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Taking money out of manufactureing to pay Colin. Not a good look at all.
Just busting your balls as usual. We invented SEC baseball but y'all have been carrying the SEC for most of the last 20 years.
Lswho will be out of the top 10 faster than the fall of ole Miss.
You belong on that $hit hole, virtual numbnutts.
That is an asinine statement. If you don't know anything about him, why would assume that?
Oh and will Missouri ever recover from the out-of-control spin they are in right now? They are in worse condition than Flying J's restrooms, but basically both $hit holes.
How's everything on sunny Oxford, girls? No wouldn't have a job if he was a state fan. Everybody but you know that. Remember y'all control the state.
Jealous much. He still goes in the first round, numbnutts.
It's really amazing that most of your brethren on this site, don't get it. But there are some that do. Bjerk has got to be gone to ever fix the problem.
“It’s the last part of this process,” Ole Miss athletics director Ross Bjork said. “In a way it’s just a piece of paper because you saw those games.” It's a great day to be a bulldog. Bjork can call it what he wants but they are loses in the record book. You can't make this up. Lol
You should know by now that your team, Ole Miss is no longer on probation, Army Guy.
They got beat by two better teams by 4 points each. They never gave up and just missed a couple shots at the end of both games or they would have won.
Bich Rod has ruined some pretty good offenses. May he extend that run while with the landsharts.