball up high and tight. I also wasn't a big fan of the offense he was running. It seemed like it was designed to have him throw from certain spots instead of in the pocket.
Pencil him in at LG. Dude is nasty and plays the game the way Kirby likes it to be played on the OL.
I don't think it's a battle buddy, It's Newman's job to lose.
I doubt they'd move him to RB full time. I'm sure he could do it just fine. I'm thinking he was ab;e to put in a lot of reps at TE during spring ball last year.
You've gotta get Cook like 10 touches a game at least. Returning kicks isn't gonna do it. I wonder if he could return punts especially since Blaylock likely won't be 100 percent until about October at the earliest.
He's making the argument that you wouldn't really trust medical advice from your plumber. It's not to say he's wrong in saying it but the same way that hearing that 30 minutes of exercise and 8 hours of sleep will help you stay healthy carries different weight from a doctor instead of a plumber, the opinion of a non-college football fan doesn't carry as much weight as the opinion of an expert would.
For those people wanting to see more of a dual threat QB, I would encourage you to go look at Brock's sophomore highlights when he ran for over 1,000 yards and 23 TDs. Brock is labeled as a pocket-passer pro-style guy but he can run and he can run well.
I know a lot of people are really big on Caleb Williams right now and rightly so. He's extremely talented. But I think that if Brock is ready to commit to UGA, you take that commitment and build around him. There's a chance that if you try to get Williams instead of Brock that you end up with neither. There's a saying about birds, and hands, and bushes.
They have way more needs on the DL, LB, DB, and OL spots. They are basically overstocked at WR right now to the point that they are going to let Watkins walk and they don't need to take a guy in the first to replace his production.
Did you just describe UGA in that last sentence?
I dunno about that. UGA was playing it's worst ball to end the season. There was a steep drop off after the Florida game in terms of offensive production. They may have been able to hold Ohio State or Clemson in the 20s but those would have been the best 2 defenses they had faced all season. UGA probably would have beat Oklahoma the same way they beat Baylor.
You love to see an RB who can grind out the tough yards. you also love to see an RB who can find the open space and get chunk plays. And it's really great when you see an RB who can do both. He needs to learn how to get into open space still and that comes with reps and experience. He had two years off from football so it makes sense that that part would go away a little bit. He'll get it back along with his quick cuts and burst.
They got touches because of blowouts. Usually you'll see UGA heavily feature the top two and sprinkle in some of the 3rd while the game is competitive. The real battle is gonna be for that 3rd spot.
I agree. McIntosh brings an element of explosiveness that Herrien didn't have. Herrien could always get you the tough yards you needed and was good out of the backfield but mcIntosh looks like if he gets some carries, he could be a slightly lesser version of Swift.