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Agreed. There was one that went for nearly 10 minutes in a basketball game a few years back. If the standard is "indisputable evidence" and it takes 10 minutes, someone must be disputing it. Play stands as called. Move on.
Frank Leahy was 107-13-9 in 13 years. He finished in the top 3 in 9 of those 13 years with 4 NCs. He was out of the top 10 only twice. He missed time due to WWII.
Most "best ever" lists should be "best I can remember" or "best lately." A few names that aren't on the list include Wilder, Winslow and Wherli as mentioned here... Paul Christman (who twice finished top 5 in Heisman voting) , Curtis Brown, Tony Galbreath and Bob Steuber. Winslow, Wehrli, Christman and Steuber are all in the College Hall of Fame. If you want to argue that Winslow was not in state because he went to E. St. Louis, then you get Steuber who, though not born in Missouri, played HS ball at CBC. Don Faurot was a decent in-state catch, too.
While I don't totally disagree, USC is a private school, so hardly the flagship university of California.