In all kinds of weather... UF c/o 2010 // All hail, Florida, hail

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Being a fan of the background things Muschamp did right (and our defense under him), I don't think his return and Spurrier's return are fair to compare.
Anything better than cheering for an ACC team.. which equates to cheering against FSU.
there are no elephants in Alabama. BAN IT
hammer doesn't rhyme with alabama. BAN IT
Where's Houston in this convo. The Dark Horse
Ah, the next set of masterminds to redesign Georgia's trademark 10 Win Seasons
Damn it, McElwain is leaving us after one year to QB for the Gamecocks?!
The orange envelope is early enrollee letter of intent package
very true. S&C also correlates to the amount and types of injuries players face or don't.
With nothing left to lose really and the pinning of underdog in the match, I think Florida will come out on top due to our secondary/TEs and QB run package
Yes and no. I remember feeling very "fortunate" during some of those 2012 games (the last minute pick 6 to beat Louisiana-Lafayette as an example) while the 2015 team has made me feel "confident/hopeful". Starting the year with exceeding expectations, and then the 4th quarter drive against your Vols set that up I think. After Tennessee, the wins, ugly or not, felt sure to happen. While in 2012, the feeling was more of "whew, well, glad that happened the way it did.. unsure how we'll do next week". Other games that year that made me feel that way were the South Carolina 44-11 win (completely helped by SC's horrible special teams play) and Mizzou's first game/14-7 loss in the swamp. Even games like Vandy and FAU this year, while having me unnecessarily on the edge of my seat, believe it or not, I felt confident we'd pull out the W.
It definitely will. This will be one of the dumbest moves in CFB, and if LSU fans couldn't handle winning seasons we'll see how they handle a few below .500
And which big school isn't? Unrealistic and delusional to fire someone bc they aren't the case every single year
Can't believe they compared Tallanasty to Tampa and Orlando LOL
agree with you 98%, especially on his own making of the mistake. the other 2% is disagreement over how harsh the NCAA handled his OTC mistake in comparison to nothing for OSU's QB DUI (i know they didn't catch him, but to do NOTHING after OSU suspended him for a week?!) and cocaine not giving you a competitive advantage lol
Don't mind wolfman, YouMustBeGatorBait, he's been out there with pitchfork in hand since his lowly tigers lost. Amazing that his facts have gone unchecked and unchanged for 6 weeks now
yes.. especially when 1)it was OTC and 2) another QB gets a week long suspension in the same season for a DUI!
This team has become one that plays down (FAU) and up (LSU) to the opposing teams talent level. That will be clear come this Saturday
yea... because we didn't play any FCS teams this year...
guess what, even if we don't, we outdid your hyped up team during a rebuilding year
enjoy not being in the SEC Champ Game again. Wonder if Ole Miss will ever pop that cherry
what cavern did you crawl out of? you're about half a season too late bud
in other words, he said "of course I would go if they called me"
He should stay and beat the Sooners at seasons start next year
I say give him at least 10 more years at Uga
12 team playoffs please. Champion from every FBS conference plus 2 wildcards. Even then, the debate will rage towards SEC bias if any SEC teams every get the wildcard spots.
this would be awesome. that or him and Bowden starting their own show from a beach bar
you're the kind of fans LSU needs more of. Support good when you have something good. It's great when a 2 loss (if no more losses come) season is a "bad season".