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How about the kids in the student sections of each program? I wonder if they could name 3.
Haha all jokes aside hope y’all end the year injury free and both teams battle it out in a hard fought game.
Coming from the biggest Douch*r on this website... ironic. Gtfoh legend and worry about your sorry excuse of a football team.
I’m only here to troll the original troll. Y’all are all good folk.
Nick Saban is CKS’s daddy and Sanford is to be known as Bryant Denny east.
Certainly has found his groove compared to earlier in the season.
Gonna beat the pups like a drum, it’ll look like an uncontrollable nosebleed once the first TD is scored...
Georgia will only score in garbage time. Better luck next year puppies
Sure Gary, Alabama will run it down their throats when they don't load the box. Load the box and over the top it goes for 70.
4 quarter battle. Hopefully it doesn't come down to field goal kicking haha.
Whoever pulls out the game Saturday will be #1. LSU's resume would be too strong to rank them behind Clemson.
We'll see what he's made of Saturday. Hoping for an injury free game for both teams.
LSU is a quarterback away from competing for national championships. Interested to see how Burrow competes against the Bama defense.
Agreed. Expect 100 from Damien, 70 out of Bo and 50 out of Najee.
Fromm won't beat Bama "managing" the game. They'll get blown off the field trying to win that way, Eason will have to play against Bama in order for Georgia to have any chance. Bama eats up game managers.
Nah, Ole Miss will score 10 points due to Patterson talent but that's about it.
Bama 42-21. Rushing- UA 300 yards ATM- 140 yards Look for Bama to run early and often, Saban will try and make this game short as possible.
Allen and Williams will go in the first two rounds, as well as Reuben.