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The best part about having dominant TEs is that it should open up both the run and passing games. I don't expect UGA to be in 13 or even the much-desired 14 personnel much at all this season, however, you have 4 players who can rotate regularly without much of a drop-off between them. The defense can't sell out on run or pass, even when down and distance might dictate. Also, it may just be offseason optimism but I have high hopes for this year's O-line compared to last year. Hopefully having an all-NCAA candidate center who can manage the game and highly talented tackles will allow whoever grabs the job at LG and RG to gel in and we won't see too much rotation at those spots during the year. I think that allows the running game to get going. And the success of the run game isn't predicated on 1,000 yard rushers. UGA has been down on a yards per game basis since losing Ben Cleveland, Isaiah Wilson, Solomon Kindley, and Andrew Thomas left. I expect an uptick with more consistency between the OL and RBs.
1. Thank you for not mentioning Fields in this article. 2. The second wave of transfers will be coming post summer practices when depth charts shake out. I expect UGA might lose one, maybe not though.
I think you misread my comment. I’m saying they CAN feature 3 receivers (very easily) and anyone who thinks they can’t isn’t watching.
Okay but you just misunderstood. I’m sure that’s hard for you to admit. Just say you misunderstood. You can be wrong sometimes. We all are.
You see typically teams score in 3s and 7s so another TD or another TD and FG per game would be (I’ll do the math for you so you don’t take 5 hours to respond once you work it out) 7-10 points
Completely irrelevant to my comment and if you are trying to go after someone for being fanatical, you got the wrong one
He means to say that I'm attributing the "Burton should be upset" narrative being thrown out there to UGA fanbase and rival fans and that I am NOT attributing it to anyone associated with Bama or any Bama athletes. Now does it make "perfect sense" to you?
I think people don't realize what he was as a player in 2021. He was really good sometimes and sometimes he played like a freshman. regression would imply him playing worse than last year as a whole and I don't think that's a trend you see with Kirby's DBs in year 3 of the system.
1. Yeah the only direction from the bottom is up. 2. It's really hard for an edge player to lead the team in tackles. It's more likely when teams don't try the middle but even then playing on the end of the LOS, only some of the plays come your way. I'd like to see him develop more moves in the pass rush game. He'll get some effort stats for sure. 3. Regression from that "one play" is a bit misleading because he won't be getting a 70 yard pick six on every pass that comes his way. But for most of the year he played well but also played like a freshman at times. He panicked in single coverage deep passes and got burnt by Williams in the SECCG. I expect him to improve in a lot of areas compared to last season. Certainly not a regression. 4. Really hard to predict sack totals for IDL but maybe. He's going to be doubled and tripled constantly unless someone else steps up. 5. Yeah I think they will be fine considering we know who the real head DC is in Athens. 6. I think this is accurate if Beal can show that he can overcome the counters that teams will have with more tape and time to prepare on him. 7. I think 5 is a good estimate since he now has 1.5 years starting under his belt and the game slows down from back there the older you get.
You could argue that it's also psychic to claim that he's going to take a step back.
Yeah I think "it a fair question" if you have a misunderstanding of what I'm saying. There are a lot of people in UGA circles, and anti-Bama circles saying "oh how could they do this to Burton, I would be mad if I were him" and I'm clearly saying that those people are wrong and that Bama is set up to be able to need 3 top tier WRs. If you disagree then that's fine.
Where have I heard that people are saying that Jermaine Burton should be upset that Alabama is bringing in more transfer receivers? I mean I didn't say that I've heard a single person say that he IS upset. But you can see it anywhere you want that people say Burton SHOULD be upset. I for one disagree and think that he should be fine with the situation, but don't let that distract you from taking shots at somebody who is complimenting your program.
I don't really see Nolan and Tykee as first-round picks. I love Nolan to death and I think he might even make a good NFL player but the moment the season ends and the underwear Olympics begin, his measurables are going to draw "red flags" from NFL scouts who tend to forget that film is a thing once late April rolls around. Similar situation with Tykee but in his case he just doesn't play a "value" position that typically gets selected in the first round. And he's 5'10. I think it's much more likely that someone who is flying under the radar will get drafted in the first because of measurables the NFL loves and they will emerge during the season with more opportunities available. Zion Logue, Naz Stackhouse, Robert Beal, maybe even Chris Smith or William Poole if they test really well, or potentially, although unlikely, someone who isn't even on the roster yet.
I don't actually buy into the promises thing, I'm just saying I've heard it said that Burton and Harrell should be upset, all from people who weren't part of the conversations that brought them there. Seeing the way Bama has deployed their offense recently it makes more sense that they would go after 2-3 top their guys and not just Burton.
I've seen people saying that Burton and Harrell should be upset at the idea that they came in under certain "promises" and that Addison would be cutting into what they believed was a wide-open opportunity. I would say what recently has shown that Bama can't feature 3 WRs with no problem? You could maybe say that each guy was brought in thinking they would be the clear cut #1 but honestly all three of these guys are where they are because they believe they are a #1 no matter what room they are in. Now I don't like Bama but I won't pretend that they are the top school by a mile for a WR wanting to accumulate stats and play in a pro ready offense that pipelines WRs into the NFL.
Maybe one of the better classes ever! Will be good to replace some of the attrition from last year/next year. I much prefer to build this way than to use the transfer portal.
Lol you Bama fans can hold your L and your excuses.
BamaTime loves to not address any point I make when I clown his team. He just says “oh I hear UGA fans say…” True sign of someone who can’t hold his own in an argument
I’ve only got several years of watching him call off the dawgs instead of running it up so in this case I don’t need him to say it, “actions speak louder than words”
Ah yes, I forget sometimes that he doesn't like losing but the other 13 coaches like to lose and try to make a habit of it.
Kirby will literally take a 14 point lead over a 42 point lead any day for some reason. It drives fans mad. Unless they are playing against an FCS team, once they go up by 14 or more, that foot is on the brakes. I've seen Bama trying to score in less than a minute while up 4 scores against other SEC teams. It's fine, but Kirby keeps the game low and slow once he's up to protect his prized defense.
Yeah but at Bama his WRs might get hurt and then he'll throw pick 6s and get sacked 3 out of 4 plays to end the game.
I have a few friends with ND allegiances (I live in Southwest Michigan) and their main complaint against Kelly was that he didn't seem to have the heart to recruit at the level necessary to sustain a program. However... they also said they understood that due to NDs academic standards, it was hard to get some recruits to play there. Add on that it's in South Bend Indiana... At least now we can see if their complaints about him as a recruiter had merit or not. He has no excuse not to recruit well by default. He is in a talent rich area, has good ties to Big 10 country, and Baton Rouge recruits itself.
i like hooker a lot and I hope he can do something to prevent getting labeled as a "system" QB even though that isn't quite the raft stock death sentence it used to be.
I mean, there's a little more nuance to UGA's "trend" than what is presented. First of all "first 4 rounds" is entirely arbitrary and only serves to avoid that if you included 5th round, you'd have to bump up the number. Secondly, "since 2016" conveniently leaves out that Any 5 star QBs from 2019 Recruiting class and beyond aren't yet eligible to be drafted, so how is UGA supposed to have them drafted inside that arbitrary "first 4 rounds" benchmark? Lastly, lets go through the 5 stars they have recruited and see what the issue is. 2016 Jacob Eason - Obviosuly played well freshman year, ousted by next guy on list, drafted in round 4. 2017 Jake Fromm (depending gon which service you use) - Played well for three years but obviously was overrated by the service that gave home a 5th star. Lacks NFL traits. Drafted juuuust outside of your arbitrary 4th round, in the 5th round. 2018 Justin Fields - Also ousted by Fromm, very talented and successful, 11th overall pick. 2019 - None 2020 - None 2021 - Brock Vandagriff - ineligible to be drafted in the first four rounds of any draft between 2016 and 2022. So that's 4 5 star QBs since 2016, two of which left on their own accord, not because they were made to, but were drafted in the top 4 rounds, another who was drafted in the 5th, and the last who is yet to be eligible.
What was more impressive, his 4 catches for 112 and a TD against Michigan, or his 4 catches for 101 and a TD against Bama in 2020?
The same? No I think it will actually look much different but still very good.
It's the trade-off of fast-paced offense vs. grind-it-out offense. It puts your defense in a bind when your offense can score in a minute.