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The Rose bowl last year might have looked a lot different had UGA been playing with a lead rather than playing from behind. the Dawgs came out with their hair on fire in the second half. They spread it out and took advantage of space. Had they been playing with a lead I imagine they would have gone with more 2 and 3 TE sets and played a little more smash mouth ball.
But it just did let you put in all of those things just now...
One can only dream, right? I think if a top duo would go anywhere, it would be UGA. Think about what they've been able to do recently with Gurley and Marshall, Chubb and Michel, and just this year Swift and Holyfield. UGA has proven two backs can have success in their system.
I'm calling it now... Tua won't be able to play. Jalen will get the start but the offense will start to bog down and they will be losing by two scores at halftime. Start of the 3rd quarter in comes MAC JONES who leads the Tide to a victory.
Saints don't have a first round pick, they gave it to the packers for Davenport. They also don't have a 3rd or 4th after trading for Bridgewater and Apple. Saints won't be drafting much of anyone this year.
Gonna be wild when he and Sanders BOTH commit to the G
They might go for a more ball control type of gameplan to take time away from the sooners offense. It worked for Army.
Bama could easily get into a type of shootout with Oklahoma and I think they would easily win. But why even bother? Oklahoma won't be able to stop the run so do what army did and score on the ground, drain the clock and limit the possessions for Kyler.
You let in a G5 because they keep beating teams like Oklahome v. Boise and UCF v. Auburn. The deserve a chance to at least play. And I would prefer a 4 loss conference champion get in they EARN it by winning their conference because it's subjective. No committee trying to balance and weigh teams based on some eye test.
The falcons are just one game out of the first overall pick. I hope they tank and grab someone really good. I wouldn't be one bit upset to see Williams and Grady Jarrett lined up on the same field though.
You didn't know? Connor planned all of that.
you can copy and past the last bit of that there into your search bar and google will do the work for you.
I'm down for 8 teams but keeping the selection process the same.
It may look easy but it's partially because he is an extremely smooth runner and jumper and makes tough catches look easy. He also runs a very crisp route and gets some room to make that catch.
If I were Oklahoma that's what I would do. If they couldn't stop the mighty Kansas offense, they probably won't stop Bama even if Tua plays left guard, Leatherwood plays WR, and Jalen plays FB. Sooners want this game to be a shootout like what they wanted last year against UGA.
I don't know about that, they have shown that we can prepare for each guy for at least a half lol.
I might be wrong on this but didn't UGA have a higher overall grade AND a higher grade on a per recruit basis last year?
The UGA trend of in state QB signing? You mean the "trend" of two in a row?
Don't sleep on Florida either. I know they are offering his brother preferred walk-on status. I don't want to get my hopes up either way because in about 2 years the combo of White (if he's back to 100%), Cook, and Sanders makes me salivate.
I hope he sticks in this class. I know there have been rumors of him still looking other places. I really hope his commitment to Georgia isn't reliant on where Dean ends up. Cause I'd love to have Marshall, Dean, AND Davis. That would be a scary ILB group in a few years.
That's probably fine for the player considering once the school does that they can cash in on their endorsements and make real money. More value than the school is willing to offer them. They would be doing the kid a favor honestly, virtue signaling aside.
or ol' Tebow and his 50% completion percentage would still be on a roster somewhere.
I guarantee there isn't a single player on any of these teams mad about a player sitting for a bowl game. Especially the guy behind him on the depth chart that gets more playing time. Bowls are borderline exhibitions nowadays. I would prefer to see them treated more like an NFL preseason game. The last chance to go out there and empty the roster and let the kids who don't usually shine get out there and really compete.
I know there is no telling. I wouldn't be surprised either way, but with these kids, you can't really put any stock in what they say. They are just having fun watching how people react.