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He has a plethora of mechanical issues to fix before he can play in the NFL
Lmao dude you are so pathetic. You’ve seriously spent so much time devoted to this. What an absolute loser. Everyone just ignores you and you just keep going. By all means keep going, I wanna see how much time you can dedicate to typing “Go gators” while you do nothing but serve as a buffer between comments from people with a brain. I mean I’ve seen some real dum dums on here but please, do your best to top them all. I’d love to see you become king loser. Rooting for ya, bud.
I wouldn't mind him as a stop gap DC if/when Dan Lanning leaves to go be a HC somewhere. I'd rather have Glenn Shcumann but he's gonna have to pick between Lanning and Kirby probably.
You realize that the WRs and TEs look average because of the... QB? They were getting open against Florida and the QB either didn't see them or missed them. This is actually the best group of WRs UGA has had in a decade. I will give you that the RBs are a slight step down and the defense (being hurt) hasn't lived up to the expectations, but a competent QB does a lot to mask those things.
True. Beck can still get PT in 4 games and still redshirt. At this point, Stetson isn't in the plans for the future, leave him on the bench. I wouldn't mind seeing more Mathis because he needs game experience but I've heard he may want a fresh start somewhere. Who I really WANT to see start is Daniels. I know he's talented but he was behind the other 3 guys on getting on the playbook and didn't have an offseason. You'd think with a full offseason he's gonna be the starter next year, or at least one of the top 2 options. Lets give him some of those game reps with the WRs to build some chemistry going into next year. Like you said, you can't get that on the practice field.
I'm looking at Salyer. Not a sexy position to watch but he's been good not great. He may need to stay a year to improve his draft stock and he may need to bump down to LG. He's looked a little slow in pass pro but is still doing pretty well in run blocking. I think they may have better options at LT moving forward next year if he stays but I would like to see him move down to guard.
Dress him out and let him be first off the bus to put a little fear into the opponent.
That’s true but you gotta also realize that he wants to treat QB like any other position. And I’m of the mindset that it looks good on paper but these kids are built different so you are right as well. He hasn’t adjusted to this new age. You can’t treat QBs like you do The OL or DBs. You’ve gotta get one and pamper him. Right or wrong.
Gonna call me an idiot without saying where I'm wrong? Sounds like someone not smart enough to refute a point being made.
That's his job as a coach. He can't be worried about if Newman is sensitive to it or not. Same reason he took Fields knowing he had a freshman that took him to the natty. If a guy gets hurt or isn't cutting it, you don't wanna be stuck with no options. But with QBs being a little more sensitive now a days, it's hard to stock up at that position without forcing others to leave.
Only problem was half the defense was on the field and the other half was a MASH unit
Lets not rush him back though. Let him rest this one out and be back to lead the backfield next year.
That 5 star QB of yours definitely looked like a 2 star against UGA. Even if you think UGA is sending players to jail, it's Auburn making the conjugal visits, begging for them to come be war tigers.
What are the issues that Mathis has that wouldn't be solved with more playing time? Also the time to move on from Bennett wasn't this week, it was the 4th quarter of the Bama game. two weeks to prep for a dress rehearsal in UK and then a real matchup with a week of prep as the starter before Florida. Dwan under those circumstances would have looked much better than Dwan on Saturday. Would he be great or even good? not sure, but that's what you need to find out. You can't tie his right arm behind his back and ask him to go win you a fight in the second half of florida.
He left because the risk reward was not worth it to him. He already had a high draft stock, and playing at UGA would help his stock minimally but with other competent QBs on the roster, his leash was much shorter. And heaven forbid he got pulled, he was going to drop to UDFA. unfortunately for him, no one has seen him play so other players stocks are now passing up his own.
What Mathis needs to fix his issues is more playing time. And right now, UGA's season is basically over, let him go out there and work through the jitters and get confident in himself, his line, and his WRs.
After watching the play and Pitts after I was glad that they took the precaution of keeping him out. He didn't seem like he was totally lost out there and by his body language he looked like he wanted to go in, but sometimes these things show up later. With Cine you could see he was concussed immediately. I thought Pitts might have been allowed to go back in. He didn't look nearly as lost.
Watch where Pitt's head is when Cine starts to lean. It's about 2 feet above his own hear. He also is trying to hit him with the triangle of his neck and shoulder. He could have gone lower and Pitts would have a torn ACL or broken leg instead. He aimed at the ball like he was shot out of a cannon and Pitts' head lowers as well. I won't argue that the penalty is correct, because targeting isn't an intent call, it's a results call. And the result was that Cine's helmet hit Pitts' helmet very hard, and frankly Cine took the worst of it. I think Florida fans should recognize that if Cine was trying to be dirty, he would have flown over Pitts after Pitts ducked down. Or he could have buckled his knee backwards like a few Florida safeties did to Rosemy Jacksaint and Milton.
My only issue with Gary this week was that he didn't immediately recognize what we all saw on the Rosemy-Jacksaint TD catch. A dude's leg was pointing the wrong way. And that's not all on Gary. the live feed needed to stop with the replay and the producer needs to get in his ear and make sure he addresses that instead of showing it over and over. I know he apologized later but good lord, I saw it immediately.
I suppose for the SEC championship game we can put the Heisman at midfield and let Trask and Jones fight for it.
Might as well keep the WRs on the sideline and run the triple option
Not sure how many players that got hurt today would have been able to come back with an extra bye week that had to get flipped due to Florida having a covid outbreak. Nobody’s fault but I sure do wish they had an extra week to get healthy.
My only real memory of Joe Cox is him out slinging Ryan Mallett against Arkansas. You wanna trash a UGA QB, go after Hutson Mason, Cox was the truth lol.
They were plenty dusty. Teams didn’t look at early 2000s Bama and say, now there’s a great program. They said, wow Bama has fallen far. It’s certainly been turned around and I have no room to cast stones as a UGA fan, but let’s not pretend Bama was revered in that era pre-Saban.
The time to pull the trigger was 2 weeks ago. After the Bama game it was time to look in the mirror and say, who has the highest ceiling, and give that guy 2 weeks to get ready. Time to be safe was done when being safe meant you lost by 3 scored to Bama. I’d rather lose being risky than lose playing to eek out a win. It’s too late now though. UGA will do its darndest to win by 3 points against Florida and nothing more. They will play to get 4 yards and not 40 yards. Teams will play 9 in the box like they did last year. With the defense in poor heath you can’t depend on wining games 14-10 anymore. UGA is gonna need 35 minimum and they had 2 weeks to prepare for that and today to put in into practice and work out kinks. They didn’t.
This is on the defense, not Gurley. Maybe don’t give up huge passing plays with the game on the line
I don’t think it’s that terrible. He isn’t wrong. Maybe not the place to say it or the time but I think we all know he isn’t wrong. Especially when it sounds like he’s been coached differently
The best football player I’ve seen in a long time, Gary said it on the broadcast, Bama has a load of talent to step right up, but you can’t really replace 17. He will he missed. I hate it for the kid.