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something just isn't right with the defense--not sure you can pinpoint it to Grantham, but I will not be surprised to see a few parting of ways of defensive staff in the offseason
The guy's no Verne Lundquist, but he seems ok - I'm tired of seeing these articles every week, it's seems like SDS has some sort of motive behind them.. kinda unprofessional.
Unfortunately, this relationship has all the makings of spiraling into an NCAA death penalty, but it'll be fun to watch from afar
clearly was not comfortable oh the things you have to do! lol
hat's off to LSU but I have to say it was kind of sad watching all of that talent wasted under the tutelage of kirby dumb and co.
I like Coach O but this season could be one-of-a-kind, his true leadership will be seen once Burrow and Brady depart
OSU just put 73 on a bad maryland team, nothing unusual about this, you're just sore that the days of having a statistical chance of beating us are over
go look at his film and you'll see the whole story, he'll find a place but a major SEC team trying to get to a championship ain't it
Watching Kirby coach Georgia is like watching a 12 year old drive a Bugatti
WhErE eVErYbOdy aT?? lol This game has Kirby Dumb School of Coaching stamp of approval
weren't six Georgia players arrested over the past year?
If this dude's college football career wasn't over before this, it's got to be now. what self-respecting head coach would hire him knowing he will slander their program if (more like when) things don't work out.
This dude is irrelevant... just saying proactive nonsense to attract attention to his amateur podcast